Jack Innes
Jack Innes 16 timer siden
Why has Jamie Carragher all of a sudden turned into David Blunkett???
Sean Butler
Sean Butler 16 timer siden
Imagine if you arrived late due to bad traffic and then thought "ill leave early... roads are a nightmare"
Sideshow Dan
Sideshow Dan 17 timer siden
Classy guy, his integrity always shines through, unfinished business at spurs that hopefully one day he will finish
A B 17 timer siden
Do you catch a while with another gyal while ur pregnant Mrs is at the party? 🕺🏾😂 Sterling: Is this a setup I thought it was football only?!
James Newbon
James Newbon 17 timer siden
Can only be an indirect free-kick because there was no contact made. Irritating that the punditry never makes any reference to the laws of the game.
Omar Elmi
Omar Elmi 17 timer siden
His voice is 100mph
Phone Thant
Phone Thant 17 timer siden
Love this guy now more. He keep says "we" whenever he said about Arsenal. I think Arsenal only problem in investing money more.
Donkey Dave
Donkey Dave 17 timer siden
Does his mind go blank in the 18 yard box
AwesomeDragon69 17 timer siden
I wonder if Lamela's jaw has recovered from that savage unprovoked right hook by Martial
SuperKjnj 17 timer siden
Bloody hell surprised they are allowed to post this making fun of a black player. BLM will be burning down houses because of this
The Robinsons
The Robinsons 17 timer siden
yet arsenal made it to a final 🤣
K.C UNDERCOVER MOON 17 timer siden
AWB is your owner True, very true
Callum Cormack
Callum Cormack 17 timer siden
Spoiler alert 🚨 Yes
Mr Orlov
Mr Orlov 17 timer siden
I would die on a field for a manager like Keane.
paul occs
paul occs 17 timer siden
Why does Jamie keeping looking up he looks bordeline pissed😅
Visal Vimal
Visal Vimal 17 timer siden
Pool fans : laugh when other players get injured and loose the league. Now : you get what you deserve Wish you well 75 mil defender.
Ev b
Ev b 17 timer siden
good that they got kdbs against newcastle but where was shelveys equaliser?
Gladiator Gamer
Gladiator Gamer 17 timer siden
Lanzini should be the totle