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pangajackterhor 14 timer siden
Hope one day me, my dog and cat can go to Norway. Either for a trip or to live there. I won't be climbing for a year since I'm typing this from the hospital my lower back surgery went well. The numbed left leg should come to life tmw.... I finish watching this and I'll sleep. Thanks for giving me 30mins of peace Magnus.
Aaron Spinner
Aaron Spinner 14 timer siden
I love the videos where you are "just climbing" i do enjoy some of the others as well, but to see someone climbing and struggle sometimes, who is so much better then my self, gives me a good boost of motivation :) Also the talk you do about the boulder you try, and technics and so on, give me new ideas or different perspectivs on what to do/try when i struggle with a problem my self :) Keep doing what you enjoy the most, its the best content in my opinion ;)
purple0burtle 14 timer siden
Stunning! Thanks, Magnus <3
Long Dong
Long Dong 14 timer siden
The intro is scary
Ben Murray
Ben Murray 14 timer siden
What a place! Matias was a great guide. And that boulder Marte topped out at the end was seriously impressive. As birthday presents go, I'd say this looked like a good one!
Nesbin 14 timer siden
This video reminded me of your old vlogs from when you began NOpost. Liked it a lot, you could do more videos like this, bouldering outside on various places :)
fotojak 14 timer siden
This article explians how it works quite well: www.daniel-timms.com/wim-hof-method-biology-of-breathing/
Andrew Gilbertson
Andrew Gilbertson 14 timer siden
Happy Birthday🍰🍾
LednacekZ 14 timer siden
There were a lot of non-climbers at the crack-fest
Flo Rian
Flo Rian 14 timer siden
usually i watch every one of your videos right away, but this time i said to myself "no, you set a time when you can enjoy this video 100% and have a coffee with it". i definitely have not regretted it, such a great video and content. thank you for showing us the lofoten. i hope you can reach those 1 million subscribers by the end of the year!
Diego Raquiman
Diego Raquiman 14 timer siden
I think we sometimes forget how strong Magnus actually is..Great video!
John Grøtting
John Grøtting 14 timer siden
I was planning to travel to Lofoten this last summer, but couldn’t due to the Corona lockdown. Once things are better, I will definitely visit. Can you share the website of your friend? It would be great to find a place for climbers and not have to transport crash pads to Lofoten!
Boulder The World
Boulder The World 15 timer siden
Have also been to the Lofoten to boulder there - but without making videos of it. Epic fail...
Train Hard Dive Easy
Train Hard Dive Easy 15 timer siden
but still you don't want to warm up???? still??? 😂 classic Magnus
Es Gee
Es Gee 15 timer siden
matias' mate. dope
makai moody
makai moody 15 timer siden
Getting some Tommy Caldwell vibes from when magnus hurt his finger
Ratul Dutta
Ratul Dutta 15 timer siden
The kind of energy Matias has towards anything, every human regardless of whatever age should be like that. 💛 Marte is like a breath of fresh air in your videos. I literally relate my climbing style to her (being the beginner). 🤓
Jimmy van Rijn
Jimmy van Rijn 15 timer siden
Reference climber guy seems great! Can you invite him to all future videos?
The Venerable Mr. Phillip Purass
The Venerable Mr. Phillip Purass 16 timer siden
8:17 my mans a fuckin spider
Magnus Evison
Magnus Evison 16 timer siden
hi first time watching love the video just realised my name was Magnus to!
Magnus Evison
Magnus Evison 16 timer siden
hi great video first time watching and i released my name was magnus to!
MrMohl1 16 timer siden
Magnus: "its like 10°, my fingers are freezing" Magnus on next Boudler: takes off shirt
Gebroeders Steensel
Gebroeders Steensel 17 timer siden
Does anyone know if the Marcus who is filming Magnus has also filmed Jon Olson in the past? What is the last name of Marcus (the guy who is filming Magnus)
Trevor Robinette
Trevor Robinette 17 timer siden
Looks absolutely amazing out there! Would love to go someday! Sidenote: finally saw size L of your navy blue hoodie was back in stock and snagged it immediately. Can't wait!
Sebastian Koziol
Sebastian Koziol 17 timer siden
One of my favorite video! Showing beauty of your country, I did live in north of Norway for year and I miss so much!
Justin Connor
Justin Connor 17 timer siden
How many times did you actually try that 8B?
Martinus 17 timer siden
Heningsvær is a beautiful city, I love it every time I’m there
Alexander van Rhijn
Alexander van Rhijn 17 timer siden
I click for Magnus and keep watching for Marte!
calus151 17 timer siden
Magnus, youve been gone for a hot minute, you better keep climbing those rocks or i will be most disapointed
Josh Lucking
Josh Lucking 17 timer siden
I think it's really impressive how far Marte has come and how hard she tries on each bolder, really seems to give it her all every time
Bipin Oli
Bipin Oli 17 timer siden
I want to live there in the village 😃
Kristyna T
Kristyna T 17 timer siden
Sitting in London and not being able to go there right now is killing me...
Khryz Pawer
Khryz Pawer 17 timer siden
you killed it with the music
jhesskeeptraveling 17 timer siden
Marte and Magnus. Good for you guys. Thanks for sharing this awesome journey.
Fabri v
Fabri v 17 timer siden
01:50 pero mira ese mate papaaa
Raphael Menudier
Raphael Menudier 17 timer siden
Man I want to go climb there with this guy and try out his future mega home moon wall gym haha Seems like a fantastic place ! crazy landscape and the boulders looks so good
Patrick O'Connor
Patrick O'Connor 17 timer siden
your guide was awesome
Ben van de Wetering
Ben van de Wetering 17 timer siden
That older fellow is really nice.
Piranah_Mouth 17 timer siden
Happy b-day!
Max White
Max White 17 timer siden
When’s the collab with Anton’s normal girl?
Erik 18 timer siden
Now I feel like visiting Lofoten next summer...
Ballsi L
Ballsi L 18 timer siden
When you were wearing the grey sweatshirt was it L or XL ? @magnus ?
Ballsi L
Ballsi L 17 timer siden
@Magnus Midtbø thank you, I love Rúngne so much haha
Magnus Midtbø
Magnus Midtbø 17 timer siden
thejoshbtv 18 timer siden
I saw that soccer field in a picture before. That place is rustic beauty at its finest.
Mark Ellis
Mark Ellis 18 timer siden
Fun Video as always Magnus, however, as a Bruce Lee fan, while he was alive, and having read two different books on his life the data I heard was he did minimal weight training, as when attempting it early in his training he gave himself an injury. As an avid weight trainer myself 8-12 reps for working sets would definitely put on muscle mass which Bruce was not interested in and would have known as he studied weight training quite extensively. I think I can say with reasonable certainty that the workout in the video was not done by Bruce Lee for any length of time, if at all. Hypertrophy kicks in above 5 or 6 reps.
Stefan Brecher
Stefan Brecher 18 timer siden
Thank you for more outdoor climbing! It would be awesome to see you trying hard on more like this.
greykif 18 timer siden
nice cool video love to see your climbings but one thing i will never understand is like why u use shoes but no gloves? no sense to me man just use gloves
Liam Fox
Liam Fox 18 timer siden
I think it is super cool hearing you guys talk in Norwegian
Chirrup94 18 timer siden
I really enjoyed having Matias in this video, he seems like a super cool guy and he adds a nice bit of comic relief to the whole video :)
rom 18 timer siden
video quality looks awesome, stoked to see your back with the videos!!!
John D
John D 19 timer siden
"I'm getting a bit frozen"... takes off shirt.
Julien Nash
Julien Nash 19 timer siden
Well, look what we found here. MrMatias aka the retired Mandalorian. I guess he needed a new hobby after shooting Stormtroopers got boring...
Kristian Enevoldsen
Kristian Enevoldsen 19 timer siden
really liked this video! I hope you do more outside videos even though norwegian winter is cold:)
TrustyDryingPan 19 timer siden
If magnus were a Powerlifter, the first thing he would do each training session would be maxing out his Deadlift.
James White
James White 19 timer siden
Big fan of the reference boulderer :'D
Platypus 19 timer siden
hmmmm, When you don't climb or train you lose weight?
Mikel Azure
Mikel Azure 19 timer siden
Sometimes, Magnus, watching you climb is like visual poetry. Interplay, tension-release, uncertainty, surprise, resolution all in one flow where the whole exceeds the parts. Beautiful and inspiring.
Achilleas Manousakis
Achilleas Manousakis 19 timer siden
Man, your videos are so good! good job, keep it up!
Julien M
Julien M 19 timer siden
Feels like you could do most of the boulders in no foot lol, so powerful. Marte did some noticeable progress!
Hairy Motter
Hairy Motter 19 timer siden
Highlight for me was Marte falling over....bless her :)
Ethan Joel
Ethan Joel 19 timer siden
Lofoten sounds like a great place to bring Juji and Tom, considering how much Cod is there... they’re gonna love it !! 😆
reecejohs 19 timer siden
“I wish you could see how excited Magus is 😃” Magnus:😐
Olav Seternes Engedal
Olav Seternes Engedal 19 timer siden
Norway is soooo vakkert!!
George Haughie
George Haughie 19 timer siden
That royalty free music when climbing h the e Boulder for the first time was sending me mad - took me ages to realize it’s also used on the à gros Harris podcast. Such a beautiful place
Zamin 19 timer siden
1:21 the face of "damn that was close"
Rub1X 19 timer siden
When was martes birthday. Does anyone know that??
Demons 20 timer siden
and another great video! I do really enjoy your content
Dalladrion 20 timer siden
Your friend looks like Oberyn Martell from the GOT series. You know... the guy who fought the Mountain. :)
Dingeman 20 timer siden
It's so pretty there 🤩😅
WORK2LIVE 75 21 time siden
You are a machine mate 🤜🏼🤛🏼
Daniel Daniel
Daniel Daniel 21 time siden
12:50 that sounds like a great way to motivate yourself, from now on I will always say "fu**. Still not strong as magnus" everytime I fall
smygel 21 time siden
Growing up in Lofoten, it is really nice to see your video. I miss my home place! <3
Ringozo 21 time siden
Haha, Matías drinking mate! @1:49. Viking representing South America. Great vlog.
Fin Lay
Fin Lay 21 time siden
Great video! Also I love that there's a boulder called Slartibartfast. Slartibartfast won a prize for creating the coastline of Norway, so it's appropriate that there's a boulder in Lofoten named after him.
olisk 21 time siden
Matias is spectacular, such a nice character, he added a lot to the video!
Kenneth Svenning
Kenneth Svenning 21 time siden
Lovely video! Yes please to more outside bouldering!
Simon Tetzlaff
Simon Tetzlaff 21 time siden
Love it! More scandinavian outdoor climbing! Flatanger next?
Siobhan Christine-Bligh
Siobhan Christine-Bligh 21 time siden
Love the vibes guys, beautiful area as well!
Kieran 21 time siden
It's nice to see Magnus fail at a problem, it reminds us all that he is in fact human.
RoderickGI 21 time siden
Great video. Well done.
Bec Maloney
Bec Maloney 21 time siden
I would love to see more videos of you projecting hard outdoor boulders. I absolutely love your videos!