Atalanta - 2020 CrossFit Games
Dan Bailey's first Jackie
Driven Nutrition
Driven Nutrition 24 minutter siden
Crazy they are all from Iceland.
Jack Twomey
Jack Twomey 43 minutter siden
I would simply become mat fraser
Peter Kapourani
Peter Kapourani 4 timer siden
Reason: unemployment rate in 2k19 3.5%, a minimum wage of 4500EU. Not the main reason, but just imagine how many athletes can't go to their full potential due to financial reasons. As a student in Romania in the past, my god the amount of talented athletes you would see at the gyms was astonishing. However, 99% of them were forced to give up on their athletic dreams. That's a general fact about Balkan countries unfortunately. Kudos to Icelandic athletes nevertheless.
Leszczu1483 5 timer siden
these hashtags are soooo anoying...
Armin _
Armin _ 6 timer siden
The way they are running just looks really weird and slow 😂
Armin _
Armin _ 6 timer siden
Maybe cause of the vests
Houari Tahir
Houari Tahir 7 timer siden
Looooove the Crossfit
Jono East
Jono East 7 timer siden
Straya Represent!
Hasan Emre Gürer
Hasan Emre Gürer 8 timer siden
fraser neck is thicker than my legs
The Tiger’s Den ME친호랭이
The Tiger’s Den ME친호랭이 9 timer siden
프레져의 피스톨이 나의 에어스쾃보다 빠르다. 저렇게 하고 싶은데 이제 무릎이 아프다...
Cornelius Phiri
Cornelius Phiri 9 timer siden
Fraser is a Freaking Beeaast!!!
DW Ethiopia
DW Ethiopia 10 timer siden
When he said Katrin DavidsDotter, I always thought he was saying Kathryn Davids daughter. It made me think there was someone famous named Kathryn David.
leereturn2006 12 timer siden
and they say cross fit suck, they aint know shit.
Suraj Pharande
Suraj Pharande 13 timer siden
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Bantu Cuzz
Bantu Cuzz 14 timer siden
The hashtags #suck
rakesh rocky
rakesh rocky 14 timer siden
Watching muscle up, I felt dislocation in my elbow 🤣
M C 14 timer siden
Ladies need to start hitting those front squats.
Erroll Leggo
Erroll Leggo 17 timer siden
Come on Camille! Vive la Quebecois!
Modern Viking
Modern Viking 17 timer siden
Viking blood
Bismarc Bard Kunenn
Bismarc Bard Kunenn 18 timer siden
So mulher maravilhosa.... ta louco! <3
Mariano B
Mariano B 19 timer siden
0:19 me vuelvo locoooo 🔵⚪🔵 Arg
Bless them.
Colby Berryhill
Colby Berryhill 20 timer siden
Not the voice I expected not gonna lie
Vainak Is back
Vainak Is back 20 timer siden
How I can participate as a player???
Hello Mimi
Hello Mimi 20 timer siden
CF: Pushing humans body to the limit till death 🤗
Hello Mimi
Hello Mimi 20 timer siden
The only part of their body I envy is their legs. Utterly beautiful
Mark Mullen
Mark Mullen 23 timer siden
Jack Twomey
Jack Twomey 23 timer siden
CrossFit production has really stopped investing in itself, all coverage of the athletes now is done by the buttery bros , boxes and the athletes themselves , unfortunate to see
Vibhor Tyagi
Vibhor Tyagi 23 timer siden
But she is listings to "Chainsmokers Don't let me down" songs
KolomKristobal Dag siden
rakesh rocky
rakesh rocky Dag siden
Why ❓ please why? But ❓why❓ omg 🤯🙀😱
J.J. Erickson.
J.J. Erickson. Dag siden
Klara Nylen
Klara Nylen Dag siden
Sunil Kumbhat
Sunil Kumbhat Dag siden
Only female atheletes ?
Evaristo M. L.
Evaristo M. L. Dag siden
they girls are strong. I love.
Gabi Dag siden
Powerful women! Love them!!
J.J. Erickson.
J.J. Erickson. Dag siden
Richie Dag siden
pushing against the odds these polar women have outperformed some extraordinarily trained athletic contestants.
shannon1664 Dag siden
It's a little bizarre to me that people are ragging on this video. A nation with a smaller population than a medium-sized city has produced some of the biggest names in CF history. Yes, Australia is awesome. Yes, it all started in the U.S. Absolutely. Why don't we do the thing that amazes most people when they see their first CF competition, where fellow competitors are cheering each other on, rather than get a wee bit childish and complain?
Lee Fisher
Lee Fisher Dag siden
and probably some of the worst runners
Mary Smith
Mary Smith Dag siden
Leave running to the Africans.
Nando Fern
Nando Fern Dag siden
Juiced! {Steriods gives these guys an extra boost...
Nando Fern
Nando Fern Dag siden
Sign me up for 450 club
ayman bouziani
ayman bouziani Dag siden
So fuck BKG right?
Roberta danovaro
Roberta danovaro Dag siden
Maybe a few years ago🤷🏼‍♀️ Today we should talk about Australia: Tia and Kara.
Death Metal
Death Metal 19 timer siden
George Aylard
George Aylard Dag siden
If you look at the percentage of CrossFit games competitors, podium finishers, and champions relative to their population (350k to Australia's 25M), it stands a titan.
JuJu The Gawd
JuJu The Gawd Dag siden
That twist was FOUL smh
Steve Morgan
Steve Morgan Dag siden
Really?? I think Tia Claire Toomey & Kara Saunders may just edge it to Australia 🇦🇺 🤔🤷🏽‍♂️
Chef On Bike
Chef On Bike Dag siden
Australia 25 million people vs Iceland 350 thousand people
Stan Schurman
Stan Schurman Dag siden
We're talking about relative to their population. If Iceland had the population of Australia, it would, theoretically, have 250 of the top cross fit female athletes. That's not to take anything away from Tia and Kara of course. But it is astounding that 3 of the top cross fit competitors would come from a population of roughly 300,000.
Chris McIntyre
Chris McIntyre Dag siden
I once did the 12 k challenge in oz army , tough , fully dressed , webbing and carrying a rifle .
NiShi ZhuMa
NiShi ZhuMa Dag siden
Convid19 Champion YANKS hahahaha
NiShi ZhuMa
NiShi ZhuMa Dag siden
Convid19 Champion, play tough YANKS hahahaha
Loucif Kalistha
Loucif Kalistha Dag siden
Have u forgot about BKG ???
Loucif Kalistha
Loucif Kalistha Dag siden
@gtafe The athlete Gudmundson
gtafe Dag siden
Chris McIntyre
Chris McIntyre Dag siden
Mexican drug smuggler would ace this event .
Chris McIntyre
Chris McIntyre Dag siden
Why only a few are doing this event .
Mary Smith
Mary Smith Dag siden
Strength is in their genes.
Tobi J.
Tobi J. Dag siden
Ella Bailey
Ella Bailey Dag siden
Poor BKG?!?!
Aman Bhardwaj
Aman Bhardwaj Dag siden
Awesome 👍
Don Don
Don Don Dag siden
My back simply would've *folded*
Andrew Baker
Andrew Baker Dag siden
Imagine someone like Eddie hall or hafthor in these competitions
AntiheroesDC Dag siden
Another cold heart it ego trip
Anthony Z.
Anthony Z. Dag siden
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos Dag siden
banshee107 Dag siden
Australia has a few too lol.
D H 5 timer siden
@Steve Morgan Yes I have, but Kara always comes up short towards the end of CF Games competition. Her placements have been... 4th,2nd,7th,5th,31st,12th, &19th(Game finishes)
Steve Morgan
Steve Morgan Dag siden
D H never heard of Kara Saunders??
D H Dag siden
Only 1 (Tia)
Claudia Davis
Claudia Davis Dag siden
I hope to be there one day. I started CrossFit at 8 years old, twelve now, I want to be there when I’m old enough. That’s the ultimate goal
Claudia Davis
Claudia Davis 14 timer siden
@Liam McGuire I weight about 105 or 110 haven’t been weighed since like januar6 of last year, and I was 95 back then.
Liam McGuire
Liam McGuire 14 timer siden
@Claudia Davis huh ok. How much do you weigh? Since you say your max deadlift is 195 and a person as young as you deadlifting their bodyweight or twice is pretty impressive. And your coach is probably right since that might put too much strain since you’re much more prone to injury
Claudia Davis
Claudia Davis 15 timer siden
For 5 reps because my coach said I’m a bi5 too young to do one rep max.
Claudia Davis
Claudia Davis 15 timer siden
@Liam McGuire yea, I compete a lot, like at a very high level. I compete in women’s competitions with 14 to 30 years old. But since I was at the same level I could join. My mak deadlift is about 195
Liam McGuire
Liam McGuire 15 timer siden
Just make sure you’re doing your form correctly since form is very important. Value form over how much you can lift. Once you’re at the point where your form is near perfect, then push yourself to larger weights, but dont go too hard to the point where u puke. If u puke, then just end your workout right there.
Ana Medina
Ana Medina Dag siden
That was awesome!
Chris McIntyre
Chris McIntyre Dag siden
If you take your shirt off you lose.
Chris McIntyre
Chris McIntyre Dag siden
They should drop the weight behind them
Иван Иванов
Иван Иванов Dag siden
Пипец лошади!!! 🙎🏼‍♀️+🐴
Huda Archer
Huda Archer Dag siden
Anyone else notice bridges popping that pill mid-workout? Lol
Jesus Is Alpha Omega
Jesus Is Alpha Omega Dag siden
Why did I cry lol
Carlos Jiménez
Carlos Jiménez Dag siden
Alguien haciendo ejercicio en casa viendo este video...
Driven Nutrition
Driven Nutrition Dag siden
Michael Shaleen
Michael Shaleen 2 dager siden
Queen ass Queens
kakolaukiom Marzouk
kakolaukiom Marzouk 2 dager siden
My name is Muhammad. If one day I have a daughter, i will name her MuhammadsDottir
Pau 2 dager siden
They are like diplodocus running 😂
Jessica Bird
Jessica Bird 2 dager siden
They be cheating on them pullups
Arne Kristian Hjelt
Arne Kristian Hjelt 2 dager siden
"four tenths of a second". So 0.4 sec? That photofinish was not 0,4 sec...
Rea Migalbin
Rea Migalbin 2 dager siden