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Rong Shen
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Dan Howard
Dan Howard 3 timer siden
Long way to go for a burger
Goedkope Fietsen
Goedkope Fietsen 6 timer siden
Ate at a michelin restaurant and they slept in a 5 star hotel huraaaayy
Letzebourger 7 timer siden
At least the Air Koryo lounge is better than the BA lounge in Heathrow! BA = airborne slums!
Henry Butler
Henry Butler 9 timer siden
Simon you have the best of luck wherever you go
Denzel 9 timer siden
Intro slaps
TrueEnglishman 9 timer siden
Romania is a craphole avoid it at all costs
Harry Mak
Harry Mak 10 timer siden
loving the videos man!
James Murray
James Murray 10 timer siden
I want some one from Romania to go the UK and be like “they have a horse and a dog mad bastards” most areas in England live day to day. What a prick. Should of give his weird ginger mate some food.
jeebah jeebz
jeebah jeebz 10 timer siden
Good to see your again Simon been missing the content. Thanks for the entertaining video
viktor darmetko
viktor darmetko 11 timer siden
W o W !!!
James Smith
James Smith 11 timer siden
New Mexico people seem a bit dodgy. I don’t know what it is, but they are different than the people you met in other states.
Just Joe
Just Joe 11 timer siden
3:40 that Norwegian lad didn’t understand the Wrexham small talk
Wezzuk1 11 timer siden
2:15 that's one of those hot water taps for tea/coffee. Missed out.
Robert Petrea
Robert Petrea 12 timer siden
“Hey how are you?” - “thank you very much” 😃👍
Andy J
Andy J 13 timer siden
You need to google the lyrics to Let It Snow lol
spex357 13 timer siden
Did you know masks don't work, read the Danish report.
elder man
elder man 14 timer siden
You have grown since this was uploaded
steph george
steph george 14 timer siden
I knew Australia would be more strict on sneaking in and food as well!!!! Bloody Australia aye
Mediterranean Diet
Mediterranean Diet 14 timer siden
SparrowFN 14 timer siden
Bart is a legend👑
herne777 15 timer siden
It would be nice to see motorola compete a bit more in the consumer market.
herne777 15 timer siden
sweetheart? alright
Michiel Lioen
Michiel Lioen 15 timer siden
"How nice is this camel though, what a guy" had me floored.
s s
s s 15 timer siden
Your good at this theft by deception 😂
Jeffrey Sabapathy
Jeffrey Sabapathy 16 timer siden
Travel legend!
Anon Anon
Anon Anon 16 timer siden
One day he'll get so Famous that these won't work. Playing with Fire.
Dreamer GTD
Dreamer GTD 16 timer siden
I love Romania.. it's an amazing country if you spend some time there <3
Sjofors 17 timer siden
Thats not the first IKEA, the original store is located in Älmhult where they now have an IKEA museum, an IKEA hotel, an IKEA store, IKEA financed schools etc.
Sheldon Boulet
Sheldon Boulet 17 timer siden
I loved the happy background music at the memorial nice touch
Team Vexxed
Team Vexxed 17 timer siden
the dislikes of the video are all the ticket conductors that simon has fooled in his life.
Getroy 18 timer siden
I would pay for Beth to stop singing 😂 The cringe is real
Absolute Jones
Absolute Jones 18 timer siden
Love your vids bro from wales aswell🙌
Cristian Bentu
Cristian Bentu 19 timer siden
From all the beauties Romania has to offer you end up in a village! What for? That was not a touristic destination mate, you wanna prove something? This is really dumb!
Mavah 19 timer siden
lets go watch this playlist again. I love this.
Villager Vlogger
Villager Vlogger 21 time siden
Wa jeeeeeeeeeeeeee wa
StoneyDnB 21 time siden
i think he needs a new face mask aha
boatznhoze 21 time siden
Please tell me you took your watch off before actually going to sleep you monster
Andrew Tran
Andrew Tran 23 timer siden
Anyone else notice the Pokemon booster box?!
Darren Nolan
Darren Nolan Dag siden
Mate scrap that mask
Sofia Boström
Sofia Boström Dag siden
Sweden cannot go in to lockdown due to our constitution. It states: "Section 8 Everyone is protected against deprivation of liberty in relation to the general public. Anyone who is a Swedish citizen is also otherwise guaranteed freedom to move within the country and to leave it. Act (2010: 1408)." Fredrik mentioned there is not allowed more than 8 people in a restaurant, this is false - it is actually not allowed more than 8 people per table and 8 people per social event gatherings. Although, a restaurant is allowed more than 8 people at a time as long as distance is kept between each gathering. You should go to Stora Hotellet in Umeå. Steampunk themed hotel. Or just visit Gothenburg, would personally say it is nicer than Stockholm. Really fun seeing you here in Sweden!
cherrie Dag siden
Gosh I just realised how boring my life is from watching this video
Rdeez Dag siden
If only I could get a meal anywhere just by washing my own plate....
Tommi Luck
Tommi Luck Dag siden
We need more videos are awesome
Connor Chalmers
Connor Chalmers Dag siden
One of my favorite things about your videos is how appreciative you are, a guy gave you basic directions and you're like 'Yeah he sorted me right out!"
Karen Colb
Karen Colb Dag siden
Hey Simon, you gained a subscribe from me via Bald n Harald. I totally respect your staying true to who you are. Also checked out Tim K. Not subscribing. Super creepy an exploitative. Love your content and thanks for being you. 👍🏼
conan king
conan king Dag siden
New subscriber here. Playing catch up, so hard to stop watching
GTA 5 Kingkong0581
GTA 5 Kingkong0581 Dag siden
Click bait
Andrew Faulkner
Andrew Faulkner Dag siden
Do a challenge in the Midwest during winter starting in minnesota with no money and only hitch hiking.
leo the brave
leo the brave Dag siden
you haven't try 🐪
Alex Gelhorn
Alex Gelhorn Dag siden
Mary Lou is a sweetheart. Simon, hit me up with a way to contact Will, I'd like a job!
Anil Teji
Anil Teji Dag siden
You walked past my flat in shoreditch
Anil Teji
Anil Teji Dag siden
The hotel is Principle Hotel.
Michael Dag siden
Good job, Sweden🙏👏
Isaac Weber
Isaac Weber Dag siden
Sorry to burst the bubble but the pyramids are an ‘ancient wonder of the world’... needed to go to Machu Picchu!
St Joseph and St Bede R.C. Primary School
St Joseph and St Bede R.C. Primary School Dag siden
Omg I’ve been on one of these
Euan Dag siden
Thanks very much mate thanks is that 26 sheckeles thanks very much mate thank you
Jason Frost
Jason Frost Dag siden
This guy is the biggest tool ever Asking where toilets are on the plane Plank
Jason Frost
Jason Frost Dag siden
Gobby idiot
Wisll Dag siden
The whole of the uk didn’t ur chattin shit
Andy J
Andy J Dag siden
Kassy is lovely
Michael S
Michael S Dag siden
So many pastries and coffee, so little time. Great trick, glad people pass on information. Never go hungry again!!!
Andy J
Andy J Dag siden
You have a good voice Simon
Alexthepanda Dag siden
You talking bout Romania being dangerous while in Britain there is roadmen killing tons of people just for money or even shootings and stuff so shut up.
Planespotting North West
Planespotting North West Dag siden
Legend has it Simon is still looking for Patrick
Dyn y Jawa
Dyn y Jawa Dag siden
I'm proud to pay my way to support places like this that do important conservation work and place animal welfare right at the top of their priorities. In fact I often make an additional donation. ❤❤❤
Doritos Cheetos
Doritos Cheetos Dag siden
London is one of most expensive places to live, you literally will go broke if you live there for 6 months
michaela Hass
michaela Hass Dag siden
Great video, Simon you rock... Best wishes from Paris 🖐
Eagel Nest
Eagel Nest Dag siden
Nice edeting!!!! It was so super fast i diddent see shit of the art museum.... Nice thw way i hate it !
one bomb
one bomb Dag siden
What a guy
Edgee J. Drezwell
Edgee J. Drezwell Dag siden
Kinda reminds me of America several places I've lived and visited. Just not as bad. Didn't see any fights, killings, or blood. So not as bad. It's just society man. Not exactly what it once was. Survival of the fittest.
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Dag siden
"Literally Literally Literally Literally "🤨
Taylor Watson
Taylor Watson Dag siden
Cheap skate
Sagar Jain
Sagar Jain Dag siden
FUCKING LIAR: in may of his previous videos he shows himself using an iphone 11 pro (maybe max even) then now says that a 200 dollar phones offers beetwer battery and perfomrance than the iphone. Such as git mate.
Ram Ahuja
Ram Ahuja Dag siden
Lol u went emirates mall not Dubai mall .
Rajvir Singh
Rajvir Singh Dag siden
shif 98
shif 98 Dag siden
Omg she ate chichi feet!! Me: I eat chicken feet. And it's delicious 😋😁
W B Dag siden
Simon, your toughest challenge yet. No McDonald’s for one day!
illpj Dag siden
Swedish cabbie ... what a man!
S w
S w Dag siden
Whos re watching all of this due to Covid 19 🤣🤣🤣🤣 love from London x