kg007 7 timer siden
So they aren't having chunks being shot off this time too, lame.
loopis 7 timer siden
Michael Schneider
Michael Schneider 7 timer siden
How’s replay value for this game
William 7 timer siden
I haven’t played modern warfare but I just bought Cold War and I think it’s a pretty good game. The zombies out break mode is nice too. My complaint about the multiplayer is there’s not enough maps / weapons
Official Cringe
Official Cringe 7 timer siden
Engravings give you no tactical advantage whatsoever
Gerhard Jakits
Gerhard Jakits 7 timer siden
Thank god you didn’t release another vanilla game, this looks tooooo original
Mr B0BA 7 timer siden
anyone know if hes done one of these videos for Red Dead Redemption 2?
Not Me
Not Me 7 timer siden
Oliver Vanderslice
Oliver Vanderslice 7 timer siden
It’s been 8 years...
Zed 7 timer siden
8:56 Arasaka !!!
Silveraga 7 timer siden
BF5 is so shit anyway.
Otmar76 2.0 diyiot
Otmar76 2.0 diyiot 7 timer siden
Anne Turner
Anne Turner 7 timer siden
Dammit I dont have a ps4 😭
Jamie Baxter
Jamie Baxter 7 timer siden
Cold war is a terrible game. So many bugs and issues that have still not been fixed.
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 7 timer siden
I want to see him take on the guns in Roblox's game "Arsenal"
Luiz Eduardo Almeida Dourado
Luiz Eduardo Almeida Dourado 7 timer siden
One of the best games of the generation and my favorite game of ALL TIME story-wise !
Giselle Torres
Giselle Torres 7 timer siden
Why is this in my reccomended? I don't know. Have I been run over by the nostalgia train? Yes. But am I complaining? Nope.
AbyssalSchmitt 7 timer siden
As long as warzone is around mw will always be there
Pokélives Matter
Pokélives Matter 7 timer siden
Maybe good times
Robert Cochran
Robert Cochran 7 timer siden
BDG you’re amazing! Thanks for sharing more about your life, it really means a lot to the fans
Lathonland 7 timer siden
the roman working the camera is hilarious
Demon Freddy
Demon Freddy 7 timer siden
Have him break down some of Titanfall 2's weapons.
Joee1257 7 timer siden
“Epic” is so overused and thrown around ... THIS is *EPIC*
Darkay 939
Darkay 939 7 timer siden
4:00 name of OST, plis n.n
Toast and Bread
Toast and Bread 7 timer siden
Fuckinn love the first person perspective
Vajugar 7 timer siden
Just becouse you guys think is over is not over black ops 1 2 people still play it stop sayng stuff aint rite
Sylvan -Project Tempest-
Sylvan -Project Tempest- 7 timer siden
Why did NOpost recommend me this?
Mad_Austin 7 timer siden
Has he covered Red Dead? Any in the series
Shane Whitney
Shane Whitney 7 timer siden
What's it gonna take to get BaG from BDG? What? Biscuits and gravy, ya freak nasty.
AdaptiveCaesar 7 timer siden
Demolition ranch just loaded a video this week about the liberator pistol
Tobi Pohan
Tobi Pohan 7 timer siden
engravings... give you no tactical advantage whatsoever
Ayaan Zaman
Ayaan Zaman 7 timer siden
Does this take place straight after the betrayal
Jason Snow
Jason Snow 7 timer siden
I’m so happy my name wasn’t on the name of 6 names white guys have
Raptor Cell
Raptor Cell 7 timer siden
Actually the Type 11 LMG isnt the only LMG in the series with a clip reloading system like that. Battlefield 1 has the Perino M1908 LMG which uses a roughly similar mechanism except you can only top it off instead of chucking out the entire hopper and the capacity and therefore clips used are much larger.
LeatherCladVegan 7 timer siden
7:53 It's the wartime equivalent of unplugging the controller, so the 'special' soldier can play too.
Victor Macias Jr.
Victor Macias Jr. 7 timer siden
WD P50 works insanely well with my PS5
Killer Ramm
Killer Ramm 7 timer siden
I really wanted warzone to be uninstallable
TheUltimateNatural 7 timer siden
Definitely less blurry.
TXfrogboy 7 timer siden
Some M1 Garands that were in sniper units had mounted scopes they were known as the M1E8
Shaun Nash
Shaun Nash 7 timer siden
There are too many loud noises in Evil Inside, whereas P.T. used silence to create tension and atmosphere.
False Prophet
False Prophet 7 timer siden
he shot that guy in the head with the Liberator and he didn't die lol
Alexander Mzhavia
Alexander Mzhavia 7 timer siden
Lucy looks better than ever.
T.R. Marrs
T.R. Marrs 7 timer siden
Literally F Treyarch man
Cussin' Collin
Cussin' Collin 7 timer siden
"what happens when a Mexican Cartel gets their hand on time travel technology" Wow.
Blessindisguise 7 timer siden
I legit I'm over call of Duty. I miss Battlefield so much COD isn't doing it for me no more! I hope things get better for both because competition is good!
Sol 7 timer siden
The second I saw the optical sight on that m1, I knew what the first words out of Jonathan’s mouth would be
Game Analyst
Game Analyst 7 timer siden
Battlefield 1 next!
AfricanWarlord 7 timer siden
Altaf Only
Altaf Only 7 timer siden
You forgot the VGO
Little_boy96 7 timer siden
aged like fine prison wine
BlackWACat 7 timer siden
showing this man customised versions of ww2 guns with holo sights and the like is akin to torture
Coitus Ergo Sum
Coitus Ergo Sum 7 timer siden
The ballistic knife is neat. Looked great in Black Ops and Gunsmith Cats
J V 7 timer siden
Mw: 6 days gameplay Cw: 3 hours gameplay Continue mw: 8 days now Cw: out my harddrive
ATastyLeatherSandwich 7 timer siden
Ever since this game I wanted a game like legends holy shit
Taurai Stuart Ziwewe
Taurai Stuart Ziwewe 7 timer siden
Worst decision ever! I am a Battlefield fan and since battlefield V flop i was enjoying MW, what a masterpiece. Cold War is just bad. Its actually regressing back to Advanced Warfare era. Zombies are just not my thing, cant wait for Battlefield 6
Panzerkampfwagen Ausfüring VI tiger h1
Panzerkampfwagen Ausfüring VI tiger h1 7 timer siden
Yooooo, I legit asked for this thx so much
Mattias Kish
Mattias Kish 8 timer siden
has he done battlefield 4 yet
Ian jazzpher Ignacio
Ian jazzpher Ignacio 8 timer siden
Why is this on my reccomended i already bought it 7 years ago
Faulk County
Faulk County 8 timer siden
Well good thing we’re getting a modern Battlefield this year.
Glock n’ Lock
Glock n’ Lock 8 timer siden
Do it from the VR game metal of honor, if you have done one already, nice.
MrCoolSmoovie 8 timer siden
BFV fucking sucked
CLK 8 timer siden
I think he should review Post Scriptum.
Infinity Dott
Infinity Dott 8 timer siden
Lack if Welrod is saddening
Roderick Tiernan
Roderick Tiernan 8 timer siden
Rip the comments section
NeoIsNaomi 8 timer siden
Why did this randomly come up on my recommended 8 years later
Mashiro Fujisaki
Mashiro Fujisaki 8 timer siden
The man was not wrong about that StG that looked horrific
A11osaurus 7 timer siden
Yeah the stg without a skin looks so much better
Paino 8 timer siden
Why was I recommended this, I know I said this was my fav pokemon game but still.
Peace Men
Peace Men 8 timer siden
Just add content and make profit they dont have to kill specially when fans still loves it.
Coffeehound 8 timer siden
1:12 I'm not sure if this was just poor wording or if he is unaware of the M1C and M1D variants of the Garand. Both of these variants were drilled and tapped for a scope mount and were issued in limited numbers as sniper weapons. The scopes were much bigger than the one depicted in the game, however. The actual scope used on the M1C was designated M73 and was made by Lyman, and was a variant of the commercial "Alaskan" hunting scope. The M1C was adopted over the M1D and was issued on a limited basis to troops in the closing days of the war in the Pacific.
Iz Khalifa
Iz Khalifa 8 timer siden
You wanna see a real indie team? The OG Tom Clancy Devs, they are making a game called Ground Branch, which is what MW was trying to be. They are a dev team of less than 10 people and have been working on this game for around 6 years. Passion project, unlike Activision’s greedy money manipulation schemes and lack of innovation.
Jehiel Lyre L. Malan
Jehiel Lyre L. Malan 8 timer siden
Let him review Valorant guns
Swanky 8 timer siden
I really wanna see him react to fallout new Vegas weapons
Joe Wilson
Joe Wilson 8 timer siden
U gotta do r6s
BimLouHay 8 timer siden
Cold War feels like a game from a decade ago. MW is, by far, the only engine they should be using for Warzone. Additionally, they should divorce Warzone from the o ther games and just make it it's own thing. Marrying all the yearly games is just going to cause chaos and a loss of players. Maybe I'll have to go back to Apex, which i really don't want to do.
RAM BAS 8 timer siden
I agree that MW game installs are getting beyond the joke...and I thought GTA V was bad. If ONLY they can do something about the HACKERS on CoD Multiplayer!
TEPES 8 timer siden
friend of mine got the dragunov gold in mw3. i thought he was insane
Jean-luc Dinello
Jean-luc Dinello 8 timer siden
I hope battlefield has a BR mode. I loved how when warzone first came out it felt so synchronized with MW between the maps, weapons, gadgets, and tone. I won't be playing warzone if they keep adding goofy zombies and lava. From what I've read it really seems like EA is putting their all into the next BF. I remember my jaw dropping to the floor when I first saw BF3, hopefully they can capture some of that magic.
Toilet Gamer
Toilet Gamer 8 timer siden
Wolfenstein the new order/colossus would be cool
VAn Lit
VAn Lit 8 timer siden
the algorithm has blessed me with this timeless classic.
Xizithei 8 timer siden
Your tiny curator arms are carrying this series to victory, so don't worry about it! Love your addition to this content.