We Fixed the Worst VFX Movie Ever
We Remade TRON in One Day
3 måneder siden
How a Viral Video Becomes a Show
Today Changes Everything
4 måneder siden
THE ROCK Impersonator Olympics
We made an IMPOSSIBLE domino run!
We Made Willy Wonka R-Rated
I Built a REAL Nerf Attack Drone!
Want to work here?
10 måneder siden
Steven Rodriguez
Steven Rodriguez 23 timer siden
They were all WACK! The rainbow bread was the least wack. I’m sorry.
Broken Pancreas
Broken Pancreas 23 timer siden
Please do more
Ricardo Cardenas
Ricardo Cardenas 23 timer siden
Wren´s mentioning the Green Bros raises quite an interesting issue: who amongst us also follows the Greens? I do!
ImTheDaveman 23 timer siden
I love ya Sam - BUT - Wren (in my book) won, hands down! It was extremely satisfying. Just sayin'. Wren will pay me to say this - right? Bah - it matters nawt! I liked it for reals.
Flyingpapaya 23 timer siden
Its sure weird how none of you are wearing the Raycons you loved so much and are instead opting to use Aftershokz Aeropexes.
Jonathan Perez
Jonathan Perez 23 timer siden
13:58 you welcome 😏
Mack in Black
Mack in Black 23 timer siden
Why are they all wearing masks??? Are they all SJWs???
Sean Gallagher
Sean Gallagher 23 timer siden
Love this
KillerTacos 23 timer siden
I loved the last video so much and I’m so glad you guys did another one!
MindLess14 23 timer siden
Wren is like Linus from Linus tech tips
Collypocket 23 timer siden
I’m disappointed Wrender or Wrendering has been a pun...
Le Ken
Le Ken 23 timer siden
colors feel rather flat in this video boys.
Fred Castro
Fred Castro 23 timer siden
Watching you guys making satisfying videos is the most satisfying feeling.
D-m'n 23 timer siden
They said [satisfying so it lowers your heartrate], which to me translates to something that I can meditate to. The only one that did that for me was the bowls. I was really hoping the smoke forest would do it, but I imagined a fade to black instead of a meteorite explosion (the fire effects were VERY satisfying however). the only way the other two would work for me is if they were combined. bread crumbles then gets vacuumed.
whatthefuck1011 23 timer siden
I get it....It's clear you want get wrid of Wren. Why don't you just talk to him instead of creating elaborate challenges to gaslight him out of the office?
Know It All
Know It All 23 timer siden
عدنان و لينا ❤ .
sinawer 23 timer siden
Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman
sinawer 23 timer siden
Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman
Mr. Squid
Mr. Squid 23 timer siden
kronic NYC
kronic NYC 23 timer siden
I hope this guy doesn't make another severed head blowing smoke out of his nose...let's see
Red Planet
Red Planet 23 timer siden
Very cool. I thought wren’s was the best.
Spanky 23 timer siden
Wren sitting on the ledge gives me anxiety.
Filip Borowski
Filip Borowski 23 timer siden
Waaaait... Has Sam actually named his son GIDEON? Now the kid has only to become a moff.
Mars The Man
Mars The Man 23 timer siden
Please do more!
S.R. Brandon
S.R. Brandon 23 timer siden
Can you guys please compete to make a "satisfying render" of the slack notification sound?
Deakin Moore
Deakin Moore 23 timer siden
That is satisfying
Scrape Teel
Scrape Teel 23 timer siden
Set screw
Scrape Teel
Scrape Teel 23 timer siden
Set screw
Magical Fetus
Magical Fetus 23 timer siden
Why are you wearing masks now lmao
TrevorG 23 timer siden
Clint! Where did you find and buy the Pokemon shirts you're wearing!!! I've been trying everywhere online to find them and I cannot!
jane woodard
jane woodard 23 timer siden
Peter is the best
Drayle88 Entertainment
Drayle88 Entertainment 23 timer siden
NEXT CHALLENGE: Do a render loop, the theme is clockwork
Cheese Boy
Cheese Boy 23 timer siden
Clint missed a golden opportunity to fill the bowls with water so it does that jumpy vibration thing, might've taken too long to render though.
Zünder 23 timer siden
Creativity Winner: Peter Sound Winner: Clint Idea Winner: Sam Overall Winner: Wren (the only thing that would have made it even better were different materials: water, sand, smoke, fire, etc.)
Sugar 23 timer siden
Peter’s is the coolest tho
Eliot Prior
Eliot Prior 23 timer siden
Sweet Home, on netflix
Gaming_noob 23 timer siden
Amogh pratap singh
Amogh pratap singh 23 timer siden
if in clint's render there were only rolling balls on concrete it would have been amazing 20
Taoso Aivao
Taoso Aivao 23 timer siden
I believe I did something everyday I woke up
Bobby Halick
Bobby Halick 23 timer siden
D'artagnan Kuwabara
D'artagnan Kuwabara 23 timer siden
19:09 - 19:14 😂
LoH Bros
LoH Bros 23 timer siden
If Wren had an extra beat between each explosion, I think he could've edged the others out
Aglneo 23 timer siden
I need a lot more of these
kekinho44 23 timer siden
The quality of the VFX you guys put up is overall declining in the last year. I don't understand why you don't give yourselfs more time to just get it better.
Rethink That
Rethink That 23 timer siden
“I like oil”
naani 23 timer siden
timestamp your ads, theyre great, but I'm already an audible user, used your code last year
thrice1888 23 timer siden
Sam’s render revealed the universe to us and then sucked up the stars themselves.
jason hutchins
jason hutchins 23 timer siden
Wholesome fun
Elias Säll
Elias Säll 23 timer siden
Clint's was the best but wasn't the whole point to "let nature take its course" through simulation? At least that's the title of the video. In what way was Clint's video a simulation? I'm sure the rolling balls were based on gravity but that's more of a detail added in to include the "mandatory simulation" rather than a focal point. "Satisfying" is subjective but it would be fun if Clint learned to play by the rules and follow the criteria (like making sounds with only your mouth for the last one) instead of doing his own thing. Credit to his render though
David Hayes
David Hayes 23 timer siden
I can't believe the Crew hasn't Reacted yet to Kung Fury.
Yunix Deathwish
Yunix Deathwish 23 timer siden
Minecraft Rtx:On
Guaranteed Garbage
Guaranteed Garbage 23 timer siden
23:35 the WHAT?!? Man I’m excited
Ahmed Jaber
Ahmed Jaber 23 timer siden
Clint's gave me tingles. That's a win in my book.
Bradley Ross
Bradley Ross 23 timer siden
the only time I was satisfied is when it ended
Braddy Fabrizio
Braddy Fabrizio 23 timer siden
Peter's animation wasn't satisfying, it was trippy and I love that
Ben Walker
Ben Walker 23 timer siden
Please do JURASSIC PARK with FEATHERS. Its now evident that most dinosaurs had feathers, I think it would look funny to make the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park have fluffy colourful feathers
Sulley T
Sulley T 23 timer siden
I feel like the blonde dude and Clint were kind of cheated with their ratings.
Jonathan Miranda
Jonathan Miranda 23 timer siden
I want to see another
Raydeus 23 timer siden
Yeah Sam definitely won this one, and personally I'd rank Wren's video over Clint's because while Clint's video was impressive Wren's was way more satisfying for me. Also, Peter had a good idea but the execution probably needed another week of work. #2cents
John Cusick
John Cusick 23 timer siden
wind chimes among cherry blossom would be nice
Chris Swanson
Chris Swanson 23 timer siden
Clint should've won. Sam had leftovers and the bottom of his vacuums poorly grabbed/covered the debris. Clints was smooth all around
josh4fun 23 timer siden
I'm proud of yall
Friendly Metroid
Friendly Metroid 23 timer siden
Paulstretch has been the sound designer and ambient music secret weapon for decades. Amazing tool.
bad99teddy 23 timer siden
sam did not beat clint. his vacum cleaner left over some shit.
Lazy Gamer Bear
Lazy Gamer Bear 23 timer siden
Next challenge, do something with water sims
AyazJ 23 timer siden
I think if wren had something that broke the block first to cause it to fall apart he’d win for me. Like a pendulum or something
Amogh pratap singh
Amogh pratap singh 23 timer siden
18:42 those moving balls were satisfying as hell
Thurian 23 timer siden
Fuck if I wouldn't watch a "Great British Bake Off" style competition where they do render challenges for judges. However, for me, Mary Berry also has to judge the renders
TenSapphires 23 timer siden
How about head chopping effects in Centurion (Michael Fastbender) movie? Worth a video?
Clippy 23 timer siden
Peter's was as relaxing as watching an asteroid plummet into the ground and eviscerate a forest.
ScorchedMC 23 timer siden
You should allow us to buy these renders
Tristan Martin
Tristan Martin 23 timer siden
Sams would’ve been the most satisfying if the vacuums sucked up the bits that were missed👀👀
Bro San
Bro San 23 timer siden
Does Wren always sits/stand on dangerous areas? - 3:15 -22:30
Smurf This
Smurf This 23 timer siden
My vote would have went to Clint...all the way. ... .
Timothy Freivald
Timothy Freivald 23 timer siden
I love these videos. There are some really cool renders, but there’s always one who makes a cool but not satisfying video, and one has horrible resolution. (In this case both are Peter)
SpeedyMigee 23 timer siden
Pablo Flores
Pablo Flores 23 timer siden
Every render was incredible... but WREN SHOULD HAVE WON!!
Sky NightZ
Sky NightZ 23 timer siden
+1 youtube algorithm
dannyboy667 23 timer siden
Isn't a goop loop just a gloop
Nick Faulkner
Nick Faulkner 23 timer siden
I would watch another
Rygorg Von Falcon
Rygorg Von Falcon 23 timer siden
Wren shooting or sitting by precipices