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YongYea's Surprise Mechanics
Reacting To PS5 UI Reveal
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Sean W
Sean W 5 minutter siden
Just got to FL and beat him first try, seemed fairly easy and he didn't hit me with any direct attacks. However I did take plenty of fire damage from being near him, so I doubt I could do a no-hit fight without spending a lot of time replaying the fight! Kudos to you Yong
settingsoul 5 minutter siden
Dude did you even blink.🤨
Leon Francis
Leon Francis 5 minutter siden
Why are we so easy to fool? Here are the facts we have evidence of: The company screwed up, and whether through inexperience or malice, were charging customers without order confirmations among other things. Here are the claims we have with without proof "dEATh tHrEaTs" They conveniently spun this story into one about a comalny fucking up and receiving backlash, into "we're the victims, closing shop, nothing to see, this is why you can't have nice things." And people eat this garbage hook line and sinker. Now the conversation is about 'toxicity in gaming culture," instead of calling a spade a spade.
Jenn Ro
Jenn Ro 13 minutter siden
Youre just not good at video games. Perhaps you should try another hobby like sewing or star gazing
Zeros First 21
Zeros First 21 15 minutter siden
😮ဘောလုံးပွဲ ကြိုက်နှစ်သက်တဲ့ သင့်အတွက် MPT မှ အထူးအစီအစဉ်။ 😮MPT Ballone ကနေ ပရီးမီးယားလိဂ်ပွဲများကို သက်သာတဲ့ဒေတာနှုန်းထားနှင့် (၃) ရက် စာ 3 GB Data ကို 999 ကျပ်တည်းဖြင့် ဝယ်ယူကြည့်ရှုနိုင်ဖို့ အခုပဲ 1 ဟုရိုက်နှိပ်၍ အကြောင်းပြန်ပါ။ (ယခုစာတိုကို လက်ခံရရှိသူများအတွက်သာ)
Zeros First 21
Zeros First 21 16 minutter siden
InfiltratorChris 21 minutt siden
and this is the reason we love souls games
Tony Ho
Tony Ho 27 minutter siden
2 hours? I want the whole 48 hours video.
chris ruiz
chris ruiz 29 minutter siden
I will start off by saying that I appreciate the apology. There is some BS in there regarding the review process. But ultimately I do believe they will turn the game into the vision of what it was supposed to be. I put 70hrs in so far and I'm loving the game. The side quests are amazing, the main campaign is (so far) pretty cool. And keanu is doing great. Also while I didn't like male v's go at first, it has grown on me massively! I have so much to say about this game, good and bad. But fact is this game shouldn't have launched in 2020. All the best to the devs, and to you yong. Keep up the quality content!
Juril Moone
Juril Moone 29 minutter siden
Ahh, Cameron! Cameron, why you're doing this to meeee... CAMEROON!
321noone 30 minutter siden
Stupid moth got in, and started rattling around. Thank God for your video dude!
Olaf Buddenberg
Olaf Buddenberg 31 minutt siden
And for what? A sense of pride and accomplishment?
Chr15Payne 32 minutter siden
See, now I don't have that kinda patience
Phil Dees
Phil Dees 35 minutter siden
Too bad Jon Favreau doesn't make video games and KK is still there too so don't get your hopes up.
XionSteel 40 minutter siden
adults dont buy kids games to play themselves (not to be confused with E for everyone games), so kids shouldnt buy adult games to play and the parents that do for them should reflect on themselves as horrible parent rather then blame others for their ignorance. So fk off and stop ruining things for other people.
John Diaper
John Diaper 42 minutter siden
What about Devotion?
Ghost Geist
Ghost Geist 44 minutter siden
Lux Vita
Lux Vita 50 minutter siden
Next time barehanded 🤣
Teh Modest Mouse
Teh Modest Mouse 50 minutter siden
“It’s fucking stupid shit” No, no it isn’t. You fuckers using our money for beta development is bullshit. I don’t buy games anymore. This fucker is so in denial and holier than thou. If he knew what he was talking about, he wouldn’t be saying anything that he is.
max celestin
max celestin 52 minutter siden
Anyone else but me tired of , other players having to fox million dollar games from billion dollar game companies? Like Wdf are y’all good for?
Juril Moone
Juril Moone 52 minutter siden
A video game called 'Life'
Glenn Campbell
Glenn Campbell 52 minutter siden
F***ing camera mmMhHHhH!
Teh Modest Mouse
Teh Modest Mouse 54 minutter siden
“If that we’re an April/ may game” oh shut the fuck up. Does he not realize he’s saying people are simple consumers and will eat shit all day long and smile?
Henrik Augustsson
Henrik Augustsson 54 minutter siden
Goddamn, Yong blew a load when he won or something, that was intense!
Henrik Augustsson
Henrik Augustsson 55 minutter siden
Victory Achieved
Soku Kuranagi
Soku Kuranagi 56 minutter siden
This was fun to watch :D
alex a
alex a 59 minutter siden
TL dr SJ crybabies scared of anime bobz
Darth Alejo
Darth Alejo 59 minutter siden
Much respect to you sir! Yong el cavernícola!
Henrik Augustsson
Henrik Augustsson 59 minutter siden
Yongyeah, ultra instinct.
narlychun Time siden
Now complete the whole game with that build lol
Juril Moone
Juril Moone Time siden
But do you trust this company ever again?
Fisher Sam Fisher
Fisher Sam Fisher Time siden
Nothing in life is hard for you after this! The world needs examples like this.
Henrik Augustsson
Henrik Augustsson Time siden
Far souls: Primal? NeanderSouls? Yong has the patience of a God! I could not get beaten down 700 times and still try.
magicguitarman Time siden
Did you seriously find this fun? Because all I hear is a lot of swearing and frustration. Why the fuck do people subject themselves to this shit?
Denys Albesko
Denys Albesko Time siden
why would u do this for 747 times... lol. I found that doing hard bosses 3-5 times a day for a month has a better effect for the from software games.. your brain can get better at it while you sleep. The only boss I had tried to finish in one go 400+ times was smelter demon from ds2 with my sorcerer. I never did that again. Do 3-5 attempts per day, you'll be done in a month at most.
JFKTV Time siden
That first BONK made me laugh haha
Yahmez Time siden
Republic Commando reboot! Go! 🤞
Hermit Card
Hermit Card Time siden
Lol the opening. Isnt the same PS3 exploit still there?
chris B
chris B Time siden
Begun, the licence war has
Retro Tuna
Retro Tuna Time siden
i feel your pain but i bet that felt good when you finally killed that twat, thats the feeling the souls games are all about for me congratulations.
Jordi - banaanzxcvbnm
Jordi - banaanzxcvbnm Time siden
Only 64 pokes with a stick
In-Craig-ible Time siden
YES YONG I WANT THE FULL TWO HOUR VIDEO. I feel I need to suffer along side you after hearing about this epic quest.
ProbyWaN1337 Time siden
Can't believe you're actually using the dagger lmao
Raul Quinones
Raul Quinones Time siden
This game always find a different way to torture players.
SD_GG Time siden
I hate the bloom effect is so fuckin blinding and distracting.
Dalmo Time siden
I bet that will be a lot of BS agendas stuff on all of those games....
Spooky z
Spooky z Time siden
but i remember him being so easy in OG Demon's... (still one of the best bosses in the game) He demolished me for days, in the remake, as well.
JMH Time siden
Maybe those with a fragile sensibility should seek counseling. Instead of trying to censor everything.
Pokerface1337 Time siden
I will wait for the Modders to finish their work. We know that the freaks out there will find a way to make it work! They always do :)
Ryan Meursing
Ryan Meursing Time siden
Footsies got better at the end. Well done!
TheUrbanAdventurer Time siden
Demon looks at him and says: "YONG!!!!! Why are you pestering me with your needle FOOL!!" As he walks forward Yong anwsers: "For all the lives you took. Death by thousand cuts"
天候狐 Time siden
Big brain Yongus has evolved.
Dalmo 2 timer siden
Something feels odd....
Plush reviewer Glitch master
Plush reviewer Glitch master 2 timer siden
PEGI is better but somehow pegi and esrb both said that fnaf 6 is a kids game
Pokerface1337 2 timer siden
Damn venomous Corpos! Time for my Street Kid V to reawaken, get into Johnny Silverhand Mode and start shooting! DEATH TO THE CORPOS!!!
whoislucian 2 timer siden
Ray Dhimitri: Hold my gear.
Pokerface1337 2 timer siden
So.. EA is not out of the picture yet and we have to wait for 2023 until they are gone? Hmm.. I will observe this whole thing a little longer... and I do hope they haven't traded one evil for another.
Mathies Wiencke
Mathies Wiencke 2 timer siden
Star Wars fans: You freed us! Ubisoft: Oh, I wouldn't say "freed". More like "under new management".
khizar hayat
khizar hayat 2 timer siden
WolfoxBenny 2 timer siden
I thought was Dj David Guetta was in game
Soap 2 timer siden
Top 3 hardest bosses in souls game. 3- Flamelurker 2- Orphan Of Kos 1- The Camera Angle
( - . -)
( - . -) 2 timer siden
Like I get why people hate Ea and I agree with that stuff, But Ubisoft as the runner up it’ll be the same shit with them. I don’t believe they can capture the same look as Ea does with their engine they know how to capture the aesthetic and when comes full on war Ea is by far the best company to giving a war environment, after fallen order came out basically a full single player game it was a pretty good leap in the right direction it wasn’t perfect but if a another single player game was to come after it Ea would have more of a potential to make a even greater Star Wars single player game then Ubisoft. But we won’t know until it happens, if Ubisoft takes after their best game when it comes to quality which are very few and just lot of shitty games in between, I feel like they could do it if they keep quality in mind which they can but usually for one game once in awhile and then make a whole bunch of shitty squeals that are cash grabs which I feel like that’s what they’re gonna do with stars wars It’s gonna one good ass game then after that a bunch of shitty non stop cash grabs and if their doing open world we can’t expect much they have a lot of shitty cash grab open world games. So my thoughts are fuck both companies.
Sari Vanhanen
Sari Vanhanen 2 timer siden
When you play as roadkill
Ricardo Martinez
Ricardo Martinez 2 timer siden
Good work man! I was screaming dodge! hit him hit him! lol.
Vlad Iluca
Vlad Iluca 2 timer siden
In other words he got gud
Madyak666 2 timer siden
And that's why I don't play any souls games. My heart couldn't take it.
Comrad Disc
Comrad Disc 2 timer siden
If i had at least 1/20 of such resolve i could had beaten PoE each league.
MrGenenmi 2 timer siden
So the terrorists win.
Roy Engelen
Roy Engelen 2 timer siden
this shows u truly are a masochist Yong! Welcome! Seriously though, thats some dedication right there i can only respect, just tell us, why do it? did u need to do this to prep yourself for something worse??
Augustin Tiberiu
Augustin Tiberiu 2 timer siden
747 tries is not an accomplishment for me,but a waste of my time
Augustin Tiberiu
Augustin Tiberiu 2 timer siden
I bet we will have another video of Cyberpunk about Jason Schreier's article :)
Kay Nine
Kay Nine 3 timer siden
I took on flamer lurker early, first go I almost beat him...then it began...so many deaths. Honestly found the man eaters harder off of the simple fact of location and phases. And that was late game *yikes* lol Never would I ever dream of trying this challenge so good shit
Adam Jensen
Adam Jensen 3 timer siden
lol $70 for a 12 year old game 😂
House of Osborne
House of Osborne 3 timer siden
Proof that God exists
Rashadow 3 timer siden
Yesterday i made a hyperdrive. It didn't worked but "it's very complicated to do such things". Excuse for failing? No i just don't have a clue how to build one like CDPR has no clue how to make cyberpunk2077.
Just Anoman
Just Anoman 3 timer siden
I got... questions. Do they have a partnership with Sony or some supplier or are they just buying PS5 and replace the casing? If the latter, why not just sell the casing? It'd be much cheaper so would not be as scammy, and also it would not be scalped as much because it's not actually a console. And if it's a partnership with someone else, why not just go through their distribution channel to appear more legit? Edit: I guess it's possible that they are just painting the units and replacing the logo or something, so they need to have the "old" casing on hand to do so.
Chromodar 3 timer siden
When your damage is this low you have to get _intimately_ familiar with his attacks, your openings, and the arena itself. Also that run to the boss for the final fight was pretty tight, but I guess you did have a lot of opportunity to practice :D
Too Many Boxes
Too Many Boxes 3 timer siden
i can’t wait for this to come out
Ansem 3 timer siden
the best part is how Mandolarion Craps all over the new Trilogy