Brett Geiser
Brett Geiser 19 minutter siden
16:31 peeky boi
Owen Kaufman
Owen Kaufman 33 minutter siden
Ausies are what Americans think they are
GnarDope__ Radington
GnarDope__ Radington 36 minutter siden
Dude I come back to this video all the time because these tires are fucking unbelievable 😂😂😂 dude is showin cord, drove all the way from SD, and sat there making everyone sandwiches while roasting those rears for a solid 47 minutes and didn’t even actually pop, it just turned to some smoked bacon strips 😂😂 Forever running the same tires
isuavingalaff 38 minutter siden
malaka motorsports new build is scccchhhwweeeeeet...........nuff sed.
serialscooby 51 minutt siden
Come to Nashville Tennessee! Fairgrounds ! Please!?!
jon doe
jon doe 52 minutter siden
Any colour as long as its candy metallic or pearlescent
Daniel Starcevich
Daniel Starcevich 59 minutter siden
El que maneja el SUPRA tiene un sueño para poner los cambios. Que manco dios mio. Hombre deje ese auto
De ViceCrimsin
De ViceCrimsin Time siden
P.S. I'm loving these Vin Diesel Quotes!
Simon Pritchard
Simon Pritchard Time siden
Shart kart
De ViceCrimsin
De ViceCrimsin Time siden
Okay, I already know what the comments are going to say at 08:54. He's against a professional driver in a race car. Just let that sink in. With that said Tanner schooled him to put it nicely.
VHjykfUuYu Time siden
12:01 this structure is weaker than my inspiration to come up with some creative insults about it. Honestly. This shit might break. bracing it to the spring beds is far too easy not to do it.
theblackeggroll Time siden
That music was awful during the showcase of the cars
Domi Time siden
Forza Horizon 5?
Big Dog
Big Dog 2 timer siden
What!!!! Why not weld the O2 bung on the other side of the flange!!! You just ruined the headers, OMG.
1320 Bushido
1320 Bushido 2 timer siden
Baught or built do not let Hert drive your shit
Hittem With The Slappa Whammy
Hittem With The Slappa Whammy 2 timer siden
I.agine that one Asian guy or old lady who doesn't really notice anything and just for some reason was on that road this day o man
Hittem With The Slappa Whammy
Hittem With The Slappa Whammy 2 timer siden
And they say Ford sucks
Luke Walsh
Luke Walsh 2 timer siden
3:48 This is good information Excuse me while I laugh uncontrollably at that
wickedtoast 2 timer siden
what a badass bitch
Mason Young
Mason Young 2 timer siden
Hey I’m just saying but my dad used to have a v8 supercharged crewman and he was on his way to a wedding and a hoonigan pulled up and revved so my dad told my mum he’s gonna smoke the supra and I always ask him what the supra sounded like and he says he doesn’t know because it was behind him, but if you remember he had a white crewman
OMX STRIKE 2 timer siden
This video is the definition of absolutely skill
Thomas Huedepohl
Thomas Huedepohl 2 timer siden
Someone please @dangerdan3 and tell him you need to pour handle downward to prevent overpour lol
RichRusso4218 2 timer siden
Mitsubishi yet again reigning supreme! Audi is and most likely always will be trash. Mercedes is better than an Audi!
RichRusso4218 3 timer siden
God damn Audi is junk, I will take a tissue box evo over a problematic, heavy and never working Audi. I do not know why people like Audi's, I will always take a Mercedes over a outtie.
RichRusso4218 3 timer siden
No human that can shift as fast as this thing: Laughs in RRT's evo!
mcgilm69 3 timer siden
Horsepower without traction is useless. A truck like this ways 1500 Lbs more than the Porsche and has 70% of its weight in front of the mass center. That means NO WEIGHT over the traction wheels. A 90 year old blind paraplegic driving that Porsche could beat that truck.
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 3 timer siden
This was fucking awesome
Subrosaplaysgames 3 timer siden
First of all the demon driver does not know how to drive that car and also if you would have paid one more dollar on the demon you would have had 840 horsepower and second of all how do you spin out of control on awd lambo those drivers are both inexperienced at dragging
Marshall Sanchez
Marshall Sanchez 3 timer siden
Dude in the Audi gets played all day , Stay racing full track cars
bignamebrand 3 timer siden
They should race it against the 2jz donk on this vs that
Alan Rios
Alan Rios 3 timer siden
Dude the Supra driver is terrible...
Hector Alvarado
Hector Alvarado 3 timer siden
Drag tyres are all about griping, drifting one are the opposite
R t J
R t J 3 timer siden
Nah, the front air dam is wack, looks smiley n happy like a cartoon , should be mean n aggressive ... Everything else is sweet, but big fail on front end aesthetics...
Cars Mods
Cars Mods 3 timer siden
Very good!
Matt Chenard
Matt Chenard 4 timer siden
somewhere inside that wind tunnel is a car?
Darrin Gatewood
Darrin Gatewood 4 timer siden
He has excellent taste in snacks. Those Welches could legitimately be called a drug. A delicious, delicious drug.
Tim Holubowitch
Tim Holubowitch 4 timer siden
When Mexico is greener than Arizona
kenNy.X turbo
kenNy.X turbo 4 timer siden
Wow! That 4G63T is a beast
CpDrp _
CpDrp _ 4 timer siden
I'd still choose the c10 anyday
James Britson
James Britson 5 timer siden
Looking sick. Just hate the wheels
NORTH HWD 5 timer siden
Derek! 🤘🏼💪🏼
Supershifts 5 timer siden
Lol takes out window instead of winding them down 😂
Austin Brown
Austin Brown 5 timer siden
Just seen this car go for $200,000 on barrett jackson for charity!
Kaleb Byron
Kaleb Byron 5 timer siden
Thats so crazy. I work in those big hangars right next door at the MT army national guard!
kanyedian 5 timer siden
The Volkswagen's interior is rice af
Bishop M
Bishop M 5 timer siden
Ew Nicole
Car love
Car love 5 timer siden
They should scan the donk into forza too. Thatd be sweet
nick 450
nick 450 5 timer siden
yo did you see that slick closing the doors manuvare
Tony Antonio
Tony Antonio 5 timer siden
Let’s just that both of these are Beasts!
mr luckyleaf
mr luckyleaf 6 timer siden
Racecar vs a true street car that probably still passes emissions. I'm still in on that team audi.
jd mchugh
jd mchugh 6 timer siden
I just saw Travis pass me in this car on a bridge in Annapolis.
MadMan Monty
MadMan Monty 6 timer siden
All these mechanics and they still don't know you pour jugs sideways so they don't bubble lol. Most ppl pour oil upside down too
Iron Head
Iron Head 6 timer siden
It was all in the Ford, fuck those tires. Should have went with Michelin!!
Iron Head
Iron Head 6 timer siden
All American
MaRCoS 6 timer siden
What if you guys bring out the Awd Cutlass and have him Race against the track hawk or a fast awd import 👀👀👀👀
graffitiswirls 6 timer siden
New Mexico come to no coast
graffitiswirls 6 timer siden
New Mexico come to no coast
Max 6 timer siden
Come to Dallas
Budget Boost DIY
Budget Boost DIY 6 timer siden
If these cars were to ever get sold off going auction bids would be the way,you get people like nad who MUST have it get into a bid war and they know they wont have another oppertunty again these could fetch insane cash.
Jordan Wilbanks
Jordan Wilbanks 6 timer siden
I love the Audi, but I love the manual transmission MORE.
Kyle Hufford
Kyle Hufford 6 timer siden
12:57 Hold the bottle side ways, it will pour way easier.
Dragster 7286
Dragster 7286 7 timer siden
Did anyone hear the gap he’s putting in the throttle on the demon
Muaadh Sharif
Muaadh Sharif 7 timer siden
That was awesome
Muaadh Sharif
Muaadh Sharif 7 timer siden
All violators will be violated! 😂👌🏽
Nigel’s Modelling Bench
Nigel’s Modelling Bench 7 timer siden
Had 3 BNR-32's here in the UK and all of em had issues every time I drove them. I love em to bits but they are just old these days..
Amanda Pew
Amanda Pew 7 timer siden
As a Audi owner I would like to see them run a full mile zero to 60 is for America are JDM Cars you want to see those Audi win run the full mile it's top end is where it'll be unstoppable
Salty Stones
Salty Stones 7 timer siden
As a BMW guy. 22:29 is fact.
Salty Stones
Salty Stones 7 timer siden
As a BMW guy. 22:29 is fact.
Romaine Knight
Romaine Knight 7 timer siden
Bro but we always burn out on two.............. oh..... ok..
Brent Wood
Brent Wood 7 timer siden
Pointless race. On an unprepped asphalt surface, of course the awd Huracan is going to win. That race belongs at the drag strip, which would be a lot closer.
Peter M.
Peter M. 8 timer siden
How can you come to the Donut Garage and not be ready to do some dumb shit?
Great Drums
Great Drums 8 timer siden
Supra needs a driver mod badly
Wesley French
Wesley French 8 timer siden
You're the second NOpostr that's whistled while recording. RIP headphone users.
Snappy 5000
Snappy 5000 8 timer siden
Santiago Magaña
Santiago Magaña 8 timer siden
I need help with my 96 xj6🙏
TJ Pass
TJ Pass 8 timer siden
Can we have a sound track list please?
Brenden 8 timer siden
This is a good show, more of these please, can you get a rotor on an episode please! How about Abel Ibarra's red rx2 vs a v8. That would be epic.
Random Acts
Random Acts 8 timer siden
You guys should hook up with Cleetus and the Freedom Factory.
John T
John T 8 timer siden
That truck is hard on the ears 🤢🤮
Dániel Boór
Dániel Boór 8 timer siden
Evo is the king of 4X4 but the sonud of audi 5 cylilnder is beautiful , oh my good!!!
Whipzyy 9 timer siden
Hoonigan is honestly the best factory tuner ever