Vehicle Sensing in the Streets
Tour of My New House!!!
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Making a Spark-Gap Transmitter
Super Simple DC Motor
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Now play this with parkinsons
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ciprian crut 7 timer siden
Hi, I have a multimeter with a broken fuse of 600 mA, if I put a 500 mA one it would be a problem ...
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Mehdi? More like meh-homie 😎
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PhilippineGamer Plays 7 timer siden
People when they fail at parkour 1:25
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Robloxian Player 7 timer siden
Free energy devices: battery nuclear power plant hydropower wind power solar panel.
The Founding Fathers were Deists
The Founding Fathers were Deists 7 timer siden
Half amp at 5 volts? Couldn't you make a cellphone charger that you can attach to your body?
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1,000th comment of this video!
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Rubin Empire
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We are few steps away to anti-gravity technology. I'm serious 😂.
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Stealing leway from pewdipie
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1:03 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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13:34 touches it it shocks him, touches it again shocks him, touches again shocks him 🤦‍♂️some people never learn
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Your a demon
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Tax evader Yoshi 7 timer siden
I love the way that electrocution is a mix of electric and execution
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Thank god i am smart enough to enter science stream in school . I can understand at least 80% of what he is saying😂😂😂 . The other 20% i kinda forgot
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سلام ایرانی هستی😀ایول
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You know I think every video you kinda make a taser when you get shock
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Wireless electricity transmission
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7:47 this sounds like the Hello Neighbor Devgamm chase theme Or something out of Tomb Raider. Your pick.
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Thiojoe tricked me more than once, and I wasn't new to technology. I feel more stupid than the word stupid itself.
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Like the scope
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ElectroBoom: 11:31 It's probably the most beautiful dild-- Me: _That doesn't sound appropriate._ ElectroBoom: I mean uhh...magic wand Me: _...still not appropriate_
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I like how these are finny and educational
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Challenge you for high voltage ultrasonic generator.
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-electro iran -m 8 timer siden
بزن لایکو🤣😂
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I love how the hdr guy is telling us that time is zooming by while he’s talking to us in real time.
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y0LAs * 8 timer siden
Hi, Mehdi! Giving the fact that your talented cameraman seems not to be in capacity to give you CPR in case of a failed joke, I think I can speak for everyone saying this : Please don't die! 😂 Now I can't see you put your hands near an electric board without being anxious ^^ I love your videos, thank you, it actually makes me less nervous about electricity than I was at school after they showed us pictures of victims of horrible accidents on high voltage lines and industrial transformers... Your videos are very entertaining and makes me learn without having to painfully focus as you always revive my attention by electrocuting yourself 😅Also, don't electrocute yourself ^^ Sorry for the long post, but I love watching your videos since I saw you with Linus 😊
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I love your videos.
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im made free energy from cina
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Nice grounding...
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i am 13 and i ounce played with 250 volts conecct to the tranceformer
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Can we creat a Hologram..?
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Are you Egyptian or Palestinian!?
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Malachy Giles 9 timer siden
As someone from the UK, thank you for not showing all the poverty, rubbish, shitty brutalist architecture etc
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Nyzex Nyrize 9 timer siden
Man, oscilloscopes are beautiful(you know what I mean), but so costly here. Would have used them everyday with my projects if they were affordable here.
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3:34 SHUT UP YOU LIAR!!!!!!
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4:22 cause quantum physics, bitch.
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سلام ویدیو هات خیلی عالین چرا یه ویدیو درست نمیکنی که توش فارسی حرف بزنی؟؟
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Does it kill bedbugs
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Mann 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this guy made my day
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Pretty sure Mehdi's crew is made up of him and his "pills" that sound a lot like bolts when shaken.
Vedant Prajapati
Vedant Prajapati 9 timer siden
You need a Secondary Current injection kit to test the Breakers. Also this Kits are used in testing of Current operated relays and other equipment like CT. I made one as my study project.
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Rishav Masih 9 timer siden
The beeps have me rolling!!
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Stephanie Sands 9 timer siden
Death star...explained 🤣
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Nobody is gonna acknowledge the social mehdi-a manager?
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Thijssie Grroen 9 timer siden
11:33 ah yes a fake pp with a spark
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Would fail safe be to keep it shut? What bout emergency then?
Michael Huber
Michael Huber 9 timer siden
11:48 I think you drew the internal MOSFET-diode the wrong way around.
pog champs
pog champs 9 timer siden
If the recharging thing was actualy true electricians , or Medhi would be more hyperactive than some guy who has multiple ammounts of drugs flowing inside their body
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This guy is a clown Mahdi. I don't trust people who use the word "deduce".
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with great power comes great responsibilities.
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Saurabh Sharma 9 timer siden
Dominatrices use something like that.
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Sheikh Mahfuzur Rahman 9 timer siden
Vibrators... of ... your ... mobile phone
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4:48 this giving me anxiety
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Is it possible to make a transformer useing Headphones wire....
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7:50 mitrocontroller?
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Wtf I just got a keysight ad
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mehdi as host mehdi mehdi as camerman mehdi mehdi as merch design mehdi mehdi as editor mehdi mehdi as imaginary friend mehdi
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2:39 Lmaooo
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Oh my goodness this guy is so funny lol thanks for the video just don't kill yourself lol
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محارب ليفيك /Livik Fighter 10 timer siden
we all should worry if electric boom didn't upload for a while
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He measure his dirty water in drinkable glass eeeeeeewwwwwww
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i knew it they were giving us corona bcuz of 5g towers with corona discharge. lol
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Hey so I’m thinking of making a short video of a few you tubers who are all into car, and technology etc . And with st Patrick’s day coming up . I was hoping I could teach you could say 2 or 3 words of irish and then you give a short 2 minute video of your project/S or channel. And at the end say happy st Patrick’s day. I’ll try and get a few people to do it, and then stick it together in a single video . Would you be up for that ?
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dank pods?
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Mehdi could be good at planning a bank heist and also teaches dumb criminals. Still don't know how to spell your name
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