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PS5 - Before You Buy [4K]
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HFDLI 23 timer siden
I think ..... maybe ..... hopefully .... thats alot of bs
burntouthippiechick 23 timer siden
So glad Son’s of the Forest was on your list since it was absent from your “Open World’s” games video. I’m really looking forward to this game.
Nadiest 23 timer siden
5 of these will actually come out.
Hushed Husk
Hushed Husk 23 timer siden
I still wouldn't play any of these games.
jjxor666 23 timer siden
AC Origins! Best sunsets in gaming world.
Maki Mobile Games
Maki Mobile Games 23 timer siden
GTA6? Any news ?
Baku 23 timer siden
god of war
Happypikachu1666 23 timer siden
im surprised with the ps5 i haven't had many glitches i only had one where everything looked different controllers and the startup screen was dual
Level 7 Media
Level 7 Media 23 timer siden
Bubsy 3D, it was one of the 2 games I started with. So I had no choice but to play it. Now I can't help but play it every now and then.
Broken dick piece of shit drill
Broken dick piece of shit drill 23 timer siden
The bank heist at the Payday 2 is the best change my mind
Anthony Nieves
Anthony Nieves 23 timer siden
I’m a huge fan of the channel but did you guys do any research for the Gotham knights entry? There’s so much info they released that you said “wasnt known” or just got wrong.
Justin Marcaida
Justin Marcaida 23 timer siden
isn’t bethesda releasing elder scrolls 6
blazereaper1 23 timer siden
Star Wars BF 2 ate my PC
Daniel James
Daniel James 23 timer siden
I wonder if sandy cheeks will still voice Ashley lmao
Well DONE 23 timer siden
Without counting the datail that Denise will spy on CJ if your dating another girlfriend 😂😂😂
Fenix 23 timer siden
I never understood how in Fortnite you have guns like the LMG, EXTREMELY powerful. But no recoil?
Crimson TricksterX *The imposter*
Crimson TricksterX *The imposter* 23 timer siden
i pick red and i just played a game where i was accused of chasing someone when i was just doing my task worse part everyone believed the noob :') also not long ago i was banned for winning a game as an imposter only been in 1 game of hide and seek i was crew and i didn't know what to do so i just hid(lobby wasn't name hideandseek) in most games i played at least 3 quit
Manuel Acosta
Manuel Acosta 23 timer siden
And what about subnautica below zero?
Laith The best
Laith The best 23 timer siden
One time I let my cousin play a little bit of just cause 3 and I went out to the bathroom and when I came back I saw the game restarting and I shouted "what happened" she said "I clicked new game" then I was dieng inside because just cause 3 was hard for me and I never played it again cause I can't afford to lose that much time again and I ended up deleting it and now the disc is broken
censored297 23 timer siden
I say ‘its just a game’ to myself all the time when I’m playing, if I’m getting frustrated with it I’m choosing to spend time being angry, if I choose to not take it so seriously I have more fun with it
Hunter Haney
Hunter Haney 23 timer siden
All i need is elden ring
YutoTheSaiyan 23 timer siden
I only play this game to Blow Stuff Up, Carless drive, gun npc’s down, and do fun mini games.
Conner Stoneburner
Conner Stoneburner 23 timer siden
I just want a skyrim remaster lol
Captain Howdy
Captain Howdy 23 timer siden
Take your time look what happened to Cyberpunk
i love carrots
i love carrots 23 timer siden
The new cursed number 20
Sketch Hero 14
Sketch Hero 14 23 timer siden
FPS characters never blink....
Bäume 23 timer siden
they should really scale it back and improve on what they already have
Milk Man
Milk Man 23 timer siden
Atomic heart was said to not even be in production phase, and is unfortunately never happening, as of last year. Hope y'all did your research.
Samuel Playz_YT
Samuel Playz_YT 23 timer siden
7 yr old me playin gta S.A: "Sees a cop chasin someone" Me: "Knock the guy he chasin" Cop: "Arrests me" Me: Understable hab a great day.
Wanderingwalker 1990
Wanderingwalker 1990 23 timer siden
Yeah, here’s a bunch of games you either won’t play, or will play.. and hate because it’s unfinished and wants me to buy the 2nd part of the 6th season pass for £ 😂
CMDR Shreaded
CMDR Shreaded 23 timer siden
not an open world game but Hellblade 2, I played Senuas' sacrifice and it was amazing
Matthew Zarefoss
Matthew Zarefoss 23 timer siden
“Top 20 games without a 2021 release date”
Fernando Vázquez Baxmann Carrupt
Fernando Vázquez Baxmann Carrupt 23 timer siden
A couple of notes (that Jake is to kind to say): - Fallout 76 was a broken mess filled with bugs, missing features, several servers problems and filled with hackers that got as far as extorquing players. - EA Battlefront 2, no game with this amount of greedness should be praise. It's basicly start investigations around the world about gambling mechanics on games (but it should have started with Fifa Ultimate). It's was a 60 dolars game that has pay to win mechanics. - No Man Sky did not suffered from "overhype", it suffered for lies. The devs blantantly lied about the game over and over again, talked about all the features that was not on the game. Even the hype was basicly created by them, but it was all based on lies, let's not forget that so others don't get tempetive to try to pull this move again. And the big disappointment was seeing CDPR following the same steps as these devs/publishers. The game industry has being adopting some very nasty and rotten attitudes on the last 10 ~ 15 years.
Its Birdy
Its Birdy 23 timer siden
Tell us sweet lies Tod.
Sir Wolfie
Sir Wolfie 23 timer siden
What about hogwarts legacy
Mark B
Mark B 23 timer siden
I've been waiting for Skull & Bones for about 2 years now :(
quincy 23 timer siden
This is the same type of channel where all they do is post about video games yet they are complete fucking bots when they play 🥴
Spacediso 23 timer siden
Wtf is Eddy Wally doing in this video 8:08 ... lol
Abe V
Abe V 23 timer siden
Should've mentioned Hytale
Roymario Gaming
Roymario Gaming 23 timer siden
Oh wow your Bladerunner easter egg wasn't the actual Bladerunner Easter Egg on my channel..WOW!
Mark Nealon
Mark Nealon 23 timer siden
This guy seems to really not want to like Stadia, but I think he secretly does. I use Stadia, and while I don't think anything he said is incorrect, I'm pretty sure Stadia is perfect for the majority of people who have decent internet and are in the market for a console. It's a much lower initial investment than other platforms and game costs are similar. I have had WiFi issues but when I use my phone or a wired connection (ie my Chromecast Ultra) I have no signal or latency issues at all. My connection is supposed to be up to 100kbps.
SneakyTurtle 23 timer siden
Kind of moot to put games with nothing but a cinematic trailer on a list of top 20 list of upcoming games.
Chronoire 23 timer siden
Clearly jab at Cyberpunk 2076
DstFabi 23 timer siden
Dont forget about Resident Evil Village
Marko Veselinovic
Marko Veselinovic 23 timer siden
getting constanbtly bugged on skellige for diving
Daniel 23 timer siden
Well... The thing is with a guy in charge which is famous for making every project he is in take to much time... And now he calls the shots means that it will never get done
Stickman Gaming
Stickman Gaming 23 timer siden
as someone who plays Final Fantasy 14, i can not tell you how amazing it was to see that game go from barely played to where it is now, ARR was okay, no casual 8 man raids though, you wanted the plot of the raid? you had to do some of the hardest raids in the game at that point. HW comes along and totally fixes that problem, the normal and savage raids in that expansion encouraged me to try harder content, then SB did what i thought SE would never do, pit 2 of the franchises most powerful entities against each other, with becoming the raids for that expansion. and finally, ShB i will say nothing on it because i know there are people still getting through it, but damn, the story is amazing and the new jobs we got up to this point just feel great to play.
Lardo 23 timer siden
Gaming is so genuinly horrible right now I'm not letting myself get excited over anything.
Ryan Ramos
Ryan Ramos 23 timer siden
Thanks for the input. I never played anything since 12.
alxrck3t 23 timer siden
Among Us is trash and only casual gamers play it. The only Streamers that play this game are the ones who conform. And they do it because they only care about their views and their add revenue, rather than sticking to playing games they really enjoy and doing what they love.
You Mad Bruh?
You Mad Bruh? 23 timer siden
Which is the best Hitman out of the 3 current games??
C.j Van Greuning
C.j Van Greuning 23 timer siden
I just wanted to take a moment and thank all from Gameranx for all the awesome videos that have been coming ever day and almost to 9years now.... You guys are the best. And hope you guys have a awesome 2021 and i wish you guys 10mil new subs...🤘😝🤘🎮
P D 23 timer siden
Rigging is hard mmkayy... hear me out; Would you trust your 300+ million dollar investment with just any developer out there? I would imagine the team started small and has remained fairly small over time. I'm certain the game will launch fully at some point in time. I think they should advertise Star Citizen physical Citizenship Licenses that are like an actual plastic license that you can put your picture on and store in your wallet/purse. That you can buy and customize(like a drivers license) from their webpage that will have a ship included with the license. roughly 3 million players could be a whole lot more with marketing like that. I would hope something like this would come out closer to launch.
Ryan Ramos
Ryan Ramos 23 timer siden
Glad I came here first before IGN.
Laith The best
Laith The best 23 timer siden
Man u just roasted gamers when u said we don't have friends or family's of
Martin Baccetti
Martin Baccetti 23 timer siden
The only Game I will Play will be NEW WORLD ! I know it shall be my only WORLD !
David Sandine
David Sandine 23 timer siden
Fake news click bait
Peacefrogs3854 23 timer siden
1:39 i am already shizophrenic i think i will pass xD
Thomas Bolinger
Thomas Bolinger 23 timer siden
Fallout 76 was a shit game and it's still a shit game. They polished a turd. That doesn't make it better.
Dee Ess
Dee Ess 23 timer siden
Where is Beyong Good Amd Evil 2 !
Giannis Kalogeropoulos
Giannis Kalogeropoulos Dag siden
"of 2021"..........rly now??
Joe Wuh-Puh
Joe Wuh-Puh Dag siden
Battlefront 2 is really good now shame its no longer supported, but hopefully it means that a third game is coming at somepoint.
The Challenger
The Challenger Dag siden
Martin Baccetti
Martin Baccetti Dag siden
Ashes of Creation is not till next year
Dcypherman plays
Dcypherman plays Dag siden
I'll never forget how much pride and accomplishment battlefront gives me
SV 27
SV 27 Dag siden
ohh my god invisible walls in watch dogs...what a tragedy now i cant go for miles in the ocean for no reason smh
Imasneakerhead Dag siden
He takkes about gta 6 here. A game they litteraly seems like it might never release
Game Pass is honestly great.
Dr. Mario
Dr. Mario Dag siden
Yo,about No man's sky, it wasn't the hype, it failed because, what was shown and promise on the game was not there.
Edmond Noir
Edmond Noir Dag siden
how has no one commented about Jakes "and a Horse of course" statement lol
Timothy Greer
Timothy Greer Dag siden
Hogwarts Legacy!
SV 27
SV 27 Dag siden
if it doesnt include sales nd stuff....watch dogs should be there.Theworsemod makes the game look better than any game out there even by today's standard and the story is just great
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf Dag siden
Play this on 1.25 speed so it's less noticeable that he's drunk
PersonAmongDudes Dag siden
I get yer message but Idk I'm kinda tired of game companies knowingly releasing unfinished products and just getting away with it because they'll fix it down the line. I'm glad some of these games do get better but I feel it they should just get it right the first time (this is more so for games that release like 76 or 2077) like if they rush it out and show that the first impression of the product is something worth sacrificing for a quick buck why should I care or put my faith that they'll hopefully fix a game in a few months/ years? Its just annoying that gaming gets a pass from this because if it were literally anything else that releases unfinished I feel it wouldn't stand.
graf SLO
graf SLO Dag siden
Ghost of Tsushima isn't for Windows !!
Joe Njenga
Joe Njenga Dag siden
Here's hoping CDPR will do the same with Cyberpunk 2077.
Ejazz S
Ejazz S Dag siden
Hey guys do you know if anything Socom has been said for Ps5?
Gina Poonawalla
Gina Poonawalla Dag siden
It's even worst this year lmao
Chad Smith
Chad Smith Dag siden
Bethesda burned me with F76. I can’t go back to that game and I will be weary of future ones.
Havv0ker x
Havv0ker x Dag siden
Guess im sick. I play almost in all of these :D