The Illusion Only Some Can See
Do You Expand With The Universe?
Why Gravity is NOT a Force
How Kodak Exposed The Atomic Bomb
Is Success Luck or Hard Work?
Is Dust Mostly Dead Skin?
6 måneder siden
Does Planet 9 Exist?
Ryan Alexander Bloom
Ryan Alexander Bloom 6 timer siden
They work as lamps. Light up at the flick of a switch.
Nicholas Johnson
Nicholas Johnson 6 timer siden
Levi Haverstock
Levi Haverstock 6 timer siden
Is it sad that I got an ad about Japanese stuff watching this video about atomic bombs
Jake 6 timer siden
When a sub, say, goes below crush depth, does it crush this dramatically, or is it more gradual?
Benjamin Frost
Benjamin Frost 6 timer siden
I confess I’m a complete dunce when it comes to these things, but every time you use the round trip measuring technique to measure the speed of light you are doing so from different angles and directions. If you always get the same answer then you know light travels the same speed no matter what direction it’s going in. Am I missing something?
Vishnu mandpe
Vishnu mandpe 6 timer siden
F Mills
F Mills 6 timer siden
M4m4 Lu191
M4m4 Lu191 6 timer siden
Brooke May
Brooke May 6 timer siden
Baaaaaaaaaaaaaad idea
nasrick kelly
nasrick kelly 6 timer siden
Supicous just watch them carefully
nasrick kelly
nasrick kelly 6 timer siden
Andika Zaffar Ahmad
Andika Zaffar Ahmad 6 timer siden
microwaving grapes makes starless dragon balls
chiggins 6 timer siden
Ronnie Coleman: *“Lightweight Baby!”*
Ishwari Tilekar
Ishwari Tilekar 6 timer siden
They would be so difficult to decompose
Ishwari Tilekar
Ishwari Tilekar 6 timer siden
If they are inflammation, hydrophobic and all the properties of a polyethene or even worse styrofoam but working more efficiently please tell me how would you decompose it
Deep Singh
Deep Singh 6 timer siden
Does the copper sulfate also evaporate with the water or do we have to assort copper sulfate from potassium particles after evaporation is done?
UnknownUser 6 timer siden
Do salt lamps works? Thumbnail:No
8BitAudio 6 timer siden
Kakyoin after he died
Jasmin Briones
Jasmin Briones 6 timer siden
oh well uh.... Once chlorine, which is used for disinfection, is added and mixes with sunlight, bromate is formed. “Bromate is a suspected human carcinogen,” says Harasick. But “the use of shade balls removes sunlight from the equation and this chemical reaction that makes bromate cannot occur.”
Tristan 6 timer siden
Im not scientist, but should you be boating in a water reservoir
Aaron G
Aaron G 6 timer siden
Kind of freaks me out when I think plastic never really fully biodegrades and I see stuff like this.
Tamela Watts
Tamela Watts 6 timer siden
Soooooo Bill Gates has been working on factories in india for a decade To house vaccines? Tell me I have heard him incorrectly on this video! Is he in kahoots with the people that created this virus? Is that why he has the inside scoop on pandemics to come?
Jack Pasternak
Jack Pasternak 6 timer siden
i didn’t know they were supposed to do anything, i just thought they were cool lamps
Valork 6 timer siden
first of all hello diesel nation i see you guys but this vid just resurfaced again and people are amazed by this but its nothing new, its exactly how a diesel engine works, and its been around for over a hundred years sooo there ya go
jj Mark
jj Mark 6 timer siden
can we use metric systems
Аблуллох Абдуллоев
Аблуллох Абдуллоев 6 timer siden
Для что ето делали?
Marcelo Liberman De Loreto
Marcelo Liberman De Loreto 6 timer siden
Hahahahahaha the people that say that earth is flat will love this because they say earth is being pulles up
lyfted Legend
lyfted Legend 6 timer siden
*Thanos has entered that chat*
Mahusai Hiak
Mahusai Hiak 6 timer siden
You don't predict it, you made the virus and you made the vaccine as well. Psychopath scientist are belong to a cult.
lukas bigboi
lukas bigboi 6 timer siden
the oldest thing ill ever see is when i look up and see the sun and moon
M Reese
M Reese 6 timer siden
The placebo effect isn't an effect after all but just regression to the mean!? Wow. That makes so much sense.
anthony acosta
anthony acosta 6 timer siden
0:26 if any of you have watched one piece this looks like when whitebeard uses his devil fruit
BeesWaxMinder 6 timer siden
a screaming child being comforted would associate radiant heat with emotion 🤔
BeesWaxMinder 6 timer siden
Fascinating! I’ve always wanted to know how they did the cover art for “solid air”! But one thing that does puzzle me is how come that razor blade isn’t in the way?
Konrad Zielinski
Konrad Zielinski 6 timer siden
I had one purely for decoration, but it caused moisture issues in the immediate vicinity that I had to throw it out.
MickeyWithTheFatPP289 6 timer siden
The intro is my worst nightmare
Screams-of Genius
Screams-of Genius 6 timer siden
Is water wet.
firebobby 6 timer siden
7:26 lol
firebobby 6 timer siden
who was that?
Just call me Alex
Just call me Alex 6 timer siden
0:27 so we can generate infinite water by freezing and melting a bunch?
softwhere30 6 timer siden
I'm willing to believe an elite construction team was responsible for their construction but the timespan and sheer effort needed is hard to believe. People like to compare this to Roman concrete and how we don't know how they made that but this is not exactly an apple to apple comparison, at least not in terms of scale. We can make concrete, we just don't have the right formula to make it as durable as it used to be. In the case of the pyramids' construction it's very hard to believe with the lack of evidence in tools used and all done within two decades.
kingdez129 6 timer siden
I don't know what your talking about but it is fun to watch
Mario Lampaliu
Mario Lampaliu 6 timer siden
Really nice, but can it play smoke on the water?
ipudisciple 6 timer siden
The magnetic field in a typical MRI machine is 30,000 times stronger than that produced by the Earth. If you can detect the Earth's field, you would _definitely_ feel the field turn on and off in an MRI scan. And you don't.
Purple Crewmate
Purple Crewmate 6 timer siden
This reminds me of that part of the movie from “The incredibles” the first movie-
Antoinette Wilson
Antoinette Wilson 6 timer siden
My god his unloved hand kept coming so close
Melody 7 timer siden
I almost feel bad for the guy. I really would if it wasnt so dang easy to find the correct information.
Julian Hernandez
Julian Hernandez 7 timer siden
POV: Your mom
phugoidoscillations 7 timer siden
Nice video. Please do an update with the Parker Solar Probe team.
Derek aka Derek
Derek aka Derek 7 timer siden
Australian speaking cadence is such a labor to listen to, he almost randomly raises his voice where it makes zero sense.
Radu Cristescu
Radu Cristescu 7 timer siden
Finding actual tachyons would definitely make things interesting. But alas, no tachyons anywhere.
circled wood
circled wood 7 timer siden
Bread 7 timer siden
This song is fire.
Kurt Butler
Kurt Butler 7 timer siden
100% BS. Quackery.
Sheogorath Innocuous
Sheogorath Innocuous 7 timer siden
Bruh moment
Sheogorath Innocuous
Sheogorath Innocuous 7 timer siden
Cool rock collection tho
fedzalicious 7 timer siden
People are radioactive. A small amount of all potassium and carbon is radioactive, including what's inside us.
FOLLABEE 7 timer siden
Is this good for your health tho
Cade Smith
Cade Smith 7 timer siden
That thumbnail is the top recommended video under this one. I think your Schrödinger’s cat video is by far your best. Also, the one about nihilism
bean juice
bean juice 7 timer siden
madan ram
madan ram 7 timer siden
100% algorithm trick users too, users who are interested to check on youtube for entertainment reason, whatever video shown at first page and if intrested then users will watch it, for no reason. What I have also learnt is, if there are specific topics to learn and apply from, then you will always have users who will search and go to specific topics, hence those content sustain for long, but content gets outdated and needs to get regular updated, such video will not go viral but will sustain for long.
Single Player
Single Player 7 timer siden
Cosmic 7 timer siden
1:57 is that xQcOW? PogU
Isaac Maillard
Isaac Maillard 7 timer siden
This is a lie, the heaviest weight in fact is your mom
kavitha gurappaji
kavitha gurappaji 7 timer siden
kavitha gurappaji
kavitha gurappaji 7 timer siden
corey miller
corey miller 7 timer siden
Whats crazy is i dont need this chamber to hear all this...
akshay pratap
akshay pratap 7 timer siden
i see it rotating only once
UB3RFR3NZY 7 timer siden
I thought salt lamps were just a fancy lamp.
Zrebbesh 7 timer siden
They're lamps. They provide illumination. They work just fine.
•ariya• 7 timer siden
2:39 if i lay in bed at a weird angle i can hear that is that normal
Pricilia pasyeru
Pricilia pasyeru 7 timer siden
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SeclipseR 7 timer siden
Adam Hiralez
Adam Hiralez 7 timer siden
percy jackson just covered himself in aerogel, he can't actually breath underwater
My Collection
My Collection 7 timer siden
What happened yo cancer, tb, etc.....
Bill McQ
Bill McQ 7 timer siden
Great vid! But evolution and ONLY evolution?...maybe if a form of intelligence evolves as well but how do you discover that?
Robert Gadson
Robert Gadson 7 timer siden
But can you run across them?
My Collection
My Collection 7 timer siden
You are not a virologist! The recovery rate is96 percent
Seeker 7 timer siden
maybe you are deluded about being deluded that we are eternal
My Collection
My Collection 7 timer siden
You could not fix computer viruses?
C. B. Alan
C. B. Alan 7 timer siden
So basically everything happening inside me can be described as "Floam on acid"
Pricilia pasyeru
Pricilia pasyeru 7 timer siden
The cute debt univariately fail because streetcar behaviorally disapprove past a obscene scorpio. known, steep magician
moo om
moo om 7 timer siden
I come from the language that use cardinal direction, and no, we do not use magical magnetic sense, we use sun...