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Jordan 6 timer siden
1:20 Turned into PBS Space Time. LOL
John Vallsäter
John Vallsäter 6 timer siden
To be honest, I feel time goes super slow. When I'm meditating it feels even slower.
JAG 0937 EB
JAG 0937 EB 6 timer siden
Nothing is expanding, earth is flat and moon is a hologram u dumas.
MIXEDUPWORLD 6 timer siden
therapist: wide derek doesn't exist wide derek:
김두형 6 timer siden
Jack Hynd
Jack Hynd 6 timer siden
Honestly my NOpost recommended’s are usually trash so when they do show me quality content I’m pretty conscious of going back to that channel. And a lot of time if I’m looking for something to watch I just scroll through my subscriptions and check out a channel I’m in the mood for. Or just scroll through my subscription tab.
TheCruize 6 timer siden
no only putin does i mean look at that wide walk boiii
JH Wieder
JH Wieder 6 timer siden
For the second problem, you could also show the density proof in frozen lakes. The ice on top is pure while the water underneath is more salty or has more mineral content than when the lake is not frozen.
Fishjuice 6 timer siden
sri ram
sri ram 6 timer siden
Oh that explains my weight gain 😂😂
Roguishly Handsome
Roguishly Handsome 6 timer siden
A Very Stable Homogeneous
Eric Schmitt
Eric Schmitt 6 timer siden
For the last 4 years I have definitely been expanding with the universe... And my competitive self decided to try and outpace the universe's expansion.
Euclid Soringa
Euclid Soringa 6 timer siden
Keep on teaching physics, but this time add some life lessons! Kinda like a motivational relief at the end of every complex lesson
HyperisticNiku 6 timer siden
Explains why I'm gaining weight 🤣
insync. 6 timer siden
way to call me fat
Mahareshi 6 timer siden
So is the distance between celestial bodies increasing or does it just appear that way because of repeated doppler shifts? If it's the latter then how would that explain distant objects getting redder and not staying the same level of red?
OPgamer 135
OPgamer 135 6 timer siden
I’m not sure if this was explained or if this is a dumb question, but where are the Many Worlds at? Could I go there myself? Is it in our universe or somewhere far away not accessible? Also, if time travel were possible how would it affect the Many Worlds Theory? I’m not sure if anyone can answers these but I’d love it if you could 😂😁
Risto D.
Risto D. 6 timer siden
Vsauce slacking but atleast Veritasium pumping content
Ralph Clark
Ralph Clark 6 timer siden
At the end this video asserts that space itself isn't expanding and it's just a case of things moving away from each other. This is incorrect so far as mainstream cosmology is concerned. If it had been correct then the Hubble horizon would not exist and the most distant galaxies would never vanish beyond it. I hope it's just a case of poor phrasing but it's hard to see how.
graham lait
graham lait 6 timer siden
One of the most expensive steels in the world is sourced from Scapa Flow. Scapa is not a smelter, nor is it a mine. It is a remote and desolate anchorage in the Orkney Isles, north of Scotland.... and the steel? It comes from the German Grand Fleet, which was interned there after the First World War and whose ships were scuttled by their own crews shortly afterwards. Since the end of the Second World War, all steel produced contains a tiny amount of radioactive material and, of course, the steel in the scuttled ships, being underwater while atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons was taking place, does not and is consequently extremely expensive. There's a post for someone in that story, for sure.
Sergey Polishchuk
Sergey Polishchuk 6 timer siden
who else knows only how to fold in half?
Pierre Villemaire-Brooks
Pierre Villemaire-Brooks 6 timer siden
Weird conclusion. I was expecting this theorem to provide an explanation as to why the international prototype kilogram is losing mass over time or why unopened plastic bottles crumple up over years. Anyone is welcome to fill me in !
Issolom Issolom
Issolom Issolom 6 timer siden
What about the big rip As far as i understand expansion will continue untill it overcomes EM and gravitational forces Doesnt that mean that at some point we will expand with the universe too
d w
d w 6 timer siden
True, Gravity is NOT a force. Gravity is an energy field that acts on mass by constantly accelerating it downward at 9.82 m/s^2, and this translates into a measurable downward force that we call weight.
Dans Earway
Dans Earway 6 timer siden
Keep calm and photon
RockyDavis 112
RockyDavis 112 6 timer siden
Meanwhile, in a parallel universe “RIP Donald Trump”
stimulusmaximus •
stimulusmaximus • 6 timer siden
Mr. Spock would love you.
Nilguiri 6 timer siden
"Why is is wed?" Cute af!
veranet 6 timer siden
When an expanding universe has no effect on you but a few months in isolation and your pants don't fit no mo'.
Cain Higgins
Cain Higgins 6 timer siden
Red shift is sus
Steve shepps
Steve shepps 6 timer siden
GlitterJuice 7 timer siden
Good Information Thanks!
Russ Hamilton
Russ Hamilton 7 timer siden
OK so if gravity is not a force why should it only propogate at light speed? Wouldn't it be infinite. But then again if it does not propogate at LS how could you get a stable orbit? Wouldn't the satellite be constantly pulled toward where whatever it is orbiting was rather than where it is or is there some sort of cancelation effect that I don't know about?
J.T. Harrison
J.T. Harrison 7 timer siden
It's pronounced TAY MUH Iowa, not TAM UH.
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 7 timer siden
Elephant in the room: I don’t think that’s a real rocket. In fact, I don’t believe you went to space at all. There I said it.
Caitlin The Noodle
Caitlin The Noodle 7 timer siden
*lub dub*
Michael Gian
Michael Gian 7 timer siden
3:18 Equivalence principle: How can one claim a spaceship as long as Harvard's experimental tower is tall is equivalent? Does Spaceship have uniform acceleration throughout? Does Harvard's tower see slightly less gravitational acceleration at each end due to different radii from Earth's center of gravity?
Michael Gian
Michael Gian 6 timer siden
Returning at video's end after pondering: Can equivalence be precisely accomplished by adjusting the Spaceship thrust to altitude match Earth's field?
GlitterJuice 7 timer siden
The Red Shift took place in 2016!! ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Regg8 7 timer siden
RyanCooper 7 timer siden
My waist line seems to expand with the universe
Nick Jackson
Nick Jackson 7 timer siden
Maybe the schools I've gone to and the explanations I've gotten are advanced... or they have been simplified but this video agrees with the simplified version. But ever since learning about the expanding universe, in 7th grade, it has been explained as a redshift being a Doppler shift. I like the video still, and I like the different thought process and thought experiments, I am just surprised that people thought light waves were stretched by the expansion of the universe.
GlitterJuice 7 timer siden
i thought it was the beer. phew!
Eric Bykov
Eric Bykov 7 timer siden
This is idiocy. The gravitation that attracts everything around to the massive objects are nothing like to the high velocity objects that pushes down things on the surface or insides. This hipe-douche tries to compare “hot” and “big” with each other
mikeymoughtin 7 timer siden
If space wasn't expanding and things were just accelerating away from us, would that look like space is expanding?
Union of Soviet Socialists Republic
Union of Soviet Socialists Republic 7 timer siden
The way that Veritasium tried to talk in an accent... Just, whoy?
Kiwi 7 timer siden
So the "strings" of the universe are, in fact, not expanding? Everything appears red-shifted just because all the galaxies are drifting apart from each other?
Frank Harr
Frank Harr 7 timer siden
Wait, we're moving relative to the CMBR? That's a thing?? There might actually be an objective velocity??? Wow. Could you do a video on that?
tanhouzer 7 timer siden
I hope it's cybertron or planet of the apes.
YADALI 7 timer siden
All I'm hearing is that Rick and Morty is real.
Duggy Dugg
Duggy Dugg 7 timer siden
large masses exert gravity on things close to them.. the scientists postulate that all matter attracts all matter... But that there is little noticeable effect unless the item is large such as the earth... rather than worrying about this question we should be concentrating on stopping in government borrowing that creates massive unpayable taxpayer debt... the plastic tsunami threatening to strangle us the loss of drinking water pollution
Justin Mabe
Justin Mabe 7 timer siden
11:12 "Violet! your turning violet, Violet!"