24 Hours With Saweetie | Vogue
Reinhord Heyrich
Reinhord Heyrich 12 timer siden
TAKE OUT YOU NEUVBR FORM ORBIT !!! try not to mess with you house but in case i miss can you get out of town ??? Slash feat Fergie Sweet Child O Mine 1080p.mp4 an walbewr RIDE PIPE in thunder opark
Imani Rae
Imani Rae 12 timer siden
When she started crying 🥺🥺
Marie Roberts
Marie Roberts 12 timer siden
Drag is steeped in appropriation and misogyny. Please stop giving them a platform.
Griselda Gonzalez
Griselda Gonzalez 12 timer siden
I have this thing embedded in me that, YOU wear the shoes, not the shoes wear you!!!!
I think...
I think... 12 timer siden
She is still more beautiful than many of the supermodels. Honestly Bella Hadid with her artificial nose. Her sister Gigi is much more beautiful, but Joan is all natural. Still drop dead gorgeous.
alamin nxt
alamin nxt 12 timer siden
Today fantastic dreams
Aka Jazpooh
Aka Jazpooh 12 timer siden
An absolute ICON! 😍 this is EXACTLY how I want to dress when I get money. I never realized my whole aesthetic was basically just Fran Drescher all along! 😅🥰 Gosh she just aged so gracefully, it makes no sense
Elco Dasrein
Elco Dasrein 12 timer siden
This is a audio...
Kinsey Sage
Kinsey Sage 12 timer siden
telling my kids this is marilyn monroe
Mari Prina Official ꧂
Mari Prina Official ꧂ 12 timer siden
A ginger !!! Thank you Lol
Jessica Watson
Jessica Watson 12 timer siden
I feel like she’s acting the whole video. Comes off fake, disingenuous and rehearsed. Also, eyebrows are a natural human feature. Not a quality.
Clark Ruell
Clark Ruell 12 timer siden
It is soooo Dolly to grace Miley's show with her presence and then give Miley the credit for Dolly's young fans. Dolly is a really graceful woman.
Jamie Madrox
Jamie Madrox 12 timer siden
Ahead of his time
Elco Dasrein
Elco Dasrein 12 timer siden
They dont have a kid this is me and I was pregnat.
Chrizia May Alad-ad
Chrizia May Alad-ad 12 timer siden
Im using the toner she used ..
Common Sense
Common Sense 12 timer siden
Why not create his own brand if he has a knack for fashion??🤷‍♂️
Kevin Moreno
Kevin Moreno 12 timer siden
Chef not wearing a mask. 😮😮😮😮😮
Trixie Weakness
Trixie Weakness 12 timer siden
lalalaleyla ada
lalalaleyla ada 12 timer siden
I'm not mom and I'm too lazy to do make up. Foccc this iz perfect
Azul Carrie
Azul Carrie 12 timer siden
She’s so pure I adore her! ❤️
Randy C
Randy C 12 timer siden
Learning agribusiness would be beneficial.
Trish Olsen
Trish Olsen 12 timer siden
I like her humour a lott ahckkk💓😍
Arfan Nasyat
Arfan Nasyat 12 timer siden
Fecal matter is name before kurt cobain renamed His Nirvana
Andreea Hutuleac
Andreea Hutuleac 12 timer siden
"go buy my album, I need the money" lololol I LOVE HER
Miyah H
Miyah H 13 timer siden
How does she remember all her outfits and where she was going lmao😭😭
Cow Bella
Cow Bella 13 timer siden
Can anyone tell me what the name of the troll dolls on the wall are called please. Thank you <3
Bazinga !!
Bazinga !! 13 timer siden
I don't know why so much hate! Sonam you are amazing and this look is pretty hard but you have done full justice to it. #spreadlove.
Anthony Ayyy
Anthony Ayyy 13 timer siden
.... y voy voy y voy voy voyyyy
Rylea Holbert
Rylea Holbert 13 timer siden
I already know @skincarebyhyram is going to hate that cleanser hahahah
Mary Erb
Mary Erb 13 timer siden
Dolly is a blast.
Kasturi Tekrawala
Kasturi Tekrawala 13 timer siden
Btw is that her house? It's soo pretty 🌸
Kasturi Tekrawala
Kasturi Tekrawala 13 timer siden
She's an angle I love her❤
Virginia viola
Virginia viola 13 timer siden
That house is simply divine!
Megan 13 timer siden
Megan 13 timer siden
please do another video with Emma Chamberlain!!!
Megan 13 timer siden
Tyla 13 timer siden
Kim S.
Kim S. 13 timer siden
wow look young generation, a woman who dresses like a lady.
Aimee Ann
Aimee Ann 13 timer siden
Add me on sc aimee_lulu
LovingAtlanta 13 timer siden
👍⭐️Good good good for him. Gucci needed him to save themselves in the black community too. If you don’t know what I’m talking about just research it for yourself.
Patricia Balan
Patricia Balan 13 timer siden
I miss her so muchhh 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Troy C. Jones 81
Troy C. Jones 81 13 timer siden
Bet those outfits for the marionettes cost as much as the life-sized versions.
Malik Hoff
Malik Hoff 13 timer siden
Think I just fell in love
Joey L
Joey L 13 timer siden
I'm 61 years old and still watch the movie, I thought the clothes were great.
Elly Rose
Elly Rose 13 timer siden
But like can we get a bathroom tour😍
Lyka Niña Pason
Lyka Niña Pason 13 timer siden
I did not know that Lily Collins is very talkative
Dani Vasco
Dani Vasco 13 timer siden
I wish she had a little cooking show or something. She seems to be really knowledgable about food and the enjoyment she gets when she eats is honestly infectious lol
Adalsio 13 timer siden
Did you know Mexico has long ignored their African population? Yeah, all 1.4 million of them. 2020 will be the first time they'll be counted on the census. Mexico is in NORTH AMERICA! Meanwhile, AOC is going to put on pretty makeup and tell us that the US, where she has political power, "preys" on women.
Philosophie Celestine
Philosophie Celestine 13 timer siden
Stunning ✨✨
Shotz Brewery
Shotz Brewery 13 timer siden
"It takes a lot of money to look this cheap".
Jean_ S
Jean_ S 13 timer siden
This is amazing video!
Tianruo Yang
Tianruo Yang 14 timer siden
Y’all are being really mean in the comments, but actually though, what is her accent?
Joshua Romero
Joshua Romero 14 timer siden
What a lady! Geri is so poised, so articulate, and so funny! She’d make an excellent Queen me thinks 👸
allofmj 14 timer siden
What’s going on with her teeth?
『 King Omega 』
『 King Omega 』 14 timer siden
She's adorable. 🥰
Mai 3
Mai 3 14 timer siden
The last dress was my favorite! So goddess ✨
Gucci Eyebags
Gucci Eyebags 14 timer siden
Ma’am run for president in the future and I will vote for u 😳
AB 14 timer siden
I think That GP has regular facials and all treatments that are available and she is doing them on regular basis. Exfoliating and moisturising is good but definitely will not help with anti ageing of skin. That’s why most celebrities have regular skin treatments and all procedures possible to turn back time on ageing skin and they can afford them but most ladies don’t.
Katherine Kass
Katherine Kass 14 timer siden
📌October 25, 2020 "Cary" on somewhere else
Mandy Chisholm
Mandy Chisholm 14 timer siden
She just up and left
Kiren Smith
Kiren Smith 14 timer siden
Lfaz 14 timer siden
She's so delightful
Tabatha Lira
Tabatha Lira 14 timer siden
she's perfect omg
Marcela 14 timer siden
OMG! Eu moro em Duque de Caxias! 😄
Liliana B
Liliana B 14 timer siden
Who is she
Jassytk 14 timer siden
Ugh what a queen! Love her
Daniela m
Daniela m 14 timer siden
Emily nooo please do not use a brush for your face 😭😭😭 its not good at all
Alyssa 1209
Alyssa 1209 14 timer siden
No moisturer? Yikes!
Wendel Lopes
Wendel Lopes 14 timer siden
I live Fran!!
Incredible Eli
Incredible Eli 14 timer siden
I like you Sofia! GOD bless you, I can tell you are a good person 🌹
Candela Guadañini
Candela Guadañini 14 timer siden
i wish my bun looked like hers
ThatboyIV Foe
ThatboyIV Foe 14 timer siden
So Obama appointed the person who tried to Destroy Dapper Dan, Typical.
Angela Cristobal
Angela Cristobal 14 timer siden
i amissangel mua
i amissangel mua 14 timer siden
The camera got a good angle on her hair this was the best tutorial
B. P.
B. P. 15 timer siden
IM READY to have a holly dolly Christmas to end 2020
Sassy&Succulent 15 timer siden
I love Doja but it gives me a strange anxiety the way she counts her pumps 😅
Sudhir Jadhav
Sudhir Jadhav 15 timer siden
Face par lagana he kya
Dianny Hernandez
Dianny Hernandez 15 timer siden
Hahaha omg I love herrrrr to muchhhh
90's Is the best
90's Is the best 15 timer siden
People got mad for his creation getting reproduced when he would reproduce Gucci and LV. Idiots
Kimberly Rodriguez
Kimberly Rodriguez 15 timer siden
she uses reasonably priced products (for a celebrity) and lets me know she's interested in the benefits of them, not just branding.