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lea lex
lea lex 17 timer siden
God I feel so bad for Trisha. Those people are so fucked up to talk about someone like that.
Taerdin 17 timer siden
Death Proof is a film... and I really enjoyed it. Sorry Ethan...
nadia elric
nadia elric 17 timer siden
"I can;t wait to see who dies first" LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO THE EXTRANESS
Mr. Nicholas
Mr. Nicholas 17 timer siden
Can we stop making the focus if these all about Trisha? They are already hard enough to watch...
Craig Merryfull
Craig Merryfull 17 timer siden
You guys are enabling each other.
M H 17 timer siden
j a
j a 17 timer siden
this podcast is what I look forward to every week 🤍
Shiro Noxious
Shiro Noxious 17 timer siden
I was so excited for this episode
erin corinne
erin corinne 17 timer siden
T said you don’t talk about ppl’s diets and what they eat. She’s gonna be mad when she sees that vegan lady’s video, if she hadn’t already
Tyler Horsman
Tyler Horsman 17 timer siden
Quentin Tarantino says that once upon a time in Hollywood is his ninth film
B C 17 timer siden
Trisha’s a gross mess. Unsubbed after 6 yrs😢
Sydney Riley
Sydney Riley 17 timer siden
Omg the Quentin Tarantino beef killed me
EMMERSON KATE 17 timer siden
Hope to see ya at the houston concert next year luv <3
nfvy 17 timer siden
People don’t defend Trish because she’s done indefensible stuff 😂 like come on, it doesn’t cost her anything to defend others bc her own reputation is already so ruined. She also balances it out by throwing as many ppl under the bus as she “defends” 😭
Caoimhe 17 timer siden
Sadboy 2005 is iconic and tbh I would love if trish came to my house with her merch like bro she's an icon
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez 17 timer siden
I would vote for Ethan 💯
Al Ralph
Al Ralph 17 timer siden
I desperately want to tell Trisha that Ralph Fiennes is pronounced "Rafe Fines" lol
okay 17 timer siden
Who knew the guy helping people and defending people turned out to be a really bad person and the guy making fun of people turned out to be a true friend
AestheticallyModified 17 timer siden
I couldn’t tell with just the pic if that was Trish or not lol pretty cool 😎
ghostee 17 timer siden
Frenemies honestly changed my prespective on Ethan he is genuinely a nice guy and a very good friend
Salma 17 timer siden
"That's her slave name" 😭
Hattie Aguilar
Hattie Aguilar 17 timer siden
I love these videos
rachel 17 timer siden
“if this is your sober brain” about jay looooooooooool
Courtney Brown
Courtney Brown 17 timer siden
i always enjoy watching these podcasts. its the highlight of week.
Phoebe Rose
Phoebe Rose 17 timer siden
Jojo Siwa continues to surprise me. The fact that she just sends Trish casual friendly texts despite the controversy that the relationship could bring to her... she's so bloody mature.
Jenny Meher
Jenny Meher 17 timer siden
socialist ethan jumped out we love to see it
sai 17 timer siden
What's stopping Ethan from writing the IRS a check for 95% of his money? If socialism is really what he supports he should walk the walk not just talk the talk. He's filthy rich, in the 1%. Why isn't he giving it all away to the less fortunate via the government??
Sarah Matos Pachano
Sarah Matos Pachano 17 timer siden
She’s so anxious to the point where is making my anxiety go up.
gold blue
gold blue 17 timer siden
Its really heartwarming seeing them yell together and not at each other at 1:45
et et
et et 17 timer siden
You do not understand how comforting this podcast is to me
Zena Cheong
Zena Cheong 17 timer siden
Omg I was thinking she looks like Gerard Way and when she started talking about Gerard I was like ok that explains 😂
carlyxoxo lexy
carlyxoxo lexy 17 timer siden
Shortness of breath or Tight chest feeling can come from high intake of gluctose fruit syrup or artificial sugars. I get that feeling from chugging Peace tea or Arizona teas, or Sprite
ur stepmom
ur stepmom 17 timer siden
as a dominos worker trisha would hate working at dominos
Kim 17 timer siden
Ethan’please close your mouth when you have food it it! Chomp Chomp sounds disgusting!
brittn3yjad3 17 timer siden
Honest question why is it so bad he dox'd(?) Her company name. What's bad about that?
Clare Barry
Clare Barry 17 timer siden
BIG sibling energy for the trivia quiz when they're both determined it's 9 movies not 10, so funny
Kendra Carr
Kendra Carr 17 timer siden
I feel like jeffree has something on shane and hes afraid. im not condoning his bullshit at all btw. just saying jeffree owns his merch and makeup line and could probably ruin shane. I bet shane signed alllll sorts of fucking contracts to work with jeffree.
Corie Gibbs-Cronce
Corie Gibbs-Cronce 17 timer siden
Sometimes trish has me like wtf but then this episode makes me feel like she has a good heart
Cura te ipsum
Cura te ipsum 17 timer siden
With peace and love it’s so hard to listen to Ethan chewing and talking with food in his mouth into the mic it’s pretty gross esp listening with headphones on RIP. With peace and love...
Sierra Holston
Sierra Holston 17 timer siden
comrade ethan
Riley Watkins
Riley Watkins 17 timer siden
This is my favorite podcast and look forward to listening every week!
Josh Rosen
Josh Rosen 17 timer siden
"One of the best things we can do, to cure equality..." -Ethan 2021
Mistress Kami
Mistress Kami 17 timer siden
Whenever you give it always gets back to you and sometimes even 10x more and that goes with bad things do.. so always do good
Courtney Lynn
Courtney Lynn 17 timer siden
Also funny the sip had the most views when Trisha was on but they still would rather gush over jeffree🤣
Dae Hill
Dae Hill 17 timer siden
Trisha just needs to watch the D'angelo Wallace video.
Lizzy Louwho0
Lizzy Louwho0 17 timer siden
I love Trish but yikes this looks gotta go
2shayZEE 17 timer siden
I wonder if Maddi quit over this
Tess K
Tess K 17 timer siden
This is such a wholesome episode <3
Déanna Hudson
Déanna Hudson 17 timer siden
To be honest, its actually really symbolic that Trisha lost her original IG. Its like all her baggage and the shitty people in her life are left behind on that account. Time for a new chapter in Trishas life, new circle of friends and new ig page hehehe
ImKittyKay 17 timer siden
Being bullied as a kid doesnt mean you become a nice adult
Kayla James
Kayla James 17 timer siden
But trish don’t forget over the years ppl have told you Shane was talking about you.. also the gabbie thing never was a true friend
Brandon R.
Brandon R. 17 timer siden
wren poo
wren poo 17 timer siden
ethan thinking wbttbp came out in 1973 is the funniest thing ever
Amy Boyd
Amy Boyd 17 timer siden
You guys should take a political test
seth johnston
seth johnston 17 timer siden
I’ve been watching Trish since 2012 and I’ve always supported her because she has been real about whatever she’s done or said. I’ve watched Shane on and off since before then and jeffree since 2015 and stopped with Shane and jeffree when they cut their “9 part series” down to a lower number after the launch. To me that made it clear it was all about the money and they pretty much gaslit everyone into buying some shitty palette. But I’ve also always seen Trisha get comfort in knowing she has Shane as that 1 friend she can count on. In a video with Joey Graceffa and Colleen they joked because she said she didn’t have friends and they were like “oh we’re your friends but we’re secret friends” which for them was a joke but I wonder if that’s kinda how it was for trish and Shane because he did never defend her in public. Was also shocked in the steamy’s no one wrote in Ryland as a clout goblin because he went from being broke to being rich after he started dating Shane while ryland was working at some NOpost job. He knew what he was doing when he got In with Shane and now is reaping the benefits, as is his sister. I’m glad trish has Ethan, Hila, and Moses who seem to genuinely care about her now.
v4vendetta 17 timer siden
Remember that if you stan Trisha you are transphobic against transgender men c: Have a good day ✨
Sorrell 17 timer siden
Ethan is so nice to Trisha and it's honestly just so nice to see that he's a genuine friend to her. I'm in no way a fan of Trisha due to a lot of her past actions, but I think it's almost refreshing to see that she has somebody that doesnt treat her like the rest of the world/internet does
s j
s j 17 timer siden
Fat shaming is only a thing if you feel ashamed of yourself. Dont put that on me
Roshani Crystal
Roshani Crystal 17 timer siden
My highlight every Tuesday night after work is watching frenemies 💚
Alexandria Machuca
Alexandria Machuca 17 timer siden
Most are Jenner’s! Not Kardashian’s
... 17 timer siden
I love this podcast so much 😍
Michi Bet
Michi Bet 17 timer siden
I love Ethan being a Socialist 😂😂😂😂
Stephanie Williams
Stephanie Williams 17 timer siden
Trisha’s facial expression at 55:07 breaks my heart. I can’t imagine someone making fun of me like that. I have had abuse where someone has made fun of me while crying and it hurts so much. He has ruined his own career and shown everyone his disgusting he is. No one deserves this type of treatment. 😔
Sierra Kate
Sierra Kate 17 timer siden
Okay but can Trisha deliver to my house in Australia? I’d be okay with that 😂
Owl of Athena
Owl of Athena 17 timer siden
I had to make some tater tots and watch a Tarantino "feature film" after this
Sam Grantham
Sam Grantham 17 timer siden
I respect Trisha for being able to open up about all the abuse she has faced.
Josh Rosen
Josh Rosen 17 timer siden
Money... ya know, that thing everyone folds up and carrys around ON THEIR ASS. yeah, lets just sniff the fuck outta that...🤦‍♂️
jessaboveaverage 17 timer siden
Trisha serving Gerard Way in 2011 realness 😂😂
meaghanweatherby 17 timer siden
I would like Ethan to also start glamming/dressing up
celeste dragomir
celeste dragomir 17 timer siden
For Trisha's shortness of breath try sleeping at >30° angle, limiting sodium intake, and water <2L a day. I'm worried she might have some congestive heart failure.
Sahar Nabi
Sahar Nabi 17 timer siden
United States isn't even in the top 10 richest countries in the world 😂 They're #11! Qatar is #1 🤗
sissywizard 17 timer siden
One person who's defended you like a white knight on a steed named Zoom, Trish....Dr. Drew.
cybersigh 17 timer siden
Trisha the Gerard Way stan & cosplayer is my favorite kind of Trisha. So long & good night 🖤
JohnnyOmm 17 timer siden
Courtney Lynn
Courtney Lynn 17 timer siden
The only thing that would have made this a better episode is if Dr Drew was here to give his opinion 🤷‍♀️
321FloridaGuy 17 timer siden
Gosh I don't follow them too much but just that whole side of that clique seems so extremely toxic and it's just a shame that no matter what shit they do, people & the YT algorithm will just eat their shit up.
LS EH 17 timer siden
What did she say her company name was!?
Diana Salinas
Diana Salinas 17 timer siden
It would be beautiful if Trisha wears the Domino's uniform and Ethan wears the Papa Johns uniform for one episode, even do a mukbang and sees who's best lol
Akira Joestar
Akira Joestar 17 timer siden
I like that emo look on Trisha lol
Dorothy Mawson
Dorothy Mawson 17 timer siden
Does anyone know if the footage from the trip is out there and where to find it?