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JaidenAnimations Intro!
X GAMER 21 time siden
Alex Kamenov
Alex Kamenov 21 time siden
I beat it in 5h
• Itz Lollipopz •
• Itz Lollipopz • 21 time siden
I’m scared of hand dryers- well maybe I’m not brave enough to tell that story Hint: it involves my anxiety I have every night
Samuel Liu
Samuel Liu 21 time siden
Jaiden: I serve the finest stories! Jaiden small: so i peed on my wall...
Eevee Gamer
Eevee Gamer 21 time siden
I prefer pokemon mistery dungeon
billy bell
billy bell 21 time siden
roses are red vilots are blue the said animal crossing was peacefull yeah that wasent true
mercy 21 time siden
Adam smith
Adam smith 21 time siden
soo tetness=ads?
Mr. Magic
Mr. Magic 21 time siden
Hives suck omg it happens to me so much I hate it, it's cause I'm allergic to grass and like all fruits.
Amelia Preston
Amelia Preston 21 time siden
Do you ever look back on Jaiden videos are realize how long it's been. Damn.
Saleem H
Saleem H 21 time siden
bunny is like piggy
DCButters 21 time siden
I needed this, thank you.
Kelpo The Weirdo
Kelpo The Weirdo 21 time siden
Hi Im 1 AnD I LiiKE Yr VIdS
Sola Dillon
Sola Dillon 21 time siden
I’m hurt
TG's World
TG's World 21 time siden
Th first pet death experiance was at age 7 when m my grammas dog pudgie die and I was crying alot bc I was very sad, RIP pudgie
Jana Abou Naga
Jana Abou Naga 21 time siden
Zellk Poggers
Zellk Poggers 21 time siden
I actually got an animal crossing ad on this video oh my god.
nah nah NAH
nah nah NAH 21 time siden
Her next video will be hè 100th on this channel
isabel xtm
isabel xtm 21 time siden
billy bell
billy bell 21 time siden
yeah i hate how pepole are now
obada Khalid
obada Khalid 21 time siden
just starting out jaiden was cute
MC Ninja
MC Ninja 21 time siden
Fun fact put on caption mode and it translates th Japanese
Kerosin 21 time siden
The Koreans have found the game One guy now holds 7 records for cooking mama 2 : cooking with friends Edit : Okay I looked at their profile they hold quite a lot of records...
pointBoy21 21 time siden
when is ari's next birthday its been over a year
Julia Muelhoefer
Julia Muelhoefer 21 time siden
I am struggling with body image... and this helped so much
7Sakura 21 time siden
And i still believe the [tv = bad eyes] till now lol
Anonymous Llama
Anonymous Llama 21 time siden
Holy crap, Jaiden's a Japanese master
Henry Stickmin
Henry Stickmin 21 time siden
Thanks Jaiden.... I'm trying to end Whole Foods that's really nice.. thanks for the advice
Leon Leuba
Leon Leuba 21 time siden
I feel like this is a start of a trend I think
Morgan Perkins
Morgan Perkins 21 time siden
They’re mean they can make you bleed
chilller party
chilller party 21 time siden
Gurl where did you get raoole and Ringo please tell me I want to by them
Αγγελος Σταματακης
Αγγελος Σταματακης 21 time siden
Morgan Perkins
Morgan Perkins 21 time siden
I’m getting a macok
ash dash Malihan
ash dash Malihan 21 time siden
Cody Crew
Cody Crew 21 time siden
i have one word S M A L L A N T
Gacha KâÿPøtãtø
Gacha KâÿPøtãtø 21 time siden
Me getting 3 stars on all Cooking Mama Cookstar recipes: now i just need to do gold in cookstar on all of them...
Jules Marchant
Jules Marchant 22 timer siden
6:25 Beware headphone users
Daniel Loves Art
Daniel Loves Art 22 timer siden
It's actually a sea dragon.
ash dash Malihan
ash dash Malihan 22 timer siden
Only ants I guess....
AstralCane 22 timer siden
Cage of my birb:O P E N My birb:NO THANKS
Jack_ThePumpkinDemon 22 timer siden
2:03 is that Candy cadet in the background.?
Catherine Armstrong
Catherine Armstrong 22 timer siden
My dog Lilly also jumped out of a moving car some how she didn’t die we were on the high way
paprika bruh
paprika bruh 22 timer siden
We love you jai
Poyraz 22 timer siden
2:48 YAHOO
SugaristSnake0 22 timer siden
Lmao ur 7th now
RudiPrico -sk-
RudiPrico -sk- 22 timer siden
Jnknow im writing this 3 years after, but if anything like this happens to any of you, even if you start noticing just skall things, go see a psychologyst right away.
ash dash Malihan
ash dash Malihan 22 timer siden
Andrei De Asis
Andrei De Asis 22 timer siden
I used to have stuffed animals and left them at a bus/hotel too!
Ninga 353
Ninga 353 22 timer siden
Watching this in 2020
LeTobias 22 timer siden
2:40 can we just appreciate how cute she is there?
chubby lampuipui
chubby lampuipui 22 timer siden
The feeling every kid gets when another kid says I’m telling I’m sure this is relatable to every living child
PiXeLed _
PiXeLed _ 22 timer siden
jaiden, your next video is the 100th video.
Trash Can
Trash Can 22 timer siden
And here i thought it was a minecraft speedrun
ash dash Malihan
ash dash Malihan 22 timer siden
That happen to me ANTS
legend 15
legend 15 22 timer siden
Your Grandma
Your Grandma 22 timer siden
0:38 Ah,someone with culture
Nix 22 timer siden
AWww misakia is a great guy
Nazmul Asad
Nazmul Asad 22 timer siden
Just tell me what u look like im not mean
Ivo Zzz
Ivo Zzz 22 timer siden
If youre not gonna listen to her story and just want to see what she looks like... ur foul.
Jomari Gabriel Llanes
Jomari Gabriel Llanes 22 timer siden
Cooking mama= Gordon Ramsey
Han Thitawattanakul
Han Thitawattanakul 22 timer siden
Jaiden fun fact my brother didn’t Poo for two weeks
Big Mouth Roblox
Big Mouth Roblox 22 timer siden
If you like documentaries watch Extinction: The Facts and A Life On Our Planet both narrated by David Attembourough
4l3cq 22 timer siden
Jaiden : Let's make a video about nothing important 20M people : *yes*
ash dash Malihan
ash dash Malihan 22 timer siden
Wow..... I'm 20 girl but cool rude you get roasted XD
AmongUsAnimations 22 timer siden
Omg this is beautiful 😍
Min J Pearl
Min J Pearl 22 timer siden
Wait... Jaiden plays dark souls? It’s at 0:41
YÔKAI SADIS 22 timer siden
Nice to see jaiden getting along with the Vanoss Crew and others
dumdumbadagheesho 22 timer siden
omg u sound like the older version of me u and the odd 1s out will inspire me so much in the future ik myself and i've had almost the same experiences butttttt wuts that thing u said is for adults lol im 12 and idk hahahhaha lol
Aradhana Singh
Aradhana Singh 22 timer siden
"see if you like this bi***" me : wt my friend :meh jaiden : U IDIOT!!!!!
Unfunny 22 timer siden
When ari went down the slide it was a plushie so don’t worry
Kerosin 22 timer siden
Jaiden ngl I love you and all... *But I would take your moms signature over yours in a heartbeat*
ghost cyan Dad
ghost cyan Dad 22 timer siden
bird Breeder: What Bird Do you want? Me:A L L O F T H E M Bird Breeder:Ok-WAIT WHAT Me:Yes
Aradhana Singh
Aradhana Singh 22 timer siden
i got hives o_O
Melker Ahlback
Melker Ahlback 22 timer siden
0:31 ”poppycock” HAHAHAHAHAHAH
Hamir Book
Hamir Book 22 timer siden
I thought the cooking mama game where you prepare a dead chicken was the original game ._.
doritos master
doritos master 22 timer siden
the needles DONT EVEN HURT LIKE AS MUCH AS A RED ANT BITE AND RED ANT BITES HURT 10 TIMES MORE THAN THE NEEDLE and before you say "oh you probably never gotten one of these procedures" is probably because the pain is probably 99% fear and you are overreacting
DAIMOND 22 timer siden
Are you and James dating-(you look like a good couple). :)
Azam Zahid
Azam Zahid 22 timer siden
its 2020 you didnt give a birthday to ari
Drishti Neeraj
Drishti Neeraj 22 timer siden
Well I also follow the perfect bite and i thought I was the only person who does but I'm not lol 😎😅😂
Lord Neon
Lord Neon 22 timer siden
legends say that the cornmeal is in Jaiden's house to this day
Cameron McAllister
Cameron McAllister 22 timer siden
Most people: "I'll wait 10 mins so they don't think I am TOO attached" Me: "Oh yo waddup you messaged you have my FULL attention! I have never given this much attention to anyone... at least until I get messaged again"