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P G 2 minutter siden
As soon as JBP speaks the IQ of the whole room raises by 10
Oddy Gaming
Oddy Gaming 3 minutter siden
Welcome back Mr.Peterson @JBP
RAGD 6 minutter siden
I need more :D thanks!
Rose Mulbery
Rose Mulbery 19 minutter siden
What a great interview. But then it’s not so difficult when two people get together and talk in such an interesting and thoughtful way. It helps when those two people have such depth.
Michael W.
Michael W. 21 minutt siden
There are only a handful of speakers that I will listen to nonstop for 2-3 hours straight, and I wished it wasn't over yet when they're finished. Jordan Peterson is one of them. I hope his health is improving. We need his perspective now more than ever.
Doctor Lolchicken
Doctor Lolchicken 26 minutter siden
Jordan B Petersen: “I’ve known some dark people” Understatement of the century. It’s like Hannibal Lecter saying “I’ve eaten some meat”.
Jyoti Noname
Jyoti Noname 27 minutter siden
He is most important man of 21st century from the west. Save him.
VvvV 27 minutter siden
I think with information Jordan Peterson said, you hardly can disagree. But this is not allways complete picture. It is actually complete enough, for you to get predetermined conclusion. But when we get even bigger picture, things will be much less clear. For example, communist regime is accused for being harsh on innocent people, but i know USA system is known to be soft to evil people. For example Japans scientists who did Mengele style experiments on humans got very light sentences in exchange for knowledge. First why USA even need knowledge on humans, and secondly i know USA has pretty tough sentences, especially for pre meditated murderers. So now think which is better. Same with idealism which is fed by many movies, where USA government will finally do the right thing. When Rosenbergs did their right thing, e.g. given nuclear secrets to USSR, USA had an opportunity to do good thing. Those people got death sentence, because the supposed evil they did did not serve the government as in case of those Japaneese scientists. They did similar things to German scientists too. One of which became sort of celebrity. Somehow in eyes west, the evils of Nazi past can be erased expressly in few years, but for Communists it is not possible in decades. They even start to remember something they appeared to forgive before. A good example was Churchill. With regards of Stalin and mass murders, it is worth to look at graph sometimes. There youll find, that population of USSR steadily grew up until USSR fall. Somehow, even Stalins purges werent able to reduce population as this. Somewhere in that steadily increasing curve, we shall find 50 milion casulaties. E.g. russian women had to bear children to cover for that too. It just seems, data doesnt support those documentaries. Or if Stalin killed 50 milion after ww1 and before ww2, then the rate had to be astounding. If you add 41 milion deaths in ww2, and 50 milion from Stalin purges, i think the population of Russia was not enough to cover it. So i take it with huge grain of salt. Additionally to that, goulags in USSR werent purely Communist invention. It is known that Stalin was imprisoned on Siberia with many other communists. E.g. it was not black and white problem. And despite so much deatchs, Slavic people still exist in big numbers. But where American Indians went? There are fewer than blacks. Hitler even admired that once. Incompete facts arent enough to know whole truth.
Doctor Lolchicken
Doctor Lolchicken 28 minutter siden
Jordan Peterson, the only interviewer where (1) he asks a question because he’s got a theory in mind; and (2) the interviewee comes away having learned something.
Daryl Foster
Daryl Foster 29 minutter siden
"... to be afraid to think and afraid to criticize." Isn't that where we're at today? Speak out against the mainstream Covid narrative and you're a nut. Speak out against BLM and the whole "woke" culture, and your life is potentially cancelled. Free speech is now limited to agreeing with the crowd.
Kelly KeBo
Kelly KeBo 33 minutter siden
Matthew’s right, I wouldn’t normally have any interest in a book by an actor... this is a first. Now I’m genuinely curious.
Michael Jones
Michael Jones 34 minutter siden
A conversation I think we all have with ourselves at least I hope. Very useful for me at this stage of my life.
Avya Alogrin
Avya Alogrin 36 minutter siden
I adore Paglia , always have, for many reasons. She is a thinker who doesn’t automatically subscribe to trendy versions of feminism. Rather, she is a true self-defined feminist, rather than the popular tribal definition.
Jess-Ken Kenyon
Jess-Ken Kenyon 37 minutter siden
I narrowed it down by researching ingredients and trial and error .Discovery is unnatural poisons
Sergey Raiter
Sergey Raiter 41 minutt siden
Finally someone said that! Universities rot to the core. It is definitely a time for some changes. We need to find a way to get it to the politics.
Jess-Ken Kenyon
Jess-Ken Kenyon 42 minutter siden
Good they cut me open 9 times mostly their mistakes Kenyon VS United States of America and killed myself
cocohelado 42 minutter siden
So happy to be able to access this level of content free of charge!
Psychlos Kerbango
Psychlos Kerbango 43 minutter siden
Jordan “I can’t do it” Peterson
Chris Newton
Chris Newton 45 minutter siden
54:45 *sobba ba ah po wa*
Jacob MacDonald
Jacob MacDonald 51 minutt siden
Dr. Peterson's looking well! Welcome back!!
can a dummy
can a dummy 54 minutter siden
I. D.G.A.F. category, zzzzz.. . are those real morons thumbing this garbage?
Redminote xiaomo
Redminote xiaomo 57 minutter siden
Jordan needs to take his diazepam again, what an autistic face with no emotions
Will Mack
Will Mack Time siden
I call BS
Aviva Kashuk
Aviva Kashuk Time siden
So enjoyed this. Thank you both for honesty, and illuminating joy and humor in life through all its challenges.
Sumithra Poojary
Sumithra Poojary Time siden
I am really proud of knowing byou at a very early stage of my life (I am barely 19) you have improved my life a lot obviously I have some work to do but I am really grateful
LoveAndBaconBrian Time siden
Excellent - but now that the “interview” for the book is out of the way next time I’d love to see two Titans simply discussing various topics of interest as equals with different war chests of experience and expertise...
Rob Marenghi
Rob Marenghi Time siden
love this but it's now 2021 and fascism has moved beyond the university and Jordan still just talks about the bible and to rom com actors
Kandy Hobdy
Kandy Hobdy Time siden
love the authentic of you both. Shalom.
Kandy Hobdy
Kandy Hobdy Time siden
Can you interview Les Stroud?
JM M Time siden
Thank you
Razor Blaze
Razor Blaze Time siden
People with mental health issues on a massive level
Jack Gallivan
Jack Gallivan Time siden
Two of my favorites. Glad your back and looking well Dr!
EnLightening Profit
EnLightening Profit Time siden
If "God's Not Dead" does another sequel, Dr. Peterson BETTER be the Good Professor.
Horakh Time siden
The anti-natalist point of view, to say suffering in the world is sufficient that death is better than life, is best answered just the way McConoughey answers it: laughter.
Pam Time siden
"Optimism is courage, if it's not naive." JBP 31:00
Dutch Peaky Blinders
Dutch Peaky Blinders Time siden
Wim hof saved my life. 🚿🤙💯🙏
Lori Durham
Lori Durham Time siden
If he likes Lincolns he is o.k. with me. Plus, he is a wise person so that is a good thing.
Prometheus Burnt
Prometheus Burnt Time siden
When I see Zizek I always get the feeling that in his head he is permanently debating the most challenging ideas in the history of philosophy with himself and looks at them through all existing theoretical frameworks .... When I see Peterson I see a guy who read a lot while he was in college and now just sort of goes with the flow
iBukowski Time siden
There is so much emotion in his voice in this lecture
Mensepid Time siden
I love Mathew. What an actor, what a man <3 <3 <3
elana goldring
elana goldring Time siden
Wow, this guy saw what was to happen! It is happening now, he is so correct in his analysis.
Madolite Time siden
How can Jordan B Peterson in the best possible way? By making 12 Rules For Life. ;)
David Time siden
Glad to see you back at it ole' friend. A dynamite interview that informed me and taught me as well. Glad you're feeling better.
Rachel Rosen
Rachel Rosen Time siden
Right now you are the only hope I have II have been taking lorazepam for 20 years, and now I have to taper off. Im very scared.
Gustavo Rodriguez
Gustavo Rodriguez Time siden
No solo Hitler encarno la sombra de Alemania, Lutero lo hizo siglos atras, el pueblo germano siempre ha tenído ese problema; x cierto la inquisición española (q es la q todo mundo relasiona cm la inquisición católica) no casaba brujas, para los pueblos mediterraneos ese fenomeno nunca pasó de ser simple superstisión, dicha institusión era un tribunal cn todas las herramientas, derechos q puede contar cualquier tribunal actual, al menos en el caso de la inquisisión española, no siendo el casode los pueblos germanos.....dicho esto llego a la conclusión q hay un presedente en el entorno de pensamiento aleman q tiende a empujar a la gente a comportarse de esa manera
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith Time siden
Pizza Toym
Pizza Toym Time siden
this is just amazing
SeekTruthinLight Time siden
The spirit does what the spirit does in truth, and mankind does what mankind does wheel-ding that power even in error of conscious. I am convinced God sent word of his love the truth of the spirit to spare mankind the error of ignorance, being that we all are subjected to error of being subjects of error. And in measuring the word of the way of the spirit in the reality of the experience we experience it occur to me that the measurable spirit of God takes elements of separation and puts them together in a meaningful way, of experience, for the experience, to experience the experience, of life of the spirit of the way of freedom in truth, truth being an attribute of peaceful consciousness in the way, where truth of the spirit sets us free from error long as we maintain by learning the way good conscious, even through prayer, to have experience of love, growing up being caring, and wise, of the circumstance we find ourselves in..Ones Conscious can be seared in error when the way of error becomes a lifestyle of ignorance. The idiom, coming out of the closet striving to make the whole world dark to be comfortable in Error, comes to mind, which is a problem for children of light though generally they lovingly contend with restraint in truth, lest they have the spirit of error, in error. Apparently it boils down to belief, personal belief, and consequential rules, of what error is, being seconded by another who gives courage, in error, of a ruse of spiritual permission that is contrary, making for warring spiritual factions, those of the consensus of error in spirit acceptance versus the contrary spirit of the way of truth that preserves life by avoiding error's way of bondage and underlying unrest where error in spirit is the way of death. Basically people are using the power of the spirit in ways of error because of the state of error in the world where connections are made for happiness meeting a need of desire to have peace, eating for example, that if you error in the way of eating you get sick or die, of cause others the same in error. It is no small thing wheelding the power of the spirit of survival in freedom where we have mechanism of an autonomous nature of the spirit where we are conditioned of the conditions, being lords of our own domain with overlapping interest, even seduced in the way of error of misplaced desires of another domain, where error in the way of spirit effects others of good conscious, and protected by those in error of spirit, in error. In experience, and viewing in the proper prospective of terms of understanding of the word, we can see that truth of the spirit, by measure and rewarding benefit, if we are conditioned in the truth in time, having that of the desire of the spirit of love, avoiding error and it's plaguing anxieties, experiencing consequences, of error, and the joy of love in truth, we lovingly contend with, of which connections in truth we are destine to make of the spirit of preserving life, being animated by the spirit, in a mortal body, to experience the experience of the love of God in what God has to offer, in truth, having sent word of his love the truth of the spirit of the complexity of life made so simply. You understand the dynamics of the psychology of life, the truths or truths of error in spirit, where subjects can be bound in a way of error of belief, its related psychosis, of being subjects of error, where death is a stumbling block, such as the psychosis of an abused child of incest, where amens cannot be made because in error the trustee who violated trust has committed suicide leaving that daughter alone in a way of error, bound in error of spirit, in error, where no answers of why could be asked to make sense. I have spoken to such who was bound and set free by words of truth of the spirit that answered those questions and released them that error, even the error of Adam and Eve, or Abraham's error making for Issac and Jacobs trouble, of the offspring born in error, Ishmael who fought in error with his bothers all of whom Abraham lovingly contended with in truth, but his offspring, not so much love, in the way of error in spirit, fighting over inheritance, in error, still...I hope you still have patience of study to rightly divide this knowledge, of value of the spirit, to share; the missed comma or grammatical error in form, to understand, the spirit of what I mean, in Truth, making the connection. What is mind altering for me is the prospective of the spirit of truth that has it all make sense, being that all truth is manifest of the spirit, even error in spirit truth that so grieves our holy spirit in life. To be holy is to be wholly of good countenance of love, humble meaning the ways of the spirit, of the way of means, Compassion, Charity, to give in effort in Truth of the Spirit, for the sake of Mercy giving Freedom and Peace, in the way, with all being subject of error, subject to error in the way of darkness, where light is given for life in the way of God, represented by the spirit of the way of the Menorah that lights the way of the spirit of the way of truth to God, that in lacking in one, oil of truth, means lacking in the others, without one of these 7 attributes of the spirit of love means there is no peace in error, or freedom as darkness closes in, in error. We have reference of the word of God where a candle stick was moved from it place, peace they once had because they erred, in the way of the spirit, of ignorance, that in error of ignorance, they fought to be free because they were made captive in error, fighting to keep peace when they had no compassion charity of mercy because they lack in Truth, because the spirit works in error of ignorance too, for a time, till the humbling wrath of error comes upon the whole, with so many being naturally naive, spiritually blind, pridefully protecting their bubble of error in belief because they were made rich in the ways of error and death status quo, such as the profitable Military industrial complex and its way of the spirit of death and destruction ironically trying to preserve life meeting the needs of sustainability of dominance of one over demonizing another whose simply in error, where the battles continues continuously in the collective way of error. Democrats focus of compassion is helping people out of the cracks (making money for their constituent landlords, etc, and Republicans focus is on fixing cracks, where they both spend vast sums studying the problems of the past and weighing in the balances gains and losses, to the sacrifice of many in truth and error, but not much can be done because of difference of prospectives of pride and obstruction of power of the spirit to correct error, that they but heads and fight people trying to help fix problems, made complex, when the solution of truth requires both solutions, that is, to help the people out of the crack as you fix the crack along the conditions of truth we are meaning to uphold Constitutionally in caring for all, including the uninformed atheist making waves of destruction of their underlying unrest of being subjects of error, we lovingly contend with, like hurricanes, lol..I could go on... but I am mortal and afflicted, now, up in age, subjected to the error in the way of the world, where duty calls, my cross I carry to the death of error, where the spirit and soul is released, in material truth, of the coded chains of DNA, returning to the Father Spirit of whenst I came, and do in the sake of love for others, back to our first estate, just so you know the prospective terms of the keys given in the past. Now that is as spiritually deep as it is high. lol, not to be confused with the herb given, of high, for healing comfort, peace, and solemn reflection of the spirit of the mind, of the spirit of life, as we endure till the end, which I am sure you can relate. I too see value in you all which is why I made time to share. Too bad I cannot see you clinically for you to explore this brain manifested of the spirit of our creator I know... but still when there is the will, of two witnesses, there is a way; as we just witnessed you and Mathew whom we also love in Truth, and error, in the way, being subjects, maps of meaning. By the way, Jordan, when I think of you, its of your youthful image, the spirit being ageless and timeless. Isn't the perception of yourself, your younger self, until you reflect upon the material mirror. Truth is for the perpetuation of the Spirit of continuing life, caring about the spirit of life, so life of the whole is not cut of in error of ignorance. It is fascinatingly amazing, life in this peculiar way of experience, where we care for, and fall in love with, the spirit of our, creators, beings, some in bizarre ways of error and taboo striving for satisfaction in error that offers momentary gratification in exchange for the underlying continual unrest of being in error, that dives people to drink or search for happiness in other ways of error while loved ones wait till they no longer can bare the unrest of ignorance.
Macario De Los Rios
Macario De Los Rios Time siden
"Are today's black people guilty, because of their race, because African leaders were complicit in the slave trade? And, if not, why not? And, if so, what should be their punishment? And am I 1/4 innocent because I'm 1/4 British - given that the Brits ended the slave trade?" Jordan B Peterson
Michael Stylez
Michael Stylez 2 timer siden
I really enjoyed this. Reminds me if what matters.
W M 2 timer siden
Jordan take some time and get your teeth fixed bro.
W M 2 timer siden
Jesus both of you guys have tons of money and your mics are absolute trash.
THC The Drumming DJ
THC The Drumming DJ 2 timer siden
Again ...Talking Heads....."same as it ever was..." Buy my book! LOL
john doe
john doe 2 timer siden
thanks you two, that was awesome!!!
Tim Pool without a beanie.
Tim Pool without a beanie. 2 timer siden
I don't like the Fredo Distribution.
sunsetguy37 2 timer siden
Great work Mr. Peterson.
Martín Nicolas
Martín Nicolas 2 timer siden
Excelent !
Dario Cavegn
Dario Cavegn 2 timer siden
Absolutely staggering how much common ground there is between the two. If you remove your ideological badge/wig/tinfoil hat/armband/club tie for a moment.
Dylan Davis
Dylan Davis 2 timer siden
Cool Interview
Deb Cambria
Deb Cambria 2 timer siden
Remarkable talk and individuals
Jeff Morgan
Jeff Morgan 2 timer siden
Brilliant. But it sounds to me as though he’s a man in the edge of a nervous breakdown.
Maja Fresk
Maja Fresk 2 timer siden
All my best wishes for your recovery and I'm looking forward to seeing you here on NOpost again in the future!! Maja from Sweden
Maja Fresk
Maja Fresk 2 timer siden
Thank you so much for sharing this, its such an important message and I want to send you all The love and support I can for your familys recovery♥️♥️♥️
LateNite 2 timer siden
Wow ! This was amazing 👏
Emilia Buhus
Emilia Buhus 2 timer siden
This was almost funny :) You're both so nervous and uncomfortable trying to seem nice :) I think white professional intellectuals are scared s**tless. You have no idea how powerful the dragon that just woke up is :) It only looks manageable from your bubble.
Gabriel Bruzzi
Gabriel Bruzzi 2 timer siden
If life is that bad and we see it only at the end of life, how did we survive to get there, so something good enough kept us alive no matter how small. All of us are born to want to survive until I guess we cannot take it anymore and lost all hope BUT in this point in life whether 15 years Old, or 80 years old, We still don't know if tomorrow is better and really only the present is important. We are not going to change the past or predict the future. So live in the moment , But I live in the promise Jesus made everyone who choses him...eternal life , And joy and peace in this fallen world.
sortathesame 2 timer siden
I’m walking down the street minding my own black business....they do not look at me as an individual, the judge me on my race. Sorry Dyson, but you put your race in front of everything every second of your life and you judge every interaction you have in life based on whether or not the individual kowtowed in recognition of your race! In reality, to those you interact with your race plays virtually no part in their response to you. And that infuriates you so much that you have become so resentful of today’s LACK of racist actions or words against you and others with your skin color and mindset, that you need the claim of micro aggressions in order to feel righteous in your own hatred of the whole white race!
Gaster Grows
Gaster Grows 2 timer siden
james comeau
james comeau 2 timer siden
I always loved him as an actor, but wow he is so lovely as a person. What a great interview.
John Doe
John Doe 2 timer siden
Sir Roger Scruton appears to be honoring the veterans of WWI
Neven Dujmovic
Neven Dujmovic 2 timer siden
Thank you, Matthew and Jordan, for a great hour in my life. I needed to hear this discussion, and it touched me on a deeply personal level.
Brad Mercier
Brad Mercier 2 timer siden
Welcome back Dr. P. Great conversation in this last podcast. Pace yourself and look after yourself please. Be discriminatory in who you interview.... quality over quantity.
Rich Hilpert
Rich Hilpert 2 timer siden
wow...i also was horribly abused as a child. i refuse to be a victim! Milos words are sucks sometimes...whhatcha gonna do? you gotta be strong.
Bear Kennedy
Bear Kennedy 2 timer siden
Actors are so cringily full of themselves...
kimbi tansah
kimbi tansah 3 timer siden
I just want to be better and live a full life.
Steve M
Steve M 3 timer siden
Already preordered the audio edition, can't wait to dive in!
Harold Haynes
Harold Haynes 3 timer siden
This was an incredibly inspiring; insightful discussion. Great way to be reminded of some of lifes' important principles.
James Holder
James Holder 3 timer siden
I have never heard of this suposid famous person. He seems to think he is famous.
bmo 3 timer siden
I might seem like a jerk for bringing this up, but i wish it was a longer video.
Mar Solie
Mar Solie 3 timer siden
I wish Matthew would do a audiobook and narrate it himself.
Jk Ingram
Jk Ingram 3 timer siden
Alright alright alright...