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xelmar Betita
xelmar Betita 12 timer siden
So dream dream r u ☠️😢
Brock Gear
Brock Gear 12 timer siden
Why would they be in Minecraft In some countries but then other kids in different countries complain I mean it’s about the same
Colt Webb
Colt Webb 12 timer siden
how did i just get rickrolled by an ad
HUCKSTER988 12 timer siden
Dream at the end of the video: - Call ambulance! Call ambulance! - Not for me
Thisfake dream wastaken Io
Thisfake dream wastaken Io 12 timer siden
When I watched it u had 16m
Rex Cosplays
Rex Cosplays 12 timer siden
21:58 how was the saddle already on the strider????????
PAUL Pieper
PAUL Pieper 12 timer siden
I like that u used tge sound of aot
Cisco Sams
Cisco Sams 12 timer siden
I thought this was clickbait but it’s not
Whiteshadder 12 timer siden
Dream you should do a face reveal once you get/if you get 50m subs. ; )
Christopher Tindall
Christopher Tindall 12 timer siden
I like your cut g
CatBatRat 12 timer siden
39:26 Might as well call it what? :( He edited out Bad's comeback.
cool vibes
cool vibes 12 timer siden
George: breath oxygen Dream: *invent time travel*
Chocolate pickles for breakfast
Chocolate pickles for breakfast 12 timer siden
Seasonal Depression
Seasonal Depression 12 timer siden
they just forgot about him lol, that would ruin everyone’s hopes
Ck del Rosario
Ck del Rosario 12 timer siden
trollypoly420 12 timer siden
when you are so poor in minecraft that herobrine gives you stuff instead of taking it
niyancat gamer
niyancat gamer 12 timer siden
bad:Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy George : what are you bouncying? Bad: i can't stop Bad:bouncy
Godly minecrafter
Godly minecrafter 12 timer siden
Hey I am a new sub
John Chibunna
John Chibunna 12 timer siden
The lazy detective worryingly shave because oxygen considerably wreck plus a handy knee. immense, alive poison
Silenced Gaming
Silenced Gaming 12 timer siden
Wait how did dream die?
Carmen Sampang
Carmen Sampang 12 timer siden
Dream do a challenge between you ,george,sap nap,BBH,and antfrost first to die in 2b2t loses
• ĆLØUDIE • UwU 12 timer siden
Dream: “Three, two one-“ Ad: “ihop”
Dygex 12 timer siden
6:58 dream talks backwards
UNCQNOWN Unity 12 timer siden
16 millions subscribers , congrats.........
Me the Honey Bee
Me the Honey Bee 12 timer siden
O dweamey-poo! -George 2020
Crunch Face
Crunch Face 12 timer siden
Everyone gangsta till the creeper starts sprinting
Sergey039 12 timer siden
Go 10 hunters
Söft To0fu
Söft To0fu 12 timer siden
Dame this is so intense
Cameron McArthur
Cameron McArthur 12 timer siden
Why is George so cute
TheChickenGamer 12 timer siden
at this point dream is the hunter
John Chibunna
John Chibunna 12 timer siden
The organic motorcycle ultimately suppose because laundry generally breathe unlike a direful clutch. bumpy, ritzy question
Broccan Leonard
Broccan Leonard 12 timer siden
Why did you destroy the prime log
Elijah Shelhamer
Elijah Shelhamer 12 timer siden
3:02 wait how did he heal his her bar isn't full
WyattTheMeGuy 12 timer siden
Are you joking
WyattTheMeGuy 12 timer siden
Shyama Kumari
Shyama Kumari 12 timer siden
Everything done in creative mode
JoãoD 12 timer siden
Top Super speed runer
Jordan Weese
Jordan Weese 12 timer siden
Me watches the vid for 10 min me thinks it's been ten years of intense fighting
ImCassidy 12 timer siden
oml u bought my friends shirt on roblox for 10k robux!
Awroptaco Nub
Awroptaco Nub 12 timer siden
ゆっくり雪だるま 12 timer siden
Seth Edward Castillo
Seth Edward Castillo 12 timer siden
WTF hahahahahahaha dream died but won bruh
Jaxon Weber
Jaxon Weber 12 timer siden
Bro I had headphones off and I just chucked them because of the music😹😹😹😹😹😹
garlandstrife 12 timer siden
Sven is as lucky as Dream
Lorraine Smith
Lorraine Smith 12 timer siden
K though they were ment to chase dream
LeRoy Revan
LeRoy Revan 12 timer siden
Ender Dragon: hits Dream into the air Me: checks how much time is left.
Drago 050404
Drago 050404 12 timer siden
Leanne Clark
Leanne Clark 12 timer siden
Dream is so smart the last video you jumped off a cliff and he landed safely with a ladder my god
Outcast Drift
Outcast Drift 12 timer siden
This was GREAT
Jacob Strahan
Jacob Strahan 12 timer siden
36:30 just casually makes an insane bow shot
Luigi Kingdom 2
Luigi Kingdom 2 12 timer siden
Imagine this with the warden...
radha sukheja
radha sukheja 12 timer siden
George: HOW DOES HIS AXE DO SO MUCH DAMAGE? Me: how does he not know about critical hits?
priti pandey
priti pandey 12 timer siden
Like who is watching in 2021
It's just Meh_o.o
It's just Meh_o.o 12 timer siden
Hey dream check out CG5 new song called I see dreamer it’s based on you and I think it’s really cool! :D
TBG Gaming
TBG Gaming 12 timer siden
Keith Moo Yew Han
Keith Moo Yew Han 12 timer siden
Have six
• Your • Local• Weeb •
• Your • Local• Weeb • 12 timer siden
Things you never though youd hear in minecraft: A real Herobrine sighting Defeating the ender dragon with a carrot "HE FLEW OFF IN A BOAT"
Gaming32 12 timer siden
7:23 Again with the Christmas music
Adam Cheney
Adam Cheney 12 timer siden
19:36 - wtf was that?!
Ben R McDonough
Ben R McDonough 12 timer siden
Hey vsauce Michael here
Sjakr Z98
Sjakr Z98 12 timer siden
Back in the say he has zero hater
CodexBonnie 12 timer siden
Sap nap and Dream: Let’s goooooo Yeahhhh George: It’s Moo moo Meadows Also dream: | jumps down into Mineshaft George & Sap nap: DREAM
king gaming
king gaming 12 timer siden
Congo for 16 mill
Valeria Quito
Valeria Quito 12 timer siden
dream you are so so so EPIC
Bagas Malik Alfarizi
Bagas Malik Alfarizi 12 timer siden
Exotic_Turtle0608 12 timer siden
when you go to kfc
Random_Stuff 12 timer siden
Can we just admire the fact of how lucky those shipwreck chests were
jose salazar
jose salazar 12 timer siden
This takes me back
N.Dream44 12 timer siden
Perfect speedrun = )
JoanCraftGaming 12 timer siden
Dream:leave me alone! Sapnap and others:OH DREAM
즐겜하는 메추리 game quail
즐겜하는 메추리 game quail 13 timer siden
6:34 Welcome to Jurassic park
Abigail Melia
Abigail Melia 13 timer siden
The pigmen when Dreams towering with gravel tho. They look like my cousin's when I'm holding popcorn
kittenador 12 timer siden
I feel that
AAPRILPIE 13 timer siden
He should do a manhunt in a texture pack so nobody knows what things look like
MLG Gamer
MLG Gamer 13 timer siden
Your not CLOSE to 10M subs...YOU HAVE 16M!OMG OMG OMG
Matthew Cook
Matthew Cook 13 timer siden
There never was a part 2
Abim Rizky
Abim Rizky 13 timer siden
I'm subscribe you dreme
GABRIEL RICHARDS 13 timer siden
I love it
Average Kid
Average Kid 13 timer siden
Next title: Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters GRANDER FINALE
Alex Balix
Alex Balix 13 timer siden
Hero brine is dead the gods killed him
Delaney Meyer
Delaney Meyer 13 timer siden
Please don’t tell me dream said ce - an instead of ci - an ( for the color cyan )