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Were We Friendzoned?!
Erin Madden
Erin Madden 21 time siden
XD I don't get the scene/reference Courtney and Tommy were acting out - I just assumed they were having a fight in Sims.
Tiffany Lockett
Tiffany Lockett 21 time siden
I genuinely thought maybe Shayne had Gus that time but no Gus will much rather faint by the looks of it before laughing 😱
jawadul hasan saad
jawadul hasan saad 21 time siden
how 'good morning' is a creepy dm ?! what is wrong with these people ?!
Tiffany Lockett
Tiffany Lockett 22 timer siden
Shayne's Disney prince bit made me laugh so hard and Damien always seems to be able to make me laugh no matter how hard I try not to 😂😂😂
Joshua 22 timer siden
Where's Shane?
Eat with Nawaf
Eat with Nawaf 22 timer siden
Olivia: every subway ever is here!
Meiyo Entertainment
Meiyo Entertainment 22 timer siden
Olivia: i wish my boyfriend was that sweet.. Sam in the corner: 👁💧👄💧👁 Shane: UM CHILE ANYWAYS SO-
Alas The Radio Angel
Alas The Radio Angel 22 timer siden
"Ima wabbit pwince man, I was i thewe fow cwimes" Me: Cwimes against huwmaniwty UwU
TFC 22 timer siden
But they’re talking
XxĘrrør uwu
XxĘrrør uwu 23 timer siden
Wait- this was 5 days ago?!
Travis Stoaty
Travis Stoaty 23 timer siden
⚡❄🌬🌊🌜💈🌁💒☁☀🌀🌈🔥💧⭐🌟⛅ *Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.* *He also promised to heal your body.* *This Is True Love!!! (look up and ask HIM)*
Clark Woods
Clark Woods 23 timer siden
Why was this like the best try not to laugh, everyone was bringing it omggg
aria larosa
aria larosa 23 timer siden
Angus Hillier
Angus Hillier 23 timer siden
More like 6 games later or is that 10
Angus Hillier
Angus Hillier 23 timer siden
Kingdom hearts Tell me where the power of darkness 6 years later Kingdom of Hearts give me the X blade
Stone 23 timer siden
Sher With An A
Sher With An A Dag siden
In a alternate universe GAY JOBS
Biggie Cheese
Biggie Cheese Dag siden
Everybody: WoW iT sAyS bLoNdIe FoR cOuRtNeY Me: idk I was gonna make this a funny comment but I’m to lazy too.
teeby show
teeby show Dag siden
Does anybody remember anthony
That1dancergirl Dag siden
lol I love that the CC said moderator when we all know it's Sarah
Aesthetic Starz
Aesthetic Starz Dag siden
no wonder im watching this when im grounded- SO WORTH IT
ya boi putz
ya boi putz Dag siden
shayne how was it being matt bradley in the goldbergs
LOL! ROWE! Dag siden
Damien should have gotten points for the shortcut to paste. Control v is the shortcut. There's no command buttion on the keyboard? Control is Ctrl! This is game is so unfair!
WIWOH Z Dag siden
i dont like sam
Lorelai mannion
Lorelai mannion Dag siden
Flula acts like an alien that landed in Germany and lived there for a year without interacting with anybody but still somehow learned german anyways. this is not intended as an insult I love flula.
J Dag siden
Lol that was not a Welsh accent :D
Stone Dag siden
Never thought i'd say this but olivia was the most sane person in this video
Clotch Dag siden
Christina Faye
Christina Faye Dag siden
tommy kinda looked like dan avidan at the end lmao
Erielle Rodriguez
Erielle Rodriguez Dag siden
They should bring in Kimmy, Sarah, Mari, and Olivia then have Bepordy with questions related to Asia 😹 Smosh hear me out!
Miks Lopez
Miks Lopez Dag siden
Cute how at 9:46 Olivia say to keith “that’s a broom” 🥺
RandomMarcus92 Dag siden
Nickelodeon themed! XD
Death Stroke
Death Stroke Dag siden
This man really just quoted Freddy Got Fingered! 😶
Ryan Tokutome
Ryan Tokutome Dag siden
How is he a drug expert does he do drugs????
Spiral Galaxy
Spiral Galaxy Dag siden
I can’t even find the react video they’re in
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith Dag siden
I love re-watching this episode just for Matt's reactions 😅
Bear Bananas
Bear Bananas Dag siden
The Australian stereotype as an Australian that was fucking funny as fuck
Isaac Bacon123
Isaac Bacon123 Dag siden
I want to see Shayne and Damien recreate Zac and Cody scenes with improvised lines.
Ovec Main
Ovec Main Dag siden
Who lives in a city under the sea? A-lantis Mori-ssette. Who’s a musician who’s voice is really quite bold? HeeYAWhuh.
jazminestryder Dag siden
I wonder if Ian ever got roasted by his family for doing that to Pam lol.
Danielle Mogyoros
Danielle Mogyoros Dag siden
Tommy and Jackie owned this episode!!
Mart Blart
Mart Blart Dag siden
This shit is garbage without the water if we’re being honest
Mustrorin 53
Mustrorin 53 Dag siden
Who's Here In 2020 To Watch The Older Smosh Squad
Huff Dag siden
Tommy coming in with the football pretending to be Straight is sending me
Lydario Dag siden
Damien is CLEARLY the one that fucks!
heyysimone Dag siden
My volume was up high and i put headphones in just before that first CFM scream and now im deaf.
Arianne Morano
Arianne Morano Dag siden
Joe would make the best uncle
heyysimone Dag siden
Shayne drowned at 18 months, had surgery at 5 years...
Huff Dag siden
I just want a vid with tommy, Shane, and Damien. It’s never all three at the same time
heyysimone Dag siden
When Damien says "i have seen all of Nip-Tuck" i lost my shit.
Hannah Dag siden
I find myself singing the Ian with a bow song more than a year later, should I be concerned?
Lillian Johnson
Lillian Johnson Dag siden
The zipper is a great ride
Colon Lighter
Colon Lighter Dag siden
Back when Smosh was still awesome. Just Ian and Anthony
shadeth90 Dag siden
for serious tips about the tamale. crush up the dry foods into a finer powder, this will help it mix. When the dry goods are powderized and placed in the bag, mix them well together, then mix in the beans, then add the bowling water, and mix. When you seal the bag, try to compress it all tightly together, doing all of this will help it be more consistent and have stronger bonds. it will taste way better, and not fall apart as much. have fun. (I know some things about prison food due to being around a lot of prisoners)
N.A. :D
N.A. :D Dag siden
Crafting table :)
Morgan Craig
Morgan Craig Dag siden
My subtitles knew everyone's name but Courtney's so my tv just kept saying "blonde and Jackie" 😂😂😂
oh no you found me
oh no you found me Dag siden
This should be called " making courtney feel single for 19;10"
Sunken Film
Sunken Film Dag siden
I hated almost all of this.
The Great Amida
The Great Amida Dag siden
It's just potted meat. There's nothing wrong with's the official food of Hawaii, for fucks sake
Danielle Guevarra
Danielle Guevarra Dag siden
the editing is always great here BUT THIS EPISODE ESPECIALLY
Flynn Gallagher Sharon Hirrel
Flynn Gallagher Sharon Hirrel Dag siden
Man this brings me back to a happy place
The Great Amida
The Great Amida Dag siden
The future owners of Smosh were on 'Put It In My Mouth'
Nita J.
Nita J. Dag siden
I did not realize that damien did the triangle mouth until I watched this the 4th time
Arunava Bhar
Arunava Bhar Dag siden
They should bring this to the current show. Way much funnier than the TNTL challenge
devinafunnyguy Dag siden
Anyone else get slightly turned on during Courtney’s blues clues bit? No just me? I’ll see myself out
Patrick Star
Patrick Star Dag siden
I miss Anthony :(
Jeremy bearimy
Jeremy bearimy Dag siden
💀 the closed captions just call Courtney “the blonde” everyone else is called by their name e.g. (Jackie and Blonde laughing) (noah, keith, blonde and jackie)
Plagueman Dag siden
9:23 this one got me
Shay Burton
Shay Burton Dag siden
LOL so funny 😂 😹😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Shadow SaintsYT
Shadow SaintsYT Dag siden
I learned that Shayne is a natural stripper and Olivia is to pure
CarsoNation Dag siden
*S* *N* *A* *R* *T* *I* *C* *A* *L* *S*
Bhavya Goyal
Bhavya Goyal Dag siden
plot twist:gus didn't have water in his mouth....he was just blowing his cheeks
Family Cahill
Family Cahill Dag siden
post more pls
CarsoNation Dag siden
*Do Not Eat Aloe* especially in the bottles Because they are meant for your skin and aloe is not the only ingredient in those bottles. Garrett got all natural leave. that's should obvious
June Merkey
June Merkey Dag siden
You guy should do an anime theme
Mackinley Harris
Mackinley Harris Dag siden
Smosh should do a photoshopping old photos
Doug Lewis
Doug Lewis Dag siden
Courtney should host the next bee-kini wax
Rania Rae
Rania Rae Dag siden
Why does Keith look like he’s having a haircut
Will Hautamaki
Will Hautamaki Dag siden
My god I don't think there any video where courtney doesn't belch loud lol
Gemma Davidson
Gemma Davidson Dag siden
Omg he looks like Courtney!! Its insane 😂😂