Team Up for Change 2020
Jon Than
Jon Than 19 timer siden
what if trades were like this
Stan XX
Stan XX 19 timer siden
Man everyone just talks about how crazy he is but people barely mention he’s in the hall of fame
Omarii〽 ¡¿
Omarii〽 ¡¿ 19 timer siden
People was really calling bron a crybaby 😤
Hoodie T
Hoodie T 19 timer siden
If only he could have done this to Jake paul
HeadsForLife 19 timer siden
Today's game is too wide open. Since everybody is jacking up 3s and the defensive 3 seconds. Zone is just a name. During this time, Zone wasn't supposedly allowed but since the defense can drop off to a certain space from his man, he can actually get busy helping on defense that is why in these highlights showed how busy the defense was. YOu can't see that in today's game. ANd yet LEbitch kept on saying he doesn't want to take the last shot or the shot because he just want to make the right play. Plus he is playing against centers who are actually SF and Power Forwards(6-6 to 6-9). Imagine if Jordan played today. They always say that Jordan never played against the KD led GSW. LMAO, Jordan can take this team 1 vs 5 on offense. damn soft. Lebron would say he came from behind from the greatest team ever. What?? KD wasn't even there yet.
Nabajyoti Gogoi
Nabajyoti Gogoi 19 timer siden
Claped done by bill gates
Der ALLERECHTE 19 timer siden
Looks like a Video game
アメちゃんYK 19 timer siden
tbh...beal needs to be a champ asap🙏
David LaBarr
David LaBarr 19 timer siden
Just wait until the Hawks start hitting their shots off Trae’s feeds. We will see so much more of him in this compilations.
Luqman Gossar
Luqman Gossar 19 timer siden
Pelicans are gonna be 🔥 next season with their player depth
Ps4 gameplays
Ps4 gameplays 19 timer siden
kd is not human
PT 19 timer siden
Is Jackson Hayes a better Deandre Jordan?
Janez 19 timer siden
ironic this is recommended to me now
Hakim 19 timer siden
Zion so thicc
SuicideEraser 19 timer siden
can’t believe this the guy that has his overall in the 70’s on 2k 🤦🏽‍♂️
Jeric Slater
Jeric Slater 19 timer siden
He was good because he was a unnormal tall guy. Not because of special skill.
Brandon McClain
Brandon McClain 19 timer siden
Hope he’s watching to boost his confidence again
Diego Gonzalez
Diego Gonzalez 19 timer siden
The whole pelicans team turns to the lakers team 😂
Superpasi7 19 timer siden
Stick to playing ball Kid
Timothy Tan
Timothy Tan 19 timer siden
Anish Havalimane
Anish Havalimane 19 timer siden
this on everyones recommended all of a sudden? wonder why
Barafow9073 19 timer siden
nice vid fan of nba btw
MixHoopz Gamez
MixHoopz Gamez 19 timer siden
Zion and Steven Adams could be fun to watch 💯
YT Banjo
YT Banjo 19 timer siden
Love you nba
Jhoms Vids
Jhoms Vids 19 timer siden
No caruso footback slam wtf
Klee Films
Klee Films 19 timer siden
Telling me none of these plays are Top 100 worthy?
Roy Tenorio
Roy Tenorio 19 timer siden
Spoopy Spamuel
Spoopy Spamuel 19 timer siden
Get this man a time machine
Jalen WALKER 19 timer siden
NBA i love watching your NOpost videos I’m a huge fan
Anthony Gordon
Anthony Gordon 19 timer siden
I miss when the nba was like this especially this drose
Jennilyn Colis
Jennilyn Colis 19 timer siden
He is very humble,,,,.. and super, super, super, good to here family,,,,ahm, I was so really regrettable, that your gone of the helicopter accidented,...
Andre Rocha
Andre Rocha 19 timer siden
Promising future.
Carlos Duncan
Carlos Duncan 19 timer siden
But got knocked out 10 years later by Jake paul
NRG Sxpreme Ψ
NRG Sxpreme Ψ 19 timer siden
Luka Doncic Highlights
Luka Doncic Highlights 19 timer siden
Luka Doncic Highlights
Luka Doncic Highlights 19 timer siden
Luka Doncic Highlights
Luka Doncic Highlights 19 timer siden
SugaristSnake0 19 timer siden
Is it On-ye-ka or On-ye-kay
Luka Doncic Highlights
Luka Doncic Highlights 19 timer siden
Luka Doncic Highlights
Luka Doncic Highlights 19 timer siden
Luka Doncic Highlights
Luka Doncic Highlights 19 timer siden
Luka Doncic Highlights
Luka Doncic Highlights 19 timer siden
MinePlay 512
MinePlay 512 19 timer siden
I want to see more highlights from Zion Williamson. The Kid has a very bright future ahead of him.
Yuriel Cundangan
Yuriel Cundangan 20 timer siden
Zo: "Cames back to his BABY Mama" The Fumble: "CONTENT-FREE"
The InvictusSamaritan
The InvictusSamaritan 20 timer siden
They where so fun to watch when they went on that 22-13 run with and without Zion.
9月から猫にこねこ 20 timer siden
1ngr4mm 20 timer siden
Yall recommending me this the exact same time he got knocked out
Avengers TV
Avengers TV 20 timer siden
Claim your within an hour ticket here
༺Hoodsmurf༻ 20 timer siden
Everyone is talking Zion, B.I gonna step up, watch out 💀
Yuriel Cundangan
Yuriel Cundangan 20 timer siden
Zo: "Cames back to his BABY Mama" The Fumble: "Free, CONTENT!"
Mr. J
Mr. J 20 timer siden
Kerry Wichterich
Kerry Wichterich 20 timer siden
Can't wait to watch them grow this season. Not expecting playoffs, but to see the guys get a bit better, for Lonzo to prove it, and for the team to skim out the weaker players to get to the best roster possible for 2021.
Tre 20 timer siden
Guys repent from your sins Jesus Christ is coming back soon you don’t want to be left behind.
Blazettetk Tk
Blazettetk Tk 20 timer siden
ItzTriMax 20 timer siden
Ron 33
Ron 33 20 timer siden
17th viewer lmaoo
timothy johnson
timothy johnson 20 timer siden
Hell is a place of eternal torment. Nothing but darkness, demons, and fire. You will never be able to eat or sleep. The worms will consume your flesh as you suffocate and you will never die. You will never get used to hell and the fire will never quench. These demons hate you because you were created by God and they can do whatever they want with you for all eternity. You will be separated from others while being tormented and you won't have any strength to move. Only thing you can do in hell is remember the life you had here on earth. God made a plan for Jesus to live a perfect life and to be punished for everyone's sins to keep us out of hell so that if you turn from your evil lifestyle and accept Jesus into your life you will be saved through him. God will see you through the perfection of his son Jesus and you will inherit eternal life in a new world so you don't have to be afraid of death. No more living in confusion, no more hoping. 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ItzTriMax 20 timer siden
Yes but next time say what you have to say instead of copy and paste👍
Carmelo Anthony
Carmelo Anthony 20 timer siden
Man I wish Zion played the entire season. He would have led the pelicans to the playoffs
Bryan Hartono
Bryan Hartono 19 timer siden
@GodLotus Brandon Ingram’s potential <<<<<< Zion’s potential
GodLotus 19 timer siden
Brandon Ingram > Zion Williamson
Antonio Jones
Antonio Jones 19 timer siden
コロンビアダルマ 20 timer siden
BANKS Paul 20 timer siden
Damn no one is here
J. S.
J. S. 20 timer siden
Go my Pels... excited for next season..... 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Arvexlol 20 timer siden
Zions a beast
Michael R
Michael R 20 timer siden
Junseo Deschenes
Junseo Deschenes 20 timer siden
Fingering Things ✔️
Fingering Things ✔️ 20 timer siden
Zion gonna be awesome
Rashad Harris
Rashad Harris 20 timer siden
1 Šub Beforé 2022?
1 Šub Beforé 2022? 20 timer siden
To the Early Squad Reading This: Sending Virtual hugs to everyone who needs it. Always stay safe,read my name btw💵
Arvexlol 20 timer siden
Mohammed Bazil
Mohammed Bazil 20 timer siden
How does he dunk over shaq he didn’t reach over his body
Dimezx 20 timer siden
NOpost rly dirty for this...
Lettucekisses 20 timer siden
If they got rose back and had enough time for there young core to develop with lavine then they could win a championship I think
30 Days Trial
30 Days Trial 20 timer siden
Oscar Robertson triple double is unintentional which is legendary Westbrook intentionally stat padding, need proof? here is the link by Heat Check channel on how this overrated Stat padder got his fake triple double records which is a real shame nobody notice the truth
Lettucekisses 20 timer siden
Man Zach needs more praise