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Sonu Kumar
Sonu Kumar 21 time siden
I like iphone 12 and i want to win it
PanJa 21 time siden
Despite the fact, the Mi9 has better camera setup than K20 pro, it's processing is just butchered, nothing improved to this day, if you want normal looking photos, use Gcam port.
Franz Berger
Franz Berger 21 time siden
Your channel is one of the best out there! Keep up the good work!
ASBP tech
ASBP tech 21 time siden
nopost.info/throw/p7bCaYrQqnuhd7s/video I phone 12 durability test
Brian P
Brian P 21 time siden
When nations can no longer peacefully trade with each other, they usually turn to war. What's happening is incredibly stark on a geopolitical scale.
LEOMAR NAGUINLIN 21 time siden
That 11pro max monster battery Cant wait for the iphone 12 giveaway More blessings and subscribers to come idle Im from philippines hope you’ll visit here
Tech-N-Facts 21 time siden
7 चीजें जो आपको खाली पेट नहीं खानी चाहिए nopost.info/throw/t-DHeXqzz4lngrc/video यह मेरा youtube cahnnel है। कृपया सब्सक्राइब और लाइक और कमेंट कर दीजिये । धन्यवाद !!!!
Muhd. Faris Izzat Ibn Azlan
Muhd. Faris Izzat Ibn Azlan 21 time siden
Healthy competition should give a path for more innovation in the smartphone industry,although I hope someone can explain why there are rivalries between Android and iOS fans,it's because I personally think that we can just appreciate innovation on both side and use both products and ecosystems.If any can explain,please be just and not bias.
Eyyy ?
Eyyy ? 21 time siden
Even though I bought the XR a year ago and despite its flaws I am happy with it but every time he mentions don’t buy it it stings
Arsenal Arsoona
Arsenal Arsoona 21 time siden
Parav Prasher
Parav Prasher 21 time siden
Happy Birthday Arun
sri hari
sri hari 21 time siden
Baked Boyz
Baked Boyz 21 time siden
A finish company to finished company 🤣
Abeel Ashraf
Abeel Ashraf 21 time siden
Please give me the I phone 12 pro max
Shaurya Mahajan
Shaurya Mahajan 21 time siden
Apple finally got rid of the short battery life holding them back with the iphone 11 line... Then struck themselves in the foot with iphone 12 This might not be a deal breaker but it certainly is bordering over there. Not happy
GodSpeed 21 time siden
Im eagerly waiting for 6g so that my country might start thinking about installating base stations for 5g
paramjeet kaur
paramjeet kaur 21 time siden
Do a battery test with all the tablets and ipads
Elizabeth Rossi
Elizabeth Rossi 21 time siden
i really like the iPhone 8+ because it has a home button... some people don't like it but I really do........
akshay kharat
akshay kharat 21 time siden
Yeah say something bad about chine.. then sense the change
Sophisticated Troll
Sophisticated Troll 21 time siden
So really, F*ck the US. They have created a trade war which just means other competitors can get lazy and charge more. Well done USA!
One Zein
One Zein 21 time siden
LOL it's Exactly The Same 😂
Ayaan Baksh
Ayaan Baksh 21 time siden
You look old
Chief3916 21 time siden
Disagree 👎
BananaBoy 21 time siden
The cameras look lika a p*nis
steven Papus
steven Papus 21 time siden
Much appreciated video.
Azad Farroq
Azad Farroq 21 time siden
The people who bought non max love their kidneys
Richard Clemens
Richard Clemens 21 time siden
Did you put the 12’s through a few full battery cycles?? Being new that battery needs to learn its capacity at first. Charge to full then drain to 10-20% then charge to full. Do that a few times and then run this test. iPhone 12 will be superior
Luqman Butt
Luqman Butt 21 time siden
When video starts the see boss reaction lol 😂
Linus Goh
Linus Goh 21 time siden
You actual fool! why are you looking for apps to watch videos when there's NOpost web? Its not like Huawei Browser is tha bad, i have been trying you replace Chrome with Huawei Browser because of its speed when browsing the web!
nathan hughes
nathan hughes 21 time siden
I think a transparent tv would be useful in say a lobby where it may be viewed from both sides. Also I’ve seen screen protectors used as transparent phone props in movies and tv shows
Patricia Coughlin
Patricia Coughlin 21 time siden
Juglen Zwaan
Juglen Zwaan 21 time siden
Thanks for this great test, really good quality. The test only doesn’t reflect daily use. You tested it on WiFi, while 5G is consuming 20% battery than 4G... Can you redo this test?
Ambu Ambu
Ambu Ambu 21 time siden
But Note 10 Plus Exynos is nowhere near in quality. So don't be fooled by these Snapdragon reviews.
Game Is On
Game Is On 21 time siden
nice camera
laurence king
laurence king 21 time siden
Great informative video Arun 👍
Nirup Koyilada
Nirup Koyilada 21 time siden
Can U Pls Do The Review For The Samsung Galaxy A51Please Please
The Dawsons
The Dawsons 21 time siden
That’s a really good idea
MarcoDoesRandomStuff :p
MarcoDoesRandomStuff :p 21 time siden
How much money does Arun have?!?!
Clinton Banks
Clinton Banks 21 time siden
With all honesty I joined many you tubers to applauds CYBERPROFESSIONALS01 ...... Çøm service.
Clinton Banks
Clinton Banks 21 time siden
With all honesty I joined many you tubers to applauds CYBERPROFESSIONALS01 ...... Çøm service.
Clinton Banks
Clinton Banks 21 time siden
With all honesty I joined many you tubers to applauds CYBERPROFESSIONALS01 ...... Çøm service.
Tactical Steak
Tactical Steak 21 time siden
Why is there no X/XS?
Azad Farroq
Azad Farroq 21 time siden
2:48 repeat 5:04 ? Memes
pVoqz 21 time siden
That's it, Xiaomi did something amazing and my next phone is going to be a Xiaomi! I currently have a Oneplus 7T Pro McLaren and this looks a lot better.
POWERTECH RAK 21 time siden
big deal lol
GodSpeed 21 time siden
Someone watched too many episodes of flash
mohammed ahmed khurshid
mohammed ahmed khurshid 21 time siden
No matter how good it is...jerry is always murder this
Joyce Ou
Joyce Ou 21 time siden
I really want the iPhone 12 because I want to give it to my mom because her birthday is on November. I’m just a 13 years old and I don’t have a lot of money to buy her a phone. I don’t have Facebook,instergram or any other website to follow you I just have a ipad
xBOIPELOx 21 time siden
I’d go for the 11 Pro Max but it’s too big and heavy. I’ll settle for the 11 Pro
louis chong
louis chong 21 time siden
Hey! Can you do a charging test comparison with this device and others because i havent seen a Mate 40 Pro charging test yet and i miss your charging test reviews.
pVoqz 21 time siden
Apple : Not even a charger Xiaomi : Car Charger, 2x Wireless Charger, Ultra fast charger...
Abhishek Pal
Abhishek Pal 21 time siden
I appreciate your hard work sir 😊
Clinton Banks
Clinton Banks 21 time siden
With all honesty I joined many you tubers to applauds CYBERPROFESSIONALS01 . Çøm service.
Clinton Banks
Clinton Banks 21 time siden
With all honesty I joined many you tubers to applauds CYBERPROFESSIONALS01 . Çøm service.
red is sus
red is sus 21 time siden
Like a alchol bottle that says protects the viruses 100%
Clinton Banks
Clinton Banks 21 time siden
With all honesty I joined many you tubers to applauds CYBERPROFESSIONALS01 . Çøm service.
Ashika Sandooram
Ashika Sandooram 21 time siden
Every time I need to buy a new phone, I watch your videos. Continue nice channel
Mohamad Elmasri
Mohamad Elmasri 21 time siden
I did all the giveaway temrs..wish I win it🤩it will be my birthday gift on 11/ 11🥰😍
Yuriy T
Yuriy T 21 time siden
Thanks! This is the second video I watched (battery comparison was the first) from you, which settled my debate whether to buy 11PM or 12P. You, sir, just saved me lots of money by providing an honest and very informative review. I probably watched 10 other videos and felt like they were sponsored by apple or made by those who seam slightly biased in favour of their product. I appreciate the detail and accuracy of your reviews, therefore I subscribed :) keep it real and honest.
Derezar Master
Derezar Master 21 time siden
This phone will make Jerry rig everything sad. Now he won't need to break the phone open to see the inside. 😂
LimLux 21 time siden
My iPhone 6s could probably reach 2h
Tamer Tamer
Tamer Tamer 21 time siden
Fake video iPhone 12 pro have good camera 5:20 fake
Benny Kossovarr
Benny Kossovarr 21 time siden
Display (Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus) Back Cover (Nokia 9)
Tawana Tachiona
Tawana Tachiona 21 time siden
amazing video quality
Attitude Status
Attitude Status 21 time siden
Plz check my account
Jorge B.
Jorge B. 21 time siden
This will be my first Apple phone.
Abhinandan Jeet
Abhinandan Jeet 21 time siden
arnab chakraborty
arnab chakraborty 21 time siden
by seperating from huawei, Google has just destroyed the company!!
Akpan John
Akpan John 21 time siden
I pray i win the giveaway 🤲🏾
Abdur Rehman
Abdur Rehman 21 time siden
Need iphone
Yathurshan Maheswaran
Yathurshan Maheswaran 21 time siden
Nice bro
Amit Pate
Amit Pate 21 time siden
Why do you want to review Huawei devices .. ..
iSick 0
iSick 0 21 time siden
I dont even have a iphone and still watching 😎
Dennis Yeung
Dennis Yeung 21 time siden
00:24 Is it not very iPhone has the highest brightness?
Yathurshan Maheswaran
Yathurshan Maheswaran 21 time siden
Good job bro keep it up
Abhinav B mario
Abhinav B mario 21 time siden
Can you tell me your (call of duty) name or username
laurence king
laurence king 21 time siden
You Sir are definitely the BOSS! Great video 👍
Jesse Hibbs
Jesse Hibbs 21 time siden
This phone still blows every other phone away like it or not
Dima Tatarinov
Dima Tatarinov 21 time siden
iPhone pro max norm telefon octalbnble govno y menя eclbi 4to takoi angliiskiu strogo ne sudite
Afia Manahil
Afia Manahil 21 time siden
Memes : shows apple phones battery runs the shortest Reality : 8 hr 30 min