Youknodavibes 19 timer siden
It’s crazy up until this tournament, Ron baker was the better player out of him and van vleet.....but when their Jr season started van vleet really took being a floor general to another level
BusterMcCheese 19 timer siden
Well, I remember their epic collapse against UCLA and how he has 2 championship rings and Charles Barkley has none.
Isaiah Martinez
Isaiah Martinez 21 time siden
Atleast he still die with a legacy
The Flash
The Flash 21 time siden
At least now it will be easier to hear Walton call a zags game. He won't be able to talk about "the greatest comeback/upset in NCAA history" , which he does every time, without talking about this game.
Bryant Brenton Brito
Bryant Brenton Brito 21 time siden
Rock girl
Rock girl 22 timer siden
Zags couldn't handle the dribbling ability of Baylor and were on skates the entire night.
Landon Atterberry
Landon Atterberry 22 timer siden
Anddd then they got crushed by Baylor
Ayinde Starling
Ayinde Starling 23 timer siden
I swear this like my player on nba 2k. Jalen Suggs is that player. Freshman as well. Think about it. And went to the championship besides not winning. He Def would have earned #1 draft pick on NBA 2k as he should now
Khash Money
Khash Money 23 timer siden
Diakite is gonna be the future of the Bucks. And I'm missing that blonde hair.
gorutra 23 timer siden
This was the first ncaa finals I saw. I was 11 and remember the excitement before the game and it lived up to the hype. Then Magic came to my Lakers
Tejveer Sandhu
Tejveer Sandhu Dag siden
jazz should pick him up
BADNEWZ Da Assassin
BADNEWZ Da Assassin Dag siden
41:15 was started over bout 3 times
Caleb Holliman
Caleb Holliman Dag siden
Well, Roy Williams moved to North Carolina the next season and notched up a 10-4 record vs bohemian so I’d call it even
1fvlq _Rblx
1fvlq _Rblx Dag siden
1fvlq _Rblx
1fvlq _Rblx Dag siden
1fvlq _Rblx
1fvlq _Rblx Dag siden
john Smith
john Smith Dag siden
Maybe the greatest game ever.
troy location
troy location Dag siden
Welcome to Cincinnati Coach Miller!
Tejveer Sandhu
Tejveer Sandhu Dag siden
future pacer
Ethan Guy
Ethan Guy Dag siden
The Manziel of basketball
JR Dag siden
Purdue doesn’t even look like a team. Just standing around running their set plays. Not playing for each other
SteelPirZag Dag siden
During Corey Kispert's Career, Gonzaga lost ZERO home games
SteelPirZag Dag siden
@Bekdoo Lewis Two Quad 1 teams, with BYU recently in the top 10.
Bekdoo Lewis
Bekdoo Lewis Dag siden
That’s usually what happens when the toughest team in your conference is BYU or St. Marys😂
Ricardo Sambrano
Ricardo Sambrano Dag siden
He got more rings than most legends! He was high in the jimmy kimmel and the whole team knows this 😂
C. H.
C. H. Dag siden
6:36🔥 He brought dat Rafer "Skip ta ma Lou" Alston, to the arena💯🏀
Dreamcatcher_11_ Dag siden
He was the best college player that I ever saw live. He literally could not miss.
Douglas DeNunzio
Douglas DeNunzio Dag siden
This was just pure coaching. Look at the NBA players on these 2 teams lol.
Master_Chief Legendary
Master_Chief Legendary Dag siden
He look like farmer in 1950s and like freak too when he have that long hair and mustache. But when i saw him play in this video i belive im wrong.
Aspect Fury
Aspect Fury Dag siden
I couldn’t believe it when I saw the game live.I’m a Pitt fan but I was definitely pulling for UCLA,what an unbelievable shot,that’s what March Madness is all about.
Clarity Sans Hubris
Clarity Sans Hubris Dag siden
This still makes me smile although they went out like the Patriots 😭😂
J Dub
J Dub Dag siden
Dear NCAA thank you for the games but the stance your making pulling venues for political reasons is wrong you do not play you just govern and not doing to good at that ie the gym for the women was six dumb bells and you want to make decisions so your rainbow kids can feel good, you make alot of money have a special tournament for them because after going through all that there is still only male and female. and if you pulled a venue for politics shame on you and hope you get sued. Then the kids at some of the schools playing the hearts out in tourney at least you could do is buy them a new pair of shoes some of those uniforms looked homemade they making you millions i mean billions common man and then were is your spokes person oh yeah your the greatest that doesnt have to answer to anybody.
Keyshla Velez
Keyshla Velez Dag siden
Kevin love and corey kisper o valentimes duos
william johnson
william johnson Dag siden
Jonathan Amanuel
Jonathan Amanuel Dag siden
Lottery pick
Sawala Malam
Sawala Malam Dag siden
Future trae🔥
KalmoK Dag siden
The question is.. Are you taking showers nowadays?
Alwin Cristy
Alwin Cristy Dag siden
0:45 vos.gen.in
James Werts
James Werts Dag siden
Da Gashouse represented "Sleepy and Worthy" GBC
Magnolia Ishihara
Magnolia Ishihara Dag siden
Late first rounder or early second rounder dude
C. H.
C. H. Dag siden
Bro, He's going in the 1st, his game is tight! Imagine him on the top playoff teams, as they most likely have late round picks: 1. Utah, he would add depth 2. Phoenix, they need shooters 3. Philly, they could use a wing 4. Brooklyn, imagine that🔥 5. LAC, PG & kawhi ... 6. LAL, Krispert or Caruso? 7. Milwaukee, always need shooters 8. Boston, they're lacking in some areas 9. Den, #sheesh🔥 10. Port, that would be exciting💥
Saurabh Creative
Saurabh Creative Dag siden
Very nice and rishkiy game
A1 Moe
A1 Moe Dag siden
bro I feel so bad for him, In 2017 championship he lost and then vs Baylor he lost.
SteelPirZag Dag siden
He didn't play in the 2017 championship. He was recruited that year and started in November.
DaSportsKid Dag siden
Am I the only 11 year old watching this during school
DaSportsKid 18 timer siden
Don’t worry I was on break :)
Danny Dolan
Danny Dolan 23 timer siden
Gotta get good grades man. Its important
Game Boy965
Game Boy965 Dag siden
Camm Dag siden
k3cn I am watching this during school
k3cn Dag siden
pay attention loser
Eli Maiorana
Eli Maiorana Dag siden
Highlights need to be longer than 45 seconds
Eli Maiorana
Eli Maiorana Dag siden
At 0:28-0:33 it said Buffalo: 20- Miami: 13 but then it changes to 19-13 🤷‍♀️
Gibby Rat
Gibby Rat Dag siden
Rowell Nagales
Rowell Nagales Dag siden
Welcome to the Rockets!
Nathan Delgado-Schreck
Nathan Delgado-Schreck Dag siden
he looks like his name should be Pedro lol
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Dag siden
These boys held Houston to 20 first half points and when I saw the Moneyline was +175! I knew that was easy money....
Neill Baxter
Neill Baxter Dag siden
Dude really just showed up to play the whole time. Really deserved it
Chris W
Chris W Dag siden
This dudes a scrub lol
Justin Edwards
Justin Edwards Dag siden
I like dangelo Russell but I don’t feel like he is the starting pg for this t wolves team.. if they have a chance to get Suggs or Cunningham they need to pull the trigger
J 2 dager siden
thats for sure a first round draft pick
J 2 dager siden
thats a first round draft pick
J 2 dager siden
this guys like kidd and rouf combined
Aj Mattei
Aj Mattei 2 dager siden
This is Audio Toon before Audio Toon!
Connor P
Connor P 2 dager siden
Minnesota please.. D'lo Ant Mcdaniels Mobley Kat with beasley off the bench
Cartman 4Ever
Cartman 4Ever 2 dager siden
Brutal loss by my Bruins. They deserved much more than this. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Kevin Warrick
Kevin Warrick 2 dager siden
Very intelligent and special player...
Alex H
Alex H 2 dager siden
Wow, what a bunch of stiffs. Almost none of these blocks, were skill blocks. Almost everyone was the BYU player sticking the ball into Shaq's face. No fade-aways, no jump hooks, etc.. It's just a drop step and try to power through. Not exactly the greatest strategy for going against a 7'1" 300 pound monster.
Leif Johnson
Leif Johnson 2 dager siden
That's the beauty of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Every team will eventually have to face a very good opponent. Totally unlike the tradition with Alabama football, where head coach Nick Saban annually load's up Alabama's non-conference schedule with a bunch of creampuffs in order to both pad his record and minimize injuries prior to the conference season.
Kreutz 2 dager siden
MaCio Teague was such a pleasure to watch all year
Elias 2 dager siden
He had a fun playing style. I thought he'd be a Kevin Durant type scorer in the NBA. Would've been cool to see.
Glitter 2 dager siden
Arkansas stopped buying and or were out bid by other colleges with momma cars in Memphis, Dallas, and Tulsa that's why the program went down.
Dave L
Dave L 2 dager siden
Reminds you how impressive play by play announcers are... In every clip the color guy just screams and loses it in the excitement, just like ppl watching, but the PbP is still talking through what is happening and managing to keep it together
Yesmam Nosir
Yesmam Nosir 2 dager siden
No offense but he must’ve not been taking any classes at UCLA cause he seems to have an lower than average I.Q. Great basketball player though.
Cdizzle Gaming
Cdizzle Gaming 2 dager siden
& Now Baylor 5 Years Later Is National Champions.
Earnest Young
Earnest Young 2 dager siden
Welcome to life after Cash money welcome to the NBA
Earnest Young
Earnest Young 2 dager siden
To the county champions you are truly the NBA future the pandemic and everything else belongs and your will if your will stay strong it should be done thank you for putting in the hardest work and basketball history 🖐️🗽🇺🇸
Milo Cocola
Milo Cocola 2 dager siden
thegreatgamer0dd0 2 dager siden
Zion Graham
Zion Graham 2 dager siden
Tristan Ritsema
Tristan Ritsema 2 dager siden
Caleb Holliman
Caleb Holliman 2 dager siden
No Luke Maye shot?
tornado tom2
tornado tom2 2 dager siden
So...what really happened to his NBA career?
1800LUNATIC 2 dager siden
dude glowed up now he's looking like budget henry cavill
Rotom2304 2 dager siden
Not a huge sports fan, but as a math fan I still enjoyed this.
josh bentley83
josh bentley83 2 dager siden
As a UK fan it doesn’t get easier...
jsuss beuh
jsuss beuh 2 dager siden
Bron bin recruiting steph curry
2 dager siden
This ref: no blood, no foul
Ron Egan
Ron Egan 2 dager siden
Should have been Arkansas in the final. They were flat out robbed in the semi against ISU.
You don't see an old man havin' a Twix
You don't see an old man havin' a Twix 2 dager siden
Such an odd guy