Trump is Almost Gone
6 dager siden
Fauci on a Couchi
Måned siden
Tones And I - Fly Away
Chris Harmon
Chris Harmon 17 timer siden
Now that Trump is leaving can you try to be funny or is your reign as a horrible late night "comic" going to continue. Just asking for a friend.
Serge Somborac
Serge Somborac 17 timer siden
Oh what I would give to hear George Carlin's (RIP) thoughts about the Trump "presidency".
will16320 17 timer siden
9:00 LMAO
Kamel E. Belkacem
Kamel E. Belkacem 17 timer siden
Us iq average is under age
Ved Varsani
Ved Varsani 17 timer siden
I’m so happy that Chadwick was able to be there
united rooster
united rooster 17 timer siden
all the ppl who died at that deserved it. change my mind. 💀
Bikram Paudel
Bikram Paudel 18 timer siden
That itchy palm thing is common with superstitions in my country (Nepal). Finally, i found something in common with Dua. 😂😂😂
GaN3sH_GaMiNg ॐ
GaN3sH_GaMiNg ॐ 18 timer siden
sai.cropper 18 timer siden
as much as the movie sucked, you can’t help but love the cast
Sylvia D B
Sylvia D B 18 timer siden
Ted Cruz's was SPOT ON! The guy is indeed slimy
Wild flower
Wild flower 18 timer siden
May I just ask, how do presidential pardons work? Are they like tickets you have to produce to claim your prize - so if the the pardoned got their paper burnt or something the pardon doesn't apply anymore? Or are they like telephone bill's - no point burning the bill, you have to pay up anyway?
Dingle Berry
Dingle Berry 18 timer siden
It is not just his hair....tha back of his head is FLAT. Like half his head is missing. And , of course ....brain.
Colin l Rowling
Colin l Rowling 18 timer siden
What's that horned clown yelling ? Is it a song ?
Kara Stark
Kara Stark 18 timer siden
Everyone in this comments passed vibe check
Andy Whitlock
Andy Whitlock 18 timer siden
Why does it look like those guys are on the amazing race haha
Dingle Berry
Dingle Berry 18 timer siden
That is the freakiest thing I have EVER seen.
Paliruk 18 timer siden
I travel the world and the 7 seas, everybody is looking for something 🤘
Katrinka SF Bay Area
Katrinka SF Bay Area 18 timer siden
Past 4 years have been nothing but a nightmare
steve suchoplas
steve suchoplas 18 timer siden
Jimmy u forgot one pardon that would get the world attention Jauquin Guzman.. El Chapo
Katrinka SF Bay Area
Katrinka SF Bay Area 18 timer siden
Nobody should have gone to the Capitol! No one should have died! I hope Dale receive federal charges especially the leader✔
Cathy Allen
Cathy Allen 18 timer siden
Brilliant Jimmy as always. Thanks for bringing it altogether so I don't have to look at this anymore.
Caio Bittencourt
Caio Bittencourt 18 timer siden
Sylvia D B
Sylvia D B 18 timer siden
These are great but yikes! people are so mean and sick.
Sotero Alvarado
Sotero Alvarado 18 timer siden
There is actually a Trump store in my town :-(.
Your Name Here
Your Name Here 18 timer siden
2:52 Some people’s ability to poo on demand is just unbelievable. Wait... or did they bring their own poopoo bags all prepared? If that’s the case, I wonder how they were like prepping the bags full of poo the night before.
KW 27
KW 27 18 timer siden
True American Hero right there...
Jim P
Jim P 18 timer siden
Aren’t comedians supposed to be funny? Instead they’re just a bunch of angry liberal jerks full of hate for a man who has done nothing to them. Wow.
Calibrate 1
Calibrate 1 18 timer siden
They broke in DURING AN OBJECTION!! They stopped a vote on what they wanted. They clearly just want chaos they don't care if it's Trump.
Jocelyn D'Auvernay
Jocelyn D'Auvernay 18 timer siden
Why does the U.S only have 2 parties anyways? Leave those crazy republicans and if you don’t want to be a democrat make a whole new party. Or a couple new parties. How can 2 parties represent a country that big? Is it against the law in the states to have more than these 2 parties?
Betto Andrade
Betto Andrade 18 timer siden
Amazing song, the lyrics are awesome!
Ramon Stephens
Ramon Stephens 18 timer siden
It really says something about Trump that I actually believed he'd be vain enough to have a golden toilet installed in the White House.
Friends Lover
Friends Lover 18 timer siden
They did not just call her Riley her name is Amber Riley
TCookLV 18 timer siden
the reign of terrible is just beginning. Wait and see.
Somewhere Drinking Corona-_-Sage
Somewhere Drinking Corona-_-Sage 18 timer siden
Bro where’s the entertainment. You’ve been sucking off trump for years now for a quick buck. Why don’t you get back to working hard and actually writing good, entertaining and funny scripts. This is just garbage. You used to be funny now you’re just annoying. Even if I agreed with your political viewpoints which I usually don’t I would still find you annoying now. Used to be hilarious that script with Eminem was great. “Make Jimmy Kimmel great again!”
cAtLaDy 18 timer siden
He did eat the constitution. Then he spat it out. He is a disgrace.
*Kongate* 18 timer siden
who is watching this in 2021 | | | V
midwestmaniac 18 timer siden
Abe Lincoln58
Abe Lincoln58 18 timer siden
Your a joke, and you better hold your laughter, the Biden circus is about to begin ! 😂
Cleveland BCI
Cleveland BCI 18 timer siden
Tried to keep Little Django in chains.
Jim P
Jim P 18 timer siden
Imagine a president so loved and respected that he needs 10s of thousands of bodyguards before he’s even inaugurated 😆
Poe 18 timer siden
Lol 😂
Steve Stokes
Steve Stokes 18 timer siden
3rd world election. The youth of America will live to regret there communism
Charlie Joe Weir
Charlie Joe Weir 18 timer siden
Don't be too hard on Lindsey "FISH" Graham. He just enjoys flip-flopping. Be patient! He still has a little time left to flip and flop some more before T-Rump leaves. Who knows where he will finally land?
Cleveland BCI
Cleveland BCI 18 timer siden
Man used level 10 mind control to keep saying "This is amazing" instead of "Those." Well done, Jamie👍👍
SM Frazier
SM Frazier 18 timer siden
"Be best" campaign was a joke! The worst offenders were in her immediate family. The absolute worst family EVER!!!!
yaniv sh
yaniv sh 18 timer siden
She's full of makeup, she looks like a scarecrow
Heal 18 timer siden
Love yourself Relay2541
Together 18 timer siden
Love yourself Relay2541
Denzil Riley
Denzil Riley 18 timer siden
You couldn’t even carry Trumps jockstrap
konnuli 18 timer siden
I would have l o v e d to see Trump showing his "actknowledge" 🤣🤣.
Sylvia D B
Sylvia D B 18 timer siden
Andy Garcia 😍😍🥰❤ love this man!
Rich Minion
Rich Minion 18 timer siden
Jimmy is bit weird to girls
M 18 timer siden
Sooooooo sexcy whe she spoke spanish! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Lars Borch
Lars Borch 18 timer siden
If a fly is covered in poo, and immune, it's of course invited everywhere. Idiot.
Adrian R
Adrian R 18 timer siden
'MAGA' - the mark of the beast.
Mike Bowers
Mike Bowers 18 timer siden
That's ok, we'll see what creepy uncle joe and kamala can do. I can't wait 😂
Ceci Simpson
Ceci Simpson 18 timer siden
Harrison looks so bored
Adam Dorio
Adam Dorio 18 timer siden
Why they comin at Steven Tyler??
PEDRO VALENCIA 18 timer siden
most chill interview ever hahaha
postulusml 18 timer siden
It's the most disgusting thing. Honey, I've stepped on a trump.
Marc S
Marc S 18 timer siden
I don't like the cowboys, but He's a very good commentator.
cath cath
cath cath 18 timer siden
Don Z
Don Z 18 timer siden
Wait!? So am I getting that check from a China and Mexico worth billions. My man Trump said it’s in the mail. I’m not yet great again but hoping for that $.
kathleen berg
kathleen berg 18 timer siden
America was the world's ATM under Obama. Defense for South Korea, Germany, Japan, Nato, WHO, Paris Accord, Iran, War never ending. Worst President ever elected. Wants to be liked...sad.
Anita Bailey
Anita Bailey 18 timer siden
I knew there was a reason that I don't watch you......🤮
Marius Theodor Dobre
Marius Theodor Dobre 18 timer siden
shut up man just shut up
Kamran Etemad
Kamran Etemad 18 timer siden
I LOVE PRESIDENT OBAMA.GREAT MAN.GREAT PRESIDENT AND FAMILY MAN.He had lots in his plate to bring US economy back from near being nothing.
the terminator t-800
the terminator t-800 18 timer siden
"Its your kids marty somethings got to be done about your kids' - doc brown
Australian Accountability
Australian Accountability 18 timer siden
Not the sharpest tools in the shed these trump supporters
Pamela Diaz
Pamela Diaz 18 timer siden
William Gibb
William Gibb 18 timer siden
There is a reason that people don't like you! You are so wrong! The media was a much bigger problem for America then Trump ever could be! A few bad apples in every bushel, doesn't make everyone bad! Like some TV host are okay but you along with many others, are trash , and not watched! Enjoy your ratings while you can!
Joe Black
Joe Black 18 timer siden
Jimmy is a fool
Australian Accountability
Australian Accountability 18 timer siden
Perhaps trump can get a afterpay loan to pay his $1.1b debts lol
Ha Lu
Ha Lu 18 timer siden
The last 1. She wasn't to bright.
adam mimeche
adam mimeche 18 timer siden
The Nightmare almost over
Adam Dorio
Adam Dorio 18 timer siden
Sofia is awesome😂
Tim Thomas
Tim Thomas 18 timer siden
and now begins the tyrannical dismemberment of the constitution.
Tranja Vanadbia
Tranja Vanadbia 18 timer siden
Is Jimmy Kimmel's wife a white supremacist ?
adam mimeche
adam mimeche 18 timer siden
The Nightmare almost over
merk1925 18 timer siden