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Simon Campion
Simon Campion 15 timer siden
When is episode...2?
Pressian Radev
Pressian Radev 15 timer siden
and im the only one who mentions the bulgarian ep3 vtec, carguys in bulgaria are such a rare thing
suren raj
suren raj 15 timer siden
Choppay choppay 😂
Daniel Chapman
Daniel Chapman 15 timer siden
Un loosen bolts? So tightening them up then?
leigh tyrrell
leigh tyrrell 15 timer siden
Build a water crossings car
cat 15 timer siden
It sucks that they quit this project because of this guy selling fake parts. Was looking forward to seeing the prelude project complete
Abniel Sanchez
Abniel Sanchez 15 timer siden
I get 12 mpg in my bigass suv with 35’s. This mpg seems pretty nice lol.
Arto Kiiskinen
Arto Kiiskinen 15 timer siden
This video is fake. Alex is nowhere near tall enough to be decapitated even by the Ford GT.
Eeli T
Eeli T 15 timer siden
What do you think about the early 2000 volvo's.
ludame 15 timer siden
2:17 the days when petrol was less than £1 a litre
OffRoadRN 15 timer siden
For once, a car that's only good for short people....
MrNickelbrille 15 timer siden
Dollars? Finally giving up the pound?
We are playing uno right now
We are playing uno right now 15 timer siden
2:45 3:44 5:04 (with a smooch) 5:18 Mwuah
EvoBeard 15 timer siden
"Testicles... In your body... Just momentarily" 😂 That's probably the best way to summarise every single thing about the car in this entire video. Acceleration, cost, parking, turning circle, view, petrol consumption, getting in and out. All with that one line. 🤣
Ali Abbas
Ali Abbas 15 timer siden
Long time I haven't seen this car! Never seen this on road thou
Philly's Finest Productions
Philly's Finest Productions 15 timer siden
This is how to make driving less fun
Suprememes ._
Suprememes ._ 15 timer siden
Idk if anyone still watches this video but I wanted you to know that some French you tubers are currently working on a 1000hp multipla with a corvette engine and crazy aero kit etcc
Mihael Lozancic
Mihael Lozancic 16 timer siden
now.. out of the factory these cars came ... you know its going down after that line
karanJEET singh
karanJEET singh 16 timer siden
Where is doug demuros comment
Dave E
Dave E 16 timer siden
Strood Tesco boi
Kurt Rogers-Day
Kurt Rogers-Day 16 timer siden
This is so good
LoneSomeLetsPlays 16 timer siden
A PROJECT IS NEVER FINISHED.......(whispers turbo in your ears) 😂
Kristjan 16 timer siden
Try hypermiling an E38 730d. I'm doing constantly 1200+ km per tank any day with just regular commuting. It's not as good when it comes to MPG, but what a comfy ride.
matthew sykes
matthew sykes 16 timer siden
"bonerfied" loving the borderlands quotes, as i am a borderlands fan myself
Ryan Mead
Ryan Mead 16 timer siden
Piotr Babiuch
Piotr Babiuch 16 timer siden
u should put v8
whosyourdaddy 16 timer siden
10:32 maaaan my gt now runs funny
IAmTheMortal 16 timer siden
For 1 k in my country u can get a 2004 sirion. Or a 15 the old Hyundai or some sht... Jesus my country just sucks.
Rigobertas Luksas
Rigobertas Luksas 16 timer siden
You guys should do a series where you try to help people figure out issues with their cars. This could be a great platform for this as you could get the general audience involved as well.
Aerial Video
Aerial Video 16 timer siden
Nice tent
Mr Goose
Mr Goose 16 timer siden
I learned loads from this video
Angus Aylward
Angus Aylward 16 timer siden
At last, a sensible and practical car review! Thank you Alex.
mryesley 17 timer siden
Oh poor guy! It must horrible to live with a Ford Gt 🙁
Mc Chicken
Mc Chicken 17 timer siden
Why Dose Alex look like he's flexing and posing like a muscle maniac even when he's just driving lol
ferkemall 17 timer siden
With a Twizzy the world is your oyster and you will be as wet as an oyster !
Divyansh Giri
Divyansh Giri 17 timer siden
Even if people hate this car, it's safe to admit that honda really outdid themselves. Looking at this car, I genuinely feel like buying one simply cuz of the power socket it has which I haven't heard being implemented by other car manufacturers.
Sam T
Sam T 17 timer siden
honestly, i prefer the shit box videos
ferkemall 17 timer siden
Drafty and wet unless you buy the side screens, its a summer go cart !
Jens Fisker
Jens Fisker 17 timer siden
How much can a transporter like that tow? Can it pull close to 2 tons, might be the perfect fishing vehicle!!!
Goran H
Goran H 17 timer siden
I need to say something about this, i had ep3 and fn2 then i start to buy BMW 335 e92, m135xdrive and M5 f10 , i sold my M5 and what i did i went today for EP3 , i can not explain why i did it but last minute of this video explained it you go with your hart and that for me is Honda TYPE R.
MultiTerpen 17 timer siden
SEASON 2????
Frederick Isavian
Frederick Isavian 17 timer siden
Gimmick all the way!!! I bought one for my GLC 43 and after few weeks returned it. It did absolutely nothing! Get a RENNtech instead.
John S
John S 17 timer siden
I'm contacting trading standards 😂
S1ngula1rity 17 timer siden
I always thought I would end up selling a car if I won a sweepstakes. The ford GT I just couldn't do it. It's too special
WillPower 17 timer siden
3:45 I was more worried about that E46 than the performance car, god I love old beemers so much
CRAZY BİKER 17 timer siden
Impossible Climb
6Twisted 17 timer siden
12.7mpg is atrocious. You'd think it would be better being aerodynamic, light and supercharged. Also, what is the point of the giant lip on the doors other than to make getting out difficult?
Aidar Sharafullin
Aidar Sharafullin 17 timer siden
"completed it mate" - wow, CT guys referring to inbetweeners
Lagod 18 timer siden
I guy named lance helping you build a lancer
c.mcxrdle 18 timer siden
Lavagreat The great
Lavagreat The great 18 timer siden
Cuz it's not like the 'rona is a thing is it
Yorkshireman Preps
Yorkshireman Preps 18 timer siden
Just think how many shit boxes you could buy for that kinda cash lol
ZexonRaider 18 timer siden
I reckon if it had fresh, premium petrol, new spark plugs and cables, fresh oil and all filters, it could have very nearly hit 150, maybe be 149 on the dot
Shaun W
Shaun W 18 timer siden
thought the roads looked familiar, filmed at my local tesco's
S Lmont
S Lmont 18 timer siden
The story of the arm out on the roof sounds exactly like my mates incident. I think it was a mini that rolled onto the roof he had his hand on. Took all his nails off and some skin. Nasty business
Noah pope
Noah pope 18 timer siden
There’s just something about it that doesn’t look very ‘Honda e’ 😂
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 18 timer siden
"Essex - Home of the guy that got pushed sideways by a Royal Mail Lorry and saved by Ellie Goulding"
Krzysiek PFS
Krzysiek PFS 18 timer siden
Next job for Ethan will be headlights polish. And maybe proper wash for this Jazz 😂😉😂
Kevin And His Car
Kevin And His Car 18 timer siden
Loved this video
CookieGuy97 18 timer siden
it's a classic mini clubman grown up and modernised
Ashnaf Ahmed
Ashnaf Ahmed 19 timer siden
I knew it was going to be an Omaze sponsorship
Alviance McCaleb
Alviance McCaleb 19 timer siden
wow, very cool !
Reeshav Gohain
Reeshav Gohain 19 timer siden
I want an MX5 sooo bad 😭 but no one in India would be able to fix or modify it.
Jeremy Banham
Jeremy Banham 19 timer siden
to be honest 22L/100km in town for a supercharged v8 supercar is actually very decent. My XR6t wouldn't be much better
Thee AWE
Thee AWE 19 timer siden
8:05 yikes
Alex White
Alex White 19 timer siden
I miss mine so much tbh ... but had to replace it by a bmw z4 because of how thirsty that car is ... for the same performance level the Z4 is around 26mpg where i would get around 16 on the rx8 and that's beeing nice ...
David David
David David 19 timer siden
For me, this film proves just how skilled Clarkson & co are
Buggy Bugson
Buggy Bugson 19 timer siden
these are the best car throttle videos with roasting viewer's cars as a close second
PanderFucker2000 19 timer siden
Haha the way he attacked that Crusty Loaf.
kiko 19 timer siden
in reality would you use a ford gt everyday?
Andrei Simion
Andrei Simion 19 timer siden
ehm, the car is crap, why the effort to fix it? :)
Aaron O
Aaron O 19 timer siden
Loob and cucumber
Sklite 19 timer siden
today morning i got this vid recommended and i didn’t watch it, after i got an omaze ad about the giveaway i was like: Car throttle’s video has to be an ad of omaze.
Questioner 19 timer siden
This reminds me of Top Gear reviewing an F150 - it fits on British country lanes equally well. In North America, GTs make more sense - our roads are designed with lanes greater than 8.5' wide.
sausage 19 timer siden
Does this remind anyone else of the AMC gremlin?
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 18 timer siden
i dont know why, but it looks like a volkswagen to me
rivolinho 19 timer siden
These cars just arent practical in the UK.......... Too many jealous poor people who might key it.
Elliot 19 timer siden
The cucumber ffs
Mujtaba Ahmed
Mujtaba Ahmed 19 timer siden
If you did high way mpg at least for 30 miles it would be better
Dash Cam
Dash Cam 19 timer siden
Great car ,, if it was an ice car ,, 20 grand .... heavy weight battery car = 30 grand. Less components,, less to service,, so why a premium price..
Max K
Max K 20 timer siden
F*ck my life that's a dream car right there I'm so jealous...