What's In My Bag
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Get Ready With Us: Kim and Kylie
To Our Daughter
2 år siden
My Cinnamon Roll Waffles
Watch Me Do Stas' Makeup
Lip Kit Secrets
4 år siden
PILLOW TALK: Sister Love
BTS of My Elle UK Shoot
Isabel Devia Gavini
Isabel Devia Gavini 16 timer siden
Stormi is the only kid that makes me want to become a mother haha She's soooo cute! I love her!
Sri Sri
Sri Sri 16 timer siden
Vanilla spill has always got to do something with your duo cookie making process!!
Relax Music & Meditation
Relax Music & Meditation 16 timer siden
@Kylie subscribe me or i eat you cookies!! 🍪
Cele Rosso
Cele Rosso 16 timer siden
fuck, I need a sister like Koko
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 17 timer siden
Я так привыкла к видео от "вилкой в глаз", что не могу представить Крис и Кайли с их настоящими голосами.
Maria Luisa Figueiredo Serra
Maria Luisa Figueiredo Serra 17 timer siden
Wow Storm is very cute
Yellow Georgy
Yellow Georgy 17 timer siden
Damn 7 pm in America looks like 3 pm in Dubai
I’m in BTS world
I’m in BTS world 17 timer siden
They both are so cute 💜. Who read this she will rich as she want
Candy Girl
Candy Girl 17 timer siden
Kylie is the only sister who calls kris mommy she’s the sweetest and the most humble one too
Mya B
Mya B 17 timer siden
Go checkout my youtube channel @ THE MOL'S and subscribe.
Lili Light
Lili Light 17 timer siden
Go watch "Me gusta" by Cardi B Anitta and Mike Towers
Shiella May Grabador
Shiella May Grabador 17 timer siden
Nobody Stormi has her own closet than me
Jungle Ho Sock
Jungle Ho Sock 17 timer siden
Bana Fatah
Bana Fatah 17 timer siden
Omg how this baby can talk like that nice is she 1 years old ? Or………
griffinspxlls 17 timer siden
Kyle:I did my tree super simple this year! Me:👁👄👁
I’m in BTS world
I’m in BTS world 17 timer siden
You are so beautiful without makeup
Cele Rosso
Cele Rosso 17 timer siden
Momager rocks
griffinspxlls 17 timer siden
Kylie:What car should i take? Me:I can’t even drive😭
Chantal Elysee
Chantal Elysee 17 timer siden
Their relationship is so great because her mom help her making a lot of money and because Kylie is a mom too
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 17 timer siden
I think she needs some paint thinner to get all that paint off. Oh my lord, layer upon layer upon layer
liana woldmichael
liana woldmichael 17 timer siden
i love stormi sm and kylie is SUCH a good mom 😭😭
Noel Chenault
Noel Chenault 17 timer siden
Awww too cute . She’s really a good mom ❤️god bless them
The Ambient Sound
The Ambient Sound 18 timer siden
She is too cute.
Leila Civil
Leila Civil 18 timer siden
When she said you made this one with so much sprinkles it sounded like she didn't wanna eat it one bit
krisselena924 18 timer siden
She is just the cutest ever!!! I need her when I make cookies!!!! Lol 💖💖💖
Srinidhi Suresh
Srinidhi Suresh 18 timer siden
In the Christmas edition , stormi poured the vanilla and in the Halloween edition , Kylie made a mess with the vanilla !! Like mom , like daughter 😂❤️ !! Anyways, they're so cute 🥺❤️
Sbongile Nyawo
Sbongile Nyawo 18 timer siden
6:50 😂😂😂😂😂
Nqvyaa _
Nqvyaa _ 18 timer siden
kylie is such a good mother
Dona Efternamn
Dona Efternamn 18 timer siden
elle macbroom when she was little and stormi would be best friends hahaha they both are so sillt
xKyndré 18 timer siden
Saw this on my recommendations and I’m searching in the comments and seeing a load of hate so let me say my shit real quick: **Kyle is a businesswoman. She got on her feet and one day decided to started a business. Yeah, she was born in a popular and wealthy family which of course would change her personality, but instead of being spoiled and rude, she’s a businesswoman, polite and is very cooperative. And yes, she is also known for having plastic surgery but that shouldn’t apply hate on her. She’s not a thot nor a ho y’all girls be looking up to. She’s a businesswoman with a child she cares about. Instead of looking down on rich celebrities, work on yourself. **
Sanya k
Sanya k 18 timer siden
2:58 Kylie: "I want to wear some pink because my whole office is black and pink" Me: Blackpink in your areaaaaaaa!!!!!!!
Alexanndra Zorila
Alexanndra Zorila 18 timer siden
awwww the way she said -okay mommy- aww
Gayatri Joshi
Gayatri Joshi 18 timer siden
If we also put so much makeup on the we also wouldn't look no less than herrr
Ayaulym Abaevna
Ayaulym Abaevna 18 timer siden
she’s so cuteeee🥺🥺
Emanuel Velasquez
Emanuel Velasquez 18 timer siden
I have lots of respect for Kylie, she has a huge business and can take care of her child at the same time, you can also tell by the way Stormi talks, she has manners and is so adorable in general
Aleeha Fatimah
Aleeha Fatimah 18 timer siden
Stormi is so innocent Mashallah
Nikaela Eve Tun
Nikaela Eve Tun 18 timer siden
Kylie being a beautiful and living mom in the video be like.... Me:You guy are such cute mother and daughters😊😅😄😆 Also the part when Kylie said "That's aaaaaa lot of sprinkles" Stormi:*still putting more* Anyway I I've y'all u are cute😘💜💕💖
The olive gal
The olive gal 18 timer siden
Imagine how Santa would react when coming to eat cookies made by Kylie Jenner 🤣
Mizan Kale
Mizan Kale 19 timer siden
Plssss make a House tour ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I love u so much❤️❤️❤️❤️
Triparna Bordoloi
Triparna Bordoloi 19 timer siden
Kris was giving me bob ross vibes while doing kylie's makeup XD
Blxir 19 timer siden
stormi is so cute- and Kylie seems like such a kind mom 🥺🥺
Fátima Hernández
Fátima Hernández 19 timer siden
Alguien más hablando español
Atharva Dixit
Atharva Dixit 19 timer siden
Bless her
Atharva Dixit
Atharva Dixit 19 timer siden
Stormie is so cute !!!!!!!
Andrea Orozco
Andrea Orozco 19 timer siden
No se an dado cuenta que a kylie jenner se le cayo la esencia de vainilla y a stormi cuando estaban haciendo las galletas de navidad tambien se le cayo la ecensia de vainilla .
Andrea Orozco
Andrea Orozco 19 timer siden
No se si fui la unica que se dio cuenta
elly1065 19 timer siden
Tiana Pinches
Tiana Pinches 19 timer siden
Love you so much and you butIfully babby I'm 9
z24fant4stik 19 timer siden
I think Kylie is a good person.. and a good friend
MAlAk ،،،
MAlAk ،،، 19 timer siden
فلوس فلوس 💔💔
Reese Schmit
Reese Schmit 20 timer siden
Stormi hi NOpost Kyle soooooo basic NOT
Fahmida parveen
Fahmida parveen 20 timer siden
U gotta be joking, this 2 year old knows what patience is?! I swear she is one the kindest baby on planet earth and outer space.
discount paint
discount paint 20 timer siden
Fahmida parveen
Fahmida parveen 20 timer siden
Stormi is the most PRECIOUS baby in this world.
115 Shinoy Antony
115 Shinoy Antony 20 timer siden
When kids playing with food Other countries: wow sweetie it’s cute Indians : get the stick ( rest in history)
discount paint
discount paint 20 timer siden
Kylie seems like such a great mom and Stormi is THE CUTEST
XysonvalzYT DeMoN3k
XysonvalzYT DeMoN3k 20 timer siden
Omg...look at those bags o m g HAA!😘😘
starmy light
starmy light 20 timer siden
she is raising her so well..a 2 years old saying please when asking for something? that's rare! she is a great mother!
Nisanur Küçüksarı
Nisanur Küçüksarı 20 timer siden
Xtreme Gacha
Xtreme Gacha 20 timer siden
Stormi is so cuteee
Panagiota Eratouli
Panagiota Eratouli 20 timer siden
I think stormi is the cutest and best baby-child in whole over the word ❣️❣️❣️😱😱
Sidelya’s Channel
Sidelya’s Channel 21 time siden
I Love you KYLIE 💙🍫
Anna Fresa
Anna Fresa 21 time siden
Just saw the parody and thought it was exaggerated but damn it was accurate af 🤣
T Dre
T Dre 21 time siden
I will still never understand why she is famous
Pxstelxpeachyyy 21 time siden
Ok but Kylie is a really good mum-
T J 21 time siden
Stormi is soooo cute 🥺😭❤️
monika johnson
monika johnson 21 time siden
Y’all here’s a parody of Kylie what’s in my bag. Super funny. nopost.info/throw/r5iaeG7MpqWbqsU/video
Weeeeee& 21 time siden
18:35 if see Kylie’s dress, one of her strap broke off, so in the next scene you can see her top became strapless, smarty got the straps off.
Eshal Nusrat
Eshal Nusrat 21 time siden
Stormi is the cutest!!
Kayleigh Fox
Kayleigh Fox 21 time siden
Stormi: I don’t know who made these cookies? I don’t know? WE DID!!! 🥺❤️🥺❤️
Umi Anis
Umi Anis 21 time siden
Can you makeup gigi hadid😍
denix 21 time siden
no ❤
123 123
123 123 21 time siden
Ask stormi if she wants to listen travis Scott
•Hey• Flocos
•Hey• Flocos 21 time siden
stormi liked to play with colors
Thujeesha Balasuresh
Thujeesha Balasuresh 22 timer siden
The baby it's cute😉😉
Si’yaaa K
Si’yaaa K 22 timer siden
Hi guys pls subscribe to my channel ❤️💎 God bless you who did❤️😪💎
way2earn money without talk
way2earn money without talk 22 timer siden
alizay ahmed
alizay ahmed 22 timer siden
yeah kylie is the caring mother and the best mom and stormy is so cute and helpfull
Hell 22 timer siden
Yara Alalawi
Yara Alalawi 22 timer siden
This is cleaner version of the two year balking with grandma
happy creature
happy creature 22 timer siden
Nobody: Literally nobody: Kylie and stormi for no reason: "woahhhhhhh"
Joamme Betongga
Joamme Betongga 22 timer siden
Kylie: Say love you Stormi: I love you So cute!! 🥰