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Monique Time siden
Rafael Oviedo
Rafael Oviedo Time siden
I am Republican. ARREST TRUMP NOW
1thess523 Time siden
What about when Biden called that woman "dog face pony soldier", and didn't he tell some guy "your full of something" 🤔. So did he get fired by himself 😂
JM Barr
JM Barr Time siden
What a classy First Lady! No sign of negativity or bitterness in her but kindness and loving care for those who came into her presence....
Wanda Gordon
Wanda Gordon Time siden
John Phillips
John Phillips Time siden
jeff easdale
jeff easdale Time siden
here comes don jnr .
Rhonda Roche
Rhonda Roche Time siden
Love you President Trump and family!!! You served well!!! God bless you and your family!!! Thank You!!!
Tm Relax
Tm Relax Time siden
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Mehmet Ürün
Mehmet Ürün Time siden
Nice try, but read about FBC14 algorithm first
Nice video! What about FBC14 algorithm review?
bayram sönmez
bayram sönmez Time siden
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mert efe güvener
mert efe güvener Time siden
Pray for FBC14 algorithm!
Jeremy Hatch
Jeremy Hatch Time siden
this is a illegitimate president, not gust us here in the US say that either. all of joes executive orders need to be thrown out and not complied; with the proof is in the FASA report and the Obama gate that was newly declassified. also joe will most likely never be impeached sent the democrat's have a full house deck of cards. president and VP are democrats, house speaker is democrat and half of the house is dem so you can put 2 and 2 together and remember Obama was not impeached because of the same put to gather of politely party's majority rule was overwhelmingly democratic
Eggchin Time siden
Eric'Wade Mackey
Eric'Wade Mackey Time siden
👎🏻Election Cheaters 👎🏻
Milli Vanilli
Milli Vanilli Time siden
I smell bullsheet
Eric'Wade Mackey
Eric'Wade Mackey Time siden
Arthur Torosian
Arthur Torosian Time siden
Republican or democrat, she is an exceptional poet and the hateful comments seriously disgust me ✌🏻
Kenneth Dwight Lowe Jr.
Kenneth Dwight Lowe Jr. Time siden
Not my president!!!!!
Eric'Wade Mackey
Eric'Wade Mackey Time siden
👎🏻Democrats Cheated All Americans
Şahin Ateşcan
Şahin Ateşcan Time siden
FBC14 algorithm everywhere
stüdyo Time siden
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HexeR İo
HexeR İo Time siden
LOL FBC14 algorithm everywhere
thekemaallx Time siden
is there really still a person who does not know about the existence of FBC14 algorithm?
Steve Abe
Steve Abe Time siden
I'm CRYING 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 😭😭😭
JOE A Time siden
Today our 46th President was sworn in. About half of this great country are rejoicing for this transition, the other half in despair. Only the passing of time will enable us to truly judge whether the decision this country made, to replace President Trump with President Biden, was the correct one. Hence, in four years time, revisiting this post may be appropriate. On the day following President Trump’s election, the Stock market (Dow Jones Industrial index) rose over 300 points. Over the course of his term, the Stock Market set new record highs no less than 150 times in four years. Even those Americans who chose not to invest in the stock market, saw the value of their retirement accounts rise at least 50% during those 4 years. The greatest health pandemic of our lifetimes notwithstanding, the last reported Gross National Product, 3rd quarter 2020, showed an incredible 33% increase. Gasoline is around $2.40 a gallon. Mortgage rates for first time home buyers are at historic lows. Despite the predictions of many “experts” that a Covid vaccine would takes years to develop, no less than three different American based pharmaceutical companies (Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson) developed incredibly effective and safe vaccines in just a few months as part of the Administration’s “Warp Speed” initiative. This country is not involved in an armed conflict anywhere in the world. Inherited conflicts (i.e. Afghanistan, ISIS, Iraq, Syria) no longer involve our participation. North Korea has not launched a ballistic missile in years. Some of our greatest adversaries, including the Governments of China, Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran, undoubtedly join those in this country who rejoice at the departure of President Trump. When President Trump moved the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Israel’s capital, many of his detractors predicted this action would lead to further conflict in the region. Instead, Israel has already signed 4 historic peace agreements as part of the “Abraham Accords”. The prior three administrations (Clinton, Bush, Obama) each broke their campaign promise to move the embassy to Jerusalem. Trump was the only one to keep his promise. To be sure, many of President Trump’s supporters, myself included, do not support many of Trump's egotistical and juvenile tweets and antics. But his record and accomplishments are nothing less than amazing and should be recognized as such. Joseph Biden is our new President. Like (hopefully) every other American, I wish him and his administration great success and that his record over the next four years will compare favorably with President # 45. Gd bless America.
robert nowak
robert nowak Time siden
Look at all the snowflakes lmao losers
S G Assisted Living
S G Assisted Living Time siden
Thank You. I'm not sure for what but thanks. Bye now.
Yusuf Eren İncer
Yusuf Eren İncer Time siden
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Gizli Oyuncu2002
Gizli Oyuncu2002 Time siden
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T4YR4X Time siden
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Gökayhan ENÜR
Gökayhan ENÜR Time siden
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Headshot Kardeşler
Headshot Kardeşler Time siden
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57 Yüzbaşı-Pubg Mobile Lite Time siden
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Efe Karadeniz
Efe Karadeniz Time siden
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Steve Abe
Steve Abe Time siden
richard schumacher
richard schumacher Time siden
Finally, a patriot with balls. Most you fake Patriots won't even delete your FB accounts. Extremely disappointed with Patriots I have met after Nov 3rd
Michael Carter
Michael Carter Time siden
Get is Ass on 👹👺👎
Leesa Ellerman
Leesa Ellerman Time siden
I can't...absolutely disgusted! God Bless us all!
Cynthia Tate
Cynthia Tate Time siden
They helped buy his election. Never cared for hollywood fakes anyway.
Hop Nguyen
Hop Nguyen Time siden
One person who challenges the whole world is Donald J Trump
Lukrécia Macskássy
Lukrécia Macskássy Time siden
Smart woman!
My Name Is Jeff
My Name Is Jeff Time siden
lol the dislike ratio 🤣
Rita Merrill
Rita Merrill Time siden
Does he know where hes at or. Does he think hes in his basement yet
Manoj Moses
Manoj Moses Time siden
Addressing Dead who voted
Roykeramik Time siden
Clown show~
River flow 818
River flow 818 Time siden
How many milligrams we need to take? Can you buy this over the counter?
Jazmin Sanchez
Jazmin Sanchez Time siden
urbugnme today
urbugnme today Time siden
Imagine if he had people work WITH him...
Rolando Barroso
Rolando Barroso Time siden
Gohar Ataie
Gohar Ataie Time siden
Cynthia Tate
Cynthia Tate Time siden
Jesus gives me hope. This presidency gives me the feeling of nausea! I cant watch this at all!
Jack William
Jack William Time siden
Kitty Beck
Kitty Beck Time siden
Why is nobody crying? (I mean in the video) What about all the evidence? the servers? why didn't somebody do something? God bless the military, I hope they can do something. Please because we don't want to be Communist. This feels like a dream. God bless President Trump and his family. Best president ever.
Susan Setzer
Susan Setzer Time siden
We need those 75 million who voted for Trump to do exactly what this patriot is doing to Schumer, Pelosi, AOC/Squad, etc. They deserve it, for how they treated Trump (politicians/media) was nothing short of a political assignation.
Gohar Ataie
Gohar Ataie Time siden
خیلی جالب باچه روی قسم میخوری خیانت کار وطن فروش
rivasa89 Time siden
This woman is going to wear a big L in her forehead forever now. She lied to her teeth in every press briefing.
GÖNÜL GÜLER Time siden
Richard R
Richard R Time siden
Wow what a evil satanic witch!! Yuck!! 👺👺
So Me
So Me Time siden
Mail-in President 😂😂😂
NdNprincesZ08 Time siden
I love her voice. So kind and just adorable. Thank you for staying strong and enduring these 4 years as our First Lady. You are amazing.
Steven Haynes
Steven Haynes Time siden
Fake President
John Newell
John Newell Time siden
This news channel, the celebrities and the new president are all traitors!
Sabrina Trossero
Sabrina Trossero Time siden
Wan SRIG Time siden
No name calling? No fake news? No making fun of people? Wow Trump u have grown!! But still lies though.. N great teleprompter speech dude
River flow 818
River flow 818 Time siden
Lord pls, protect this man from all harm. God bless him!
Gdog4430 Time siden
Trump 2024
Ekaterina Balderdash
Ekaterina Balderdash Time siden
Rusty Nale
Rusty Nale Time siden
D Say no to sniffy Joe!!! 🇺🇸1st
Jazmin Sanchez
Jazmin Sanchez Time siden
This looks lilke a superbowl rather than a inaguration 😂
Chris Litton
Chris Litton Time siden
Well there goes the budget done spent it all on fireworks
Karl Totton
Karl Totton Time siden
Americans need you both back now
Kirsten DLCO
Kirsten DLCO Time siden
Can’t wait for Trumps Karma to catch up with him this year! 😁👏🏼
Bubbles Time siden
Classy lady.
AK Time siden
Oh man finally some decent interactions and competency, this is awesome !
Craig Wood
Craig Wood Time siden
So where you donating your first check like Trump did
william ziemer
william ziemer Time siden
SO THIS HAS A WEIRD FEELING TO IT... For a moment, we are living in a nation under siege by forces that have (SEEMINGLY) succeeded in a bloodless (almost bloodless) coup d'état... In history, if I'm not mistaken, there are cases of similar situations being quickly reversed. MORE THAN 70 MILLION... PROBABLY MORE THAN 80 MILLION AMERICANS (KNOW FOR CERTAIN) THEY HAVE BEEN KICKED IN THE FACE, WE KNOW TRUMP IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Nope... I can't say that I feel like this is actually settled yet... (NOT OVER). I am convinced that Believers are still supposed to believe, intercede and seek His face.
True Time siden
Thank you for everything you've done and for all of your sacrifice. Thank you President Trump.
Rose Stephens
Rose Stephens Time siden
We will see you back, and your husband our President. You are the greatest first Lady ever in history. We are praying. We love and miss you till you are back 🔊🔊❤❤❤