Why Planes Don't Fly Over Tibet
mCSenkei 2 timer siden
123 years
dragon 2 timer siden
A modern Confederacy would likely also include Oklahoma, West Virginia ironically, possibly Kentucky and Missouri and parts of Arizona and New Mexico.
Alejandro Mena
Alejandro Mena 2 timer siden
So, global warming is caused by gas and oil and will melt the ice in Greenland and that way you will access to more gas and oil? How can I resign from this planet?
Julia L.
Julia L. 2 timer siden
Me: yeah maybe I should do this one day? Also me few minutes later : naaaah
Marcus Carman
Marcus Carman 2 timer siden
I literally live right where the southern UK storage site is 😳
Solaris 2 timer siden
zander blair
zander blair 2 timer siden
even harder to get than point nemo!?!??!???!??!!?!?!!!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!
Kart Cookies
Kart Cookies 2 timer siden
RLL: Time travel is impossible Also RLL: *this Guy has time traveled and become 0.01 younger than his brother*
Sky Master0yt
Sky Master0yt 2 timer siden
Jizen 2 timer siden
Noone is gonna talk about the castle crasher goat in the thumbnail?
Tecoiyah Desmuke
Tecoiyah Desmuke 2 timer siden
What if it was just a terrible attack 😭by the pilot who knows...they said the thing was probably manually turned off
Chris Barber
Chris Barber 2 timer siden
The simple answer to this question is no. It may kill off most life on the planet, but the world will continue to exist.
VC - 03BK 855918 Fernforest PS
VC - 03BK 855918 Fernforest PS 2 timer siden
Candellasteelerectors Candella
Candellasteelerectors Candella 2 timer siden
Just need to turn it around remove it's signal powers
Fawza Rejwan
Fawza Rejwan 2 timer siden
Reject humanity, return to monke
Dexterity is better than Strength
Dexterity is better than Strength 2 timer siden
“Delaware is the most boring state” Me, an Ohioan: wait that’s illegal
Xinia Delgado
Xinia Delgado 2 timer siden
Even LA commutes would be short and free of traffic jams.
Kerim Pekgegin
Kerim Pekgegin 2 timer siden
Make the Seljuq Empire
nepabelito 3 timer siden
Hey Bill Gates, why don't you donate this project's money instead of researching bs virus and buying USA land
oscar friend
oscar friend 3 timer siden
bruh even if you took a knife and chopped the US in two we would still be the best economy lol
Philip Gregory
Philip Gregory 3 timer siden
draw a line 40 inches long and 0.01 inch thick (really sharp pencil) 40 inches represents 4,000 miles of ocean (distance across the Atlantic ) 0.01 inch represents average depth.. So, again, "way deeper than you think"? Really?
Matt 3 timer siden
Me every 30 seconds during this video: "that's wild."
Bepe Gabianni
Bepe Gabianni 3 timer siden
Only a brainwashed fool thinks genocide didn't happen. And only fools bow to mecca and believe Mohammed flew to the moon on a white horse. You scare me
The All Knowing Theremind
The All Knowing Theremind 3 timer siden
I was surprised to hear it only takes about 30 days to drive across the world.
Jager Nøkk
Jager Nøkk 3 timer siden
To be honest I could imagine "alliance" between Russia and Turkey(by offering central asian turkic nations and of course armenia to Turkey(because central Asian countries want it at some point,Turanic dream), but not Germany.....
Shivam Sahni
Shivam Sahni 3 timer siden
Light : I'm super fast ! Universe : We'll see about that.
WHENTHE 3 timer siden
stevemc 01
stevemc 01 3 timer siden
US: *angery* *two lane airport* US: “Tell me more...”
Flora Luis
Flora Luis 3 timer siden
imagine if there was a probability of 69/420, 6/9420 or 1/69,420
Clacxzy Gaming
Clacxzy Gaming 3 timer siden
Crew 2 is a great game! Had it for 3 years now and it is awesome!
Statik 3 timer siden
In my opinion, as a pilot, the most likely answer would be some sort of decompression due to an electrical fire. It would explain the inoperative transponder as well as the turns, in which not mentioned in this video are not within the range of the 777 autopilot. This means the pilots had to have been hand flying the airplane. In the event of decompression it’s the pilots job to force the airplane into a nosedive and stop when they are at a more breathable altitude. It’s possible they didn’t make this altitude quick enough and went unconscious, therefore explaining the 5 hour long path. Im sure this is far from the actual answer, but it seems like this is the most valid explanation
SermadZ 3 timer siden
11:07 bruh its not bulgEria its bulgaria
Domoguy 3 timer siden
Sun of a bitch
Adil Khan
Adil Khan 3 timer siden
no body can block pakistan .
Robert Raymond
Robert Raymond 3 timer siden
750,000... What.
Robert Raymond
Robert Raymond 3 timer siden
Jesse H
Jesse H 3 timer siden
Hate to burst your bubble but Armenia Azerbaijan Georgia and Kazakhstan are definitely Asian countries
ITS araizon
ITS araizon 3 timer siden
it would be united desi's
KaiserWaffle 3 timer siden
Who said Mother Nature couldn't get salty
Grayhill 3 timer siden
How would it cope in rough weather isn't it too top-heavy to stay upright.
Marco Khan
Marco Khan 3 timer siden
Jehovah’s creation .
Marco Khan
Marco Khan 3 timer siden
Jehovah’s universe .
Noob-bastic Gamer
Noob-bastic Gamer 3 timer siden
K2 have now been successfully climbed by 10 Members Nepali Team during Winter Time. Led by Nirmal Purja and 9 Other Nepalese Sherpa Brothers. 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵👏👏👏👏
spider jr
spider jr 3 timer siden
Meme funnie
Milan Sieval
Milan Sieval 4 timer siden
Visit us sometimes!
Bailey Easton
Bailey Easton 4 timer siden
how 'bout canada? it was part of the empire before england came and wrecked them
Bailey Easton
Bailey Easton 4 timer siden
nvm i was watching it before this 5:23
hyper super
hyper super 4 timer siden
Lol my waching this 2021 and this a lie im not died and now 2021 Russia vs Ukraine is too much to a lie!
Kelly Johnson
Kelly Johnson 4 timer siden
Not a secret now. Then they all die of radiation poisoning.
Anthony Lycke
Anthony Lycke 4 timer siden
imagine that thing going past Somalia with no escorts because it doesn't belong to a county
Carlos Ortiz
Carlos Ortiz 4 timer siden
Goose 4 timer siden
Yeeaaaaaahhh ain’t none of this shit probly accurate is of the pandemic 🤦🏽‍♂️
ahmo232 4 timer siden
Mongols killed every one on their way. So there wouldnt be tjmhat much citizens. Especially Muslims and Christians
Pala sa Marsa
Pala sa Marsa 4 timer siden
Robert Raymond
Robert Raymond 4 timer siden
8:37 Why does this small edit mean something to me, and how did you communicate it through a slight tilt? Language is so weird.
Vestinq 4 timer siden
I like to believe there's still unknown places out there
Sir. OP 342
Sir. OP 342 4 timer siden
I get it. NOBODY wants to be made fun of. But I'm quite sure this is overreacting...
gusjeazer 4 timer siden
Very scary. There are lots of prophecies about how nukes would be used to sink NYC and later London and southern England along with a long strip of the north sea, including part of Denmark during a following WW3. The war would be between Russia and Muslim countries against the US and Europe. China would pair with Russia, but then turn sides. Here is a scary list of WW3 prophecies. The document is unfinished, and I have a few changes to make to it, because of changed views, but here it is.
galaxy horse
galaxy horse 4 timer siden
change russia to the worlds largest farm and farm the whole place the russian can live in the us with us right comrade
Sir. OP 342
Sir. OP 342 4 timer siden
stupid old men
B N 4 timer siden
Billionaires don’t need to exist. No one needs that much money. No i don’t care if you want it fuck off. Hoarding that much money is USELESS and good for absolutely no one. At this point billionaire ceos are engaging in a dick measuring contest. What the hell is wrong with these people and why do so many people fall for it?
MARY Boamah
MARY Boamah 4 timer siden
WW3 already started
Dainel Solov
Dainel Solov 4 timer siden
If Jesus was alive today then he would punish those who are fooling because that's just selfish
DaPurplePup ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ C h o c o
DaPurplePup ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ C h o c o 4 timer siden
If I showed this to my online Polish best friend she would go crazy-
B N 4 timer siden
You have to engage in A LOT of exploitative fuckery to get to where he is. There’s just no other way.
Payday GH
Payday GH 4 timer siden
This sounds like a great sequel to Bioshock
Xdpataer 4 timer siden
Used this to find my AirPods
CookieLuverUwU 4 timer siden
me living in florida: IM GOING TO LIVE IN COLORADO!!!
TRISTAN 4 timer siden
You missed a shot in eroupe
Tahmid Rakib
Tahmid Rakib 4 timer siden
I thought iraq was spelt with a q?
Scorps5121 4 timer siden
The water wouldn’t sweep the zombies away when the tide changes, It would bury them instead as seen a couple times on the walking dead. They would slowly sink and then eventually be covered in sand then when you go out to walk they will grab your feet/legs and try to bite.
Rowan Grass
Rowan Grass 4 timer siden
aviations greatest mystery??? that's Amelia Earheart no question
Pasha Pasovski
Pasha Pasovski 4 timer siden
Solution is not to play!
Rambidan 4 timer siden
See, that's why kaligula went to war with the mf sea
Ad IYIzKingCheetahPBxOWO AdamEyEz1GroRPspandaYTFAN
Ad IYIzKingCheetahPBxOWO AdamEyEz1GroRPspandaYTFAN 4 timer siden
Algeria egypt tunisia libye: NOOO MY NORTHERN LAND Morocco: few that was a close on who is this Ottoman empire: hi
Netaile Sistah
Netaile Sistah 5 timer siden
Steve Downin
Steve Downin 5 timer siden
Well, as originally conceived, the United States was a union of individual sovereign nations. Each colony cum State was its own nation after the Revolutionary War. They agreed to join together as a union of sovereign states for common defense, and other common purposes, much like the EU. Somewhere in the intervening 245 years we’ve forgotten that the States are essentially their own countries that are part of the Union who delegates certain authorities to the Federal Government, and accepted the view that the United States is actually the country proper, and that the States are just administrative subdivisions of the Federal Government. In the first (as originally founded) case, the Federal Government is subservient to the States, in the modern interpretation the States are wholly subservient to the Federal Government. And I’m not so sure that second interpretation is legitimate, especially for the original 13 colonies that formed the United States under the understanding that they were still sovereigns who were merely delegating certain of their own authorities. A delegator always retains a right to resume the authorities that it delegates.
Steven Shao
Steven Shao 5 timer siden
Omi Mishra
Omi Mishra 5 timer siden
Pakistan: terror*sm and extremism
Omi Mishra
Omi Mishra 5 timer siden
Pakistan:terror*sm and extremism
Kankan Paul
Kankan Paul 5 timer siden
Imagine students majoring in English history.