The Journey | Dixie D'Amelio
My Room Tour | Dixie D'Amelio
allison sky
allison sky 16 timer siden
Whose here after dixie and Noah break up
Caterina Clemenza
Caterina Clemenza 16 timer siden
he allways look ill to me. lol he's just pale, and...ashy looking
Stevie Turner
Stevie Turner 16 timer siden
So when is the song with trippie I’ll be waiting😭💀
Cuban 16 timer siden
This dude is lame af and his music is trash. Or maybe I’m just getting old and the new generation of music does not appeal to me anymore.
Egg Rod
Egg Rod 16 timer siden
it’s tripe ret
August Sixth
August Sixth 16 timer siden
Yess us Minnesotans are different hahah
Amari Angel
Amari Angel 16 timer siden
Charli knows something we don't😏
KXDI KXLL 16 timer siden
Do comethazine next
shahy boi
shahy boi 16 timer siden
Imagine trippie making a song with Dixie 😍😍😍
Luca Renaud
Luca Renaud 16 timer siden
Trippie zooted bruh
Tyler Zwirz
Tyler Zwirz 16 timer siden
AMAZING Episode:))
Alexis Favre
Alexis Favre 16 timer siden
Ledhaiaha Haha
Ledhaiaha Haha 16 timer siden
“you’re a very pretty girl”-noah me-🥺🥺
kena T
kena T 16 timer siden
Get 6ix9ine😶 like it is face tattoo contest
PALALAGI Kasey 16 timer siden
I'm here from James video
Space_ SKlLLZ
Space_ SKlLLZ 16 timer siden
Shoes on the couch?!? 😳
Rahim Kamara
Rahim Kamara 16 timer siden
get Dababy plz!!!!!
kena T
kena T 16 timer siden
Damn he likes to draw in this face
claudia rodriguez ameneiro
claudia rodriguez ameneiro 16 timer siden
the next harry styles thanks
Trubby CS
Trubby CS 16 timer siden
o% focus on the interview 101% focus on trippie’s haircut
Johnny Myers
Johnny Myers 16 timer siden
his hair looks like fettuccine alfredo
butter finger f
butter finger f 16 timer siden
Can you please do one of these with ryland or nick please!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am begging you
Jonny Mcfly Williams
Jonny Mcfly Williams 16 timer siden
I love how all of the sudden trippie starts asking Dixie the questions
Sc0pez N1ght
Sc0pez N1ght 16 timer siden
Trippie hes changed
CannibalClone89 16 timer siden
He's so horrifying, please tattoo your face more so we can't see it.
39_Praya Tran
39_Praya Tran 16 timer siden
Theo 16 timer siden
Uzi next
Tony T
Tony T 16 timer siden
He Hit that after trip DONT trip we know u did
sern chicken nugget
sern chicken nugget 16 timer siden
Oke..girl do nobody want to be in your vids anymore?? Or are you running out of people?? No hate but...damn
xPROBIEx 16 timer siden
You should try to get mr beast on your show ! It’s crazy watching you guys all grind and spread joy through these channels especially with everything that’s been going on ! Keep doing you and keep up all this amazing work :)
Mykola Rieland
Mykola Rieland 16 timer siden
If one perceives that one’s life is broken up then one asks is there an action, which is whole not broken up. The perceiving the cause is the ending of the cause, such action is applicable in everything you do. I know too that it cannot be integrated.
morales peter
morales peter 16 timer siden
trippie red and dixie damilio song
Katy Spaniak
Katy Spaniak 16 timer siden
Charlie next
Zombie Woof
Zombie Woof 16 timer siden
Peruvian PES
Peruvian PES 16 timer siden
alxyah 16 timer siden
no one: charli: hi who are you lololol
Travis Harness
Travis Harness 16 timer siden
Finnia O'Neill
Finnia O'Neill 16 timer siden
dixies face when he started talking about them collabinggggg
Liv G
Liv G 16 timer siden
Ben Cook
Ben Cook 16 timer siden
Trippie gets asked what his favorite state is And names 3 cities
Liv G
Liv G 17 timer siden
she served in this. 🤭😍
Liv G
Liv G 17 timer siden
she’s so inspiring i love her dedication at everything that she does 🥰
Ethan Clark
Ethan Clark 17 timer siden
Trippie redd (feat. Dixie) 😳
pixiedust 17 timer siden
why she look like she scared for her life lmfaooo
Quwayne Rodgers
Quwayne Rodgers 17 timer siden
Same sometimes I don't want to be happy
Carol Kushner
Carol Kushner 17 timer siden
3:50😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤗🤗🤗☺☺☺ Thank me later
Noudra Is a qt
Noudra Is a qt 17 timer siden
Bro I love trippie redd he different
GUNNER BRO 17 timer siden
i swear he looks indian
Liv G
Liv G 17 timer siden
if noah beck takes dixie from me he can catch these hands 😐💔⚰️
Liv G
Liv G 17 timer siden
literally looks gorgeous i can’t
Stella Lampio
Stella Lampio 17 timer siden
Soon 2M !!!😍😍
Tiktok gang fan
Tiktok gang fan 17 timer siden
Liv G
Liv G 17 timer siden
Haniya Passand
Haniya Passand 17 timer siden
Her dream colab is this i remember
Liv G
Liv G 17 timer siden
literally in love with this women bye 🤭🤭
Cece Thompson
Cece Thompson 17 timer siden
bruh who is calling dixie soooo much she had to hand up like 10 calls
kryectic 17 timer siden
Ain't this the dude with the jellyfish box
RBJ150 17 timer siden
Minnesota stand up!!!! ✊🏽
Carly Mueller
Carly Mueller 17 timer siden
I ship you and Noah
Joey Bagadonuts
Joey Bagadonuts 17 timer siden
Dude looks like a crackhead.
Nevaeh Medellin
Nevaeh Medellin 17 timer siden
That one little piece of hair sticking up is bothering me but also so funny cuz it’s just there like helllooo
Carly Mueller
Carly Mueller 17 timer siden
She is so pretty
emanuel makani
emanuel makani 17 timer siden
Ask Jeff Wittek to come on
Joninfiction 17 timer siden
If funny cuz they say people’s opinions don’t matter, but people’s opinions are what made them famous... right? I think everything matters.
Mark Wimberly
Mark Wimberly 17 timer siden
10k Subscribers Without Any videos Challenge
10k Subscribers Without Any videos Challenge 17 timer siden
"I Pray Whosoever Random Person Reads This Become Successful And Achieve Everything ❤️♥️♥️♥️".
Josefina games
Josefina games 17 timer siden
cool dixie
Jonathan Halvarsson
Jonathan Halvarsson 17 timer siden
Nice socks "Revenge"
Izaiah Espino
Izaiah Espino 17 timer siden
Larry have him next plz
Jason 132
Jason 132 17 timer siden
Comeback to Minnesota trippie
Anannya Dixit
Anannya Dixit 17 timer siden
Avani next pls!!!
Blossom Nwafor
Blossom Nwafor 17 timer siden
This is the first time that this show is this busy
Nico Rose
Nico Rose 17 timer siden
Yoooo This dood fell ALL THE WAY DOWN. He is on teeny bopper show. What a big bad rapper he is!! So scary
1000 Subscribers To Help My Brother
1000 Subscribers To Help My Brother 17 timer siden
It always kills me how Danny’s fans recognize him in any disguise. His voice and body language are too distinguishable
TEAM ART 17 timer siden
2 d
SOPHIA BECK 17 timer siden
Dixie: rate the sway boys Marc:rate the hype house kids Charli: rAtE tHe dMeLiO sIsTeRs
Hana aL faDALA
Hana aL faDALA 17 timer siden
its the streets for me
Da Sexy Beanerz [DSB]
Da Sexy Beanerz [DSB] 17 timer siden
do yg
allison ramjohn
allison ramjohn 17 timer siden
i love how trippie redd started interviewing dixie lmao this was iconic
Emma Lynn
Emma Lynn 17 timer siden
9.56 the way charli ran lol