The secret history of dirt
Help us cover the US election
How slow motion works
3 måneder siden
Why this font is everywhere
How deadly is Covid-19?
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Dr. Anthony Fauci, explained
The right way to play Monopoly
Why kids write letters backward
How soap kills the coronavirus
The case for Elizabeth Warren
The case for Joe Biden
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The case for Pete Buttigieg
The case for Bernie Sanders
Khosmo 13 timer siden
"My room is a mess. I cleaned yesterday..." It's really a pain T_T
Mr MacGuffin
Mr MacGuffin 13 timer siden
They probably miss the British about now
Pragnan Saha
Pragnan Saha 13 timer siden
Every Vox political video has an agenda. I was like ok they are finally done criticising trump but then comes biden.
Brianna Lowery
Brianna Lowery 13 timer siden
The playground I went to as a kid felt like a mix in between the classic safe playgrounds and adventure playgrounds. It was made of wood and really big. I remember so many hidden places that you could discover. You could be the only kid in that spot and be surprised if another showed up. It really felt like a maze. There were tire swings and a sand box and a fireman’s pole. While there wasn’t anything to build or create besides in the sandbox, it really felt like an adventure. Then it was torn down and replaced with the safe playgrounds. They had a huge opening and were giving out balloons. It was such a disappointment. Every time I went it was a disappointment. There were no hidden spaces or places to hide. Anything even remotely like that was filled with kids because they were the only hiding places. There was no more sandbox. The mulch that covered the ground was replaced by that foam like material and the metal of the playground burned. It was also always a fight to get on the swings. That’s where everybody would go and do what every kid did, jump off the swing. It also just felt so much smaller than the wooden playground. I just went less and less. And it wasn’t on account of me getting older. My sister who was 5 years younger than me rarely went because she was always so bored.
Ruhal Gupta
Ruhal Gupta 13 timer siden
India stand by hongkong & it's people for fight against china & upholding of democracy.
freedun 13 timer siden
The US can improve their transit system for sure but it'll never be anything like some parts of Europe and it'll cost 10x more because the cities are too spread out and were ultimately designed for commuting by car. Even the Toronto system isn't that great and most people commute by car. Most other Canadian cities have horrible public transit and none of them can seem to figure out how to address the routing and ridership issues because of the basic layout and population density of the cities.
Aditya De
Aditya De 13 timer siden
In India: tea sellers are becoming prime ministers
Arjun Singh
Arjun Singh 13 timer siden
Believe me never believe statistical data they are a big lie even the area's designated for forests are treeless due to corruption they are forests in record only
The best Hashem gamer Yea
The best Hashem gamer Yea 13 timer siden
What if we are ghosts'
Djayk 13 timer siden
Good interview, could have had better examples shown tho.
Aly pixar
Aly pixar 14 timer siden
Great video
davidhunternyc 14 timer siden
Within the first 5 minutes of watching The Mandalorian I knew it was different. It was better, way better than what came before it. My mouth dropped. I'm a visual artist and I always focus on the details. Then at the end of the season the segment on the River of Fire blew my mind. This is a TV show and if that segment were shot the old way it would've been a multi-million dollar scene. The Mandalorian is as ground breaking visually as the original Star Wars. Yes, this is a radical new departure.
viewmytube365 14 timer siden
Perfect for Mars and moon landings....
Frank Dyke
Frank Dyke 14 timer siden
Wait a minute, didn't we just have a pandemic spread like wildfire in large part due to high population density areas with broad usage of public transit.
MoistandDelicious 14 timer siden
NYC gang rise up
Military Nerd
Military Nerd 14 timer siden
Macbasil 14 timer siden
One thing is for sure why i would leave as a Nurse. When you study Nursing here it would take $45,000 to finish such course. Now when you look for a position here as a nurse your monthly salary is about at least $270 per month which is very far from different country’s wage and very unworthy from the money you spent on your college days. Yes we would need to possess patriotism for the Filipinos, but how can we when our compensation could not fill the void that needs to be filled? Family’s hunger and needs is more important than to serve for a bigger people.
Bruce Wilson
Bruce Wilson 14 timer siden
Can anyone out there educate are illegal guns purchased and distributed? This seems to be important to this discussion.
Donat pribumi
Donat pribumi 14 timer siden
A box
A box 14 timer siden
Pam moody: exist Me: Def a clown
seeriu ciihy
seeriu ciihy 14 timer siden
forgot to mention the technology that was used to render and build certain elements of not all was done using a video game engine ,unreal engine 4 to be specific
Scott Haines
Scott Haines 14 timer siden
I was kind of disappointed by this video. I thought it was going to be about using A.I. to remove non-chroma key backgrounds. Still cool, but not what I was expecting.
Butch Lane
Butch Lane 14 timer siden
One consideration also driving the damage is climate change. With the melting of snow and ice in the Northern hemisphere the height where the oceans meet land is increasing causing land that might have sat above water level to fall below. Some islands throughout the world have decreased in size or been lost completely. As a result, erosion is more and more destructive the higher the oceans sits.
Zackie the Dino
Zackie the Dino 14 timer siden
If your city gets submerged dont blame the glaciers or global warming blame us humans..
jobayer ahmed
jobayer ahmed 14 timer siden
I need a bomber plain and iam ready to attack France im not a terrorist iam prophet Mohammed lover mind it
harrygibus 14 timer siden
Imagine the effect this has on actors and their own feeling of immersion and how it effects their final performance.
nobby plug
nobby plug 14 timer siden
Dear Americans: Bike Greeting from someone from the Netherlands
Francisco Oliveira
Francisco Oliveira 14 timer siden
Never heard of "Protugal"
Joe Azzi
Joe Azzi 14 timer siden
loved this video so much. amazing job
Enterpris_e Enterpris_e
Enterpris_e Enterpris_e 14 timer siden
She’s amazing.
androwin King
androwin King 14 timer siden
Second Bad Video of Vox
KoopaCamper 14 timer siden
Sure we could have public transit systems like that in Europe, we just need to cram more people into a smaller area so everyone is closer together. More high density apartments and condos. Here's the thing though, that kind of living isn't good for mental health. If you ask anybody if they could live anywhere regardless of cost, nobody would say "Oh I'd love to live in a densely packed apartment building where I can hear everyone else's conversations and smell what they're cooking". People need elbow room.
Paras hit
Paras hit 14 timer siden
To be fair it's not just British. All European monarch did it too. Holland, Spain, Portugal, and France are even worst, because they never publish what they have stolen from their collonies. They keep it like an exotic art which worth millions of dollar.
Beach Sand
Beach Sand 14 timer siden
Truly don’t get it why Americans are afraid of Bernie, a guy like him should be invited to lead
Michael Chen
Michael Chen 14 timer siden
This admittedly short video leaves out the argument about whether or not the unborn baby is a life or not. If it is a life, then abortion has a100% mortality rate with respect to the baby. In that case, it is inherently not a safe procedure because it leads to the loss of life 100% of the time. It also just sounds inhumane. They use strong metal forceps and take a vacuum and aspirate the baby out of the womb. And they call it "products of conception." It comes out limb by limb. But I do agree, we need to improve prenatal care for all women in this country. I think the government could probably move some money around and start to pay for women to have access to prenatal care without any out-of-pocket expenses. Even if you don't have insurance.
Hayes Dabney
Hayes Dabney 14 timer siden
Wonder figured out what other popular musicians didn't: how to keep making music that is interesting to him and still serve and educate the general listening audience.
30stu30 14 timer siden
I wish I drove only 7 miles instead of 35 miles one way lol Sigh....
LawnFlamingoPoop 14 timer siden
seeriu ciihy
seeriu ciihy 14 timer siden
I remember seeing this technology showcased by Nvidia with a motorcycle ad demo, two years ago. Blew my mind then, still does now.
hector juan quinones
hector juan quinones 14 timer siden
Fix united States Canada is on American soil! Please fix this is ignorance at its glory!
Oliver Fasola
Oliver Fasola 14 timer siden
I thought this was going to be a good video and non partisan then I got the 7:00
ranganathan jamuna
ranganathan jamuna 14 timer siden
Its coal burning , and deforestation that increase earth temparature not using of crude oil alone . It's not alone air pollution alone , we pollute water my putting all waste , but we don't talk about . Just about CO2 emmossion and crude oil . Deforestation to get iron ore , to get gold , silver , zinc , grow trees they absorb CO2 and I reduce earth temparature .pls.
ricardo82shadow 14 timer siden
You need a line connecting the other lines like a ring in the end and in the middle of the other lines of the metro
Keith Gio Lazaga
Keith Gio Lazaga 14 timer siden
Its emmet
Oliver Fasola
Oliver Fasola 14 timer siden
So you’re telling people to live on top of businesses instead of owning houses
Adam D
Adam D 14 timer siden
I think what they need to do is local governments need to team up with private companies to run more realistic routes
Eddie Charles
Eddie Charles 14 timer siden
At minute 10:51 you stated that the US joined the Allies and declared war on Japan and the Axis. WRONG. Germany and the rest of the Axis declared war on the US after Pearl Harbour. The US joined the allies after this.
Freedom Matters
Freedom Matters 14 timer siden
He we go again race baiting at its best yes terrible things happen in the past but we are in 2020 not even the same thing stop deceiving and dividing the usa that's the problem remember statism is worse than racism because it affects everyone we are one race the human race against all Tyranny
Adrian Halls
Adrian Halls 14 timer siden
Compare like to like, please. Toronto next to NYC, have Charlotte next to like Edmonton.
Artin Saidy
Artin Saidy 14 timer siden
That Toronto “suburb” is the very affluent neighborhood of Bedford park, not rlly a suburb, about 20 minutes to get downtown by car. A proper comparison would be areas such as Vaughan or aurora or missisauga.
buzman1985 14 timer siden
Cool, a HOLODECK. Thanks, Star TREK.
Rohit 14 timer siden
good transit isn't real
GamerBoySrijan 14 timer siden
Am i the only one who uses a different color screen in the name of green screen.?
Hayes Dabney
Hayes Dabney 14 timer siden
Thanks. I grew up down the street from Detroit's Motown. Stevie Wonder is great!
SurrealDynamics 14 timer siden
This reminds me a lot of that moment when Sir Ian Mckellen cried while filming the hobbit. He was acting all alone, surrounded by green screen, when he should have been surrounded by other actors, all playing their role and having a good time with the fantasy they were in. Now THIS takes that magic of acting to the set once again, and even stronger than before! I know green screen is quite useful for certain scenes, it makes a lot, possible. But it also takes away those little things that make acting feel good
Dani Fitzgerald Van Aelst
Dani Fitzgerald Van Aelst 14 timer siden
Heh. Thing is, every alley has their own house shot. The trick is not to know a pattern, but be able to adapt and change your form to fit when a new shot is on the lane.
JPBRM 14 timer siden
the building of military bases in the disputed areas near the West Philippine Sea destroyed large portions of reefs that roughly amounts to PHP33.1B a year.
ThomasTubeHD 14 timer siden
Politicians after finally listening to the people: so when would we start decarbonising? Literally every Climate change activist:NOW,NOW,NOW,NOW,NOW
jayrush01 14 timer siden
The US is paying for a shield. And trump is putting huge holes in that shield.
Maddy Newhouse
Maddy Newhouse 14 timer siden
A lot of theaters have been doing a version of this for a while as an affordable, high quality alternative to painted backdrops! I had never thought about applying it to film! I love the idea of including typically BTS and post production roles into the filming process.
COLDRAMEN 14 timer siden
There is a private company in Texas trying to build a bullet train between Dallas and Houston. It would be so amazing to have that. It's supposed to break ground next year. I really hope they make it happen.
T-G_STEVE 14 timer siden
Can you imagine how much more better the prequels would have been if they had this technology? Btw I'm a huge Prequels fan!
Jeff Wang
Jeff Wang 14 timer siden
I definitely would not have asked the country that canceled school over half an inch of snow to lead an expedition to the South Pole
Ct Kuska
Ct Kuska 14 timer siden
Most states have a cool down period were even when u pass the background check u have to wait a certain amount of days before taking the gun home in California it is 10 days
Spartakos 317
Spartakos 317 14 timer siden
Humans were simply not meant to live stacked on top of each other.
Dean Pruit
Dean Pruit 14 timer siden
I'll certainly say I lean left. Seriously though even among conservatives do any of you believe any of Trump's proposals?
Ashok Kumar
Ashok Kumar 14 timer siden
The big question that is not asked or covered is - will the Automobile Companies in US allow the government to tweak the current system ? They are as big a stakeholder in this as anybody else
Garry Charlies
Garry Charlies 14 timer siden
Half of this video is a lie.
Sahil Agarwal
Sahil Agarwal 14 timer siden
Best earworm episode ever.....
swat_waha : Electric Maracca
swat_waha : Electric Maracca 14 timer siden
The Rad Fems
The Rad Fems 14 timer siden
San Francisco created its own vagrant homelessness crisis
kingchavez152 14 timer siden
When Aliens find they will just melt it down for parts lol
Abrar Mahin
Abrar Mahin 14 timer siden
The Batman is using this technology
Todd C
Todd C 14 timer siden
Trump even issued tariffs on Canada. Canada? Are you kidding me?
Kool Aid Man
Kool Aid Man 14 timer siden
Please come back, we miss you
NDNstrength 14 timer siden
Public transportation helps fight the obesity,and associated illnesses, epidemic. It’s good for environment, people, resource use, etc.
LemonChan is Random
LemonChan is Random 14 timer siden
I just want to be a cool anime character give me my pockets
Gianna Evans
Gianna Evans 14 timer siden
well there are more teen moms and they are most likely to do drugs and all that stuff so therefore the child having a mental defective and thats how there are more people.
Anonymous Sim Studios
Anonymous Sim Studios 14 timer siden
6:23 education or brainwashing?
InterAliaBonafide 14 timer siden
lol. I live in the Fruitvale neighborhood in Oakland.
Thamin Siddique 7K
Thamin Siddique 7K 14 timer siden