Why does London have 32 boroughs?
Fiddle With Your Balls
Pretend You're Happy
Renault Twingo
3 år siden
Little Japanese Baby
Skin Sofa
3 år siden
Bim Bim Bim
3 år siden
3 år siden
What is tactical voting?
Whom should I vote for?
Every Tube Station Song
Barry Cryer Song
7 år siden
Caterpillar Sick
7 år siden
No More Colours?
8 år siden
Child With a Handbag
The Day I Met Sooty
Rowan and Jonny
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Stealing Food
12 år siden
Perapanut 39 minutter siden
“Through the complicated one way system” Oh really, just drive around old Bangkok and see how much it hurts lol
Guy who exist
Guy who exist 54 minutter siden
Every five years? Actually some what regional? MORE THEN ONE PARTY? Us Americans (yes I know what my pfp is) were very silly when we rebelled.
mel m
mel m Time siden
really getting the neverhood influence through on this one *hacks up a lung*
The Sciencology
The Sciencology Time siden
I am going to eat something
mel m
mel m Time siden
jeeze i'm wheezing lol. your songs have such lovely chord progressions to them too
Man-Eating Monkey
Man-Eating Monkey Time siden
1:09 is that a dig at the US’s electoral college system?
mel m
mel m Time siden
this is so beautiful. i'm an artist and it's a joy and a surprise mixing paints together and seeing what comes out :) shed a tear at the last little oooh too
D S Time siden
The North starts where chip shops sell barm cakes and the locals bank at Cash Convertors.
Phoenix Fair
Phoenix Fair 2 timer siden
I'm a southerner and a northerner . Mum's from Plymouth, and my dad's from Sunderland 😂
K K 2 timer siden
You can still find the same and working Tram in Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong.
GirdsHerStrength 2 timer siden
I liked this just because you pronounced the last letter of the alphabet “zed.”
Rex Holes
Rex Holes 2 timer siden
The problem is too many Shoes extracting resources from a very hard working and clever kind of people.
EnzymeDom 3 timer siden
Everywhere is dead north or south!
Michal Jancik
Michal Jancik 3 timer siden
4:05 Žilina , Slovakia ... 😃
KoRMaK1 3 timer siden
wait, what'd they end up doing???
Jay Foreman
Jay Foreman 10 minutter siden
In 2021 we’ve still made no progress on a decision. Heathrow was “officially” selected by the Davies commission, but there’s still so much opposition that it might still not go ahead.
Dave Olson
Dave Olson 3 timer siden
1:26 Frome? They use the same idea for the Stone of Scone, which for some reason they pronounce “Skoon”. (I know, I know. Scotland.) Anyway, the problem stems from the fact that English isn’t a language, it’s three languages in a horse costume pretending to be a giraffe.
Kenneth 4 timer siden
It's international waters.
Kenneth 4 timer siden
I'm laughing to see the new EU map in 2021.
Microman Channel
Microman Channel 4 timer siden
Haha, that bear was hilarious! Can't believe you'd put it there.
Kenneth 4 timer siden
Southern England: Greater London, Sussex, Kent Northern England: Any place else for where the Tory doesn't give a shit.
Duckology 4 timer siden
i learned this song and have it ready to play for my class online in case graduation gets hit by quarantine
Shadow Gaming
Shadow Gaming 4 timer siden
Why not take a globe and cut it so that you can have a flat globe
Jay Foreman
Jay Foreman 9 minutter siden
Try it with an orange peel.
mistywww 5 timer siden
1:40 chad move
Gijs van Eck
Gijs van Eck 5 timer siden
I like how at 5:06 you used a greenscreen to make the background blue.
Gijs van Eck
Gijs van Eck 5 timer siden
And the rest of the video is also quite nice iguess
BCFilms 6 timer siden
I wish I was english so I understood this
zephyrandboreas 6 timer siden
Not sure if anyone has ever commented on it, but does anyone think that Jay sounds as if he were the identical voice twin of James Burke? I love it.... I've always really enjoyed James' documentaries. And I love your channel.
Pantone Pops
Pantone Pops 6 timer siden
Just call it sea. Then conflict over. China mad.
Jonathan Chin
Jonathan Chin 6 timer siden
love all your other work. this is the song, though, that finally gets me to subscribe to your patreon
HRTBRK 6 timer siden
The way I was caught out by the “don’t watch it now, watch it later” spooked me😭
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 6 timer siden
The Soviet maps warmly recommends the 123-metre spire of Salisbury.
Anonymous Libertarian
Anonymous Libertarian 6 timer siden
The sarcasm is very strong in this one 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
D. Lawrence Miller
D. Lawrence Miller 7 timer siden
Ahem... "cockwallet."
Joe Dellinger
Joe Dellinger 7 timer siden
Thatcher kicked out Red Ken on porpoise.
colin chandler
colin chandler 7 timer siden
If no one's responsible for that fly tipping spot, what'd happen if you built a house on it? Prob be in all 3 boroughs at the same time!
DUBaviator 7 timer siden
Frosted Cubes
Frosted Cubes 8 timer siden
My favourite lyric was aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. What about you?
Frosted Cubes
Frosted Cubes 8 timer siden
Jesus christ just get to the point I just wanna go steal grannys wafers!
Harcix 8 timer siden
This deepfake technology is getting scary!
Δ Δ 8 timer siden
apparently on snap maps theres a subway at my primary school 😀🤚
-Lightning Will-
-Lightning Will- 8 timer siden
It's bc they know who to be scared of
Sorcerer Beroll
Sorcerer Beroll 8 timer siden
Tapetay Omaha,NE nws
Tapetay Omaha,NE nws 8 timer siden
I can't vote because I'm in America :)
Charley Mullan
Charley Mullan 8 timer siden
so 2 million people really decided to watch something about how MPs have strokes in parliament
Lewis edwards
Lewis edwards 8 timer siden
Matt lucas killed me
Lewis edwards
Lewis edwards 9 timer siden
Big up swirly bees
Calvin Johnstone
Calvin Johnstone 9 timer siden
Frome, think broom. I've heard Frome pronounced home with an F. That's a lot.😖😔
Magic Steve
Magic Steve 9 timer siden
Every time an American pronounces Edinburgh as “Edinburg” it kills a small part of my soul.
David Payne
David Payne 9 timer siden
I was born in Frome. At school, one of my teachers said the spelling used to be Froom but was changed in 19th century, possibly something to do with the advent of the postal service but my memory is hazy on that. Frome used to be a very working-class market town but wealthier 'blow ins' as we call them have changed the place and it's gentrifying. Allegedly, it now has more published authors per head of population than any other town in the country, so I was most pleased to see on a recent visit a few signs in houses and on cars saying, 'Make Frome Sh*t Again.'
Sophia Walters
Sophia Walters 9 timer siden
So good! I love geography so much. Also love the Ticket to Ride Europe in the background
daviduribe004 9 timer siden
lol russia "won" ww2
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 6 timer siden
0:49 excuse me? i am a native polish speaker and have absolutely not an ounce of a clue what you were trying to say
Henry Vll
Henry Vll 9 timer siden
Julia Lilienstein
Julia Lilienstein 9 timer siden
Bettridge's law.
Hanshagen 9 timer siden
Meanwhile in the .Netherlands
Sergio Juan Membiela
Sergio Juan Membiela 9 timer siden
OTOH, I did read a story about Western made maps of Moscow being the best ones. That because the Russian messed with their official maps to avoid giving away intelligence (www.nytimes.com/1988/09/03/world/soviet-aide-admits-maps-were-faked-for-50-years.html). IIRC, it ended being so bad that diplomats in Moscow needed to use the maps provided by their own intelligence agencies (mainly the CIA) to do their routine functions, and the maps being leaked to everyone (including Russians with the right connections!) who needed to travel through Moscow.
Captain Sensible
Captain Sensible 9 timer siden
Monorail Jay.. THAT's the way forward. nopost.info/throw/rcWxhqup3G2TZK8/video
Captain Sensible
Captain Sensible 9 timer siden
Date Masamune
Date Masamune 10 timer siden
**Sees Beaulieu** "Oh well that one's easy, it's literally French! <Beau lieu> :D" Map man: "Byewlee" "._."
Justin Webber
Justin Webber 10 timer siden
Well, the entire song seems like a cry for help.
Blue-Maned Hawk
Blue-Maned Hawk 10 timer siden
Saved to goog
Max Kempf
Max Kempf 10 timer siden
mapmen is when you enjoy the ad even more than the video itself
Hugh Janus
Hugh Janus 10 timer siden
England is, then proceeds to include Scotland and Wales in the drawing? whats the matter are you embarrassed to show everyone how small England is?
Richard Dzien
Richard Dzien 10 timer siden
Birmingham is the grim barrier, officially where The North begins!
Justin Webber
Justin Webber 10 timer siden
Why isn't this guy more well known in the UK?
economicist2011 10 timer siden
That giggling 60s bird tho...
Vincent Tavani
Vincent Tavani 10 timer siden
I don't get why they showed Sudan at 2:48 instead of France.
Cameron Whitney
Cameron Whitney 10 timer siden
Llandudno still has its trams that run up the great orme!
Generic Rants
Generic Rants 11 timer siden
Why are people surprised that Russians can make good maps, if it was the US that made these maps of USSR nobody would bat an eye
Nestor Makhno
Nestor Makhno 11 timer siden
The real rulers of any country are army generals
GlutenIsSin 11 timer siden
I live in Grimsby, and we actually pronounce it how they said it the first time
Lewis Stafford
Lewis Stafford 11 timer siden
The Biker-loo Line
samuel herrema
samuel herrema 11 timer siden
2:32 orgust the wunth
some dude
some dude 11 timer siden
The WWII comment could be debated
Wayne Parke
Wayne Parke 11 timer siden
Is SurfShark owned by the CCP/PLA?
Filip Žižak
Filip Žižak 11 timer siden
Wait, so there are three rabbis but not a single catholic? Wtf?!
Luukas Saarelainen
Luukas Saarelainen 11 timer siden
1.10 its been 8 years now
Vincent Mothiba
Vincent Mothiba 11 timer siden
Wow, Jewish people get two seats. Would have thought there more Muslims then Jewish in the UK.
Oliver 11 timer siden
Eminem is shaking in his boots
SR 11 timer siden
And ALX400 doing the 159 and a bendy bus doing the 29. This is OMSI 2 London and my life when this was uploaded combined. (What a start)
samuel herrema
samuel herrema 11 timer siden
re876es 11 timer siden
4:35 it’s Tom Scott
Joshua Buckenham
Joshua Buckenham 11 timer siden
Hey I'm in the Midlands!