Brutal Whale
Brutal Whale 13 timer siden
Casually does a pull up with +40KG definitely a Midtbo
Stephen Nguyen
Stephen Nguyen 13 timer siden
the dodge on the how many gfs question though lol
Marc Jerez
Marc Jerez 14 timer siden
Unlike americans norwegians are not cocky at all imagine if he had tried this with American soldiers
KiSH 14 timer siden
We believe you can fly. Go Magnus!!!
speechy_keen 14 timer siden
I say this every time... Magnus is a beast!
Boogieman 15 timer siden
8:22 not the best choice of words for this part, haha
DirtPoorFarmer 16 timer siden
Hey Magnus look at parkour at a move called a "kong" it's called that because of the way a monkey walks with their arms.it looks like speed climbers are doing that very very fast and memorizing the moves i am sure helps lol
Casey Klahn
Casey Klahn 16 timer siden
I stopped where you aren't allowed to sell guns.
Richard Staas
Richard Staas 16 timer siden
Camera man should have went again
shawn chupp
shawn chupp 18 timer siden
16=7b+/5.12b I'm climbing 5.10 right now
Jane 18 timer siden
Bronze Thunderbeard
Bronze Thunderbeard 18 timer siden
More climbing content 🙌🙌
Sourwaffle 19 timer siden
My time is 12 seconds but I just started speed climbing like three days ago
Thames 19 timer siden
This is awesome. Thank you for letting us see how you are based on the best of the best. You honor all in this video
Ben A
Ben A 19 timer siden
This is a great video! Reminds me of the older videos on the channel more of this please!!
stly1224 20 timer siden
y no just regular climbing :(
nosehair 20 timer siden
Drop the "former" from the title. Your still pro in my book.
Chris S
Chris S 21 time siden
You should showcase a week of training and the results on that wall
Tony Fisher
Tony Fisher 21 time siden
Brilliant thanks. I have been waiting for this and requested it a few times.
tom crosby
tom crosby 21 time siden
totally studly
Assassynth 22 timer siden
Shirts are for cleaning the excess of chalks.
Alfredo Campuzano
Alfredo Campuzano 22 timer siden
The link to Andreas' channel is not working
venmo tigersu
venmo tigersu 22 timer siden
0:22 “I’m gonna beat you”
dicekar 22 timer siden
worst thing about this it looks so easy like as if anyone can do it
Sgt.StickyTits 23 timer siden
Magnus vs Goggins.
Alanna Carlson
Alanna Carlson 23 timer siden
Ugh, I love Tokyo <3
Tommy Trance
Tommy Trance 23 timer siden
magnus can do anything.
Chris Kane
Chris Kane 23 timer siden
Just found out why the Philadelphia Flyers are losing hockey games...Captain, Claude Giroux is here doing army training....
War Graves
War Graves 23 timer siden
That was fantastic and great to see how other Armies train, all the best to the Norge guys from a former Brit Para.
Josh Bishop
Josh Bishop Dag siden
The mma guy is so fine
Oʊdɪn Dag siden
those drills are insane
Oʊdɪn Dag siden
this looks so hard especially with those gloves i can imagine how slippery the gun is in those, but nice job
Blu Midyett
Blu Midyett Dag siden
When will you post another video with Marte🥺
Ian Aaboe
Ian Aaboe Dag siden
Climbing video! Nice to see you speedclimbing, you look strong even though everything is closed down :) Has been alot of great content lately, but climbing videos are always the best for me. Big up to Andreas for getting as high as he did - just feel lucky he doesn't show you his coolness and choke you out every now and then ;)
Jason w
Jason w Dag siden
Just need 2 pieces of conduit one smaller and longsr than the other. You slide the small one through and hang it up. Nothing else fancy needed.
Angry Skipper
Angry Skipper Dag siden
Giant set just means 3-4 exercises back-to-back without rest. Not 3 sets back to back without rest. Needless to say, was a cool thing to watch you guys smash out that for time.
jamie B
jamie B Dag siden
Who wants to see Marte on the speedwall?
Soaked !
Soaked ! Dag siden
Would you ever turn professional again?
Patrick Joseph Rogan
Patrick Joseph Rogan Dag siden
would like you to organise the speed climbing challenge you set yourself , glad to see you back climbing
Gabriel james Nunes
Gabriel james Nunes Dag siden
Do a collab with a calistenic guy, would be amazing ser how they peform in clibing
Gabriel james Nunes
Gabriel james Nunes Dag siden
Pls Magnus try to do a collab with Chris Heria, would be amazing, a crossover for me, he is a calistenic guy
Making Waves
Making Waves Dag siden
En ting er å henge fra en chinsstang i 100 sekunder. Det kan være tungt nok. Men mange av dem som har disse konkurransene pleier å rigge dem. De bruker f.eks svært ofte en stang som roterer, så det skal være ekstra vanskelig å holde fast i den. En fast stang og en roterende stang er to forskjellige ting.
Moahmed420 Dag siden
mmm yes algorithaem
Train Hard Dive Easy
Train Hard Dive Easy Dag siden
You cant get pumped in 8 seconds... My GF would beg to differ 😂
Electro Minded
Electro Minded Dag siden
After this, I just realized I really love Norway.
dontbe Dag siden
girth matters. :)
Fiyaaah Dag siden
FYI Andreas' channel link is broken.
Matt Trachsel
Matt Trachsel Dag siden
I love watching these two together. Great chemistry and both are fucking incredible. Weird seeing Magnus get schooled at anything climbing related.
Carly Long
Carly Long Dag siden
I am one of those lurkers who watches lots of youtube videos but never subscribes to anyone. I subscribed to Magnus, and within a week I climbed a 5.11 in the gym for the first time in my life (new climber). Pretty sure subscribing to his channel automatically boosts you up a climbing grade.
Aither Dag siden
Please go on a camp somewhere (mountains) to train speed climbing with Anton for at least few weeks! It would be so damn great to see your progress and also other stuff you´d come up with!
Mike Gelles
Mike Gelles Dag siden
You gotta remember magnus, the speedrunners have everything remembered it’s just muscle memory for them since every route is the same
Micah Bloomquist
Micah Bloomquist Dag siden
I actually thought that was Aaron Rodgers for a second. 0:38
Noah Dengler
Noah Dengler Dag siden
Thanks so much I was looking forward to this a lot ❤️
Yosh Keen
Yosh Keen Dag siden
15:56 stepped on black? I think those things should not be there since you really have no time to watch where you put your feet.
blipse2008 Dag siden
I don't understand why they never change the speed climbing official route. Seems boring. Surely it would be much more fun to change it right after the championship so that everyone has like a year to train the new official route.
tenebrarius the philosophic
tenebrarius the philosophic Dag siden
Magnus was pretty good, his progression really showed his intelligence as a climber.
Jake Murphy
Jake Murphy Dag siden
What I wouldn't give to train with this man, really inspired me to climb👍
Doctorthesis Dag siden
I did 32 with no weight at about 15 stone....with straps to aid grip. Long time ago.....
Sloppy Froppy
Sloppy Froppy Dag siden
For those who don’t know, speedclimbing is considered to be a massive joke in the climbing community, and is not considered to be actually climbing as it is simply memorizing movement patterns. Kudos to Magnus for keeping this sentiment to himself, very professional. Speed was packaged in the Olympics to make climbing more appealing to normal people who’ve never climbed. Unfortunately, this gated amazing boulderers and lead climbers from qualifying as they have to be trained in all 3 disciplines. To illustrate how ridiculous this is, imagine making Usain Bolt run a marathon at record time on top of his sprints. This is the equivalent in climbing.
Jeremy Mistry
Jeremy Mistry Dag siden
For not knowing the exact beta, under 13 seconds seems very fast. Study up, Magnus!
Michael Clark
Michael Clark Dag siden
Would love to see more speed climbing progression videos. super cool stuff.
kingofmonra Dag siden
Where's Marte?
Monsters live under the table
Monsters live under the table Dag siden
Are you still with your girlfriend have not seen her on the channel in awhile?
Werner Bro
Werner Bro Dag siden
Imagine if Magnus was american, and all TRTd up.. He would be such a freak. Please do steroids magnus 😇 looking for those one arm muscle ups for reps
Werner Bro
Werner Bro Dag siden
Please do grappling!!! This is the new youtube athlete thing. Do a martial arts, show the cross over effect
Andrew.playztv brown
Andrew.playztv brown Dag siden
you did good
indicharlie Dag siden
I am sure if you get some speedwall specific training you will break 10 seconds Magnus
BB 10
BB 10 Dag siden
this is like Peter Cech coming to goalie camp
Helder Donckers
Helder Donckers Dag siden
I missed the climbing videos so much! I know it’s really hard with Covid, the climbing gyms here are also closed. Either way, I like all of your content and your vids brighten up my whole day!
bobby witcher
bobby witcher Dag siden
you need to make the hole channel
Eric Tripps
Eric Tripps Dag siden
Crazzyn CZ
Crazzyn CZ Dag siden
Do video with Adam Ondra pleaseeee :)
forwardtumble Dag siden
Ka i alle dager e d for en gærning som teller ned 3-2-1 og forventer kjør på 1?!? No one goes on 1, surely we all can agree its 3-2-1-GO? :D
Marcel Fritz
Marcel Fritz Dag siden
I’m seriously say that this is a beginner/intermediate workout. Also a plank is a useless workout.
Lou 17Q
Lou 17Q Dag siden
I can already see one thing you can do to shave a couple of seconds: Tomoa Narasaki's Revolutionary Step Up Dyno! nopost.info/throw/3LrEjYzJ3nyJdJY/video
GreyWolfClimber Dag siden
"Speed" climbing just is not a thing. It's stunningly pointless.
S Λ M U R Λ I Dag siden
Magnus uploads: Me: *happy noises*
Flieger Faust
Flieger Faust Dag siden
i too want a t-34 in my office
Classic Gaming
Classic Gaming Dag siden
See, it seems like 15-19 seconds was bad, but if you compare that to the other climber, it was very good. It's only bad relative to the world record, which is a bit of a useless ideal, by definition.
Ibrahim EL GUENNICH Dag siden
You can try to collab with bassa Mawem @lesfreresmawemofficiel