lpskitfit 5 timer siden
My chickens absolutely love coming inside. I've now sewn chicken diapers for them to come inside with no mess. I've had a duck and a chicken go in the neighbor's yard, and that's the most awkward situation. *Knock knock* "yes hello my duck is in your yard, can I come get him?"
Nobody 5 timer siden
The “Mother” doesn’t deserve mother privileges.
Michele Davis
Michele Davis 5 timer siden
Groundhog charcuterie! Amazing!
Suzannah Chirgwin-wade
Suzannah Chirgwin-wade 5 timer siden
We loss our Bodie 5 months ago 2019
Michael Bagley
Michael Bagley 5 timer siden
The amazing thing is how cats seem to know when they have a "sucker" human on the hook.
Rich Another
Rich Another 5 timer siden
Type in PETA, go to PLAYLISTS, find the Pandemic Playlist. Thank you
Sherry Janes
Sherry Janes 5 timer siden
What an awesome person
Brent Olsen thanks for making 2017 a better year,
Brent Olsen thanks for making 2017 a better year, 5 timer siden
Thank you for loving this little guy he is so precious
Rodney D
Rodney D 5 timer siden
Brilliant n can literally see the change from an aggressive dog to a lovinging puppy...time, dedication and love, n you never give up...
Ally Gachatuber
Ally Gachatuber 5 timer siden
Awww, you need just take care of the dog :((
Brian 5 timer siden
One of the best things about the internet is we get to meet amazing people like you. Thank you for sharing your foxes. Nice that you saw them as animals to welcome and value and not as pests.
Dragon Quin
Dragon Quin 5 timer siden
Why and they are all so cute I wanna own em all
John Spinelli
John Spinelli 5 timer siden
Dog's like why is this mini human on my back
Noel John G. #NOELQUEZON 5 timer siden
Deer look like Dog.
R R 5 timer siden
Cruiser pulls up, restaurant crew: Yasso's here!!
Annemarie Stanley
Annemarie Stanley 5 timer siden
thank you humans for what you did!
4EverAPatriot 5 timer siden
It’s so sad what we humans do to them. Makes me sick.
done lookin
done lookin 5 timer siden
thank you
Dennis Ryan
Dennis Ryan 5 timer siden
And that's why a "shepard" is what they are!
guyprojee 5 timer siden
You have a giving and empathetic heart!!!! Your a great human!!!!
Ghost Of 1989
Ghost Of 1989 5 timer siden
My baby pig was the reason I've became vegan... because you don't eat your love once...
onemajorhottie 5 timer siden
Bean was meant to be his.
Misty Ochoa
Misty Ochoa 5 timer siden
You are to precious. My pit ( Jasper)lays upside-down and talks to me too. There such amazing animals. Well actually my kids are grown, well until i got mine now i have 2 boys again. Lol. And i love them with all my heart!!🤎💜💙💚💛
Seeker 5 timer siden
oscarfelix1952 5 timer siden
"Kermit... we look like twins." "We Dooo...!" May be the cutest thing I've ever heard!
Bad Batch Cloner
Bad Batch Cloner 5 timer siden
Rober Allen
Rober Allen 5 timer siden
I love rich people that hunt foxes and their fabulous dogs.😆
Serg. H
Serg. H 5 timer siden
Tony is a C H O N K Y boi
Ceian Alimagno
Ceian Alimagno 5 timer siden
This monke is trying to save a hooman when hoomans shot them up. Reject Humanity, return to monke. Rip Harambe 😭
NightFlower 5 timer siden
I like how one of them keeps barking, it's like he's giving orders to the others like: - what are we looking for boss? - i have absolutely no idea, keep digging!
whodatboi 5 timer siden
She was so scared her pupils turned to lil dots
sammysue toyou
sammysue toyou 5 timer siden
Oh my gosh, she is so perfect. You are both so lucky to have found each other 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Angel Mariana
Angel Mariana 5 timer siden
milo is so shy cat
Marilou Dimalanta
Marilou Dimalanta 5 timer siden
Bless your hearts all of you for saving these elks! ! ! Great team work!
I'm stuck oof
I'm stuck oof 5 timer siden
I wanna touch its heart literally
Beyond Stylz
Beyond Stylz 5 timer siden
Perfect thumbnail
Brian Bailey
Brian Bailey 5 timer siden
Wonderful dog and owner.
pohlars 5 timer siden
I hope the Mercedes has dog protection
B5Lion B5Lion
B5Lion B5Lion 5 timer siden
😘😘😘😘😘cutie 😘😘😘😘😘
Annabelle Lamberta
Annabelle Lamberta 5 timer siden
I even have the book
Lisa Martin
Lisa Martin 5 timer siden
That's the cutest effing thing I've seen. They were clearly meant for each other!!! Bless ur sweet soul!!! Congrats you two 💗
donny russell
donny russell 5 timer siden
He just needed a little love
Webb Gaming
Webb Gaming 5 timer siden
My question is why did they record they could have helped
David Skog
David Skog 5 timer siden
Nothing better than the bond between a dog and a child. They grow up together and have so much fun.
Delma J Banuelos
Delma J Banuelos 5 timer siden
Wonderful video and the love of God’s little creatures is commendable ‼️🥰
Faisal Rania
Faisal Rania 5 timer siden
The slow flat characteristically wait because odometer incidentally retire vice a materialistic wax. classy, thin credit
Steven Arneson
Steven Arneson 5 timer siden
Kisses for the baby , baby baby there are no bad dogs .
Jaden Degraffinried
Jaden Degraffinried 5 timer siden
So she was separated from her pups that took her hours to give birth to?
Anna Maria D
Anna Maria D 5 timer siden
So cute❤ rescue don't shop🐕
Zahra MZA
Zahra MZA 5 timer siden
so so so cute
M Cruz
M Cruz 5 timer siden
All slander aside. Why didn't they tranquilize instead?
its me ADI
its me ADI 5 timer siden
Ohhh this is so heartwarming❤️😭..i was crying while watching because of joy...blessed ur heart Cantu n Fatima foundation..🌷💐
Suzannah Chirgwin-wade
Suzannah Chirgwin-wade 5 timer siden
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha so funny I know exactly I have a shadow too I had to watch it again Hah a ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I have to laugh silent as my husband is a sleep ha ha ha ha ha ha. Watch it 3 time ssoooooooo funny I would love too see Bryson and Daddy show please
sarah K
sarah K 5 timer siden
God bless you sweet man ❤️🙏🏻🇦🇺
Doorean tang
Doorean tang 5 timer siden
David Skog
David Skog 5 timer siden
Nothing more special than a boy and his dog 🐶.
Timothy Chung
Timothy Chung 5 timer siden
When I see dogs with sagging tongues outside their mouths, I'm a happy man... That is one of the signs that tells me a dog is happy and content.
Caleb Adams
Caleb Adams 5 timer siden
You’re an inspiration ma’am. God bless. How can he be paralyzed when he was clearly moving his back limbs?
miarth elizabeth
miarth elizabeth 5 timer siden
we dont deserve animals at all
Manson Chambers
Manson Chambers 5 timer siden
I'm 100% in love
Doorean tang
Doorean tang 5 timer siden
Annette L
Annette L 5 timer siden
Wow! Amazing humans! 100% love
Robert Beining
Robert Beining 5 timer siden
Lillian Smith
Lillian Smith 5 timer siden
i Love the dog
Brooke Ayres
Brooke Ayres 5 timer siden
oh my goodness bless this mans heart ♥️
Suzannah Chirgwin-wade
Suzannah Chirgwin-wade 5 timer siden
Bless you you are an ANGEL for this precious baby ha ha ha ha haha
Ravinder Singh
Ravinder Singh 5 timer siden
Humans who controlling the nations thought them self same as GOD . they dont understand the pain which animal suffer in Zoo . We people if we stop visiting zoo may be they free em one day in jungle .
young monny
young monny 5 timer siden
maaaaan, why can't you chill with the koala for like 15 or so, in the nice a.c, THEN kick him out? :)
Whintel 5 timer siden
I hope he names his daughter Penelope uwu