Luke Lawson
Luke Lawson 12 timer siden
The guy behind must have been ferrous
Sprife 12 timer siden
*Simon casually walking over at the end*
Bandit 12 timer siden
Sam de la Riva
Sam de la Riva 12 timer siden
Vincent Bengtsson
Vincent Bengtsson 12 timer siden
This is probably one of the funniest moments of sidemen sunday
Gordon Cheung
Gordon Cheung 12 timer siden
Pluto 12 timer siden
You'd know its ksi when you get only cheeseburgers, and large fries orders
Stephen Platt
Stephen Platt 12 timer siden
Wish he’d asked for a Diet Coke instead of a water. You know cos fake health
MMΨ 12 timer siden
the kid should sue
KKai 12 timer siden
he ordered water because he is on a diet
Alexander Midttun
Alexander Midttun 12 timer siden
Legends says he’s still ordering
Romel Negut
Romel Negut 12 timer siden
I legit have tried to find something relevant to say about this clip but I can't.
MultiGamingARMY1 12 timer siden
Yep, she's definitely spitting in that
ddogan1923 12 timer siden
and another cheeseburger... and onether large fries...
Santana3.0 12 timer siden
What videos this 😂😂
116_Tanzeel 12 timer siden
One eternity later
Matthew Gonzalez
Matthew Gonzalez 12 timer siden
This made me hungry
Praneel Ramanan - Travel And Vlog
Praneel Ramanan - Travel And Vlog 12 timer siden
that girl was very patient honestly
Yoqsan Lazaro
Yoqsan Lazaro 12 timer siden
memeyo *
memeyo * 12 timer siden
MONSTERX GAMING 12 timer siden
Jj: ........and another cheeseburger....... The girl:eeeeyaaahhhh
Lewis Worley
Lewis Worley 12 timer siden
Galib Aminul
Galib Aminul 12 timer siden
He barely eats anything ( compared to how much he orders) but puts on weight like a cow...
Zaki. H
Zaki. H 12 timer siden
bruh he eats alot
Vegito Blue
Vegito Blue 12 timer siden
laskin riubn
laskin riubn 12 timer siden
Vik yelling at jj Harry=😃
Dark Fox
Dark Fox 12 timer siden
So he's ok with eating a lot of food, yet he isn't ok with everyone calling him fat? I just don't get how people are ok with one thing happening & then get mad when another one happens, like it's not rocket science people.
Zaki. H
Zaki. H 12 timer siden
he is ok with it, he doesn't care. He didn't eat all the food btw only 2 burgers
ShiftyBeast 12 timer siden
and another chesse burger... and another larger fries..
Aashish Shyju
Aashish Shyju 12 timer siden
Just think if it was her first day of work. Ksi would've left with a punch mark in the face.
Shokai捷 12 timer siden
Kumayl-Mahdi Naqvi
Kumayl-Mahdi Naqvi 12 timer siden
...and another cheese burger
Aryan Kapoor
Aryan Kapoor 12 timer siden
Now I know why Fast food workers go on to become so successful in life. With Such incredible patience they can do anyting
TheMighty Tman
TheMighty Tman 12 timer siden
Snow Freezer
Snow Freezer 12 timer siden
i hope vik say N word.. damn
Rugby HD
Rugby HD 12 timer siden
yyyyeeep and another cheeseburger yyyyeeeep 😂
Sivar gamer
Sivar gamer 12 timer siden
Somebody help me 😂😂😂 I can’t stop laughing
Too Nasty
Too Nasty 12 timer siden
The 9 people that disliked are lonely and have nothing better to do with their time
xD Warlord
xD Warlord 12 timer siden
Of course they had to post this 😂
AngeKerr 12 timer siden
If the video was 10 secs longer *“And another water”* *“Yep!”* *”And another water”*
Gowresh Kishore
Gowresh Kishore 12 timer siden
ashliski 12 timer siden
should be getting doubles
FRANCISCO SIMÕES 12 timer siden
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Ronald Duckin
Ronald Duckin 12 timer siden
Me after Ramadan:
Litstar 12 timer siden
*Buldge. I see you written it wrong.
Vilho Mikkola
Vilho Mikkola 12 timer siden
Unlucky You will hit it next time
MIKE TYTHON 12 timer siden
This the worst click bait going you would of thought the sidemen had rinsed there fans enough
Kitana Kahn
Kitana Kahn 12 timer siden
Respect to that worker like she had so much patience like I would lose my mind if he kept repeating it like she has some sick patience
Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook 12 timer siden
Kitana Kahn
Kitana Kahn 12 timer siden
One of JJ’s most iconic moments
cleverbotjeffrey 12 timer siden
Hunter Micheal
Hunter Micheal 12 timer siden
Day 69: And another cheese burbur
Navroop mehroke
Navroop mehroke 12 timer siden
The person who makes the titles deserves a raise
skrrr skrr
skrrr skrr 12 timer siden
He enjoying himself
Llama Lloyd
Llama Lloyd 12 timer siden
why did he order a water when he was gonna eat it at home?
Rl 12 timer siden
To drink while he drives there lol
Jango Fett
Jango Fett 12 timer siden
This was so uncomfortable
JustSeif ツ
JustSeif ツ 12 timer siden
I love how every single time she says yeah
Joel Jurisic
Joel Jurisic 12 timer siden
I’ve done that a few times😂
Fighter Lm
Fighter Lm 12 timer siden
SamySull 12 timer siden
Matjaz Zupec
Matjaz Zupec 12 timer siden
This is legendary
silver plague
silver plague 12 timer siden
Lmao this is so funny
gustavs 13 timer siden
thats what he dose relly often
Jj Olijede
Jj Olijede 13 timer siden
no one... ksi ... and another large fries
Propgn 13 timer siden
JJ was there best costumer they've ever seen
RickOps 13 timer siden
SidemenShorts keeps on violating JJ with these Titles
Random User
Random User 13 timer siden
Smile for the camera JJ 📸
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 13 timer siden
"Actually scratch that, ill just have a Sprite"
Christian MacNutt
Christian MacNutt 13 timer siden
JJ getting that water cause hes on a diet
Khushboo Satra
Khushboo Satra 13 timer siden
Legends say hes still going on
Cristiano ronaldo
Cristiano ronaldo 13 timer siden
Ah yaaa
O T 13 timer siden
No one: The woman takin the order: HYYYAAA
oof ledoof
oof ledoof 13 timer siden
JJ has a nice Porsche cayenne or macan SUV
Wyvern07 13 timer siden
rubah 13 timer siden
parmeet s
parmeet s 13 timer siden
Yeah yeah yeah aiya yeah yeah
666 13 timer siden
the dislikes are the Mc Donald employees
Wombat Wammy
Wombat Wammy 13 timer siden
Steven tries saved the kid
Gravy Dates
Gravy Dates 13 timer siden
One of my favorite clips of all time😂😂😂
Junior M
Junior M 13 timer siden
My mans stays hydrated 😂
666 13 timer siden
and another cheese burger....and another large fries...
Serena 13 timer siden
Amir Torhan
Amir Torhan 13 timer siden
How does she keep that calm, I'd be pissed after 3 and lost it after 4