benedith kelvin
benedith kelvin Måned siden
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Michael Francis
Michael Francis Måned siden
Ok. So now the police need to start enforcing. On this second lockdown, people are only supposed to travel for essential journeys, but there are as many cars on the roads as before lockdown, and no one is doing a dammned thing about it.
MiniLemmy Måned siden
Sadly we won’t see normality as we knew it ever again - population growth control has become the agenda worldwide since the current rate of growth is now unsustainable - social distancing is the endgame, COVID19 is the smokescreen for it - there has never been an effective vaccine for seasonal flu, and what comes next is ‘mutated COVID21’, to keep pushing whatever is passing as ‘vaccine’ - lockdowns will continue and intensify in areas of hospitality - eventually we will need ‘freedom passes’ to go anywhere and attempts made to make vaccines mandatory
Chris Summerfield
Chris Summerfield Måned siden
The great reset is well underway klaus Schwab is happy to see the UK is in bored .
phil doodler
phil doodler Måned siden
It's been a great transfer of wealth.
Chris UK
Chris UK Måned siden
The latest is, we have tested more and found more coronavirus, common cold is a corona virus, dow, it's cold and flu season, open your eyes, corona test for covid, get it yet. CON.
Laura Måned siden
The longer this pandemic go on the less i think its about the virus and more about control
Gabriel Måned siden
Too much socialization happening on Earth lately and we all can see what this has lead to.
Etheral101 Måned siden
I havent been able to work since march. Havent had a single shift. This cant go on.
Chris UK
Chris UK Måned siden
Start with dont use a mask, unless your frightened of the flu.
lonely Soul
lonely Soul Måned siden
R Måned siden
All i can say is that we all being de-ceived by satan himself. He is trying to create fear and lies to devide and create reality through repetition and brainwashing the masses. They are coll-apsing the econo-mies around the world and the Cor-ona is a smokescreen for a sat-anic agenda called 060606, agenda 20-20 and 20-30. Media has been bought out, pushing lies and changing the na-rrative. All information is openly available for research and proof other-wise. Govern-ments and those working for govern-ment are trying to censor anything like they do in C-hina, Equally in surveil-lance and other dodgy tech-nology lead by 5-G. 5-G can be used as a wea-pon and has been about for many years. There is only one remedy, and that is Jesus Christ only. There is nothing new under the sun. I highly recommend Curry Blake, DHT and JGLM for a awakening. Be born again and get saved from this fallen world. Amen
Mediterranean Diet
Mediterranean Diet Måned siden
R rating, tier system, cases, simply worthless propaganda. Reject it all. The pandemic is over and the second wave is fake. *discover.hubpages.com/politics/Pfizer-Chief-Science-Officer-Second-Wave-Based-on-Fake-Data-of-False-Positives-for-New-Cases-Pandemic-is-Over
Dawid Smytry
Dawid Smytry Måned siden
It's kind of helpful, I guess that'll help with getting infected/ing by random people from pubs and restaurants. But for social meetings friends and family will stay at each other house. Pointless law to stop mixing between households that has no way of being enforced. Dead laws aren't helpful. Similarly with travel restrictions.
Poppa Wheelies
Poppa Wheelies Måned siden
Moral of the story? There's too many selfish pricks that carry on like nothing has changed & that forces closures.
gz w
gz w Måned siden
MSM / BiT / SAGE & the govt of occupation are culpable in causing Stockholm syndrome within the UK populace & will be held accountable for their actions www.bitchute.com/video/akE3uenqTfOj/ www.bitchute.com/video/5P2lr0ifc77S/ nopost.info/throw/zbDXhKS5qZmpXdU/video www.bitchute.com/video/elCAdH9rst4X/ www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1356770/Coronavirus-lockdown-statistics-chris-whitty-patrick-vallance facebook.com/Breesmedia/videos/675925713325619 facebook.com/emmakennytv/videos/366493191335827 consentfactory.org/2020/10/13/the-covidian-cult/?blogsub=pending#subscribe-blog nopost.info/throw/v9TRoXe-y3xxgqc/video facebook.com/yaliberty/videos/4653729178031272 nopost.info/throw/vty6rZuVsaZ_ksk/video facebook.com/DispatchesC4/videos/1040963966345010 www.bitchute.com/video/XO6FwKcpenlm/ www.bitchute.com/video/BRwlwrOkVW5g/ markcrispinmiller.com/2020/11/the-greatest-hoax-ever-perpetrated-on-an-unsuspecting-public-dr-roger-hodkinson-cambridge-trained-pathologist-blasts-covid-measures-as-outrageous-in-a-private-meeting-with-canadian-offici/
Buses NCT Places A-Z
Buses NCT Places A-Z Måned siden
Buses NCT Places A-Z
Buses NCT Places A-Z Måned siden
@phil doodler no u!
phil doodler
phil doodler Måned siden
Make your mind-up.
Татьяна Саплинева
Татьяна Саплинева Måned siden
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bob ernet
bob ernet Måned siden
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Anonymous4719 Måned siden
SV Lagonda
SV Lagonda Måned siden
Pubs and nightclubs are the biggest spreaders for Covid
sadie376 Måned siden
I thought it was supposed to be universities?!?
What’s my name again ?
What’s my name again ? Måned siden
@Poppa Wheelies what?
Chris UK
Chris UK Måned siden
@John willey No, the TV news is the worst , turn it of and its gone. this is all propaganda, no deaths above average, cases are not deaths, deaths are lower than average, hospitals are empty. More test for corona (common cold) call it covid positive. Corona test for covid ????
Chris UK
Chris UK Måned siden
Fool, look into it. or dont
Poppa Wheelies
Poppa Wheelies Måned siden
@Mediterranean Diet Covid spreads.