Joe Ritchie
Joe Ritchie 21 time siden
When the teacher tells you to go to the principals office 3:52
Adhytria Gusti Lanang
Adhytria Gusti Lanang 21 time siden
I hate racists I hate being racist, even though my skin is white it's very insulting
wastie 21 time siden
my lil brother who used to watch him heard this vid and literally asked "why is he talking like the old ksi, this is good"
Zakaria Mouaffak
Zakaria Mouaffak 21 time siden
Benjamin Good
Benjamin Good 21 time siden
the energy in this video is unreal
surya Suprapto
surya Suprapto 21 time siden
If only yinka or jide is here
Nuski noob
Nuski noob 21 time siden
This game sucks
Daniel Hetze
Daniel Hetze 21 time siden
Still cant get over that knock....my brain keeps tricking me, even if I know it
sankalp mall
sankalp mall 21 time siden
I wouldn't be surprised if dax got knocked out in first round😂
Red 21 time siden
Callux : You are a Fat Stinker JJ *Gets Killed* Callux : You are a Big Stinker Vik *Gets Killed*
Sy7R 21 time siden
i hate the double helmet to helmet plays its so sad how fast it can ends someone career
SakrGames 21 time siden
now that is what i call og ksi ngl i don't care if it is informal but it needs to be on his main channel
Chris Meyer
Chris Meyer 21 time siden
Logan should just quit NOpost😂
Sam coelho ,
Sam coelho , 21 time siden
Omg the nostalgia
LopezSnipez 21 time siden
That intro gave me insane nostalgia
daviti kvaratskhelia
daviti kvaratskhelia 21 time siden
ksi lafing like stubid
Peter Gregson
Peter Gregson 21 time siden
Activate Windows
Mohammad Rakib
Mohammad Rakib 21 time siden
jj gets imposter so much cos he's black
xd Wolfeéž
xd Wolfeéž 21 time siden
Just activate Windows my dude
Sole Sefa
Sole Sefa 21 time siden
The ending made me smile even tho I was in a bad mood
Petter Kampe
Petter Kampe 21 time siden
Eyo JJ fam you're bed sheets move on 5:28 bro how can you leave Simon alone while recording?!?!
Bellejotter1234 21 time siden
hey guys
She- Ra
She- Ra 21 time siden
3:14 Hi Callux 😭😭😭😭I’m died mannnn lol lol😭😭😂😂😂
Maddox Pernerup Nagle
Maddox Pernerup Nagle 22 timer siden
I hope in the next podcast they are talking about how logan found Jake's body
Abdulrazak Kabi
Abdulrazak Kabi 22 timer siden
mo is the only person on planet earth that can destroy jj while sitting down
Zakrya Allatifi
Zakrya Allatifi 22 timer siden
Thats a bit sus fam
Candy Cane
Candy Cane 22 timer siden
Phasmophobia, do it
One hundred subscribers before 2021
One hundred subscribers before 2021 22 timer siden
Wait u in the UK
Crump 22 timer siden
How can I enjoy when blocking my screen is activate Windows? 🧢 *Good to see old school JJ again.
hexrtless_demxn 22 timer siden
VenomJ23 22 timer siden
Ur glasses off could prob help lmao
aiman thaqif
aiman thaqif 22 timer siden
bruh he is just better than you bro , no cap 🧢
Kyle Breedon
Kyle Breedon 22 timer siden
Jj needs To beat him six feet into the ground
Shaunlee plays
Shaunlee plays 22 timer siden
fair and lovely op
Will Hernandez
Will Hernandez 22 timer siden
Watch at 4:58 jj starts having face twitches, might have a disorder.
SHmitStain 22 timer siden
In my honest opinion, Mayweather might kill Logan Paul.
Jaedin Muliaga
Jaedin Muliaga 22 timer siden
That start was such a throwback like sheessshhh
VeryPositiveGamer 22 timer siden
His shirt says "no snakes" ;-;