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Sun Lust City
Sun Lust City 35 sekunder siden
1:19:13 me, a Muslim: 👁👄👁
Ace Kenshader
Ace Kenshader Minutt siden
Uh, wait. Is it me, or does this feels like an H3H3 video that was mistakenly uploaded to the Podcast channel?
S95Sedan Minutt siden
Dude you need help, yikes.
Isaac Minutt siden
H3 let himself go lol. Ethan should content court himself, imagne watching this whole video.
phantom samurai
phantom samurai 2 minutter siden
... I just watched a fat guy cos playing and making fun of another fat guy... I can smell the beef from them before they make it 😂
Lolli Osbourne
Lolli Osbourne 3 minutter siden
Lmao she is so stupid 😂
Janelle K
Janelle K 4 minutter siden
This is the real first episode of frenemies
Alana BananaCanada
Alana BananaCanada 4 minutter siden
Bearing sent me here.
Ted Comet
Ted Comet 5 minutter siden
Question are you ok with response videos now?
DMT666 8 minutter siden
This guys a flaming tool gobbler!
Garmr 8 minutter siden
Ethan: Bags someone's wife Also Ethan: Into bestiality and bangs a horse.
ThankYouStayedHere 8 minutter siden
H3 really fell off
Kris Lynn
Kris Lynn 8 minutter siden
Ethan: Makes a point NOpost: But... You've literately done all of the same stuff if not worse? Lol? Ethan's Fanclub: YEaaH git durr Si8mp incle Cuz ,me dOnt like beerd guy only hialress unvcle fester
Jozzy Hernandez
Jozzy Hernandez 9 minutter siden
Mk they jus jelly of everyone they talk abt and trisha is just selfobserved
Atomic Cracker
Atomic Cracker 10 minutter siden
Meatloaf insulting Meatloaf!? ...smh
Clayton 10 minutter siden
Im too old to care about this stuff, but man what happened to H3?
AmuroR4y 10 minutter siden
Ethan's a leftist hack.
pault2k12 11 minutter siden
You either die a hero or live to become the villain. Ethan lived to become the villain.
Evil Roy Slade
Evil Roy Slade 12 minutter siden
Nah this is fkd up!!!
erk j
erk j 13 minutter siden
You used to be funny.
Trystan Kemish
Trystan Kemish 13 minutter siden
so Rules for thee, but not for ye huh, what a bunch of gorram idiots, Fade back to obscurity where you belong!!!!
ᚨᚱᛏᚨᛗᛁᛏᚱᚨ᛫ᛊᚨᛗᚨᚾ 13 minutter siden
Just leaves this site man, your disgusting for insulting someone's wife like that.
HamOnRye Chinaski
HamOnRye Chinaski 13 minutter siden
Imagibe poor Ethan doing 4 videos minimum a day, all of them perfect. You've flken a long, long way. I don't follow/watch Hamberley anymorevbut recognise this vid as a shitshow...
Fuzzy Logik
Fuzzy Logik 13 minutter siden
I would unsub if I hadn’t already last month. Some real low T stuff.
SneakyBadness 13 minutter siden
Jeremy is a decent guy. Why did you shave off your eyebrows?
Tessa Davis
Tessa Davis 14 minutter siden
The desert one is wrong because Antarctica is technically a desert
Solunaris 14 minutter siden
How can you say that not being proud of your skin color and not wanting to judge people on the color of their skin is white supremacist? Isn't that the exact opposite of that?
BrokenAndroid 15 minutter siden
Ethan is nothing more than a race -baiting NOpostr. This channel has gone down hill.
Robert Wilkinson
Robert Wilkinson 15 minutter siden
Newest comments > Top comments
Odd James
Odd James 16 minutter siden
When you liberals try to use the word triggered on others it never works lmao it's tryhard and cringe.
Otschie 17 sekunder siden
​@Odd James ignore brian, i think its ethan in disguise... he comments all over this vid and the acc is only a day old.... sad how far one could fall.
Odd James
Odd James Minutt siden
@Brian Thompson You edited the comment but didn't fix all your punctuation errors lmao! "If ANY sentence...."..., Right Karen....That includes you using it Genius...
Odd James
Odd James 6 minutter siden
@Brian Thompson They define h3h3 call them buzzwords if you want he's the epitome of those words, of course you fan boys are going to run defense on your Fupa Lord only to be expected from his echo chamber.
Brian Thompson
Brian Thompson 13 minutter siden
do you know words outside of buzzwords? Any sentence "tryhard" "lmao" "cringe" AND "triggered" in it is sad. I'm begging you to go outside and talk to a real person, in real life.
chaos120m 16 minutter siden
Jesus you have gone down the drain lately
Johnnyb_right 17 minutter siden
Nobody else on this platform would get away with this kind of "content"..... but luckily you are Susan's little puppy and can get away with anything!
Richard Smith
Richard Smith 18 minutter siden
More creator on creator harassment h3h3? Lucky your tight with the boss aye
Matthew Davies
Matthew Davies 18 minutter siden
Why are there so many dislikes? Can somebody explain?
Kelsey M
Kelsey M 18 minutter siden
Wait... a 2 hour hitpiece, both making fun of and bullying someone, harassing them, and IT'S SPONSORED?! Why does Ethan have so much hate in his heart? Has life not been good enough to him? Jeremy has always been fair to Ethan. And if you don't like his political videos, don't go to his politics channel lol. There's a reason he keeps his channel separate. The script you wrote for Ian or whoever that is playing the prosecutor, feels so ridiculously cringe. I can't believe you go after his appearance with current TOS.... like lmao christ
shel._.b 19 minutter siden
Can we get a Wet n Wild x Teddy Fresh collab?????
Hipster Rob
Hipster Rob 20 minutter siden
being toxic doesn't suit you please make you real content.
poopmannelson1 21 minutt siden
Black panther was mediocre. White people hype it up so they don’t get called racist.
Kristina Ch
Kristina Ch 22 minutter siden
No normal person goes through a roll of toilet paper a day, dude lol
xoxoo x
xoxoo x 22 minutter siden
Shes disgusting
ThePalskinator 22 minutter siden
Ethan is a cringy wokelord now
stephen frazier
stephen frazier 22 minutter siden
Found her onna Hub
Satcom Liarface
Satcom Liarface 23 minutter siden
Everything I hate is literally Hitler literally Hitler literally Hitler everything I hate is literally Hitler literally Hitler literally Hitler 💋
Linaje Music
Linaje Music 23 minutter siden
Picky eaters when they order the chicken tenders at every restaurant they go to 56:50
Jackets fan96
Jackets fan96 24 minutter siden
You're so irrelevant now it's pretty hilarious.
Christine Cardoz
Christine Cardoz 25 minutter siden
i'm not sure if I'm even commenting on the right episode but I rly need to get this off my chest lmao. Yes it is mean to make fun of the way that people look but I don't think Ethan should have to apologise for saying that Tana looks like a twinkie. He said that in a previous video to reassure young girls not to feel bad for not looking like a model because it is an unrealistic portrayal of how someone looks. Photoshopped photos of influencers can kill a developing girls already fragile sense of self image. To see that Tana "looks like a twinkie" is reinforcing that she isn't perfect just like the rest of us and adds a sense of humour which can be healing
Gulag Daddy
Gulag Daddy 25 minutter siden
I legit used to enjoy this channel. Unsubbed. This is trash content.
Supreme Architect
Supreme Architect 2 minutter siden
Same here, H3H3 for some reason has been whiny, cringy and ridden with hypocrisy. Now they slander another creator I enjoy with heinous accusations. I looked back on some of the H3H3 videos I used to watch, and I can see it now how he was a mean person all along. I watched his series where he made fun of people with strange attractions and other content where he really seems like not such a great man of character. I am embarrassed to say I enjoyed that content now.
Lord Ares
Lord Ares 27 minutter siden
I mean I love seeing people trash talk others for their looks and way of life. But H3 IMO, has nooooooooo place to talk about "Looks" with each video Him and his Signaficant other that come out. Brie Larson and PokiMane are your best arguments to trash a content creater who puts out "news". With the amount of videos that you have put out with a Mentally Disabled woman as you do in your "Frenemies" videos, to clearly show her lack of intelligence and how superior you are to her is lower IMO. But that's just what I see and what you choose to show everyone. I could be wrong though. P.S Everybody, Wash your hands.
Agent Carbunkle
Agent Carbunkle 28 minutter siden
Papa Didn't Bless this video
Eric Miller
Eric Miller 29 minutter siden
Imagine supporting this. LMAO Ethan you might wanna check on mental health, this is absurd.
3 ft
3 ft 23 minutter siden
In before this comment gets deleted
brie schwingel
brie schwingel 29 minutter siden
Trishas just being hard and dramatic to se if you’ll stick thru her shit but I’m sure Ethan knows they are like the same exact person Trisha is right, I also understand them perfectly
ShitsBricksForDays 29 minutter siden
People stil watch this shit?
Lettermanization 30 minutter siden
This guy needs help. The constant lying and odd behavior that he excuses shows he needs some sort of therapy. Also, he constantly tries to go to lengths to hurt people. It seems pretty petty, and painful to watch. He needs to get off the internet, video games, and hang out with his wife. It is obviously flairing his bad behavior and his attention he gets makes himself feel good. He was most likely neglected as a child.
PIE HQ 30 minutter siden
Haven't watched your stuff in years and good lord you suck now, the forced kid humour is just pure cringe dude, this was actually really hard to watch. Shame
Godessofthegoldendawn 31 minutt siden
She has bpd yes she feels broke. Girl I see you me too gang gang lol
Reno Vasquez
Reno Vasquez 31 minutt siden
I love Ethan
World is Fake Beast system is Real EndThotSimpBad
World is Fake Beast system is Real EndThotSimpBad 32 minutter siden
A New Low even for Ethan
Devil's Advocake
Devil's Advocake 32 minutter siden
God, this was cringey as shit.
RAGING BULL 33 minutter siden
I watched this video with adblock
Isabelle Beattie
Isabelle Beattie 33 minutter siden
Beginning of the podcast I liked Trisha but these past two episodes have turned me
echo childus
echo childus 33 minutter siden
Insults about dislike ratios.... Look at that ratio on this vid...awkward....
brie schwingel
brie schwingel 33 minutter siden
We looooove them
dwestie69 33 minutter siden
If you haven’t peed in an unfinished basement drain then you haven’t lived life. Period.
Fire Pitch
Fire Pitch 34 minutter siden
Wait didn't this dude get mad when people insulted his wife? now he's insulting other people's wives?
Tearourwrist 34 minutter siden
How many people do you have signed into your account deleting comments Fuzzy?
jollyscarecrow 36 minutter siden
Quatering presents an argument. Ethan calls him the default buzzword names. Classic leftist idiot.
Brian Thompson
Brian Thompson 30 minutter siden
came to the comments to see simpcells yell into the void in a desperate bid to defend their idol. Was not disappointed. thanks, have a nice day. (thumbs up emoji)
Tim Scarrow
Tim Scarrow 36 minutter siden
Yeah, I remember with Ethan was fun to watch. California is a hell of a drug.
kaream alaa
kaream alaa 37 minutter siden
zack's sounds game is on fire
ArchierounD 37 minutter siden
The Quivering and his army of snowflakes are big mad😭
YouTookMyAccountName 37 minutter siden
This cringe content makes me miss content cop
Dufoth 39 minutter siden
Remember when he did better things?
Eldagusto 39 minutter siden
Wow Jeremy you had a fifty Percent dislike on a ten minute video! Oh man so shameful! Its no respectable 21k Likes to 11k Dislikes...
Shrimp 40 minutter siden
"Everyone I don't like is the funky moustached man! I'll take clips out of context to prove it to you while also making fun of his appearance!" -this entire 2 hr rant So Ethan is the new Leafy huh?
Just a Crab
Just a Crab 10 minutter siden
Nah. He is the worse keemstar. Leafy was funny, ethan is just cringe.
DoesNotInhale 42 minutter siden
What makes a good alt-comic? LA transplant, never funny, never tour, partisan slant, always resentful and more known for canceling. Ethan, with some coaching, could be better than Tim Heidecker
Chadwick Goddard
Chadwick Goddard 42 minutter siden
2 hours of cancer.
Skye M
Skye M 43 minutter siden
Why does he look like Nicolette Gray
Carriewhite burnsinhell
Carriewhite burnsinhell 43 minutter siden
FireyCurls22 44 minutter siden
Trisha just seems like such a hateful person. This podcast is like pulling teeth, where does Ethan get the patience... im just here for the 'fits😒
Slumber Some
Slumber Some 44 minutter siden
here after trishas apology video from how she acted in this/ reacted in the past. i think that took a lot for her and i’m glad she admits her wrongs and shows growth especially to apologize publicly
Her BaSS
Her BaSS 46 minutter siden
Carl we are the badies.