Mattias Jonsson
Mattias Jonsson 13 timer siden
4:44 what a wonderfull knuckleball⚽️
Marutle Mokoeti
Marutle Mokoeti 13 timer siden
Bale is a very good teacher 👍👍👌
Jason Talbot-bowe
Jason Talbot-bowe 13 timer siden
TicTac Tech
TicTac Tech 13 timer siden
Click bait
Lucas Nilsson
Lucas Nilsson 13 timer siden
I cant be the only one still watching this... okay just me
Zaki cennel
Zaki cennel 13 timer siden
Aku suka ro
Zaki cennel
Zaki cennel 13 timer siden
I don't like Messi
Aiden Bennellick
Aiden Bennellick 13 timer siden
Why bale
Alex Campbell
Alex Campbell 13 timer siden
Biggest click bait ever fifa 20 kits ..
Jentzen Ramirez
Jentzen Ramirez 13 timer siden
Big NOpostr to another
apurba polash
apurba polash 13 timer siden
Love cricket
Taresh Raj 1904
Taresh Raj 1904 13 timer siden
i have been struggling to make the ball higher and i dont know what to do?Is there any tips.
simpoways 13 timer siden
Good would love to know the technic
1نورهان عثمان
1نورهان عثمان 13 timer siden
مين عربي يتفرج الفيدو يساوي لايك
Rithwik Joseph
Rithwik Joseph 13 timer siden
Bale using every single chance he gets to talk Golf
Đăng Anh Vlog
Đăng Anh Vlog 13 timer siden
I see mini Ronaldo and mini Ronaldinho
CoolCorie9 14 timer siden
Gareth bale is the champion league saver because it was 1 all the bale came and scored 2 incredible goals
Jamie Miller
Jamie Miller 14 timer siden
I love Ronaldo
pang chung
pang chung 14 timer siden
Ayesha Sultana
Ayesha Sultana 14 timer siden
Billy’s team is on fire 🔥
Ashton Stanford
Ashton Stanford 14 timer siden
Not going to lie the shots were amazing but it would be helpful not eating cookies
Julien Bernard
Julien Bernard 14 timer siden
f2 are irrelevant af now
Cool Name
Cool Name 14 timer siden
You know Bale and Billy aren't too different. They both score bangers. Quick. Injured all the ti- I mean.they're names starts with B
Kuthubudeen PT
Kuthubudeen PT 14 timer siden
paveen tharmaraja
paveen tharmaraja 14 timer siden
Team jezza
harini of HAK
harini of HAK 14 timer siden
Jamie Miller
Jamie Miller 14 timer siden
Poor mbappè
legal 2018
legal 2018 14 timer siden
where is deji s fut card
Oliver Meyiwa
Oliver Meyiwa 14 timer siden
The best at knuckleball is Roberto Carlos
Linh Bui
Linh Bui 14 timer siden
Mukta kumari Hembrom
Mukta kumari Hembrom 14 timer siden
Very nice to video
the volkino
the volkino 14 timer siden
مين عربي ويحب يتابع هل قناة
DrMacca - previously lchandr3
DrMacca - previously lchandr3 14 timer siden
I'm assuming these guys pay for that poor keeper's therapy sessions, right? 🤣🤣
jacob rho
jacob rho 14 timer siden
Pranav Chhabra
Pranav Chhabra 14 timer siden
Me: it’s a clickbait F2: well yes but no
Ronaldo Soccer
Ronaldo Soccer 14 timer siden
Ronaldo Soccer
Ronaldo Soccer 14 timer siden
john honai
john honai 14 timer siden
Obviously Billy
Alexandre Kamonda
Alexandre Kamonda 14 timer siden
This guys should join a random Sunday League Team ...
Priston DSouza
Priston DSouza 14 timer siden
Messi is too selfish
HƯNG SKY 15 timer siden
Tui là người việt nam Tui thấy kênh này rất tuyệt vời Và tui chúc thật nhiều may mắn đến Vs kênh này nha
Dipa Nandi
Dipa Nandi 15 timer siden
I thikn the two players are legend
Magnum Sipper
Magnum Sipper 15 timer siden
3:50 anyone know the song
NEMOx FF 15 timer siden
Jshdjdjdhdbdidbdhddjdb 😱 kkkkkkkkkkkk ( algum br aí )
Arr Hpung
Arr Hpung 15 timer siden
the guy in the black looks like david beckham lite..
doli setiawan
doli setiawan 15 timer siden
Shlok Parmar
Shlok Parmar 15 timer siden
Where is messi ?
yazeed sharton
yazeed sharton 15 timer siden
he told you don't bend stay straight . you haven't done that !!
An3c 10
An3c 10 15 timer siden
Datang ke Indonesia
Arush Kumar
Arush Kumar 15 timer siden
2:33 Was that horrigic injury bro?
Asim Hoque
Asim Hoque 15 timer siden
Man...this dedication...unbelievable 🔥🔥🔥
Clyde Anther
Clyde Anther 15 timer siden
So where did Gareth Bale feature? Was a 10 second clip of him 4 years ago filming with them, if I have a photo with Messi and play in the park and include that photo does that mean I played with Messi?
Bhanumati Miri
Bhanumati Miri 15 timer siden
Welcome to football boots Store 😂😂
Paxson Krooswyk
Paxson Krooswyk 15 timer siden
what is that really
YT AGRI 15 timer siden
Apa di sini ada orang Indonesia sama seperti saya?
Anil Yadav
Anil Yadav 15 timer siden
They aren't messi and Ronaldo
Bhanumati Miri
Bhanumati Miri 15 timer siden
He his a mixed golferfootballer material artist 😂😂😂😂
Frankie Ferreras
Frankie Ferreras 16 timer siden
Where is Garett bale
Bondi Boy
Bondi Boy 16 timer siden
Winter Clipz
Winter Clipz 16 timer siden
I have that ball but in size 5
asma abid
asma abid 16 timer siden
മലയാളികൾ ഉണ്ടോ?
Greecey 16 timer siden
I love bales voice not to be weird but I never heard him talk before
Bryce Deeringer
Bryce Deeringer 16 timer siden
I love ronaldo
naseef നസീഫ്
naseef നസീഫ് 16 timer siden
Parvati Pradhan
Parvati Pradhan 16 timer siden
👇Like for jezza Comment for billy 👇
Bryce Deeringer
Bryce Deeringer 16 timer siden
I Love Bruno
Red Sus
Red Sus 16 timer siden
Are you guys Laceless people or Lace people for cleats?
abdo RICOS
abdo RICOS 16 timer siden
Reshirex 16 timer siden
Araki Isaac
Araki Isaac 16 timer siden
Messi neymar and de gea
Frizzy1998 16 timer siden
The keeper not even trying
Mustafa Shafiqi
Mustafa Shafiqi 16 timer siden
Tek tekred tekkers TEKKERS TEKKERS
Jose Lazalde
Jose Lazalde 16 timer siden
Sound track?
Ioni Srugo
Ioni Srugo 16 timer siden
Alguien es argentino?
Anel Sabic
Anel Sabic 16 timer siden
F2 you guys should take on Morden goalkeeping he is really good please see this messege
Nicholas Fournier
Nicholas Fournier 17 timer siden
4:24 Nobody: ... Jack sparrow:
Azeez Saroyia
Azeez Saroyia 17 timer siden
Sorry but Where's Bale in this vid, kinda sounds sus init. The clickbait doesn't stop
D4 Gaming
D4 Gaming 17 timer siden
I don’t understand how the video got half a million views and only has 38k likes
Brandon Ramirez
Brandon Ramirez 17 timer siden
Tbh that was the first time I heard gareth bale’s voice So hi billy and jezz love and support from poydras Louisiana