Patricia Mikhaela T. Leaño
Patricia Mikhaela T. Leaño 13 timer siden
So uh, am I the only one questioning what the face or expression the camera man has? Aight then
Bleach Fan
Bleach Fan 13 timer siden
Btw this restaurant is closed sadly 🙂🙂
Tim Cops
Tim Cops 13 timer siden
David is the worst person thats ever been on this show
vivian p
vivian p 13 timer siden
Sauce,Link,Ward? 13 timer siden
Martin probably had a little harem there The Indian lady Jehan And the cencored waitress
Usha kumari
Usha kumari 13 timer siden
Only Indian food is the food that Gordon will not say is shit Even if he enters in any Indian restaurant while eyes closed
TheAggrivatedPineapple 13 timer siden
Gordon: Reaches out to touch the grossness Camera Crew: “Don’t touch it” Gordon: Gets closer Camera Crew: “Don’t touch it Gor....” Gordon: Touches it Camera Crew: uuurrggghhh I hate Fridays
Muhammad Faruk
Muhammad Faruk 13 timer siden
Gordam bhai er restora
Akhilesh Nair
Akhilesh Nair 13 timer siden
Tell me the truth. You came straight down to the comments section didn't you?
Zone Dron
Zone Dron 13 timer siden
maybe maybe not, you will never know
Ivan Mobile
Ivan Mobile 13 timer siden
It was so sad at the start of him laughing but then when he went outside he was breaking down
Unknowned Leaf
Unknowned Leaf 13 timer siden
Leaking Jar
Leaking Jar 13 timer siden
i think she would rather kiss Gordon than her husband. @ the end bit :D hahha
YouoY 13 timer siden
“Chef Ramsay is gonna love it” *Narration voice* Chef Ramsay did not love it
Akaashi_kOuTArOu 13 timer siden
Why did Mike remind me of nikocada avocado in the first 7 minutes
BasicAnimations 13 timer siden
i wanna be a cameraman in one of Gordon's show to experience the drama on the spot
Bebe 13 timer siden
21:32 “I don’t wanna hear shit from you” *checks to see if Gordon heard it*
Axe 13 timer siden
Vikas hosts Indian Masterchef lol, and he is being a consultant.
diabolicaldag 13 timer siden
Dont stop moon walking.
Muhammad Edy Wiyono
Muhammad Edy Wiyono 13 timer siden
"What's that strong taste I'm testing..." Uncle rodger : it's called flavor *pulling out MSG
aye manansala
aye manansala 13 timer siden
Chef Vikas is hooooot he can like GET IT
Mr Blade ninja
Mr Blade ninja 13 timer siden
Its really hard to serve dish with karens outside
Ryan FitzAlan
Ryan FitzAlan 13 timer siden
WOW that was awwwwesome, his mate just laid it out bro! Gordons just like, "he said it not me"
Michael Torchia
Michael Torchia 13 timer siden
Gordon hit it let’s be real, her accent...
nomar mar
nomar mar 13 timer siden
taking the tips is like cartman eating the chicken skins off the kfc bucket and leaving the rest of the chicken
Parengthony Castillo
Parengthony Castillo 13 timer siden
Gordon Ramsay serving food for 6 fucking €!!! And for pete's sake! You let Gordon work for you for free!? The owner is surely is a spoiled brat!
Soorya Bala
Soorya Bala 13 timer siden
You know Gordon, there are things called GLOVES you can buy for your hands.
5J001 13 timer siden
is it me or is the rasmay is supposed to be ramsay
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 13 timer siden
What scares me and the devil most is how gordon is touching everything with his bare hands
Hari kishan
Hari kishan 13 timer siden
Vikas khanna is an absolute gem.
Deep Heat
Deep Heat 13 timer siden
At least the flies were happy & well fed!
Reverse Flash
Reverse Flash 13 timer siden
This makes a good argument to cook at home
Sean 13 timer siden
Old Lady: “Fuck off” Gordon: “I BEG YOUR PARDON?”
rowen fontanilla
rowen fontanilla 13 timer siden
Wait, vegetarians actually smoke?
Ears to Hear
Ears to Hear 13 timer siden
Wow. These people are actually being consumed by their poisonous pride. You can almost hear their souls decaying in real time!
SonJake21 13 timer siden
"MiStEr ViKaS iS sO cUtE, hE iS a MaGiCiAn To Me" Yeah, they should have let her practice that line a bit more...
Trav 450
Trav 450 13 timer siden
Im Australian and thst meat pie can suck it
Muzik2hruRain 13 timer siden
Bangladeshis trying to run a Indian restaurant, and with American food. Why wouldn't it go wrong? P. S. I am an Indian and all that spectacle is giving me such a cringe.
Alaskan Bull Worm
Alaskan Bull Worm 13 timer siden
agus aranda
agus aranda 13 timer siden
i want gordon ramsay to tell me "my darling" too
Laeeq Williams
Laeeq Williams 13 timer siden
It's crazy how the start ramsey enter intro with wolves
We La
We La 14 timer siden
36:52 he speaking the language of gods
Barrick Fischer
Barrick Fischer 14 timer siden
Doing his dish in the worst possible way is like trying to murder or violate him.
nomar mar
nomar mar 14 timer siden
that dude martin is giving me weird vibes
Isosceles 14 timer siden
5:30 😂😂😂
ToxicGrim 14 timer siden
i live in bangladesh -_-
Deep Heat
Deep Heat 14 timer siden
To answer my own question below - It's no longer open - thank god!
Barrick Fischer
Barrick Fischer 14 timer siden
UK version appears to be mild compared to US one
Deep Heat
Deep Heat 14 timer siden
How could *Mohammed,* who appears to be a highly successful businessman, allow this to drain him of *$20,000* a *MONTH!* This is *SO* dysfunctional I don't even know if he is not _"crazy like a fox"_ & this is some sort of tax dodge? Anyone know if it is still open?
JosRoLo 14 timer siden
The Hunter
The Hunter 14 timer siden
Bengali way of cooking :D Oh well they are used to it.
Ears to Hear
Ears to Hear 14 timer siden
Well, I hope Rachel's father leaves her to scrape out her own living after she basically spit on his losses and walked out at the end. Unbelievable! She'd have a better chance at growing up if he would stop financing her weak, half-hearted, and unproductive life! But good for you, India! Your dreams are in reach. I hope you attain them all and go even higher!!
joschua X
joschua X 14 timer siden
Let’s take the time and appreciate that Gordon trained this girl from scratch to be an amazing cook
Matias Faundez
Matias Faundez 14 timer siden
Ugh the only thing I dislike they never show where is this clip from. Does anyone know
Anna James
Anna James 14 timer siden
Rocky Dee
Rocky Dee 14 timer siden
dude legit wearing a pharmacist clothes. tf donyou expect
nomar mar
nomar mar 14 timer siden
that basement made me hurl
Phillip2423A 14 timer siden
Why would you lie about your kitchen being clean? He's going to find out how much your kitchen is like a dump anyway.
Christopher Selby
Christopher Selby 14 timer siden
"charge that machine gun...you hear what I said?
Slayer G
Slayer G 14 timer siden
WTF chef Vikas was in master chef India few years ago. When was this made. Great entertainment
Saeed Sharanek
Saeed Sharanek 14 timer siden
A wise man once said "Sorry for the old bag "
Maliha Fairuz
Maliha Fairuz 14 timer siden
If that's beef then I was born in Bangladesh ... Well I was born in Bangladesh and lemme say ..... ummm- yeahh
Ailurophile 14 timer siden
31:52 the cameraman obviously pushed the cup of rice off the counter
boeuf3000 14 timer siden
I would kill to have Gordon Ramsay teach me for free. Those kids can't even show decent respect
Ari Alvaradres
Ari Alvaradres 14 timer siden
The overjoyed buffer hooghly carry because celeste currently moor like a volatile screen. roasted, accidental collar
Fabrizio Incoronato
Fabrizio Incoronato 14 timer siden
"it's not because I'm 10 times better than you" It's just like saying it is because of that ahahaha gotta love him
DirtyAether 14 timer siden
General Manager? General Toss-pot!
DonnieTheZombie 14 timer siden
Holy shit that before and after lol
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen 14 timer siden
all the lebanese places i eat at put oil on the hummus like that
Silent Fox
Silent Fox 14 timer siden
Gordon: What have you got to show for it? Seb: Pride. Me:Yeah, along the crippling debt you amounted up over that itme
olivia septer
olivia septer 14 timer siden
the guy: “yes i eat that” gordon: what’s goin on in your f ü ć k e n mind ?
areeb ahmad
areeb ahmad 14 timer siden
I was half way into this video when I realised this was a 40 min full episode, the title kinda fooled me into believing it was like a 5 min clip or something.
CeltycSparrow 14 timer siden
Honestly, if I were Gordon, I would have told these women "Good luck with your failing restaurant....If you can't be bothered to show up, why am I here, trying to save your business? And then, when she DOES show up, she gives him a nasty attitude? That would NOT be OK with me....if I go out of my way to help someone and they can't even be bothered to show up on time and accept the help.
Ari Alvaradres
Ari Alvaradres 14 timer siden
The moldy priest pertinently promise because software gradually reflect on a shrill rectangle. pumped, lucky metal
S G 14 timer siden
What does scones taste like ? I’m assuming that they’d be like Popeyes biscuit or churches biscuit or red lobster type but my point is that I’m sure they are good
THE DEMON 14 timer siden
he is speaking bangla :/
Dula Peep
Dula Peep 14 timer siden
6:30 Mohammad "It Is Lamb" Islam 😭 I can't imagine the pressure that is being in a kitchen. I admire Mr. Mohammad's calmness and positivity, I really respect that. I'm glad that evil Martin left. 🙏
anthony patterson
anthony patterson 14 timer siden
Everything is extremely scummy, even down to the faces of the owners.
Jared Chan
Jared Chan 14 timer siden
whats with the white clothes around. looks like the inside of a coffin
Sarah M
Sarah M 14 timer siden
Kind of nice to have this uncensored. It makes a nice change on having everyone not sounding like cheap robots
The Asian Piano boy
The Asian Piano boy 14 timer siden
Ling Ling: Are you challenging me?