Thabang 15 timer siden
I can feel the sarcasm in this narrators voice when he’s talking about the miracle juice 😂
Kutlo Mahole
Kutlo Mahole 15 timer siden
This is heart breaking to see as an african. In a fair world DRC would have been the dubai of the world.
Sasha Rogers LMT
Sasha Rogers LMT 15 timer siden
The singer guy is really attractive
WeDoThings Sometimes
WeDoThings Sometimes 15 timer siden
'They will shoot you for speaking freely', says the guy who's part of a militia, believes that atheists are communists, and lives in a state where 80% of people are the exact same as him. Such backwards thinking. Not everybody has to live by what you think is allowed, small pp.
Summer Roll
Summer Roll 15 timer siden
Why is DW trying to politicise this? This video is so insidiously biased. No wonder why more and more people are thinking all these "so call" mainstream media stories are so distorted & fake!!
eternitynaut 15 timer siden
Btw, I really trust my own guess that people really need something to believe in because shamanism and the occult was present in tribes since the start of civilization. It would be weird if nice sounding lies didn't affect the mood and well being of others.
eternitynaut 15 timer siden
The placebo effect works so I think that contact with others will be of some benefit, mental and physical. However, it can't be counted on as it works differently for different people and generally the less you want to believe in the supernatural, the less it will work so naturally the less educated and easily influenced champion its benefits and why it gets a bad image. Do it moderation, as long as they don't hurt anyone, it's no different than reading the horoscope and nobody cares about it.
ቻርሊ ቻፕሊን
ቻርሊ ቻፕሊን 15 timer siden
The DRC untapped natural resources are estimated to be 14 trillion US Dollars. And they repeat the word poorest, poorest, poorest bla, bla, bla.......This is a typical narrative of a western media.
Creotech SRL
Creotech SRL 15 timer siden
Africa, dictator's club
Facial team- FACIAL FEMINIZATION SURGERY- 15 timer siden
This is just a confirmation that humans will never stop of harming and destroying the planet. I hope the planet will end up with the human race first.
aintdatsomethin 15 timer siden
There is no freedom of speech in Germany. If you question or deny the 'Holocaust' you go to prison. There's no difference between you and Pakistan in this respect. You cannot CRIMINALIZE opinions! Shame on you, undemocratic Germany.
natu ral
natu ral 15 timer siden
Great and formative documentary
DW Documentary
DW Documentary 15 timer siden
Hi @natu ral! Glad you enjoyed it :)
Guilherme Silva
Guilherme Silva 15 timer siden
Wow. What a great documentary about someone who was completely unknown to me...
DW Documentary
DW Documentary 15 timer siden
Hi @Guilherme Silva! We're happy to hear you like it :)
Bobochacha Ho
Bobochacha Ho 15 timer siden
Leonora is not naive as she is cunning and manipulative enough to blackmail her father to support ISIS. She is unarguably ignorant and stupid.
Angela Slack
Angela Slack 15 timer siden
The superstar could do something for his immediate community across the river the poor fishermen he's just showing off his wealth when he just hands OUT A FEW NOTES, this DOESN'T HELP THEM REALLY. The river on his doorstep needs cleaning up, to begin with. Sigh! See now, the female cab company that makes dollars and cents...would take a woman to have some vision!
Cake vs Fondant
Cake vs Fondant 15 timer siden
well, 18 euros sounds like a lot given the context. Marie is doing great.
PC Sim
PC Sim 15 timer siden
3D printing is great for small volume custom pieces... but for mass manufacturing, injection molding can't be beaten, at the moment.
Harris N369
Harris N369 15 timer siden
To all the Yankees in the comments ripping on the DPRK, you might be worse than them very soon.
Facial team- FACIAL FEMINIZATION SURGERY- 15 timer siden
Nothing have been done in 20 years and nothing will be done in the next 200 years. I am very shore of that.
Dimi Puzanas
Dimi Puzanas 15 timer siden
OMG, didn't know that in Poland is so SO bad to live. 😢 Keep fighting strong beautiful people!
F M 15 timer siden
Kudos to the female entrepreneur(s) supporting women 👍🙏🏻
Hannah Green
Hannah Green 16 timer siden
10 years ago, I was in the midst of this in my household as a teen. Now, I can't imagine. It all seems and feels like brainwashing. I can understand this all too much. It makes my skin crawl watching this. It isn't Christianity itself I don't like, its the organized religion and organizatind that accompanies it.
VAN GROOVER 16 timer siden
Would somebody from Canada be able to get rich on the African stick market?
Ru Mar
Ru Mar 16 timer siden
I'm surprised you didn't cover more in Ireland in both episodes. There are fantastic ancient neolithic sites the oldest in Sligo carrowmore and Carrowkeel. And loughcrew and the brú na bóinne complex where newgrange is all with astrological alignments.
Jacinta Nimo
Jacinta Nimo 16 timer siden
Fake prophet don’t believe this things 😱😡
Joseph Clarke
Joseph Clarke 16 timer siden
So why it called democratic republic of korea, instead should of called, Communist people republic of North Korea
Amine Amine
Amine Amine 16 timer siden
boys are cute more than girls but when they are strong and clever they are cuuuttter
Asia Mason
Asia Mason 16 timer siden
The deceit I cannot fathom.
Jimmy Smith
Jimmy Smith 16 timer siden
Nice uplifting title to start my Friday morning
Nefertari 16 timer siden
Is there a list of companies who pay fair wages to farmers?what about chocolate manufacturers who buy from companies who only buy from fair traders?
General English
General English 16 timer siden
You dont need that big camera for this documentary ! I'm not even talking other needless technologies you are using that we are not aware of. Also your camera lost focusing in a lot of shots. But it doesn''t make this documentary bad. Thank you for your work ! An also colors are very flat almost like raw file(
Mathete Maeteletja
Mathete Maeteletja 16 timer siden
DW never disappoints... 🎬
jeffrazak 16 timer siden
He's not only a great fashion designer. He's also a great philosopher.
ron bosscher
ron bosscher 16 timer siden
You richt Carlos i want e new bike
MacKenzie King
MacKenzie King 16 timer siden
So many things were censored but those kids who were obviously hiding didn’t have their faces blurred out. That’s reckless DW. I hope those kids weren’t punished for your oversight. Please censor children’s faces.
Simp Gaming
Simp Gaming 16 timer siden
"This Drink brings back the Dead" Yep a fake Prophet
Tan kmeng
Tan kmeng 16 timer siden
I from French, OK, welcome
Ahmed A.
Ahmed A. 16 timer siden
the most thing I disliked was the fake prophet at the end. It's not just third world countries where these scams happen also first world countries. These type of people that claim they're helping people and just take their money need to be wiped out
Flusi 16 timer siden
This is an amazing documentary! Thanks DW for publishing it here on NOpost!
DW Documentary
DW Documentary 15 timer siden
Hi @Flusi! Thank you for watching, glad to hear you like it :)
Nangula Nghiyalwa
Nangula Nghiyalwa 16 timer siden
Quite so profound that it brought me to tears. What a man with a great depth
Nicholas P
Nicholas P 16 timer siden
This is so depressing :( I can't watch it. It's like we are living in a movie.
LEARSI KCIGAM 16 timer siden
civilization is the product of slavery cities can not exist without servants you are the problem
Uzumaki Philip
Uzumaki Philip 16 timer siden
metalhead dude stays true his roots🤘🖤
min zhang
min zhang 16 timer siden
Making news, making maney
susan wanjiru
susan wanjiru 16 timer siden
gaiii😢😢upuzi gani hio ya juice? nkt. prophet be like are yu still taking the juice ?continue taking it. I love Marie tho❤❤ Viva taxi director!!
Mercy the hopeful woman
Mercy the hopeful woman 16 timer siden
Very informative ❤️❤️❤️
Facial team- FACIAL FEMINIZATION SURGERY- 16 timer siden
The Europeans work in group very much so. However nobody wants to work 70 hours a week for 150€ a month. Welcome to the modern slavery.
Debashis Roy
Debashis Roy 17 timer siden
There is saying: Bosses are always right. 🙏
Michael Pawlak
Michael Pawlak 17 timer siden
That Rick Ross poster.. 💀
Sweet Tea
Sweet Tea 17 timer siden
Thanks for sharing
marie Rama
marie Rama 17 timer siden
Stupid parents to force thier children to early marriage
Chris Ramos
Chris Ramos 17 timer siden
Health will always be my wealth
Stephen Grew
Stephen Grew 17 timer siden
It's exactly that, Dominance Heir achy . Please don't think me a snob. But this is how a lot of folk are, but a lot of folk, don't care too, about money, death etc.
John Shaft
John Shaft 17 timer siden
For those of you who don't understand how America works, we continue to believe that certain rights are sacrosanct, including religion. We were born with them and we will die with them. Saying otherwise is not a wise decision. But please come and enjoy our festivities!
Joseph Thibeault
Joseph Thibeault 17 timer siden
The financial merlins. From one phony banking layer, just add another. IMF, World Bank, etc, stimulus, more air in that balloon. Totally separate from reality, how can it fail? Give credit to the financial merlins for keeping the " financial " scam going.
Cay Kelkit
Cay Kelkit 17 timer siden
Jennifer Fitzgerald
Jennifer Fitzgerald 17 timer siden
Why does everything have to be bigger and better in the US? Even food and drinks? Portion size. So much obesity. How about living comfortably? You don’t need a lot of possessions to be happy. When I do a house purge & donate that makes me happy.
Bogdan Silviu
Bogdan Silviu 17 timer siden
they are more united than many of us
Mathete Maeteletja
Mathete Maeteletja 17 timer siden
14:40 🇿🇦
Persona 17 timer siden
Landry caught lacking.
T K 17 timer siden
I hope we as a species take a hands-off approach to Antarctica permanently otherwise we deserve what's coming to us...
Dee Seokjin
Dee Seokjin 17 timer siden
Wtf so it was because of the blood transfusion the guy got infected? I'm speechless. You're supposed to get well when you go to hospital not get HIV instead.
Kapil Sethia
Kapil Sethia 17 timer siden
Netflix funding these gurus for future content.
“Other countrys causes climate change” never been proven! Its all models.. climate is always changing
Huey Pierce Long
Huey Pierce Long 17 timer siden
I never tire of pointing out the problem of the Covid19 response by the New York Housing Authority. I have a dear friend who lives in the project that was hardest hit by the early pandemic according to Gothamist. Employees and contractors ride elevators and walk the hallways and lobbies without masks. There never was even till today any NYCHA push for residents wearing masks. Typically one of two elevators is out of order leading to crowds in the lobby and one working elevator and often there are maskless people present. Call the NYCHA repair hotline and see there's a recorded message that makes no mention of facemasks. 718 707 7771
ayan Nuur
ayan Nuur 17 timer siden
Maggots tho???
jonnda 17 timer siden
Tantalum is used for capacitors.
Persona 17 timer siden
I appreciate my life now, thanks.
Valdi Kamenarov
Valdi Kamenarov 17 timer siden
Add a car battery to that mixture and it will certainly bring people back from the dead.
Kenneth Andersson
Kenneth Andersson 17 timer siden
When I see this I cry. How evil could a human be? Are we on the same way now? Hope not, but when I look at how the world getting nowdays, I'm afraid that it will go that way if the people all over the world not wake up. We can't let this happends once more.
Kuroaka 17 timer siden
I know besides all the bad things that are happening in this country, it’s is still amazing to see how it’s slowly evolving. More people than before can actually work their way out ob their poverty and lift their life standard. I could imagine that in a couple of years if nothing stops it less and less people would live poverty. Dunno...just a thought. Correct me if I’m wrong. :)
darius smith
darius smith 17 timer siden
I want to buy this documentary because it’s not always available.. where can it b purchased?????
RedPagan Corner
RedPagan Corner 17 timer siden
Really want to visit the country one day. Both as a Marxist-Leninist and as a revolutionary tourist.
Maria Millan
Maria Millan 17 timer siden
You must think im dumb you fool
Isaa 17 timer siden
Never follow someone who is a self-proclaimed prophet.
lolli_ytuber 17 timer siden
Douglas W. Bush, M.A.
Douglas W. Bush, M.A. 18 timer siden
Greed, not only one of the seven deadly sins, but the first deadly sin. And, “the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.”
Michael B
Michael B 18 timer siden
Banks provide - Next to no service to people and charge hefty fees. There was a time when banks used to beg clients to bank with them as the asset/liquid cash they brought in would in turn give them a huge boost. Now we have to PAY banks to bank with them. Just FYI, in the USA, banks are allowed [by the government] to lend out up to [40 X] of the money they get invested by a client. So you as a client would open a new checking account with $100 the next business day the bank is allowed to lend out [$100 x 40 = $4,000 + up to 22% interest] through credit cards to another client. At this stage the bank has $100 of liquid cash, yet can make huge bids and take a huge risk - IF all breaks, the government is there to bail them out!
Cynthia Sonmez
Cynthia Sonmez 18 timer siden
BIDEN Merkel and other leaders are Globalist Puppets destroying countries they are supposed to protect