A Very Kirbo Christmas 🎄
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9 måneder siden
Ninja 2nd
Ninja 2nd 7 timer siden
When Pokemon Unite Released Be Like
dark sonic109
dark sonic109 7 timer siden
15:45 real music name pls :(
Carla Marques de Oliveira Fernandes
Carla Marques de Oliveira Fernandes 7 timer siden
*Ł Ø Ø Ķ Ā T MĚ Į Ā M Ț H Ě Ć Ā P P Ý Ț Ā Į Ň Ņ Ø W*
John C
John C 7 timer siden
Mime Jr is so cute and hilarious
Ninja Plays0274
Ninja Plays0274 7 timer siden
1:10 traffic jam XD
Chris Alexander Murillo Munera
Chris Alexander Murillo Munera 7 timer siden
dang it i screwed up
dang it i screwed up 7 timer siden
Wait wait.. sans?? lel
Joel Fussy
Joel Fussy 7 timer siden
Freak 7 timer siden
Subtitles for this is extremely funny
Just Sparking
Just Sparking 7 timer siden
turnedstone 7 timer siden
10 out of 10, the plot feels like it’s taken beyond time to make
Just a Bisharp scrolling thru YT
Just a Bisharp scrolling thru YT 7 timer siden
When Entei said “Ha! Ha ba ba! Ha ba ta ga ha ba!” I felt that.
aaliyah jones
aaliyah jones 7 timer siden
This is so funny 0:15
Over heaven DIO
Over heaven DIO 7 timer siden
man i love to see jiren and goku fighting
John C
John C 7 timer siden
Kirby is so cute
blu3_apple 7 timer siden
These animations make me wheeze
Nain Hernandez
Nain Hernandez 7 timer siden
God bless high rankers
Wanda Maximoff
Wanda Maximoff 7 timer siden
I can imagine those who are on fire for this animation as with the Screwattack, '' SANIK DEVYO WIN 'nothing else is missing the video responses.
samuel gameplays
samuel gameplays 7 timer siden
i make it and it work kkkk
Sid Rezig
Sid Rezig 8 timer siden
Anime logic a ultimate battle last 5+ episode but it only 2 minutes in there world!
Luis Fernando 05
Luis Fernando 05 8 timer siden
Anson Ho
Anson Ho 8 timer siden
3:33 that song ahhhh why?
Anson Ho
Anson Ho 8 timer siden
3:45 that song. Ahh why
victor gamer18
victor gamer18 8 timer siden
0:11 AAAAA
andrea hartwell
andrea hartwell 8 timer siden
Xavier Marine
Xavier Marine 8 timer siden
Finally Mario main that doesn't spam Forward Air and Sonic Main that doesn't spam spin dash
Chicken Strrfrii
Chicken Strrfrii 8 timer siden
Cephalee Is stupid
Cephalee Is stupid 8 timer siden
This got in my recommended 9 years later and it’s a masterpiece
victor gamer18
victor gamer18 8 timer siden
XD 0:18
ProtoMario 8 timer siden
We gonna ignore that Mario ate one of the eggs or what?
Dylan Evans
Dylan Evans 8 timer siden
2:54 Pokemon gen 4 re-releases' are style be like:
K1ttyGOScrachXx 8 timer siden
Not gonna lie, I kind of wanted Hiyaa to win.
ChrisTDH 8 timer siden
I always thought that Mario became possessed in “Something About Luigi’s Mansion”, after Mario almost fell to hell and was grabbed by a demon
ECHO 8 timer siden
MONO 9 timer siden
would you like to do something that has to do with little nightmares ?? :
Sneeshy 9 timer siden
bro that anime fight man CHILLS
Furigo Ultimar
Furigo Ultimar 9 timer siden
I remember watching this like, 7 years ago, and it just hit me that this was you who made it. Look how far you've came. Good on you TerminalMontage.
Anais Ravelontiavana
Anais Ravelontiavana 9 timer siden
Fox,marth,metha knight, sont les personnage les plus jouer dans super smash bros
Soft Player
Soft Player 9 timer siden
love how sonic was passing through these videos
Anais Ravelontiavana
Anais Ravelontiavana 9 timer siden
Sois c’est sois vous avez étudié beacoup sur super smash bros
RIVER J 9 timer siden
He’s like I like yo cut g but in the face 3:36
Soft Player
Soft Player 9 timer siden
guys if you stay long enough in the choosing ending part, you'll get a hidden ending
Samuel Nichols
Samuel Nichols 9 timer siden
I just noticed Kirbo is in the thumbnail
Mega Bolt
Mega Bolt 9 timer siden
2:44 This is reminding me how badly the first Super Mario Land needs to be remastered/remade/re-whatever. Just don't see much reason they can't since Metroid II: Return of Samus, Resident Evil 2 & 3 and, Pokemon Generation 1, 2, 3 and now, 4 all got good remakes so, the first Super Mario Land is waaaaaaaaay overdue one...
L1v1ngDeAdGirl 9 timer siden
In case you are wondering, this is a reference to Final Fantasy 7 when Sephiroth stabbed Aerith and then shot her 9 time with a glock
Omar Velasco
Omar Velasco 9 timer siden
Donk pog
Debbie Skinner
Debbie Skinner 9 timer siden
N 9 timer siden
Even almost 2 years later I still link the end of this video of Fox yelling "Mission COMPLEEEEEEEEEEE" (5:50) whenever I finish hard work
R 22
R 22 9 timer siden
Really nice recommendation youtube
ll RomanMapper ll
ll RomanMapper ll 9 timer siden
I like how Daisy is technically not just a princess, but a *fucking EMPRESS*
Soft Player
Soft Player 9 timer siden
5:17 nobody gonna talk about this? hes literally doing BLJ but in a different way
Valet297 9 timer siden
1:36 dat scream lol
Flame 75
Flame 75 9 timer siden
and 0:31
That Guy Ahno
That Guy Ahno 9 timer siden
The greatest fight has yet to come. Our hero Toon Link with his pause buffering slide has yet to appear.
Flame 75
Flame 75 9 timer siden
omg it's funny 3:31
LSORRISO 9 timer siden
0:36. HAHAHA die
Soft Player
Soft Player 9 timer siden
1:50 luigi head located
Flame 75
Flame 75 9 timer siden
it's magic 3:38
Martin Bougon
Martin Bougon 9 timer siden
Honestly that DnB remix of the Brawl theme slaps hard
Phantom GhostFazbear
Phantom GhostFazbear 9 timer siden
Ngl, this is me when the:
Crab Blab
Crab Blab 9 timer siden
Braeden Mu
Braeden Mu 9 timer siden
Alternate Title MemeMan Xtra Large
Furret Shiny
Furret Shiny 9 timer siden
Speedrunner yahoo: * is getting beaten to death* Also yahoo: THATS A SPICY MEAT BALL 1:41
NotBrandon 9 timer siden
Waiting for "Something about Dark Souls"
NINJA_CHOC 9 timer siden
Top 10 anime battle 1st place :
Braeden Mu
Braeden Mu 9 timer siden
Why did helix eat a gun and why was a gun is springmans cookie jar?!?!?!
Overfailed 10 timer siden
Ditto is just like "Can I offer you an egg in these trying time?"
DoomsDay Diego
DoomsDay Diego 10 timer siden
1:33 u can see geno and other people falling from the sky lol and see him chancing someone When egg man farts on the bottom left
Lionel Morales
Lionel Morales 10 timer siden
Mario acá es fuerte por el demonio del speed room sin el ni empedo le gana a super sonic y eso que es el clásico Xd
sinfoto7654 10 timer siden
0:38 my favorite part
Soft Player
Soft Player 10 timer siden
me just noticing hoopa passed kirbo's house and the castle
Cane1060 Vods
Cane1060 Vods 10 timer siden
What if the reason that sephiroth got in smash was cause it was opposite day
ToM 10 timer siden
wait he did 4 kings before O and S?
Tiffany Fielder
Tiffany Fielder 10 timer siden
Count the ways Funtime Freddy
Count the ways Funtime Freddy 10 timer siden
WTF is going on right now someone tell me Comment on this if u know
StarApe217 10 timer siden
zuri land
zuri land 10 timer siden
BRO purple Yoshi is being tortured through out the whole video!!!!!
Ethan Dimmie
Ethan Dimmie 10 timer siden
when's part two coming
Alessandro Maddau
Alessandro Maddau 10 timer siden
4:37 (Oh come on.)