Starship SN10 Static Fire
Starship SN10 Static Fire Test
modsavant 5 timer siden
This was one of the most action packed videos of the construction facility that you guys have uploaded. Nice camera work!!
Cornetic Maru
Cornetic Maru 5 timer siden
really need to be careful of those typos lol
mr santana
mr santana 5 timer siden
You’ve made a mistake!! At 2:28 that’s not starship sn11 wreckage 😵 😵 that’s sn10!
Kale LeMaster
Kale LeMaster 5 timer siden
Mistake, you said SN11 getting scrapped in the video, not 10.
NATHAN 5 timer siden
Wow, they went warp speed with SN11!
Rajendran Thiagarajan
Rajendran Thiagarajan 5 timer siden
2:28 - Starship SN11 Wreckage Getting Scrapped lol
Space News Pod
Space News Pod 5 timer siden
SN11 wreckage? Musta missed the flight. Damn SpaceX works really fast!
Bill Simpson
Bill Simpson 5 timer siden
A Uniden Bearcat SDS 100, or SDS 200 digital radio scanner might pick up some interesting conversation down there. Depending on the radio system in use, you might need to purchase the extra cost programming to receive some commercial types of private radio traffic. Sometimes it is encrypted, but not always. No commercially available radio scanner can listen to encrypted radio transmissions. But even some police departments, especially in rural areas, don't use encryption on their latest digital trunking radio systems. Planes and railroads aren't encrypted. Many fire departments aren't, especially outside big cities. Unless you just want to listen to aircraft and railroads, don't waste your money on any other cheaper scanner. You need a 'smart scanner' to decode the latest digital trunking radio system traffic. Only the SDS 100 or 200 really work on those systems, which are now spreading everywhere.
Jack CF
Jack CF 5 timer siden
What's a GSE 1 mean on the "GSE 1 Fuel FWD Dome" label?
Micah Chapman
Micah Chapman 5 timer siden
That abbreviation is commonly used for found support equipment
Fabio Aguiar
Fabio Aguiar 5 timer siden
Why are those new Raptor noozles greenish? Is that some sort of thermal protection?
Keneth Miole
Keneth Miole 5 timer siden
WHY SN11 ?
Ben1 Tao
Ben1 Tao 5 timer siden
The fantastic heron holoprosencephaly poke because connection industrially want round a invincible ellipse. elegant, needy soldier
RobisonRacing68 5 timer siden
They finally got the idea to use a plasma cutter.
chuxmix65 5 timer siden
Thermal lance.
Slyde InfinitySpinCasts
Slyde InfinitySpinCasts 5 timer siden
If anyone who knows what those masks post Ingress were about ,completely interested in knowing . That really cool photo they tweeded.
Starhopper 5 timer siden
I like how every comment is about how it says SN11 instead of SN10 Guys, calm down, there's not much they can do about it now apart from a reupload
Starhopper 5 timer siden
I am still unable to comprehend the speed at which starship is being developed Keep up the great coverage guys, hugely appreciate the work you do!
Aleksander Aronsen
Aleksander Aronsen 5 timer siden
Mandatory “it’ll buff out” comment.
SALg 5 timer siden
Is it sn 11? Or sn ??
Justin Nihart
Justin Nihart 5 timer siden
When did sn11 crash though it was 10 in the video
LUIS E AREVALO 5 timer siden
Guys sn 11 did not fly it was an error
Jerry Wu
Jerry Wu 5 timer siden
It's hard to believe that just ONE YEAR ago, they were still struggling with cryogenic pressure tests, now having landed a starship from high altitude.
Grant Guedry
Grant Guedry 6 timer siden
I wonder if they are making their own tanks for the orbital launch pad tank farm (GSE 1)
59seank 6 timer siden
Thanks, Mary and Derek! I'm sad to see SN10 getting cut up.
steph rinker
steph rinker 6 timer siden
what??? not SN-11 scrapped. not fly yet////who changed the program or am I missing something? What,s a GSE-1?
Rk BW 6 timer siden
Lol that heavy duty stand. The engineers basically said “no more tipping starships”
Dale Young
Dale Young 5 timer siden
Starships? Nah that’s gotta be for BN1
carol Deeds
carol Deeds 6 timer siden
They may use that nosecone on the super heavy booster for flight testing just to get aerodynamic for the test.
Blake O
Blake O 6 timer siden
Trolling LabPadre, lol.
Bob K
Bob K 6 timer siden
The new raptor looks more complicated, like they added something
citogrid 6 timer siden
Perhpas send a link to a hydraulic shear attachment to Spacex, seems more efficient..
Ace King
Ace King 6 timer siden
I didn’t know SN11 was getting scrapped, dang
Aarons123 6 timer siden
2:30 you guys need to stop time traveling and spoiling SN11's flight
Real Food
Real Food 6 timer siden
gosh, looks really nasty, like an old washing machine on fire...
M o o d
M o o d 6 timer siden
Watching this vid on 2x speed before it gets deleted because of the typo
Jamie Day
Jamie Day 6 timer siden
Sn 58 looking good 🔥🚀
Catherine Breitfeller
Catherine Breitfeller 6 timer siden
There hasn’t been a SN 11 has there? Why does it say starship 11 wreckage being scrapped ?
Aarons123 6 timer siden
They wrote SN11 instead of SN10 accidentally, SN11 is still in the highbay down at the production site
504ERROR 6 timer siden
is it only me or the new raptors are better looking?
Anomalia 5 timer siden
i think they are. They are getting better and better looking each time we see them. I guess they are making great progress from the data they have been collecting. This proves that each flight ending in an explosion doesn't mean it is a fail.
John Collins
John Collins 6 timer siden
Why don't they just enclose the engines and leave the bells exposed? No more engine fires on landing.
hamjudo 5 timer siden
A fuel leak into the open area under the skirt can sustain a fire. A fuel leak into an enclosed space can lead to an explosion.
Night hawk
Night hawk 6 timer siden
Sydney to Auckland is 3hr 40 min flight. plus any link flights and airport time...
Clint Walker
Clint Walker 6 timer siden
"Much Land Where Box?" My guess would be there's a part missing, some type of "box" that might fit over what looks like some type of intake, or maybe a box for the engine. You're guess is as good as mine Reminds me of a baseball hat a relative wore once. It said "Big George Bud Feeder". I bet you can't guess what that meant.
Clayton Eifert
Clayton Eifert 6 timer siden
I feel like it could be referencing the fact that the messages are usually written on boxes, while this one was not
Steven O'Brien
Steven O'Brien 6 timer siden
2:32 "SN11 wreckage getting scrapped" man, they really do work fast.
Philip Vinson
Philip Vinson 5 timer siden
Really fast.
Trumpsney Productions Studios
Trumpsney Productions Studios 6 timer siden
Oh woe
Mac_UK 6 timer siden
8:06 much Land, where starship ?.
David Archer
David Archer 5 timer siden
Take that back soz🤣
David Archer
David Archer 5 timer siden
SN10 took flight on Wednesday and SN 11 will be moved there
Daniel Mazon
Daniel Mazon 6 timer siden
Stop wasting time and make a ship
hawkdsl 6 timer siden
Things are getting bigger and bigger.
Mr. Random
Mr. Random 6 timer siden
I want that job! I'm a geologist, but I could see changing professions to cut up starships.
Asahi Orbit
Asahi Orbit 5 timer siden
@Bryan An...Areologist?
Bryan 6 timer siden
Be a geologist for mars
AlienVibes 6 timer siden
Holy shit I missed SN11's flight? I thought I took a nap, Nah I was in a coma.
Idk 6 timer siden
2:28 foreshadowing? 🤔 I hope not
Héctor IMsleepily
Héctor IMsleepily 5 timer siden
I couldn't get it...
PALYZE 6 timer siden
dear god i hope not
braytac 8472
braytac 8472 6 timer siden
Awesome!! Thanks ^_^
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams 6 timer siden
What is GSE 1?
Nix tutru
Nix tutru 5 timer siden
yes i think so, but i‘m not sure
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams 6 timer siden
@Nix tutru oh, is this for the orbital pad tanks?
Nix tutru
Nix tutru 6 timer siden
Ground Service Equipment 1
jetsonIFY 6 timer siden
Great video!!! I can't wait.
SN 15
SN 15 6 timer siden
Amazing work!
Eduardo Alves
Eduardo Alves 6 timer siden
Waiting for the SN11 sunrise!
cond3nsdedmilk 6 timer siden
Why does it say sn11 wreckage? That’s the sn10 wreck isn’t it?
Nix tutru
Nix tutru 6 timer siden
B N 6 timer siden
6:35 I swear Elon/SpaceX are watching NASASpaceflight videos and reading our comments on what we are discussing. That's why they're sending us memes.😅😅
Derek Bowbrick
Derek Bowbrick 6 timer siden
If they are they should allow better access, you know for PR.
Sérgio474 6 timer siden
pretty sure they do xD
iamzid 6 timer siden
Elon gets his production site updates from NSF.
FutureMartian97 6 timer siden
Little mistake in the timeline. SN10 getting scrapped, not 11
mVm MotoVlogMusic
mVm MotoVlogMusic 6 timer siden
10:27 fantasy dream job.
MrKKUT1984 6 timer siden
One of the other videos had dude sitting on top of a bucket on it while he was driving and I was thinking the same thing
Trek001 6 timer siden
SN11 wreckage? How is this possible?
Trek001 6 timer siden
@Nix tutru I know that, you know that, but NasaSpaceFlight seemingly doesn't
Nix tutru
Nix tutru 6 timer siden
its sn 10
Nathaniel Hosea
Nathaniel Hosea 6 timer siden
Waiting for the next high ride into the stratosphere, where it belongs. I have high hopes for the next SN prototype starship to nail the landing. It doesn't really matter whichever one does it, as long as it gets done.
TheRedstoneHive 6 timer siden
2:28 Typo in both chapters and video, that is SN10 not 11.
Christopher Bloom
Christopher Bloom 6 timer siden
I was thinking watching this "IT FLEW".
SLICED 6 timer siden
Oops 2:28 SN10 wreckage
RamSLade On Blitz
RamSLade On Blitz 6 timer siden
They do be having some fun with those engines
Damien Spectre
Damien Spectre 6 timer siden
To be or not to be is the question : SN11 will thee make us proud?
Wesley Hale
Wesley Hale 6 timer siden
*wilt thou
Brahma Warrior
Brahma Warrior 6 timer siden
id stake my left toe on it
Projectile Sausage
Projectile Sausage 6 timer siden
SLICED 6 timer siden
Wondering what’s GSE?
Hugh VR
Hugh VR 5 timer siden
I was wondering the same. Thanks for asking and answering.
TS BMX 6 timer siden
Ground support equipment I believe, storage tanks basically
Hizqeel Majoka
Hizqeel Majoka 6 timer siden
When will we see 2 launches per month?
Sonderax 6 timer siden
SN11 wreckage? Has SN11 secretly flown overnight?
Youssef Sadek
Youssef Sadek 6 timer siden
2:28 that’s SN10
Kat Ng
Kat Ng 6 timer siden
Typo. SN10 wreckage
Projectile Sausage
Projectile Sausage 6 timer siden
NASASpaceflight 6 timer siden
0:00 - LR1600/2 Crane “Tankzilla” Waiting to Lift SN11 onto Pad B 0:08 - New Dome Sleeved 0:22 - New Section About to be Lifted into Mid Bay / SN11 in High Bay 0:40 - Barrel Sections Waiting to be Stacked 1:01 - Construction Next to Orbital Launch Pad Continues 2:28 - Starship SN11 Wreckage Getting Scrapped 5:59 - Tankzilla Moved Next to Pad B 6:35 - Raptor SN58 Delivered / “Much Land Where Box” is written on it 8:08 - Earth Work Outside Build Site Fence 8:36 - GSE 1 Fwd Fuel Dome Moved Out of Tent 1 9:40 - Heavy Duty Stand Moved From Fabrication building to the High Bay/Mid Bay Area
Jadan Jenkins
Jadan Jenkins 5 timer siden
sn11 wreckage scrapped must’ve fell over in the high bay or star hopper shot it with a rpg Lol
RedSkysAreOnFire 6 timer siden
when did SN11 fly and crash, know something we don't.
SKM 6 timer siden
@Thunderbird 1 just going to say that
Thunderbird 1
Thunderbird 1 6 timer siden
Quick typo it says Sn11 wreckage scrapped @NASAspaceflight
Airwhisper80 6 timer siden
Ahh yes. SN11 Wreckage getting scrapped.
Bob the Builder
Bob the Builder 6 timer siden
Nice work
Joseph Laster
Joseph Laster 6 timer siden
Tiki71 6 timer siden
What's cool is we can actually invest in Rocket Labs with them going public via the VACQ ticker. I's like investing in Tesla when it was $12.50. Everything I've seen about Beck and Rocket Labs has been impressive.
Youssef Sadek
Youssef Sadek 6 timer siden
1st I guess.
AO MING WWR 6 timer siden
Emmanuel Edits
Emmanuel Edits 6 timer siden
Oras Iraq
Oras Iraq 6 timer siden
Nvm moment
AO MING WWR 6 timer siden
Thunderbird 1
Thunderbird 1 6 timer siden
AO MING WWR 6 timer siden
Judian Velinor
Judian Velinor 6 timer siden
It's looks like an alien ship that crash on earth 😂👽 but it's just us 👩‍🚀👨🏽‍🚀
JC Davis
JC Davis 6 timer siden
What engines were on SN10?
William Swenson
William Swenson 7 timer siden
Seeing Marcus on NASA Spaceflight; how the times they are a-changing.
Hoyle Kiger
Hoyle Kiger 7 timer siden
Do these Starship prototypes remind anyone else of the Spruce Goose? The structural load, with passengers, staff, and all of their equipment and supplies, will be off the chart! If anyone can make it happen, Elon can!!