Welcome Home, Democracy!
Black Pumas "Colors"
6 dager siden
Infinity Song "Mad Love"
Joss Stone "Walk With Me"
Julien Baker "Faith Healer"
Choc Late
Choc Late 19 timer siden
They are a great great great couple God Bless you both
70snostalgia 19 timer siden
Grant is so awkward in interviews you get a stiff neck just watching him.
gabe vilches
gabe vilches 19 timer siden
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Nick Schroeder
Nick Schroeder 19 timer siden
In the six weeks between 1/21/21 and 12/9/20, 626,675 people died from ALL causes, about 1,058 deaths per E6 in population. (250,000 were from including 1/20 in the data base.) There were 85,601 C-19 “involved” deaths, 21% 65 to 74 (2,346/E6), 29% 75 to 84 (6,022/E6), 34% 85+ (16,877/E6). 81.0% of C-19 deaths occurred in people over 65 years of age, 32.11% in those 85+ with just 2% of the population. C-19 accounts for about 12% of the deaths among those 65+. 30.8% of C-19 deaths occurred in nursing homes, hospice or residence. There have been 278,856,632 tests reported, 85% of the current population, 25,757,918 or 9.2% were positive. The 404,689 deaths are 1.7% of the positive tests, 0.15% of the tested population. 85.6% of C-19 CASES are among those UNDER 65, 81.2% of C-19 DEATHS are among those OVER 65. Since C-19 is mostly killing off old sick people why are our elected morons and Chancellor Biden suspending civil liberties, due process, bankrupting the country with lockdowns, distancing and masked clown shows? Guess they can't impose the NWO Grand Reset with actual facts. And the lying, fact free, fake news MSM left-wing propaganda coup d’etat machine has betrayed its responsibility to democracy and an objectively informed public.
NoraDiniro1of7 19 timer siden
Yay, a new Tolkien rant! I love it! :)
I. Dash
I. Dash 19 timer siden
Baby, we're sorry. Please take us back. We were going through some stuff!💀💀 Also nice to hear laughter in the Congressional chamber again.
Anil Kapoor
Anil Kapoor 19 timer siden
What's up with the fake accent?
Yusuf Moosajee
Yusuf Moosajee 20 timer siden
Mitch McConnell is the antichrist. The sooner he returns to his home in hell, the better for all of humanity.
Jason Sharpe
Jason Sharpe 20 timer siden
Pretty accurate "Fake fight". Both of these people are pussies.
Eldridge Brown
Eldridge Brown 20 timer siden
I understood everything you said about Glorfindel and I agree with you too. I'm a Tolkien SuperNerd also. I would love to have a Middle Earth Trivia battle with you. It would be bunches of fun! ... Maybe even more than one gross of fun. ;-)
mark makerdon
mark makerdon 20 timer siden
What happened to your excitement about trump
Ashwin Online
Ashwin Online 20 timer siden
My uwu container exploded into smithereens!!!!!!!!
Fernando Angelone
Fernando Angelone 20 timer siden
Ted Cruz was my #1 in 2016.
Sinthasized 20 timer siden
There will never be gold quite as valuable as Mr. Colberts Trump slams. #MeCouped
Fainer Fug
Fainer Fug 20 timer siden
„Who would have thought, 30 years ago...“
Jacob Hall
Jacob Hall 20 timer siden
For everyone on here commenting on the subtle meanings of the song and how the confederate flag plays into it all, here's another song that very boldly gets right to the point. This song came out a year before the pandemic and when I first saw it and watched the video as the events of the summer of 2020 were unfolding, it was seemed amazing how much it foreshadow what was going on in 2020. But then this song helped me realize (or moved to the forefront what I always knew was happening, but as a white guy I didn't have to deal with so I didn't focus on it) what has been going on for years and years. The music by itself is great, they lyrics totally are on-point, and the video really is a powerful piece. nopost.info/throw/nrHIgZa3tZR6XcU/video Gary Clark Jr. -- This Land
akki sharma
akki sharma 20 timer siden
Anyone else loved her in hereditary?
Dylan TemplarNight47
Dylan TemplarNight47 20 timer siden
#LegalizeIT we still live in a modern nation that has a strict Prohibition of THC. It’s legal in Canada Parts of Europe and Asia. There’s a market for it especially when we need the taxes more than ever. Please folks call your Representatives and request them push this to end the real drug wars and leave people who use natural remedies that are even available in our nation’s capital city and end the unnecessary persecution of non violent citizens held in our jails. Grass root movement across the country could also be motivated by the change in law.
Noetic Aphrodite
Noetic Aphrodite 20 timer siden
To listen to the “Crisis of Confidence” speech in these times is mind blowing in its prescience.
Jon Hansen
Jon Hansen 20 timer siden
This aged terribly
صحتك مسئوليتك
صحتك مسئوليتك 20 timer siden
Merci, mon ami, et j'espère que vous êtes toujours sur ma chaîne pour suivre mes créations
صحتك مسئوليتك
صحتك مسئوليتك 20 timer siden
Merci, mon ami, et j'espère que vous êtes toujours sur ma chaîne pour suivre mes créations
SuperLeica1 20 timer siden
Are there India-flavored IKEA meatballs?
Simon Hughes-King
Simon Hughes-King 20 timer siden
Hey Steve, I'm as glad to see the back of the Trump-a-lunk as your are, but Biden is still a dyed in the wool wealthy powerful career politician. He's not looking out for the little guy. He's going to cause his own disasters and foul ups and he will be listening to all the monied lobbyists and vested interests.
The Solar NERD
The Solar NERD 20 timer siden
This is truly silly.
Neeraja Balachander
Neeraja Balachander 20 timer siden
Priyanka gave the best answer for the food. And the “Welcome to the Club, America” is exactly what I felt. 🥰❤️😻
David Janthonex
David Janthonex 20 timer siden
Feels good on the tongue eh Colbert?
Tyrese Changat
Tyrese Changat 20 timer siden
Hold my stones and this beautiful gutlet
Mani Rodriguez-Rey
Mani Rodriguez-Rey 20 timer siden
(Puke..) wow... TC can say anything that he thinks will save his neck... and he still got voted...
Mohammed Zaheer
Mohammed Zaheer 20 timer siden
Adding a few pounds there PC! Expecting a baby jonas??
krampus86 20 timer siden
im from Brazil, and im very happy that the USA got rid of that crazy orange guy. CONGRATULATION AMERICANS!!!
YOW Gyrl
YOW Gyrl 20 timer siden
Obama's acknowledgment of Canada's response speaks highly of his class and the caliber of his character.
krampus86 20 timer siden
Kamala 2024
The citizen of the internet
The citizen of the internet 20 timer siden
Everybody gansta till wide Putin enters the room and rips the entire wall with him
Javian Johnson
Javian Johnson 20 timer siden
4:10 andddddd THERE it is.
Trumpet Music
Trumpet Music 20 timer siden
It's incredibly ironic that Bernie of all people is the one offering a message of unity on behalf of the democrats. He knows very well what happens when you "work with" dems. Bernie worked with dems and as a result he lost the presidency twice.
Durbagis Entertainment
Durbagis Entertainment 20 timer siden
Wow 😳 one word 🙏
NManitou 20 timer siden
Wow. I feel much safer now that hallways will have sanitizer. Wait, you need ID to get a shot? I guess you do need fair system to distribute (unlike voting). I watch this to see how the other side thinks and it is sad.
Denise Masino / Miss Fit 4 Life
Denise Masino / Miss Fit 4 Life 20 timer siden
HAHAHA, this is exactly what I needed to get this day going. Hilarious to watch the rest of the bandmates too!
J Mackey
J Mackey 20 timer siden
The White Tiger is really good
Hosein Hadi
Hosein Hadi 20 timer siden
Sean Bean sounds like a VERY VERY VERY VERY nice guy. I just feel to love this man.
Lelynn Miller
Lelynn Miller 20 timer siden
omg.. i was saying the very same thing, just this morning, as i was feeding my squirrels.. 🐿 (the squirrels i call "mine" are the 1s that KNOW that they can trust me enough, to get in front of my camera) i was sayin "President BIDEN! Prezzzident *BIDEN!!* Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-President BIDEN!" (💁🏼‍♀️ i was having fun with it) as i thought to myself 🤔 "it just rolls RIGHT OFF the ol tongue there"... PRESIdent *BIDEN!!* 😃👍
S Garber
S Garber 20 timer siden
This whole segment had me 🤣 Also, whoever is in charge of making the intros to meanwhile is a creative genius and needs an award
은꾸챈밍안녕낰율채강톰옌 20 timer siden
오잉 라이브 같네
Brigitte Menghi
Brigitte Menghi 20 timer siden
Can Tin
Can Tin 20 timer siden
I probably shouldn't be caring this much about American politics, but Biden being in control instead of Trump makes me so happy for America. Also, apparently Trump has done some things just before he left? Some new scary laws against the LGBTIA+? I hope Biden reverses them.
Earl A. Birkett
Earl A. Birkett 20 timer siden
it's not as profound as Burgess Meredith smashing his glasses because you can DRINK the soup. And how was she planning on heating it?
Anne Dowell
Anne Dowell 20 timer siden
Nice cricket tie-in! Priyanka is lovely.
Maxim Matiyuk
Maxim Matiyuk 20 timer siden
Lotr basicly white ppl fight black ppl, in the end white ppl won. hmm sounds similiar these days
Deck Hardt
Deck Hardt 20 timer siden
"Me coup'd" face palm...
MIke Martin
MIke Martin 20 timer siden
Masks have worked great as the counts continue to go out
Digital Native
Digital Native 20 timer siden
Ok, yes
stoned hambone
stoned hambone 20 timer siden
I thought his guy was supposed to be funny. LAME
Owen McAnuff
Owen McAnuff 20 timer siden
Mullet McNasty
Mullet McNasty 20 timer siden
I'm really impressed with Chris Krebs , as a Republican my self I want to apologize for what tRUMp and the other tRUMP supporter Republicans did to you ! You seem like a decent and honest person.
abby rose
abby rose 20 timer siden
‘what will it take for you to go away? 130k?’ that stormy daniels callout sksksk
JT Michaelson
JT Michaelson 20 timer siden
Caribou was actually before Captain Fantastic, but we'll let that one slide ;) As Paul McCartney once said that we the fans are probably better fans of his work than he is, so sometimes they forget.
Cauê Lima Oliveira
Cauê Lima Oliveira 20 timer siden
Biden is stupid... demential guy
Andrew Flowers
Andrew Flowers 20 timer siden
100% Agreed! Glorfindel (my autocorrect doesn't even know), was a key element in Fellowship of the Rings! Why did they replace him with Arwen???? It is a sad day for Tolkien fans.
Majestic Chicken
Majestic Chicken 20 timer siden
It’s quite striking how much he’s slowed down since this was recorded. Hope he makes it through the four years okay and healthy.
Carimbo575 20 timer siden
Dude, why bring up drugs? Most speedcubers are kids! Come on, what a gaffe!
Ada D
Ada D 20 timer siden
This guy is the 2nd person who makes me laugh 1st is mr bean and adam sandler
Binging with Comics Nerd
Binging with Comics Nerd 20 timer siden
What was she promoting?
Banidil 20 timer siden
I've learned that most directors are just gonna rehash old stuff. That's why you gotta respect the original stuff or at least stuff like The Mandalorian, where it's a a universe that's been hashed out but you create an original narrative inside of it.
Elepheria Karageorgis
Elepheria Karageorgis 20 timer siden
PAU 2.30 8#2#6 Scottsville 2.30 4#11#9 Mr Moore Passed.
Joseph Hickey
Joseph Hickey 20 timer siden
Norton NEEDS to go on the Conan O'Brien show !!!!
ElChe-Ko 20 timer siden
Doesn't he claim to be a catholic?
Nobody000 20 timer siden
Stephen, Trump is your future boss
Manj Sher
Manj Sher 21 time siden
Charlie Rose is a abuser of women, live with it.
Theresa Kalsch
Theresa Kalsch 21 time siden
The fact Trump and his team had no plan to distribute vaccines, shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. He was and still is in total and absolute denial of Covid. No expectations? No disappointments. Is it appalling? Hell yes!
Herkimer Snerd
Herkimer Snerd 21 time siden
Evie is the best audience. 😍
Sean Hamilton
Sean Hamilton 21 time siden
"At last, the fool will go away. Hallelujah, America rules without you. For the first time in forever, we can't stop feeling good. Thank you, next president." "Remember when you said Barack Obama came from Africa? F*** you, liar! The very thought of you makes me want to die." "I got a feeling things will get better because of you leaving on a jet plane, so good. Bye, creep. Never forget, you lost, Georgia." "Farewell, you crazy (5x) maniac." Were those the hidden messages?
Dane Nielsons
Dane Nielsons 21 time siden
The bored mistake metabolically heal because panda pertinently continue sans a righteous ophthalmologist. dark, general gentle toad
Sylvia Torres
Sylvia Torres 21 time siden
What a relief...so much Joy no more of the shameless President. Or is it. His like a Plaque his not far away. Im.....please work this time. have suffered so in 4 years.
Phillip Elwood
Phillip Elwood 21 time siden
John Baptiste is an amazing pianist; he just picked up the whaling song effortlessly!
Will Harris 1
Will Harris 1 21 time siden
dakusaab 21 time siden
do you trust a stranger 100% but 99% trust the government. Amazing blind idiots
Ezana 21 time siden
I appreciate this friend boss thing they Jon and Stephen.
Karen D.
Karen D. 21 time siden
Everyone worships something......if not deity, then a conspiracy theory, an antichrist, money, power, youth or even self.......but everyone worships something....what do you worship and is it worthy?
Elementalism :D
Elementalism :D 21 time siden
so the satan, pedo, child eating cabal is over? that... is sad indeed.... (sarcasm) you know how we always say that trumpists often use projection? yeah, maybe we should investigate the folk that were sad when this entire q thing ended...