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Wolf Alice: Smile
2 dager siden
Luciana Oliveira
Luciana Oliveira 22 timer siden
A melhor entrevista rsrsrs... Love Elton. 💕💕
Amber Orpilla
Amber Orpilla 22 timer siden
Petition for bruno mars and anderson to sing this parody song. (jk)
Jake Keens
Jake Keens 22 timer siden
The fact that the bra actually fits James Corden😂
Danny Manny
Danny Manny 22 timer siden
I hate her son. She should have gave him up for adoption. After all, its by the gender.
Greta Carter
Greta Carter 22 timer siden
“I’m not sure” 🤣
My Dad Is Invisible
My Dad Is Invisible 22 timer siden
Polo g is Literally a hologram
Yopy Tanaya
Yopy Tanaya 22 timer siden
imagine waking up and see kiedis wrestling in your lawn
Carlos Junior Galeano
Carlos Junior Galeano 22 timer siden
My queens 😍🥰
blackpink in your area
blackpink in your area 22 timer siden
*This will never not be funny.*
Sarahi Clavasquin
Sarahi Clavasquin 22 timer siden
Ariana got down on all of her songs! I love Ariana and James too
Ar dhina
Ar dhina 22 timer siden
Onyx Jorgensen
Onyx Jorgensen 22 timer siden
if harry was my teacher i might actually listen
lamera Tora
lamera Tora 22 timer siden
He is so cute
Rosa Cuellar
Rosa Cuellar 22 timer siden
Tania Borck
Tania Borck 22 timer siden
so what do we think about this now??? they came back this season!
hyojoo kim
hyojoo kim 23 timer siden
Meiling K.
Meiling K. 23 timer siden
Wow, James is actually good! xD
Alessandro Armstrong
Alessandro Armstrong 23 timer siden
I’ve been depressed for six years because i’ve lived in sweden for six years
Dahir Razack
Dahir Razack 23 timer siden
James was a little bit on the the edge... Not laughing at the jokes, 😑
maryhazlett 23 timer siden
Nick is in what is called the "nosebleed section".
내죽음이 삶보다 가취있기를
내죽음이 삶보다 가취있기를 23 timer siden
Shenal Nethmin
Shenal Nethmin 23 timer siden
Ayy, somebody grab him some clippers (zzzzt) His fuckin' beard is weird
minghao zhu
minghao zhu 23 timer siden
why justin looks so bad
Tree Green
Tree Green 23 timer siden
"F**k you James!" I really did laugh out loud.
detnee 23 timer siden
in my opinion the fyre festival question wasn’t fair. she didn’t say how much she made so she should’ve drank it..
遠藤武 23 timer siden
Carla M
Carla M 23 timer siden
His heads going to hit the ceiling soon
Yammy Donut
Yammy Donut 23 timer siden
i have literally watched this video million times just to see this 6:03 it is so funny i love his laugh omg
spunnymph52 23 timer siden
May God bless and protect you! God loves you and Jesus loves you! You are filled with so many good things and keep on sharing in all the blessings God gives you! If you need more of anything, God is always there to fill you with more knowledge, more love, more strength, more of whatever you need!
遠藤武 23 timer siden
Nathan Lehn
Nathan Lehn 23 timer siden
Ellen seems nicer her e
LIZZYonROBLOX 23 timer siden
4:48 rose gave lisa hand!🥺
Suzy S
Suzy S 23 timer siden
His voice is so BEAUTIFUL!!!!
Jonathan Jung
Jonathan Jung 23 timer siden
Am I the only one trying to figure out if Cher is wearing the Monster logo?
StudioDebraCollins 23 timer siden
My husband and I have been watching your show religiously, it is the funniest most sweet show on tv these days. I love the banter of the crew, it is so damn cute. We used to watch other late night talk shows, but now this is the only one that we watch. And we love the bit with Nick Bernstein, that guy is adorable. Keep up the good work! James Corden is the best!!!
Rick James
Rick James 23 timer siden
I loved Last action hero.
Haroon Ikhlaq
Haroon Ikhlaq 23 timer siden
Man doing bits still
Stephanie Lucas
Stephanie Lucas 23 timer siden
Moonlit Night
Moonlit Night 23 timer siden
*Ha ha you're a joker guy !!!* 🤣
Nick Alan Vlog’s
Nick Alan Vlog’s 23 timer siden
Holy shit! HE FUCKIN MADE IT !
Alexander Reyes
Alexander Reyes 23 timer siden
Eww they have makeup on
Gail Hitson
Gail Hitson 23 timer siden
Go around the block, one more time. Please, just go around the block, James!!!
Nathan Lehn
Nathan Lehn 23 timer siden
“None of this goes on air?”
Audrey Fifield
Audrey Fifield 23 timer siden
i literally do not care how illegal it is DO IT DO IT DO IT- KIDNAP THEM OR ISTG
riley 23 timer siden
these fits are on point 🥵🥵🥵
Gail Hitson
Gail Hitson 23 timer siden
The Sam Smith Musical, Harmonizer.
Natalie Hill
Natalie Hill 23 timer siden
I was dead he said are you looking for a significant other??
Monda Mina
Monda Mina 23 timer siden
Kim jennie waz scared 😂 wow that was funny
Bigfish Tuna
Bigfish Tuna 23 timer siden
I think human consciousness, is a tragic misstep in evolution. We became too self-aware, nature created an aspect of nature separate from itself, we are creatures that should not exist by natural law. We are things that labor under the illusion of having a self; an accretion of sensory, experience and feeling, programmed with total assurance that we are each somebody, when in fact everybody is nobody. Maybe the honorable thing for our species to do is deny our programming, stop reproducing, walk hand in hand into extinction, one last midnight - brothers and sisters opting out of a raw deal.
Madison Rose
Madison Rose 23 timer siden
i love ari but somehow i clicked on this for seth <3
Sarah Jimenez
Sarah Jimenez 23 timer siden
You guys have to go on a cruise! I need to see Pete wearing his cruise t-shirts
MultiLizc 23 timer siden
I laughed so hard tonight watching the show. You guys all seem to really enjoy joking around and laughing as well. It's been such a sad and challenging year and hanging out with you all has been a bright spot in my day!!! I really do hope you guys get to go on the Carnival Cruise!
Poppy Jones
Poppy Jones 23 timer siden
mate my biggest flex is when i was 10 i went to adeles concert on the 28/06/2017 and it was her last one before she cancelled the other shows, i was standing at the front and because i couldn't see some girls in front of me and my mum lived me onto their shoulders. biggest flex is that.
L D 23 timer siden
ahhaha and ahahah leave it on!
Gail Hitson
Gail Hitson 23 timer siden
Aren't they something spectacularly special, kaftan(s) or no? Keep performing, please keep performing!
Nathan Lehn
Nathan Lehn 23 timer siden
Top 5??
Nathan Lehn
Nathan Lehn 23 timer siden
Such a great son. What did James get his ma?
Michael Kershaw
Michael Kershaw 23 timer siden
I can't stop watching this one!!! she is so good...
M Kelly
M Kelly 23 timer siden
The Love Boat! Lol
ridhwaans 23 timer siden
is this fear factor
Baribefii Kineeh
Baribefii Kineeh 23 timer siden
jk was right in front of ashton in plain sight and he didn't notice jk is the king of hide and seek
Natalie Ceja
Natalie Ceja 23 timer siden
Arnold just looking at it all like *eh ive seen worse* lol
joseph ellsworth
joseph ellsworth 23 timer siden
Jack Piazza
Jack Piazza 23 timer siden
is anyone here from 2021??
정상수 23 timer siden
걍 중국이나 가서 살아라 아참 시진핑 똥꼬 빨면서
Baribefii Kineeh
Baribefii Kineeh 23 timer siden
i love how suga and v hide in plain sight
정상수 23 timer siden
한국이 키워줬더니 팬이 한국말로 인사하니까 i'm Chinese ㅇㅈㄹ 떨어 ㅈ같게
Sanghmitra Vats
Sanghmitra Vats 23 timer siden
they should have sent sope together, it'd so contrasting 😭😂❤️
Victorea3 Victorea3
Victorea3 Victorea3 23 timer siden
Sanghmitra Vats
Sanghmitra Vats 23 timer siden
jin is the best hyung ever, he always tries to match the same energy as his namdongsaeng😭❤️
Victorea3 Victorea3
Victorea3 Victorea3 23 timer siden
Ilse De Beer
Ilse De Beer 23 timer siden
Always loved Julia for her movies. Never liked George - he's a dick. Always enjoyed Gwen Stefanie's music in the 90's. She is a super cool chick. James Corden is very funny, - thanks for the entertainment. Celebs should know their place - they are not champions they are human beings. No am not being a dildette, just saying. Was still fun to watch thoughxxoxo
Who Caresss
Who Caresss 23 timer siden
Nurdiana. Kadondi
Nurdiana. Kadondi 23 timer siden
i 💜 you bts
Solana Mendoza
Solana Mendoza Dag siden
Cuando el coronavirus no existia😳
GFR Dag siden
Julian being edgy for 4 minutes
Solana Mendoza
Solana Mendoza Dag siden
Cuando el coronavirus no existia😳
Diane Genereux
Diane Genereux Dag siden
Will George be going on the cruise?
Guinivere Behounek
Guinivere Behounek Dag siden
Fins up baby!
Nathan Lehn
Nathan Lehn Dag siden
Alex Benjamin finally on TV!!!!