Tiff Q
Tiff Q 22 timer siden
This was powerful and I love how we can see her growth. Yes we will fall but just like Demi we can get back up if we have the chance. It's funny because I also went through a hard time back in 2020 and i suffered and cried but as the days passed I began to heal... one day I looked at myself in the mirror. I wanted to start new and just like Demi I wanted to change the way I looked so I chopped my hair off like her. I felt free. People can have opinions but in the end we should not live by others opinions but our own. Thank you Demi.
Doarda 22 timer siden
essa é minha terceira vez aqui TE AMO ❤️❤️🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Ashton Nikolayev
Ashton Nikolayev 22 timer siden
I struggle with my depression, anxiety, and eating disorder as well so that really hit home for me. She is loved so many. I hope she really does get better 💚💚 love you Demi
Monse Rizo
Monse Rizo 22 timer siden
Ugh her relationship with Wilmer was everything... the way she looked at him. Smile from ear to ear 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hanzell Erfi
Hanzell Erfi 22 timer siden
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Matheus Oliveira
Matheus Oliveira 23 timer siden
Devuan G
Devuan G 23 timer siden
Demi your beautiful know mater if you have a thick or a small waste your beautiful
Ana Carolina Benelli
Ana Carolina Benelli 23 timer siden
Mady Leigh
Mady Leigh 23 timer siden
Always been an inspiration to me since the beginning
Meko J.
Meko J. 23 timer siden
Is anyone else getting an error message on your TV trying to watch? Or a notification that the video requires payment?
Luke Relle
Luke Relle 23 timer siden
Lady Gaga vem calar essas apitos
Luke Relle
Luke Relle 23 timer siden
Que gritaria é essa?
Joao Padilha
Joao Padilha 23 timer siden
Desculpe isso não é rock
Holla Daze
Holla Daze 23 timer siden
The problem with moderation is 1 beer can easily turn into 24 beers, 10 shots, an 8 ball of coke, Xanax, and heroin for the comedown. 1 beer can literally trigger that. And any alcoholic or addict will tell you this. I hope it works for her, but I can almost certainly say it won't. Stick with just weed.
Valerie Akumu
Valerie Akumu 23 timer siden
This was so beautiful! Hope you come back to Kenya!
Millicent T. Wilson
Millicent T. Wilson 23 timer siden
My 2021 jam
sade mcintee
sade mcintee 23 timer siden
Damn I thought it was gonna be more episodes
Meghan Helmich
Meghan Helmich 23 timer siden
I was on generic vivitrol (naltrexone) when I got out of rehab for opiate addiction. I stayed on it for several years, but it was especially helpful in the beginning of my recovery because it prevented my cravings. And logically, it helped me reason with myself that anything I bought and took would be a total waste because I couldn't feel it.
Ruby Garcia
Ruby Garcia 23 timer siden
My daughters name is madyson ( yea, I spelled it this way) & although I haven’t gone through anything like what Demi’s been through, this song touches my heart 😭😭😭😭
Stephanie J
Stephanie J Dag siden
How about the assistant that called 911, when she knew it was a huge risk of getting in trouble
Kirby Nguyen
Kirby Nguyen Dag siden
Melanie Anne
Melanie Anne Dag siden
Little demi when her and Selena were still besties
Abiú Pascual
Abiú Pascual Dag siden
Ariana Grande is Queen
Yasmin Ottermann
Yasmin Ottermann Dag siden
this song is so meaningful
Yasmin Ottermann
Yasmin Ottermann Dag siden
'seemed kinda funny, yeah he kinda my type' 😅 lowkey some shade thrown to Pete & Wilmer 😏
dan santos
dan santos Dag siden
ai love uuu, from Brasil
Jordyn Mora
Jordyn Mora Dag siden
the fact that i saw her the day before her od💔.
Milly Loukamaa
Milly Loukamaa Dag siden
i miss u girls :( best friendship pls
Nicole Simmons
Nicole Simmons Dag siden
Wow this is heart breaking because I really feel for her. But saying moderation its like a two sided coin. I hope she really comes to terms that she almost died a cat with 9 lives not a lot of ppl are lucky enough to survive
David H.
David H. Dag siden
Is this the same chick that put G-Easy, or whatever his name is, on blast for being an addict a few years back? Dancing with the Devil. Ok.
Keyla Coccarelli
Keyla Coccarelli Dag siden
It’s the ads every two second for me
Arinola Oluwunmi
Arinola Oluwunmi Dag siden
Demi just know I love you and all your fans and family do!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Katydid 146
Katydid 146 Dag siden
Is there a surgery she could get to fix her blind spots and be able to drive again?
Prancer 1000
Prancer 1000 Dag siden
I hope she just tell us the people who did this to her. This person needs to be accountable.
taiye kk
taiye kk Dag siden
She looks so happy and in reality she was broken it just goes to show check on your loved ones regardless the front they put up because life is way too short and some just can’t handle the pain 💔
Vee Rodriguez
Vee Rodriguez Dag siden
Sir Elton John nailed it. However, addiction is such a complex thing to even begin to understand. To her, and those who suffer from addiction, its an ongoing battle. We can opinionated and speculate but her addiction is bigger than anything and just the fact that she is trying to be the best version of herself after facing these issues, is a plus. Just saying
SunMoon Stars
SunMoon Stars Dag siden
I wanna trust her but to be honest, I feel like she's still lost. I agree with sir Elton John, moderation does not work. I still feel sad about this
A'zariah Martin
A'zariah Martin Dag siden
Lolita Morris
Lolita Morris Dag siden
The assistant was a very crucial piece in the recovery
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Dag siden
To hear that she’s still drinking and smoking is shocking
kyiesha balcomb
kyiesha balcomb Dag siden
Demi is the strongest singer in the world
LuLu's World
LuLu's World Dag siden
Did Demi get any work done to her face? Demi at 16 looks much different than Demi now and it isn't the drugs.
Billie Graveyard
Billie Graveyard Dag siden
Amanda Madrigal
Amanda Madrigal Dag siden
We love you Demi and pray for you to find happiness. You seem like a genuine person that just wants to be loved and love others. You are so worth living 💓💓💓
Héctor Lovatic
Héctor Lovatic Dag siden
This song is perfect
kyiesha balcomb
kyiesha balcomb Dag siden
Demi is REAL 🤍🌅
Lady _petite
Lady _petite Dag siden
I ❤️ you Demi 😭😭 there's beauty in your strength.
Agnesia B
Agnesia B Dag siden
love watching this two, oh i missed those days Demi and Selena 🥺 together!
Brooke Amber81
Brooke Amber81 Dag siden
What an amazing documentary. So real and raw.
mylene Dag siden
harm reduction <3
Jengkay Mix Tv
Jengkay Mix Tv Dag siden
Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself unto the Lord and He will give u the desires of your heart❤. I love u demi, please be strong. I am from Philippines I am praying for you as always. Luv u ❤
That Cool Kid Chris
That Cool Kid Chris Dag siden
Demi, you are doing too much. Chill. My goodness, overkill.
Little Monster Xtreme
Little Monster Xtreme Dag siden
I'm really hoping she gets the help she needs, Demi I'm keeping you in my prayers🙏🏻
Reginald Washington
Reginald Washington Dag siden
This song shows that no matter what that we can keep fighting no matter how hard it gets.
Anna Sincerbeaux
Anna Sincerbeaux Dag siden
This whole episode is so delusional and disappointing. Don't release a documentary to millions when you're still not well.
Pooja Verma
Pooja Verma Dag siden
1:50 my fav part
Seca Ledinic
Seca Ledinic Dag siden
Sirah is such a vibe
Ney S Cervantes
Ney S Cervantes Dag siden
Well, Now we only miss Demi - Sia and Demi - Adele
Kay Martinez
Kay Martinez Dag siden
I’ve been listening to this song nonstop since it’s been released. Today it hits different....I lost my cousin to a heroin overdose not everyone has the gift to start over. We were not as close as we used to be but I hope he knows he’s loved 🥰 and never forgotten. Live your best life Demi ! For all the ones who can’t 💚 Stay blessed & safe everyone! 🙏🏼🦋
mcn edits
mcn edits Dag siden
she’s so cute 😭
hellbornbrat Dag siden
I love this woman so so so so much and am so proud of her for everything that she has done.
Road to 10k follows with no vids .Y’all be Playin.
Road to 10k follows with no vids .Y’all be Playin. Dag siden
This was so nostalgic she said my space and she said her mv is after the new cheetah girls movie comes out
New Eyes
New Eyes Dag siden
Still slaps!
Nawwaf 89
Nawwaf 89 Dag siden
Angel Garach
Angel Garach Dag siden
I 100% agree with everything Elton said.
Rachael McEvoy
Rachael McEvoy Dag siden
Love you Demi! Your an inspiration to so many!
unstable Pineapple
unstable Pineapple Dag siden
I think that people who put there kids on a screen are selfish and shouldn't have those kids anymore. Something so common with child stars is that they say it's hard to say no when they are the breadwinner and that's so sad with all these family channels and knowing how hard it can be for adults to find work so if they can sell their kid to the devil then ya they'd do it if it meant they'd get a bunch of money
Lara Valentina Bautista
Lara Valentina Bautista Dag siden
Hello from 2021
Kass Dag siden
Y’all be acting like this isn’t even Demi’s song 😂😂
Maredy Benavides
Maredy Benavides Dag siden