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Awkward Stories From The Closet
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Iida's Uncle
Iida's Uncle 8 timer siden
Totally not having a PINOF marathon and crying cause there was no PINOF last year
eman ahsan
eman ahsan 8 timer siden
carbord cings
megalenzby xx
megalenzby xx 8 timer siden
9 years ago... woah
Ruby Mae D
Ruby Mae D 9 timer siden
When my heart will go on way playing, I was thinking of the dap lyrics not the real ones 😂
WackySami 9 timer siden
Can’t tell if Phill said Sorry to the Camera for kicking it or if he apologized to us for the shake
Niamh Scott
Niamh Scott 9 timer siden
I can't tell if Phil wore the Captain America shirt on purpose
good boi
good boi 10 timer siden
Madison Coleslaw
Madison Coleslaw 10 timer siden
I feel like I’m the .001% of strippers who watched this
Cassie Mcdonald
Cassie Mcdonald 11 timer siden
we all knew u pufff jk marry me
X 11 timer siden
Evan Benjamin
Evan Benjamin 11 timer siden
honestly i want the cube just so i can say i have the cube™️
Inés G. Gao
Inés G. Gao 11 timer siden
...or the wisest wizard that ever wizarded. 😆😆😆😆
Ele Eline
Ele Eline 11 timer siden
Omg even the music is so comforting
Inés G. Gao
Inés G. Gao 11 timer siden
Can I just say... I don't find Ricardo to be a cooler name 😆😅
Inés G. Gao
Inés G. Gao 11 timer siden
I never cOnsidered this 😂😂😂
Inés G. Gao
Inés G. Gao 11 timer siden
I actually thought you'd just grown a beard and were sharing that new reality with us. Still thrilled to watch, though
Claudia Connolly
Claudia Connolly 11 timer siden
2021 anyone Ian lonely
Xtheno 123
Xtheno 123 12 timer siden
Do these two date
Argenteoque Carpento
Argenteoque Carpento 13 timer siden
page y
page y 13 timer siden
you guys got me through so so much when i was having a really rough time, coming to terms with being who i am. i’m so glad you guys are back and seeming to be happy ❤️
Laragh Doyle
Laragh Doyle 13 timer siden
its 2021 and i have three essays to do but i decided to avoid my responsibilities by having a phil is not on fire marathon this is a cry for help
abby poulson
abby poulson 14 timer siden
“I dont know how to be a real person!” - Phil 2020 Relatable honestly
Lasya Ramakrishnan
Lasya Ramakrishnan 14 timer siden
phil really invented covid huh
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute 14 timer siden
12:04 I literally said Stevenson too as a random last name
wiltedrosepetals 14 timer siden
i love when y’all were talking about Fuji my cat came into the room
초록색이진해질때 14 timer siden
9:21 lol
Zeta Alpha
Zeta Alpha 16 timer siden
2020 killed introversion.
breanna marissa
breanna marissa 17 timer siden
shoutout to all my fellow phannies who subscribed in 7th grade and are now full fledged adults
cherie ana
cherie ana 17 timer siden
Screaming at Phil’s expression at 20:02 Phil: “He’s been deciding where every plug goes in his new room” Dan: “As well as my other things” Phil: 😳
amberXkpop 19 timer siden
Thank you so much for the shout out to Asexuals :D. It makes me feel loved and less out of place ^^.
Becca Seymour
Becca Seymour 19 timer siden
Love you both so much
Nasya Jacobs
Nasya Jacobs 20 timer siden
Dear Daniel Howell, Your smile made me cry tears of true joy. How dare you? Sincerely, Nasya A. Jacobs
Taniaaob 20 timer siden
I’m so scared I liked it a the exact time before it said unlocked
Smile! :D
Smile! :D 20 timer siden
Ohh I thought the question (at like 9:30 or something) was what would you feed thanos and I got a little confused when phil said he'd shrink and go behind him
Ellie Double
Ellie Double 20 timer siden
the most shocking thing about this video is that eddie is phil’s favourite yachtie when kate chastain exists
maraschino 20 timer siden
and after 4 years im back on my bullshit, hello you two
Charmingly 10
Charmingly 10 21 time siden
I love you sunshine 🌞❤️
Seapancakx 21 time siden
"he likes the pain" PHIL WHAT-
Galaxy S10
Galaxy S10 22 timer siden
Are Dan and Phil a couple?
XRosemarieX XHathawayX
XRosemarieX XHathawayX 21 time siden
Don’t think so just think they are best friends
Caitlin Veneer
Caitlin Veneer 23 timer siden
I had to write a story about having wheels for feet at school when I was younger
JamaicanRain 23 timer siden
If you and Dan ever release a biopic about you guises lives, I am getting a movie ticket just so I can watch this part. 😛
Jess Foxall
Jess Foxall 23 timer siden
phil: 2017 fashion right here 2020/21: 😳😳😳 phil is a trend setter
Miranda The gay
Miranda The gay Dag siden
Candle Lynx
Candle Lynx Dag siden
I missed them so much 😭🥺 i used to watch all your videos when i was 14
isabeleu Dag siden
1:59 "americer attack"
Idk Dag siden
Why is this called Phil is not in llammas Edit; I realize the title is Phil is not in fire but it’s in spanish
isabeleu Dag siden
phil is so cute in this video and for what
Taylor Duerr
Taylor Duerr Dag siden
this video is reminding me of the 3 minute intros to dan and phil game of the times we live in
Tasia Carll
Tasia Carll Dag siden
Oh my gosh I feel 14 again
xLucy9596x Dag siden
Ugh I missed Dan like no one can imagine. Seeing both of them together takes me back to freshman dorm room, and I feel warm again
Christina Valnav
Christina Valnav Dag siden
Yo: :) Dan y Phill hablando de Steve con la música de la Rosa de Guadalupe: 14:23 Yo: :0
Lesqie Dag siden
Oh you’re back. Cool.
Tabatha O
Tabatha O Dag siden
I just found out that after six years my sense of humor is exactly the same.
VoidStarz Dag siden
Aw haha accidentally ended up back here again somehow. Miss these days so much, I feel like I've been thrown back into the 2010's again in my DnP phase xD
Lollie Diana
Lollie Diana Dag siden
This is the first ever phil video I watched and man it’s nice to be back🥰
Muddy Puddle
Muddy Puddle Dag siden
Aleah A.
Aleah A. Dag siden
Phil at 4:32 😳
ottilie x
ottilie x Dag siden
watching this during quarantine makes me sooo touch starved like???
I Have No Life
I Have No Life Dag siden
The horror of gaining the knowledge that Minion Yaoi exists in the world is the same exact feeling of seeing the results when you look up Woody x Buzz or Lightning McQueen x Mater and actually getting fanfiction.
Lucy Corley
Lucy Corley Dag siden
Anyone else remember A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Amazing Phil Comment like subscribe and rate, you know the drill...
Lizet Tovar
Lizet Tovar Dag siden
this is so weird I’m an adult now
Kayla Alexandra
Kayla Alexandra Dag siden
I feel like they are so cute all the time on accident lol edit: existential crisis at 21:51
magiccereal Dag siden
I can't express the feelings of safety and comfort I get while watching these two. They got me through being a depressed high schooler and now they've come back to get me through being a (significantly less depressed) college student
Natalie Cross
Natalie Cross Dag siden
I wrote my college paper about saving a bird lol
kim phi
kim phi Dag siden
The petite patch splenomegaly milk because schedule opportunely report onto a many digital. certain, wandering quiet
stina98XD Dag siden
I need a 2021 version of this. Maybe instead of tumbler they could do insta or Twitter. Just some fluffyness
Grace Dag siden
I miss them so much it hurts
Kelsey Simmons
Kelsey Simmons Dag siden
we gonna ignore that phil said "b*tch"
Lilly Beatty
Lilly Beatty Dag siden
that's not a maple leaf-
harshita srivastava
harshita srivastava Dag siden
I'm Indian and even I fit in the British stereotype of politeness lol
Nathan R
Nathan R Dag siden
Me and like 20 other kids in my year got detention a week ago cause the full one actual headmaster (principal) decided to walk in whilst we were playing
Letícia S
Letícia S Dag siden
i love this duo damn
kantharos Dag siden
they have literally the same hair "cut"!!!
LissyBlossom Dag siden
when will u and dan get together
AthenaGodess Dag siden
Ok but am I the only person who thought that Phil with he whirlpool effect thing looked like benedict Cumberbatch with glasses?
discount spinel
discount spinel Dag siden
15:14 i was at this show hndhdbd
ye, it's me, bitch
ye, it's me, bitch Dag siden
Liam be looking mad, but he was probably singing Little Things-
Tigrezz Artz
Tigrezz Artz Dag siden
Did everyone just ignore the writer part? Somewhere at 7:20