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My hardest climbing session yet!
Only Hard Bouldering!
2 måneder siden
Normal Girl Belays Pro Climber
Magic Pull Up Challenge
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Bara Mundi
Bara Mundi Time siden
Fun fact. Wim acutely has a twin brother and his brother lives a sedative life, but he has a lager amount of brown fat, he also looks way younger than Wim. A british doctor debunked the Wim method in a long video looking only at the claims that Wim states on his homepage ; nopost.info/throw/qZymg6q6yH5zYac/video&ab_channel=MedlifeCrisis.
X3L N4G4
X3L N4G4 2 timer siden
4:02 finger rip off. crazy abs definition btw
Paula Garcia
Paula Garcia 3 timer siden
Shes very matter-of-factly i like her
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels 3 timer siden
Magnus knows Pewdiepie.. He is a man of culture.
rader t
rader t 3 timer siden
경치 지리네
Alan de la Garza Gzz
Alan de la Garza Gzz 3 timer siden
hensch1974 3 timer siden
He he his arms are like a praying mantis
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels 5 timer siden
Magnus you are 100% right! Morphine is the only pain killer!
vik 5 timer siden
try this in less than 45 minutes from Hannibal: streetworkouts.net/routines/hannibal-for-king Sets of pushups: 30 / 29 / 28 / 27 / 26 / 25 / 24 / 23 / 22 / 21 / 20 Sets of pullups: 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 / 5 / 5 / 5 / 5 / 5 Sets of Dips: 20 / 19 / 18 / 17 / 16 / 15 / 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 / 10 Sets of Chinups: 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 / 5 / 5 / 5 / 5/ 5
tyler ayerst
tyler ayerst 5 timer siden
It put a weird picture. In my head when juji said leg wrestling
ted n ruth
ted n ruth 6 timer siden
Send it!!!! 😀
Pencilbender 7 timer siden
OH... _With._
BloodF1re Gaming
BloodF1re Gaming 7 timer siden
Skjera Magnus, jeg er en fan.
J C 9 timer siden
Crunches arent situps with bad form. Situps are less effective, because half of the rep doesnt even involve ab effort whatsoever, crunches have you flexed all the way through if you do them properly
J C 9 timer siden
Also for the crunches, your back does have to touch the ground. Your lats have to at least tap the ground
cdm676407 12 timer siden
Awesome! Congratulations to both athletes. Way to go!
Zebby Null
Zebby Null 12 timer siden
That’s a whole bunch lol 😂 I don’t think it’s going good for me to get it done lol lol green lol I just woke you to him lol lol green yeah I don’t think I can get a little black man lol lol yeah I just woke him I didn’t want him I was like I was just kidding I don’t think he’s a good man lol green yeah I love him I don’t think he was like oh wow yeah that’s what a man lol lol
TheP a rk o u r i. St
TheP a rk o u r i. St 12 timer siden
How often do you do the one arm/arm hangs if you don’t have access to a climbing gym? 3 times per week??
X3L N4G4
X3L N4G4 13 timer siden
i did 30 second lol the presure in palm and finger where big, and surprisingly the back stretch (to not force shoudler articulation limits) yayks i lost weight but at 200 pound my hand skin wanted to die
juan laxague
juan laxague 14 timer siden
Matias is drinking mate?? Goodd
Ed Joultz
Ed Joultz 15 timer siden
Damn, I'm loving his abs. Really makes me get off my ass and work out.
Jonathan Lazarte
Jonathan Lazarte 17 timer siden
very nice video
michael 17 timer siden
I swear on the soul of my father, Domingo Montoya, you will reach the top alive.
Luke Cunningham
Luke Cunningham 18 timer siden
9:57 very rare words from magnus.
Legend Luuk
Legend Luuk 19 timer siden
Austin Meador
Austin Meador 19 timer siden
“Just need to pass the big tree” sounds like direction where I come live. Just pass two mail boxes and a horse then take a right at the chicken houses the head west for a few minutes until you get here. Good luck
Matt Williams
Matt Williams 19 timer siden
Magnus you are inhuman, one can only dream to do the things you have done and man do I dream
falando a verdade amassando os sarobas
falando a verdade amassando os sarobas 21 time siden
Eu sou melhor kkkk
Kim Andre Holdal
Kim Andre Holdal 21 time siden
My time was 3 years and 5 weeks
Radoslav Nikov
Radoslav Nikov 21 time siden
Mikko Rantalainen
Mikko Rantalainen 21 time siden
11:45 Magnus shows how to do double dyno with one hand behind his back... Talk about humiliating your friends!
21Unleashed21 23 timer siden
Did 15:40 (with pushup chest to floor). You guys are monsters 🔥. Especially the pull-up one, I did too much abs and squats in a row and didn't have much to do between my rest at pull ups ahah )
Ponty Pilat_0
Ponty Pilat_0 23 timer siden
10 летний я мечтал о таких штуках во дворе
sylfaster Dag siden
I did it in 18min 58.04 sec but with the last 15 pull ups I was kinda jumping too much
Secret !
Secret ! Dag siden
You've gotta learn the sidestroke. It's much more efficient, you can swim for hours without getting tired. Also to clarify for the test, you can push off the wall as hard as you can. But Magnus would definitely be a great seal operator, that never quit mentality and desire to be the best are key attributes. Good job to both of you on the test.
Chris Rampling
Chris Rampling Dag siden
Definite heavy breathing for that one!!! 14:32
Andrew McPartlin
Andrew McPartlin Dag siden
16m 12sec, not a great pull up set up but it was still really tough.
Name Pls
Name Pls Dag siden
Can you do the no hands pull up challenge?
Jonas Rademacher
Jonas Rademacher Dag siden
My time with "right" squads: 24:08 minutes, The pullups are really hard, the rest is easy.
Reekaf Dag siden
Magnus is cute. And a bottom.
Aladeen Madafaká
Aladeen Madafaká Dag siden
Its not new training, just kind of HIIT, Tabata for climbers. Did it at home many times, but not as fast as possible, but with correct form and less reps...thanks for motivation to do it again :D
LednacekZ Dag siden
Magnus rating V7 - warm up V10 - easy climbing
Matthieu Cotto
Matthieu Cotto Dag siden
The shy hearing differently grip because risk surely stir aside a spotless uzbekistan. shiny, organic cirrus
Taylor Mumford
Taylor Mumford Dag siden
belayer is stress'n
Lifēs Prøtøtypē
Lifēs Prøtøtypē Dag siden
I wouldn't be able to make heads or tails of it 🤷‍♂️🤯
Hermannorway 000
Hermannorway 000 Dag siden
Eg vet at du er norsk
Isaac Meder
Isaac Meder Dag siden
I had a really good time watching this thank you
Keyvan Jaferzadeh
Keyvan Jaferzadeh Dag siden
Love this episode
Machiavelli Dag siden
It's a funny assoication reaction, I haven't been bouldering in some 6 months but my palms still started sweating watching this, just like they always do when I'm bouldering.
Chris TeBeau
Chris TeBeau Dag siden
1 million subs idea: I want to see you out of your element. Maybe mountaineering above 24,000 ft, or some crazy A3 aid multi pitch. Something new we haven't seen
Gilles E
Gilles E Dag siden
Seeing Magnus struggle on the course gives you a hint of how difficult this really is, because seeing it on tv I often wonder if it is really that hard but yeah it really is.
Ben Avila
Ben Avila Dag siden
It definitely helps over time and if you practice the retentions. The retentions help your head get centered when you’re lightheaded and then you repeat. I’ve found the method helpful on the wall when you feel like you’re too pumped and struggling to hit the next hold. The quick exhalation gives me a little extra energy/helps me stay calm in a prone position. (Again just personal experienxe)
GitesJNG Dag siden
Marte in thumbnail has a pose like Techno Viking :D
WincyFN Dag siden
I was there with my family this summer and took a picture of myself hanging there just like the Magnus did! I bet he saw it and copied me...
Ed Joultz
Ed Joultz Dag siden
Are all climbers this fit
mario rossi
mario rossi Dag siden
N.1(algorithm)!!!! joke...u r really n.1!!!
Bernhard Kohli
Bernhard Kohli Dag siden
Great performance! This is similar to a famous CrossFit workout called Cindy. as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of: five pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats. you can do butterfly pull-ups, but the chest has to touch the floor on the push-ups, and the squats are below parallel. 20 rounds is a solid result. If you get close to that, doing strict pullups, that's very impressive.
Mikal Nunley
Mikal Nunley Dag siden
Norf Norf music in the background 👌
Eugenia Russiav
Eugenia Russiav Dag siden
The number of times my heart drop during this ENTIRE video is alarming!
Eugenia Russiav
Eugenia Russiav Dag siden
Watching magnus's videos back-to-back when I could never even do simple monkey bars lol
Amanvir Singh
Amanvir Singh Dag siden
I don't get your video notifications , should check into it.
Olivier van Oeveren
Olivier van Oeveren Dag siden
You make it look so easy! It's also great that you elevate the ratings of the gyms you visit. I'd love to say come to the Netherlands, but it's flat as a pancake over here':)
Kristian Nilsen
Kristian Nilsen Dag siden
Foresten hvem vant Mesternes mester
Alex Riddle
Alex Riddle Dag siden
WHAAAAAAT ?! I've watched all of this channel's videos but this one that I missed somehow and I just reallized that I recently bought this exact same camera without knowing that it actually had a whole video named after it here. It's called "selective attention" for a reason I guess. 😂
Amelie Velvick
Amelie Velvick 2 dager siden
no ones gunna talk about the camra man hanging of the cliff with a harness and keeping the camra steady wat a champ
imtypingwords 41
imtypingwords 41 2 dager siden
I like how it slowly turns into a competition lol
Atlaspower78 2 dager siden
Wow, she's beautiful!
Mz gaming
Mz gaming 2 dager siden
I saw you on Mesterens mester
Jim Marshall
Jim Marshall 2 dager siden
Hi Magnus, managed it in 18min 3.35 sec, did the pull ups in set's of 5 and the other ones in set's of 10...will have to improve my pull ups, I'm 65 years old. 💪👍
ABSV /a beautiful sunset vlog
ABSV /a beautiful sunset vlog 2 dager siden
I’d do all of the pull-ups first in like 5 mins and then crank through everything else...
Kzz Kaysee
Kzz Kaysee 2 dager siden
Jeg heier på deg på mesterens mester deg og håvard
TheValinov 2 dager siden
16 points for me -> 7b+ i could climb .... well seems quite off for taller, heavier people like me. my highest grade so far was around 6b and this only indoors. to be fair, endurance is my weekpoint, but that shouldn't be the main reason.
Inventor 2 dager siden
climb a little outdoors dude you are whiter than the chalk
Caden Rogers
Caden Rogers 2 dager siden
Wow.. so glad you guys did this so I have someone to compete with! Maybe you guys will acctually give me a challenege🙄🙄 jkjk😂 this is so hard to go fast..😂 you guys totally crushed it! Nice job!!
Vibha Rai
Vibha Rai 2 dager siden
Did Anyone Notice that Magnus and Marcus had the same colour shorts. I mean what a match.
ckarea55 2 dager siden
I can do it with only one hand but not the others, if you know what i mean
Eli Al
Eli Al 2 dager siden
Is this the same as the rotating bar from the carnival?
Space Llama
Space Llama 2 dager siden
You guys are laughing in the exact same way there 21:46 haha
Simon Rensing
Simon Rensing 2 dager siden
I was saving this video for a good moment! I have to try this now after seeing this 💪🏻
Riky Zaliani
Riky Zaliani 2 dager siden
Jakub Hubicka
Jakub Hubicka 2 dager siden
No chalk for chair climbing?? Who are you, and where is Magnus?!