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Darin Ahmad
Darin Ahmad 11 timer siden
7-2 lucky escape could've been 22 if karius was there
Blue Nose 8
Blue Nose 8 11 timer siden
CONOR MCGILLIGAN 11 timer siden
Unlucky lmao, should have been 6!
SP RF8HA3663EW 11 timer siden
Villa simply ripped apart!
Johnno Villa
Johnno Villa 12 timer siden
A well spoken intelligent young man.
Leyron AarDX
Leyron AarDX 12 timer siden
Quedaron así luego de que les ganasen el Atlético😂
Domingos Markes
Domingos Markes 12 timer siden
Joga muito 3 gol laços
jason duggan
jason duggan 12 timer siden
Onto the next. Learn from this and improve. Which is what we have been doing. UTV
Tommo Tommo
Tommo Tommo 13 timer siden
Leeds pummeled us..we were lucky it was only 3..same when they lets us score at Eland road, dominated us that day..still good cushion from bottom teams ATM,let's hope we don't play teams as good as they were every week. UTV
fatma mtangi
fatma mtangi 13 timer siden
Msimu huu lazima mshuke daraja " mlisafiria nyota za watu puuzi nyinyi.
SK:DYLAN 13 timer siden
Well said Ollie we go again utv
z5jw 13 timer siden
What a guy he is we’ll bounce back and win our next game
MrTim207 14 timer siden
Keep your head up Ollie, on to next week and chance to make amends. We’re still above 18 teams including Leeds.
Commander Rex
Commander Rex 13 timer siden
That point just made my day. Hell yeah we’re still above 18 other teams!
OmniXenO 14 timer siden
Brentford getting £35m for this trash has to be the biggest daylight robbery in the history of this game!! 😂😂😂💙🤍
z5jw 13 timer siden
He literally got a hat trick against the best club in the world and your saying he’s trash stfu mate
Inline82 13 timer siden
28 million rising to 33... Get your facts right before blabbing shit, scoring a first half hat trick against Liverpool i'd hardly class this guy as trash. 🤤 <--- you .
Revanchist 13 timer siden
Grade A moron
MrTim207 14 timer siden
You’re a 🛎🔚 pal
OmniXenO 14 timer siden
Leeds players already know “Girlish” trash and will miss it so they let him go all the way cause they know if anyone touches him, he’s gonna dive and moan like a pathetic little bitch 😝😝🤣🤣😂😂 BC 💙🤍
OmniXenO 14 timer siden
2 Losses & a shameful Drew against Bielsa! Absolutely pathetic
OmniXenO 14 timer siden
00:51 Leeds players already know he’s trash and will miss it so they let him go all the way cause they know if anyone touches him, he’s gonna dive and moan like a pathetic little bitch 😝😝🤣🤣😂😂 BC 💙🤍
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 14 timer siden
The next karius, i dont know why liverpool sign adrian.
Luke Ferguson
Luke Ferguson 14 timer siden
Watch all ads so can get more legs for midfield and have choices
The Conqueror
The Conqueror 14 timer siden
lol, so funny
Peter Smith
Peter Smith 14 timer siden
Love him
moneytotight 14 timer siden
Off day lads just not at the races, let's shake ourselves down and go again
Anwarul Yaseen
Anwarul Yaseen 14 timer siden
they will rise from the shadows
philly d
philly d 15 timer siden
For a team that won 4 on the bounce and beat the Champions 7-2 I'm simply baffled by how much our heads dropped by going 1 goal down. Southampton game will tell us a lot.
Lauta Mn
Lauta Mn 15 timer siden
That thumbnail tho
Cockoff Gewgle
Cockoff Gewgle 15 timer siden
He probably should have done something to protect the right hand side, where Harrison and Allioski were running riot. The lad at RB, who played well, needed some protection.
Favor 16 timer siden
Throw trazeguet and give chance to al ghazi
Favor 16 timer siden
Overconfidence ..
Liam 16 timer siden
Long may this crazy season go on.
Robert Peter White
Robert Peter White 16 timer siden
Very bad 2nd Half. Very sloppy defending. need to do a lot better in the next game. .
Samy _57
Samy _57 16 timer siden
No premier league is carabao cup
Calum Slater
Calum Slater 16 timer siden
That could have gone either way, very open game.
ChrJahnsen 16 timer siden
Can't win them all. Up until their goal it was pretty even, I think. The trick now is to dust ourselves off and deliver against Southampton.
playing for time
playing for time 17 timer siden
We can still have the mentality to push for the title Leeds will become stuck with there style of play up against the big 6 being open. I believe last year we went in front of the big 6 most of the time last season however defense ment they could come back. Our counter attacking football will be put to the test against arsenal,man city, Chelsea,man united, Tottenham and maybe Liverpool and Everton are tied on 6th
playing for time
playing for time 17 timer siden
Why not a Title push
playing for time
playing for time 17 timer siden
Why not a Title push
Ketut Surya
Ketut Surya 17 timer siden
Vila only not lucky , many chance , lets smash again for nextgame
lee new
lee new 17 timer siden
1st half 50/50 second half we turned it on and villa didnt know what to do WE ARE LEEDS we battered you that 2nd half up the whites
mervyn charter
mervyn charter 17 timer siden
Jacks solo run was great, but should have passed to Watkins and he probably scores, 1-0 Villa different game. Jack should also have buried the shot cleared off the line. These are the margins.
Stephen Scourfield
Stephen Scourfield 17 timer siden
'Pretty even first half ' ? what game was he watching ? rose tinted glasses, 'matched them for 50 minutes' he is having a laugh, could have been 6 or 7 ffs.
Sunit Shetty
Sunit Shetty 18 timer siden
Surely there was a better thumbnail to choose from
Callum Savage
Callum Savage 18 timer siden
You played dirty that mings needs a red card
mr. ward Earl of Dudley
mr. ward Earl of Dudley 18 timer siden
if grealish passed at the end of the solo run watkins would of scored he holds onto the ball too long
Steven Martin
Steven Martin 18 timer siden
VARston villa
Anthony M
Anthony M 18 timer siden
The game was never even. We were lazy, flat and got bullied by Leeds. Simple. Excellent start but a reality check last night.
jason duggan
jason duggan 18 timer siden
Leeds were good. We had an off day. Just hate the fact bamford gets to score. Dislike him even more now!!! Urv
MADMANB68 18 timer siden
We gave Leeds way too much respect they’re not a better team man for man but the way they pressured the ball and kept to their game plan is the same way we outplayed Liverpool. They doubled up on Cash and kept pinging the ball to Bamford who was clearly out to prove a point from our last encounter. Target was poor yet again, I didn’t see Barkley once, Jack only had a few spurts in him. At home too?! Shocking we can do better than this I hope we bounce back we’ve got a bit of an “easy” run next couple games let’s get back on top . UTV
Cybar Hacker
Cybar Hacker 18 timer siden
Hope that we will win next match against Southampton with a cleansheet. UTV
ISSA ATHUMANI 18 timer siden
We miss Samatta this time🙂
secret police
secret police 17 timer siden
No we definitely don’t lol
Harvey Millar
Harvey Millar 18 timer siden
starting to think we need a better left back or targett needs to step his game up
Hip 2 Da Game
Hip 2 Da Game 18 timer siden
No complaints with the result but we gave up the ghost second half and that was unacceptable. Results like this can happen but it's a bit of a let down considering the effort in recent weeks/months. We had moments in the match but didn't take advantage and the game got away from us. Everyone need to refocus now. UTV
Leeds Latest Podcast
Leeds Latest Podcast 19 timer siden
Afonso Salazar
Afonso Salazar 19 timer siden
Hat-trick Bamford
Yusuph Mbandu
Yusuph Mbandu 19 timer siden
Lets see where this goes😅
The cure
The cure 19 timer siden
Let's just move on, don't dwell. We had to lose sometime, were still up the right end👍
Son Lyme
Son Lyme 19 timer siden
Would have liked Dean to address they way his team ran out of legs in comparison to the way Leeds always had an extra man in every position because they didn't run out of legs. The last moment of the game summed it up - five Leeds players bursting forward while three Villa defenders struggled to get back. The best Villa side of my lifetime was Ron Saunders' Villa side and they built their success on the kind of fitness and tempo that Leeds under Bielsa are displaying now. Villa need to up their fitness game.
lee new
lee new 12 timer siden
We are leeds
Dean Reece
Dean Reece 19 timer siden
We signed 2 first team championship players with a crap coaching team leeds attracted European players with absolute pace attack and track backing we are the same old villa We need to balance our squad and make it stronger you look at Leeds they have ayling koch klich bamford pablo kalvin look at crystal palace who have benteke' ayew zaha etc look at Newcastle callum wilson slick fit saint maximin whatever his name is Look.at liverpool a levelled strong side Who do we have realistically just Jack and he absolutely struggled in the 2nd half we have nothing going forward we dont seem to have tactics game in game out since last year we make poor poor mistakes just remember we only got a late goal winner against Leicester who had 4 people out and we still struggled with thier attacking pace I really worry for us this season I know people in the comments will totally disagree
Prashant 17 timer siden
Relax everyone has a bad day this was just one of ours aslong as they bounce back and learn from defeat. If I said to you before the season began 4/5 wins in the opening games what would you say? You can’t argue with it you’d take it anyday of the week.
Football Madness
Football Madness 19 timer siden
Balance is actually very good with villa just that leeds played better football
Dave Lee Williams
Dave Lee Williams 19 timer siden
Good performance from Leeds , their high press was amazing to watch , just wish Jack had of scored that one man effort , it could of been goal of the season , come on Villa learn from this and bounce back against Southampton ❤️❤️
Chris lad
Chris lad 19 timer siden
Grealish heads gone since england denials, got to greedy instead of setting up, also smiths formation change was the factor we lost
Prashant 15 timer siden
@Chris lad no it wasn’t it started off as 4-3-3 against Sheffield then he changed it to 4-3-2-1 against Liverpool due to Barkley coming into contention and hasn’t changed it since.
Chris lad
Chris lad 16 timer siden
@Prashant it was 41 41 mukka
Prashant 17 timer siden
He never changed the formation it’s always been 4-2-3-1 it wasn’t at the start of the season 4-3-3.
William Reiertsen
William Reiertsen 19 timer siden
We will stay in PL🤞🤞🤞
Dayib Ali
Dayib Ali 19 timer siden
mw92 19 timer siden
Great respect and healthy rivalry between leeds and villa fans... 2 best pairs of fans in the country. Fair play villa and good luck in the season
Neil Westhead
Neil Westhead 13 timer siden
Absolutely, best team won on the night looking forward to the rematch at Elland rd, hopefully with a full house 🙏🏽
Joshveer Dale
Joshveer Dale 19 timer siden
MrStjn 19 timer siden
We got done by a pat trick !!!!
Mark H
Mark H 19 timer siden
Another thing is I think teams like Leeds and wolves see us as massive rivals and it gets the players all jacked up where as we don’t give a toss about them so the players are not so up for it. We need to learn from this
Stuart Bell
Stuart Bell 17 timer siden
@Mark H I'm a Leeds fan. Its not like a Derby game at all. Its just another game. Don't flatter yourself.
Mark H
Mark H 17 timer siden
@Stuart Bell obviously rivals I just think more for them than us. They get hyped like it’s a derby game
Stuart Bell
Stuart Bell 17 timer siden
No definitely not the case, lol. Massive rivals? Where do you get that from???
Beau Brummie Stuey
Beau Brummie Stuey 20 timer siden
Great goals, Tyrone Mings - where was ya!? 🤷‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
Avfc Utv
Avfc Utv 20 timer siden
We can't let this faze us. Not like we didn't create some good chances this game. Leeds out played us let's go again next Sunday !
Liam Davies
Liam Davies 20 timer siden
Grealish is a 98% perfect player, that 2% is not always playing the right ball at the right time... try the Puskas Goal Award winners at 3-0 up...at 0-0 pass to the guy in open space...
Beau Brummie Stuey
Beau Brummie Stuey 20 timer siden
Great result Leeds 😂.
mattac 18 timer siden
League one is calling you 🥴
z5jw 18 timer siden
@Beau Brummie Stuey you can’t win against us ever so shush 18th in the championship you’re gonna be in league one next year
Bar1 19 timer siden
@Beau Brummie Stuey yeah finsh getting relegated buying more of our cast off's
Beau Brummie Stuey
Beau Brummie Stuey 19 timer siden
@mattac not how you start but how you finish 🤫🤣🤣🤣🤣
mattac 19 timer siden
You are literally 18th in the championship
Mark Crawfy
Mark Crawfy 20 timer siden
Luke Ferguson
Luke Ferguson 20 timer siden
Just watched full length of ads so we can buy more legs for midfield 😩😩👌🙄
Aden L
Aden L 20 timer siden
I mean he should have squared it to an open watkins
Andy Dakin
Andy Dakin 20 timer siden
The defeat might be the best thing to happen to us. I think expectation was starting to rise to silly levels from some fans & we have to realise that despite the decent end to last season & our great start to this, we scraped survival, so any progress should be seen as success. We have to be as measured to this defeat as we should be to the start to the season. Its five games in & we have started the season excellently. As for the game, there is nothing to be ashamed of having a defeat to Leeds. They are a decent side & have a superb manager. Disappointed to get beaten so comfortably, but that is football sometimes. I am still delighted with the season so far. Im hoping we do not lose some attacking intent by sitting a little deeper in the hope of not getting beat in the next game though. As with any defeat, preparation & planning from the coaches are key for the next game. But only time will tell how the players react...
Thomas Wood
Thomas Wood 20 timer siden
@Mark Cooke Mate relegation is a humbling experience and I think for my generation of fan who don't remember villa being as low as division 3 it's something to take on.
Mark Cooke
Mark Cooke 20 timer siden
It will take the pressure off us now.... People were starting to say silly things...a win against Southampton is easily do able UTV
Thomas Wood
Thomas Wood 20 timer siden
we should be ok I agree I'm happy with steady progress it's typical of the villa to win against a team they aren't expected to get points against and then lose in a game they could and probably should only saying probably because I mean Leeds United or their fans no disrespect at all for their performance tonight they will stay up in my opinion. About regrouping now and making sure we get some more points on the board expectation has to be in check I'm happy with anything from 14th upwards progress is progress no matter how small. Mid table is welcome after a decade of being utter garage at times.
Ivan Palmer
Ivan Palmer 20 timer siden
Credit to Leeds especially 2nd half. I’m afraid Bielsa's tactics were better on the night. The game was lost in the wide areas particularly down our right side. Matty cash was overran and ultimately we never reacted to that threat. We go again against Southampton so let’s learn from this and get the result next time out.
Supernova Leftover
Supernova Leftover 16 timer siden
Well said. You're a good team with some great players and will do well this season, but Bielsa's tactics and the boys beleif in our system won this one for us. It seems Gobby Agbonlahor was wrong about him being a myth. ;)
Bayezid II
Bayezid II 20 timer siden
Cheer up guys , just one lose and 4 wins ! Last season we barely got 4 points in 5 matches sitting on the 17th place and now we have 12 being 2nd in the league UTV !
1 million more
1 million more 20 timer siden
bramford done us. up the villa. nex game lads
lee new
lee new 17 timer siden
thats what you get when we allow you a free goal we are leeds
AVB 81
AVB 81 18 timer siden
Yea, gotta focus on Southampton now...
Sanj Villa
Sanj Villa 20 timer siden
Why or why didn’t Smith change the formation? We got battered across the park for 90 min. It was a sign in the first 6 min with Leeds attack. Clearly a backup plan B would be to change to 4-5-1 to stop the attack on the flanks. Smith is to blame here. This could easily of been 7-1 Leeds.
The beard to be feared
The beard to be feared 20 timer siden
That's twice Bamford cheated the w ⚓ 😂
The beard to be feared
The beard to be feared 20 timer siden
@Beau Brummie Stuey any team would take 12 points out the first five games 😂 how's the championship fella 👍 😂 😂
Beau Brummie Stuey
Beau Brummie Stuey 20 timer siden
Lol looks like Grealish taught him well. Well done Patrick, 😂😂😂👍
Jack McGinn
Jack McGinn 20 timer siden
Need a solid performance against Southampton. Still a cracking start to the season.
matthew mcdowall
matthew mcdowall 20 timer siden
Wait a second Leicester lost 5-2 at home and won the league and we lost 3-0 at home is this a sign
Adrian Spence
Adrian Spence 18 timer siden
Could be UTV!
Hesoyam 20 timer siden
Shut up!!
All In One
All In One 20 timer siden
Well played Leeds, They were on point played as a team. UTV we move on ❤️❤️❤️