Daniella Rivera
Daniella Rivera 6 timer siden
Christine Bennis
Christine Bennis 6 timer siden
It really sucks that Taylor couldn’t do this movie because he would be amazing no offense
letsyUwU 6 timer siden
Caspian Simmons
Caspian Simmons 6 timer siden
I love we can be hero’s two
derryck dawson
derryck dawson 7 timer siden
this is still relevant today
burntphoenix 7 timer siden
I honestly love this song; I don't know how many times I listened to it
ELIJAH VELAZQUEZ 7 timer siden
1:18, when the teacher gives more homework.
Hey Jiminn
Hey Jiminn 7 timer siden
I really cant wait for a cb
Yellow Mello56
Yellow Mello56 7 timer siden
Am I the only one who watched we can be heroes 8 times😂
Lily Ramirez
Lily Ramirez 7 timer siden
Hey hi
Jay El
Jay El 7 timer siden
They ARE NOT the creators of the Matrix/Terminator scripts! They PAID THE Woman I'm court (Sophia Stewart I think) and she has many detailed nterviews with respectable ppl in the film industry! This "new" trans take on the movies should be proof alone they are NOT the creative minds behind such an expansive and artists expression such as the Matrix
Gabrielle Allen
Gabrielle Allen 7 timer siden
Lmfy 7 timer siden
Henry Cavill and Sam Claflin, utter PERFECTION! 💕
Studi0 7 timer siden
Wow we’ve come so far. Good thing minorities don’t have to debate their own existence in America anymore. Right?
Insta Gaming
Insta Gaming 7 timer siden
We watch we can be heroes on our TV and it was so fun I like to watch it again and again
Randy Stevenson
Randy Stevenson 7 timer siden
Jasmine Woods
Jasmine Woods 7 timer siden
Moana Vibes for sure 🥲
Devils Advocate
Devils Advocate 7 timer siden
Andrew Rannells is just too good for this world!! ♥️♥️♥️
Atsiri Rodríguez
Atsiri Rodríguez 7 timer siden
No entendí ni madres del video pero mi ship favorito es missy y comodin no me pregunten por que ,por que ni yo se alv☺
Najibah 7 timer siden
I came here for Lana Condor lol
Gianna Andres
Gianna Andres 7 timer siden
this might be tea. Jisoo said "we haven't released the song yet" at the part of the trailer where there's Ready For love. this might mean ready for love might come out anytime soon :O
Deepak Abhichandani
Deepak Abhichandani 7 timer siden
I think I can sing the song so here we go 🎵 Ahhhhhhhh I I will be King and you you will be Queen
Nick Thrasher
Nick Thrasher 7 timer siden
I am 100% straight but Finnick looks like he barely aged a day since HG
Zandon Moyers
Zandon Moyers 7 timer siden
I watched the movie before I heard this
Antoine Mull
Antoine Mull 7 timer siden
Wats real sad is he said he picked us over him nah u pick urself over him and took average of that one person who was loyal as fuk to u now thats real life only be loyal and down for people who really have ur best interests at heart and mind and not people who have only there selfish best interests 💯 💯💯
Roselene Derifond
Roselene Derifond 8 timer siden
i love how they talk english then randomly switch to korean
Amara Ray
Amara Ray 8 timer siden
I was so sad when miss fell
Warjoy Fuentes
Warjoy Fuentes 8 timer siden
I wish i could be one of the actress or actor
Ani Kassabian
Ani Kassabian 8 timer siden
Netflix is literally winning
Night love man Advanced
Night love man Advanced 8 timer siden
I love your videos keep it up😘
Night love man Advanced
Night love man Advanced 8 timer siden
Noodles: get
Hayden Barnes
Hayden Barnes 8 timer siden
The man from Yale is throwing up exactly the same arguments as Jordan Peterson
Matthew Caine
Matthew Caine 8 timer siden
Let’s face it, we’re only ever gonna watch Chess Show and Strange kids
Alicia Chavez Rivas
Alicia Chavez Rivas 8 timer siden
nEw YoRk CiTy!!!
Vianei Reis
Vianei Reis 8 timer siden
Is very cool
Rosia Aguilar
Rosia Aguilar 8 timer siden
That looks like so much fun🤩
Vianei Reis
Vianei Reis 8 timer siden
Xd Is vere y cool
Mia Nohemy Izaguirre Fuentes
Mia Nohemy Izaguirre Fuentes 8 timer siden
Quelido catan**
Carlito Brigante
Carlito Brigante 8 timer siden
“We got to arm wrestle...he lost.” Lmao 😂
Jan Miller
Jan Miller 9 timer siden
Jan Miller
Jan Miller 9 timer siden
King Hampton
King Hampton 9 timer siden
How can I be in a movie like this
Kody GIRL 9 timer siden
Trixies cat look is adorable
SHOTT Entregas
SHOTT Entregas 9 timer siden
Jenny Rose Barnachea
Jenny Rose Barnachea 9 timer siden
Watching this over and over again 💕💖
Mr.Woytecky 9 timer siden
I never thought i gona said something like that : NETFLIX... you done a good job !
s u m m e r
s u m m e r 9 timer siden
omg, i just realized i have that desk chair :O 3:16
Ildefonso Castro Álvarez
Ildefonso Castro Álvarez 9 timer siden
Cool the
Jacob Dean
Jacob Dean 9 timer siden
Good job with the Narcos reunion! I just happened to be rewatching Narcos and I breaked to watch this with my kids... I knew Pedro was in it and then it hit me Boyd was also. It was kinda funny.
M Davis
M Davis 9 timer siden
This scene was depressing as hell
THE WIZARD OF OZ Mayer 9 timer siden
I wish I was in that show
RuleOfTwo 9 timer siden
Imagine.. anyone claiming Blue Streak, a film that made over $120 million world wide to be a.. "Hidden Gem" LOL
Daniel Olanusi
Daniel Olanusi 9 timer siden
ive watched it and it is amazing
Penisimani Taufa
Penisimani Taufa 9 timer siden
My best friend says it's real
Ruth Benjamin
Ruth Benjamin 9 timer siden
Izabella Hernandez
Izabella Hernandez 9 timer siden
Because it was so pretty made me cry
Izabella Hernandez
Izabella Hernandez 9 timer siden
I’m putting it over and over for an hour
The Flash
The Flash 9 timer siden
I love we can be heros there are a bunch of kids now I wanna act with them
how do they release the movies so fast? like on 2020 and then on 2021! IM SO EXCITEDDDD
Evelyn Cunningham
Evelyn Cunningham 9 timer siden
Hi, a person who read the books before watching the film, and here's my input..... HE IS TWELVE... AND SHE IS FOURTEEN.... sorry, I just can't I love the movie, it is good, but the books are so much better I could go on and on and on and on and on about how the movie is so much different than the book, but anyway, just my bookworm brain being mad at a movie adaptation, like always. So anyway, I do love the actors and the movie don't get me wrong, but I prefer what happens in the books.
Anita Andoh
Anita Andoh 10 timer siden
Brooke Adams
Brooke Adams 10 timer siden
cute singe
Ulises Bastidas tenorio
Ulises Bastidas tenorio 10 timer siden
Me gusta tu video
Ulises Bastidas tenorio
Ulises Bastidas tenorio 10 timer siden
M Ruiz
M Ruiz 10 timer siden
Ufodvd8fhfbvhvbbf love
Vyg Tfgg
Vyg Tfgg 10 timer siden
2:38 jennie gets nervous because of the close camera
Terlan Xudaverdieva
Terlan Xudaverdieva 10 timer siden
ГДЕ ПЕРЕВОД НЕ забывай эту и ВСЕ дрянь которую вы снемаеите МЫ смотрели и смотрем
Richard Harold Meddows
Richard Harold Meddows 10 timer siden
This is basically just a re-written Little Miss Perfect
Jay B
Jay B 10 timer siden
So sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺
Matt S.
Matt S. 10 timer siden
I'm not sold on Anthomy Mackie as an action hero yet. I'll have to check this movie out.
Burrola Burrola
Burrola Burrola 10 timer siden
Can i pls pls pls pls pls be in the next moive i am 7
Scrimz 11 timer siden
that noise it makes at 7:19 ...
Janice Sim
Janice Sim 11 timer siden
Yes Lin Manuel Miranda!
Alejandro Sandoval
Alejandro Sandoval 11 timer siden
The music when the camera zooms in on the opal....just simply beautiful.
Zanie Cruz
Zanie Cruz 11 timer siden
part two?
Maura Basemen
Maura Basemen 11 timer siden
If Lisa Reisert is Lavagirl
R J 11 timer siden
Definitely a must-watch for everyone, you gotta find the time to watch it 👌🏻 Brilliant work, congratulations to those who worked on it 👏🏻
SoaR Jame
SoaR Jame 11 timer siden
I wish I was in we can be hero
Roset Aljabbari
Roset Aljabbari 11 timer siden
This is so cool omg
Leilani Rivera
Leilani Rivera 11 timer siden
My brother really doesn't like acapella