TINO CASI 17 timer siden
She stays kicking Ethan’s puppies by accident 😂
Georgia 17 timer siden
Omg, david is deranged.. wth? That is so fucked up he almost killed someone, this so horrifying..
Emily Whittaker
Emily Whittaker 17 timer siden
Get that paper boo
Little Munchkin Cat
Little Munchkin Cat 17 timer siden
Big day when this shoot gets a platform 🤣😂
z.georgieva 17 timer siden
jack black collabed with die antwoord and they’re just as controversial as trisha. trish, i’m manifesting that for you bb <3
thursdaysgirl20 17 timer siden
Best episode yet!
Brushlicker Studio
Brushlicker Studio 17 timer siden
Thanks Ethan for adressing bodyshaming Joe route.
seb 17 timer siden
Ramadan seems harsh but if you are sick or also get sick, on your period, pregnant, elderly or young then you don’t have to fast. It’s purpose is to build discipline, make you feel grateful, increase your spirituality and encourage you to do charity. Hope this is informative !
Auntkornicob 17 timer siden
if ur an individual with a legal team, well u probably have done suspicious things
Louise Ford
Louise Ford 17 timer siden
I love when these two get along they’re so fun together and the way Ethan says “get that money boo”
ZaDDy Ris
ZaDDy Ris 17 timer siden
Trisha in the thumbnail... chefs kiss 🤌
Sumer 17 timer siden
Thank you for saying Ramadan Mubarak!!
Emma Cornejo
Emma Cornejo 17 timer siden
Ian’s out soon I can smell it
Sinatra Mnzzz
Sinatra Mnzzz 17 timer siden
ethan as the mask is one of the greatest mascot crossovers on youtube
Kaylie Palmer
Kaylie Palmer 17 timer siden
why is no one talking about 1:56:00 where he goes “yk why they call it tombstone? Bc ur fat ass is gonna die” 😭 her face was like 😧😮 I actually gasped 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Aaliyah Aiko
Aaliyah Aiko 17 timer siden
Doms Reputation & Brand is being a creep 😂
Jordan Bell
Jordan Bell 17 timer siden
Ethan has trauma from his dad being a huge pervert, and he doesn't want to be like that. He literally talked about it before on the H3 podcast.
mcslave3 17 timer siden
I WOULD watch ethans onlyfans
Çeviririm 17 timer siden
Aweee they said happy ramadan tyyy💞
Kor B
Kor B 17 timer siden
This is the best podcast ever
Yarick Winmai
Yarick Winmai 17 timer siden
Can Ethan get acrylics with Ttisha some time?
Siobhan Claire
Siobhan Claire 17 timer siden
please please do a post show hangout clip
melissa j.
melissa j. 17 timer siden
Trisha is fineeee♡♡ love this
Lindsay Leibow
Lindsay Leibow 17 timer siden
i love how into the costumes ethan gets for trish
Tee Yah
Tee Yah 17 timer siden
I love love School of Rock 🙏 one of the best childhood movies
call me daddy
call me daddy 17 timer siden
I would buy a frenemies pallet in a heartbeat.
Fatema Hasan
Fatema Hasan 17 timer siden
I don't think they should have spoken about the whole Jeff situation after he specifically called Trisha and asked her not to speak about it
Emma Pataialii
Emma Pataialii 17 timer siden
Ethan kind of looks like the creature from Jeepers Creepers when he pulls his hat back
Envvy Girls
Envvy Girls 17 timer siden
Gotta skip past the wrestling convo too cringe for me to handle
yeah jasmin
yeah jasmin 17 timer siden
Trisha always looks so beautiful
Julissa Sanchez
Julissa Sanchez 17 timer siden
trisha is somewhat correct ab what demi lovato is saying. she is not ignoring diabetic ppl. she just means the way that food it's advertised has an effect of promoting diet culture over anything else. that's the main effect of marketing for most sugar-free 'options'.
Pam Duncan
Pam Duncan 17 timer siden
The problem with things related to James Charles is just how long Morphe and, apparently, You Tube have dragged their feet hoping beyond hope that people would but his taking accountability video and confessing to crimes while victim blaming. This time it did not works so well. I suspect Morphe felt they had no choice as the ' I will never shop at Morphe again" messages kept rolling in and James was not doing a good job of silencing those exposing him, so I think they had no choice but to pull his products off the shelves. I don't think Morphe has stopped doing all business with James Charles since his beauty line is coming out under Forma's umbrellas and if it does still come out under that umbrella Morphe is then still investing in him and I expect we will see some fancy footwork they pull to carry his new line. I am sure that they are hoping that as they have pulled back that James has been punished enough and everyone will move on to something else, which of course is why James is on his 30 days of silence so everyone will hav nothing to talk about and move on. If You Tube did demonetize him. at the most the longest they have even done a demonetization to make it look like they are taking action is 3 months, so they could just as quietly as they demonetized him start putting ads back on. Sadly You Tube is missing the point - taking away James money might hurt James but they are still keeping his video and so on up in front of kids still making him a popular idol and yes he needs to be deplatformed, not just unpaid for a few months. You don't keep a predator up in front of kids making them look important - if they want to pay him, more power to them, but they need to get his face, his hypertextualized videos and all of that off their platform. And its not going to happen if we all just shrug and say 'okay he is not getting paid' and go off about our business and forget what he has done. The pressure needs to stay on or in a few weeks or a month or whatever he will be back making himself an even bigger icon and finding other ways to prey on kids,
Fabiana Morales
Fabiana Morales 17 timer siden
I almost cried laughing when Trisha talked about her only fans and ethan said , “I don’t care if you promote it, go for it. Get that paper boo:)”
Migle 17 timer siden
dom was the lithuanian that could bring a lil recognition to lithuania but he just ruined it...
oramirez789 17 timer siden
Tesla giveaway, half pink half black
Melanie Burring
Melanie Burring 17 timer siden
Fantastic show guys .love u both the best podcast show out of all other podcasts. .thank you for making me laugh so much ❤💜💕💞❤💜💕💞❤💜💕💞
Jennifer Roma
Jennifer Roma 17 timer siden
I love this podcast!!!
Adriana Romo
Adriana Romo 17 timer siden
Trisha is looking so SKINNY!
sam 17 timer siden
its still over 2 hours 💀
Autumn Yowell
Autumn Yowell 17 timer siden
Y’all should do a NOpost Giveaway for Frenemies hoodies one per podcast. I am digging the beanies. Need a online assistant 😏.
Jess Theory
Jess Theory 17 timer siden
It’s amazing how a podcast about: squrts, ethan shouting obscenities in a mask, james charles’ disgusting behaviour, and trisha’s OF, could be so uplifting, wholesome, nontoxic and happy lol
john ebert
john ebert 17 timer siden
Donald Trump should start an airline called Covid 19 air, where people can fly freely without vaxines
ellen s
ellen s 17 timer siden
I love that the code is peace and love.
Renata Dineva
Renata Dineva 17 timer siden
How did you guys move on so easily from that awkward hand bump/shake/shoulder bump/elbow bump, i still keep myself up at night cringing from that one time i hugged a person when he was going for a handshake
Julissa M.
Julissa M. 17 timer siden
I love when the vibes are good 😇
Ming Li
Ming Li 17 timer siden
I'm new to Trisha but what has stood out to me are her eyes.. not only are they pretty but very expressive that there's a true genuine, loving soul behind them
Pedrosa Resarces
Pedrosa Resarces 17 timer siden
David Dobrik has a video where he specifies how he gave one of his High School friends a major leg injury, the guy had to walk on crutches for 4 years and lost his football scholarship. I doubt he cares about Jeff Wittek
S Benz
S Benz 17 timer siden
trisha looks so beautiful in this episode! i think the 90s makeup and hair really suits her.
NK 17 timer siden
Love Trish...she is so good at those ad reads too. Talent
Fabiana Morales
Fabiana Morales 17 timer siden
Trisha as Dorothy and ethan as the cowardly lion
Fbgs Dhrb
Fbgs Dhrb 17 timer siden
🤣the lovato part was hilarious 🙌💯
Samantha Sousa
Samantha Sousa 17 timer siden
You can't intuitively eat if your medication makes food taste really good and gives you a big appetite :(
shelby m
shelby m 17 timer siden
just when we thought that david dobrik’s career couldn’t end worse...
Micheal JOHNSON 17 timer siden
She is so beautiful. Those brows on her are hollywood 10000 percent .
Maureen 17 timer siden
This is the best podcast. Fite me; with peace ☮️ & love 💗
JUST SAM 17 timer siden
“I’m an actual Jewish.”
D.I.Y St. Augustine
D.I.Y St. Augustine 17 timer siden
YALL she said that washing underwear seems like alot... These people throw there underwear away everyday..... That's so messed up like wtf how is the comment section not thinking that's so weird
wolf805 17 timer siden
1:29:00 not trisha saying she wants Donna summers to perform at her wedding when she died in 2012 💀
ἄγχω 17 timer siden
the video has been uploaded on yt. you just need to google jeff wittek excavator.
Day Buttler
Day Buttler 18 timer siden
I want to be new Trisha’s friend 😔
Cerissa Lopez
Cerissa Lopez 18 timer siden
Trish looks beautiful here
M J 18 timer siden
Does anyone else remember that video where David had his childhood friend and was explaining how he threw a pine cone at his eye and it got a staph infection and was hospitalized for over a week and on crutches for years ? Accidents happen but David was not acting sympathetic or remorseful in the slightest, just doing his stupid laugh
Jessica Redlick
Jessica Redlick 18 timer siden
I really hope someone makes a gif or short vid of Ethan saying "let's fucking go" at 1:50
Alberto Espinoza
Alberto Espinoza 18 timer siden
Summer Davis
Summer Davis 18 timer siden
this theme!!!! just started the video but i really hope you told somebody to stop you
Skyye LALIMIT 18 timer siden
Ethan. You really went all out with the costume, that is not comfortable Nor is it quick to put on, pretty legit
john ebert
john ebert 18 timer siden
Ethan is spitting fire like the old days
Shubham Kshirsagar
Shubham Kshirsagar 18 timer siden
this podcast is my reminder that another week has gone by . no joke.
Celestica 18 timer siden
ethan makes me laugh so much
ABeautifulLove 18 timer siden
Ethan is def dropping some weight!
Eva 18 timer siden
The quip code is peaceandlove lmaoo
chelsea driscoll
chelsea driscoll 18 timer siden
Love that Ehtan is nah to Spotify 😁
Maria Cottrell
Maria Cottrell 18 timer siden
This was the funniest podcast yet lolll
Mae Doobie
Mae Doobie 18 timer siden
I love how every week there’s a new douchebag of the month
Glory McCulloch
Glory McCulloch 18 timer siden
Trisha “are you gonna get in trouble for green face?” So seriously lmao this is insane i love that she said that lmao
Alczam 18 timer siden
The yellow suit is bomb af
Rebecca 18 timer siden
This episode was so funny 😂
Marieta Ghazaryan
Marieta Ghazaryan 18 timer siden
When Trish said “she just wants outsourced dick” I died
Claudia Zelaya
Claudia Zelaya 18 timer siden
“Who’s green Trisha?” Reptilians
James Wilson
James Wilson 18 timer siden
This whole episode is my sleep paralysis demon