THE KABILS 2 timer siden
I came to listen this music on October 2020.. Last i heard this music about 3-4 years ago on my toys
Lauritz Helde Remøy
Lauritz Helde Remøy 2 timer siden
veldig bra ser dere på TV
Firdzasha Azureen
Firdzasha Azureen 2 timer siden
I'm impressed.. how the dancer can hold they laugh
Fernando Gonzalez
Fernando Gonzalez 2 timer siden
Just looking for Halloween costume ideas
Vappy Reon
Vappy Reon 2 timer siden
Coming back to this song as a furry is interesting
Leone 2 timer siden
nice. Childhood memories.
Kkkk rindo dessa música em 2020...
jalees shijas
jalees shijas 3 timer siden
Ylvis: what does the fox say Me: Google it
Женя Калашник
Женя Калашник 3 timer siden
Жаль нету возможности с ним увидится так хочется пожать ему руку за такие исполнения он лучший!
Ayee Spen
Ayee Spen 3 timer siden
This takes me right back to 5th grade
skvllyz_ 3 timer siden
they walked so furcons could run
Cool Kid
Cool Kid 3 timer siden
Anyone else just get this randomly
Juliana Isabel
Juliana Isabel 3 timer siden
that's why i love internet!
Enzo Vine
Enzo Vine 4 timer siden
Onde vim parar;-;
Hakdog Channel
Hakdog Channel 4 timer siden
Big blue eyes Pointy nose Chasing mice And digging holes Tiny paws Up the hill Suddenly you're standing still Yo'ure fur is red With a little bit of rabies
Sniping noob7
Sniping noob7 3 timer siden
Ur grammar is killing me
kiniry prod.
kiniry prod. 4 timer siden
LOL LOL 4 timer siden
i made so many friends in 6th grade because of this damn song lmao
qeak 4 timer siden
POV: You just got off from school, your mom gives you her phone, and you find this.
Cahaya Suksma
Cahaya Suksma 4 timer siden
More considered 2012-2013 was best years in my entire life
Hannah Reads
Hannah Reads 4 timer siden
Actually foxes laugh in a creepy but cute way
Creative Pony Productions!
Creative Pony Productions! 4 timer siden
It is not a mystery. They yap.
Naschua Westbrook
Naschua Westbrook 4 timer siden
When you wanted to forget this song back when it first came up. Comes up later in life. "please go away." 2014 Stays in your memory "Ok fine this song isn't that bad." 2016 STILL THERE "Ok this song is one of the best." 2018 And now. "Wow, how much time has past." 2020
Will Kimel
Will Kimel 4 timer siden
Abdulaziz Yusuf
Abdulaziz Yusuf 4 timer siden
Cchqkukjbuhuhg bin. M
Emily C
Emily C 4 timer siden
Pika Memez
Pika Memez 5 timer siden
That kid sitting with grandpa is probably 19 or something now.
FiréBall 5 timer siden
The best part 1:56
becket becket
becket becket 5 timer siden
So I glad I grew up with this
Robotahi 5 timer siden
If u don't know fox goes HEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHE
Jean Ocampo
Jean Ocampo 5 timer siden
bro what a downgrade go back and tell us what the fox says
Portho Games BR
Portho Games BR 5 timer siden
Me in 2013: This song is so cringe Me now: I would give everything i have now just to return to this times...
Yes i play with 400 ping
Yes i play with 400 ping 6 timer siden
And now im realizing this was a furry song...
Hannah Marie
Hannah Marie 6 timer siden
There’s no way in hell he was sobber making this and there no way in hell the producers and camera people were sobber either
NXPTUNE_CH!LL 6 timer siden
Teacher: now class settle down! The class:
Finesse Wavy
Finesse Wavy 6 timer siden
I just realized this song is older than my little brother
cathy Romero
cathy Romero 6 timer siden
why does it sound weird now lmfao
lesbians 4 bts
lesbians 4 bts 6 timer siden
i will defend this song with my entire life
Keshia Turner
Keshia Turner 6 timer siden
Mr Ruin Jokes
Mr Ruin Jokes 6 timer siden
My child hood bruh..
Jasmine 6 timer siden
This brings back memories of my brother tying me to chair and playing this for hours. So now I know all the lyrics and I sing this all the time.
the duende
the duende 6 timer siden
2020 y no seguimos sin saber que dice el zorro :(
Emiliano Luna
Emiliano Luna 7 timer siden
Andres Simon
Andres Simon 7 timer siden
Do more videos like this
Cheries Jack
Cheries Jack 7 timer siden
i will never know what the fox say:(
I Gede Agus Wedha Gama
I Gede Agus Wedha Gama 7 timer siden
Not good sorry
Trejo Pulido Angelo Sayid Trejo Pulido Angelo Sayid
Trejo Pulido Angelo Sayid Trejo Pulido Angelo Sayid 7 timer siden
mike sullivan
mike sullivan 7 timer siden
Grandpa metal made this song amazing lmao
Kylie Anthony
Kylie Anthony 7 timer siden
Furries started here
K Kuz
K Kuz 8 timer siden
wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow cool
Yesenia Yennely Quispe Tucta
Yesenia Yennely Quispe Tucta 8 timer siden
alguien latinoamerica 2021 ???
Abdon Warmaster
Abdon Warmaster 8 timer siden
TheFriends 8 timer siden
Worst cgi
CrisTian -_-
CrisTian -_- 8 timer siden
20 Octubre 2020?
Zuhal Oruc
Zuhal Oruc 8 timer siden
Hey from 2020
Cassandra Hicks
Cassandra Hicks 9 timer siden
Wow I love it my daughter has been watching it every day and I just saw it all I wanna say it s wow
alex saam
alex saam 9 timer siden
That auto tune sucks on him
Sean Shapiro
Sean Shapiro 9 timer siden
Its 2020 and we still don't know what the fox says
Blaster Blastoide
Blaster Blastoide 9 timer siden
Y el ornitorrinco como hace?
Zenh 9 timer siden
What does the fox say
Michelle Furio
Michelle Furio 9 timer siden
I love this song it the best!!! Only the ogs know! This will go down in history
Gael Castillo
Gael Castillo 9 timer siden
*The furry community would like to know your location*
phys 9 timer siden
2014: hey this song is good 2015: oh hey i remember this 2020: oh hey i remember this 2055: oh hey i remember this 3432: wow memories
M UniPug507
M UniPug507 10 timer siden
:) yay
trx 10 timer siden
The bird flying into your window 2:04
Music4 Life
Music4 Life 10 timer siden
*so I’m guessing he really likes foxes..*
quitestiger typs
quitestiger typs 10 timer siden
Man u first decide before u make the fuckin song..
trx 10 timer siden
2:04 when you drop food and the seagulls on the beach go for it
I zip-tied my Penis to a brick
I zip-tied my Penis to a brick 10 timer siden
The second coming of gangnam style
Rj Robinson
Rj Robinson 10 timer siden
Karno Beats
Karno Beats 10 timer siden
This is the cringiest thing ever i swear😂😂😂😂😂😂 Why I liked this when i was 10 yrs old?😂
Na2awesome • 2 years ago
Na2awesome • 2 years ago 10 timer siden
Vovan Number One
Vovan Number One 10 timer siden
Для фнафа сойдет
Mudkip ,
Mudkip , 11 timer siden
Stella Queiroz
Stella Queiroz 11 timer siden
1 bilhão tá vindoooo
Levi Greer
Levi Greer 11 timer siden
This is what I called this one bullies afro when he made fun of my hair
Keri Hamlin
Keri Hamlin 11 timer siden
I love it😍
Chris Afton
Chris Afton 11 timer siden
They actually say *insert foxy jumpscare*
Meowscles Cat
Meowscles Cat 11 timer siden
I came here from Siri
you 11 timer siden
Dad: Turn this off Me: Why Dad: its T R A S H kid
you 11 timer siden
only time i will ever respect furries
m̸a̸i̸z̸y̸ morley
m̸a̸i̸z̸y̸ morley 11 timer siden
Ding ding ding ring