Where has MYSTIC7 been?
3 måneder siden
Suayb Sahin
Suayb Sahin 16 minutter siden
i cought a shiny groudon yestweday and it was my first groudon raid
Leon Pajak
Leon Pajak 17 minutter siden
Mystic plz groudon is greeeeeeeeeen
Clqsed 20 minutter siden
I Got 37 and i was Walking the Hole day
Balisi kum
Balisi kum 22 minutter siden
5652 7671 6751 raid tauros and kangaskhan
Loki Villalobos
Loki Villalobos 25 minutter siden
I got a hundo groudon 4th raid in and then it took me 22 more raids to get shiny groudon
Balisi kum
Balisi kum 26 minutter siden
5652 7671 6751
Balisi kum
Balisi kum 29 minutter siden
5652 7671 6751 raid pls
Swastik Gupta
Swastik Gupta 33 minutter siden
I seriously got Shiny Raquaza from field research, I was like ,Oh man! I am satisfied now I am not gonna play today anymore
ITACHI UCHIHA 34 minutter siden
Got both shinies back to back...!! Waiting to catch shiny rayquaza too...!!
Dennis Lindelaar
Dennis Lindelaar 41 minutt siden
do you have swellow i cacht him in the wild
Nick C
Nick C 44 minutter siden
I was literally like isn't that a 100%, you were like ivs are trash lol! 98%
Geert Boggelen
Geert Boggelen 45 minutter siden
i got a shiny rayquaza
REFLEX 48 minutter siden
I got a shiny Raquaza 😁😁😁
Mees Rottiné
Mees Rottiné 51 minutt siden
no grap
Sebastian Gołdyn
Sebastian Gołdyn 55 minutter siden
9924 3556 7192 - jak ktoś robi jakieś rajdy w Gdansku to chętnie się dołączę :)
Mees Rottiné
Mees Rottiné 57 minutter siden
i gif you a shiny meditite my home california street 5. 3 hours today trade?
pokemon boy
pokemon boy 57 minutter siden
I got a random shiny woobat
Hollywood Tamil trailers
Hollywood Tamil trailers Time siden
i got shiny rayquaza in the research
Abhinav S Kumar
Abhinav S Kumar Time siden
Chickyman Time siden
In England no one plays this game so I can’t get legendary shinys
Sayan Biswas
Sayan Biswas Time siden
I get shine requaza in the research...😁 feeling soo good
Dennis McGunnagle
Dennis McGunnagle Time siden
my first shiny in the event is shiny treeko
Ya boy Fletcher
Ya boy Fletcher Time siden
I caught shiny Kyogre 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Soulreaper24 zues
Soulreaper24 zues Time siden
I got a shundo
Soulreaper24 zues
Soulreaper24 zues Time siden
In the last minute
Valerio Bekkema
Valerio Bekkema Time siden
Torchic was my first shiny this event
Megan Dsouza
Megan Dsouza Time siden
Every one has at least one shiny treeko I got my 1st just a few days ago
Denis Ratonu
Denis Ratonu Time siden
First raid I got a hundo Kyogre
A̸l̸e̸x̸ G̥ͦḁͦc̥ͦh̥ͦḁͦ
A̸l̸e̸x̸ G̥ͦḁͦc̥ͦh̥ͦḁͦ Time siden
Question do u have a toxicrock?
Michel Dragt
Michel Dragt Time siden
I’ve have got myself a shiny rayquaza out the research
Ariel Saar
Ariel Saar Time siden
My first shiny of this event was shiny groudon.
Vince van der Scheer
Vince van der Scheer Time siden
I’m getting so depressed, I have over 80 legendary raids done, not a single shiny
Magnus Høgh
Magnus Høgh Time siden
i was lucky and got a shiny rayquazza
Theodor Hald
Theodor Hald Time siden
i think it's boosted. I got a shiny groudon on my first one of the event, then two raids afteri got shiny Kyogre.
Jack Eppers
Jack Eppers Time siden
I’ve done 40 raids in total of both and I only caught a shiny Groudon
Nova2xD Time siden
Guys I do have a bug that I can’t get any raid invitations. How can I fix it ?
Acekillers 387
Acekillers 387 Time siden
Must be nice to be sponsored by niantic
Sharanyo Mazumdar
Sharanyo Mazumdar Time siden
Dude! I literally just got a shundo Groudon while watching this video. Thanks for the shiny luck!
Laggy Aww man
Laggy Aww man Time siden
Mystic7: YEESSSS!! I got shiny Kyorge and shiny groudon Me: i did like 20 groudon raids and 17 Kyorge raids and Got 0 shinys
Rebecca Gabrielle
Rebecca Gabrielle Time siden
And kyoga
Rebecca Gabrielle
Rebecca Gabrielle Time siden
Anthony Wu
Anthony Wu Time siden
11:45 "These IVs are so-so" for a 98 Shiny Kyogre...
Jowtee36 Time siden
My 2nd kyogre raid ever was a shundo im actually sooo happy 🥰✨
Spencer Cook
Spencer Cook Time siden
4042 4145 0950
Ruhel Ali
Ruhel Ali Time siden
Like I said to my dad they are a pair you can’t get one shiny without the other
Buster Peyk
Buster Peyk Time siden
u all know when u get two kyogres and groudons u get a rayquaza but i got a hundo rayquaza from the rewards
Muhammad Hafizuddin
Muhammad Hafizuddin Time siden
First time try.... i change the name for Sakura... eevee evolve to Espeon thanks a lot bro .....💕💕
Mc kian A Marcelo
Mc kian A Marcelo Time siden
I get a shiny kyroge
Midget Mike
Midget Mike 2 timer siden
1st Pokémon was shiny kyogre first ball with a pinap by accicdent
Rebecca Gabrielle
Rebecca Gabrielle 2 timer siden
Rein Hoeke
Rein Hoeke 2 timer siden
My first Groudon was a 4* i got a hart attak 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😁👍
Rein Hoeke
Rein Hoeke 2 timer siden
I dind saw now IT was a 2351😁😂
Ruhel Ali
Ruhel Ali 2 timer siden
My first shiny was groudon and my second was kyogre
Shauvik Bhakta
Shauvik Bhakta 2 timer siden
Kyogre was my first as well as Pokedex shiny in this event
Arthur lund Hodges
Arthur lund Hodges 2 timer siden
When i raided my first kyogre raid ever i got a shiny
timme troe
timme troe 2 timer siden
mine first shiny from this event was shiny groudon
L1ZARDK1NG24 2 timer siden
I caught my first ever kyogre and surprisingly it was shiny, so that was cool
Mikael Kontinen
Mikael Kontinen 2 timer siden
Fun fact, he got a shundo kyogre too lol
Lil Jakki
Lil Jakki 2 timer siden
My first shiny of this event is rayquaza
Mason Perks
Mason Perks 2 timer siden
I'm so jealous my best is a vaporeon
Mason Perks
Mason Perks 2 timer siden
1510 cp
Ruben Chavez
Ruben Chavez 2 timer siden
Everybody drop your trainer codes I need more friends :)
Ruben Chavez
Ruben Chavez 2 timer siden
I need friends drop your trainer codes :)
Divit Saini
Divit Saini 2 timer siden
Well i guess I am 1 of the luckiest cause well yeah I got shiny ray ray
วัฒนา ภัคธินันท์
วัฒนา ภัคธินันท์ 2 timer siden
Shiny kyogre
Rahul Sah
Rahul Sah 2 timer siden
✨✨✨What a shiny luck✨✨✨
Tommy Good
Tommy Good 2 timer siden
I got two shiny Groudons in a row 😂🤣😂
Bladimir Salas
Bladimir Salas 2 timer siden
Anyone want to add me on Pokémon go for groudon and kyogre - Jocktezz
MASTER ARHAAN 2 timer siden
I am lucky i got a shiny raquaza
Rick Hollestelle
Rick Hollestelle 2 timer siden
my first shiny of the event was kyogre, got a shiny kyogre from my first raid
Yoshi 2 timer siden
I finished the catch 2 groudon and 2 kyogre challenge got my first ever rayquaza and it was a shiny 98%. I am still shaking.
Noam granot
Noam granot 2 timer siden
I got shiby raquaza
Noam granot
Noam granot 2 timer siden
Not scam
Ethan Gardocki
Ethan Gardocki 2 timer siden
I got 4 Groudon and 1 was shiny and another 1 was 96% IV
Sziegfred Conti
Sziegfred Conti 2 timer siden
Can we trade pokemon please
ubojita_ kamera
ubojita_ kamera 2 timer siden
My first shiny was shiny groundon lol
d 4BDons
d 4BDons 2 timer siden
mine was a kyogre shundo
Julien Adam
Julien Adam 2 timer siden
My first shiny was torchic. Im glad cause i didnt have one
CPU Ignitions
CPU Ignitions 2 timer siden
Hundo for both is 2351
21 Ali Ansari
21 Ali Ansari 2 timer siden
5686 9730 8774
Touheed Shaikh
Touheed Shaikh 2 timer siden
Why you love sudowoodo that much
Mr nuts 7
Mr nuts 7 3 timer siden
I have no one who plays near me
Samuel Machala
Samuel Machala 3 timer siden
June's Mind
June's Mind 3 timer siden
I won my very first kyogre raid yesterday and the freaking thing gets away!!!! The little shit wouldn't stay in the goddamn ball..
Miguel Barrera
Miguel Barrera 3 timer siden
Friends 👎🏻, that’s 70s show is better !