What's Wrong With My Face
I Broke My Nail Again
5 måneder siden
Video Calling Holo Taco Customers
Staying Home With My Cats
7 måneder siden
Curling My Hair With Bananas
I Googled Myself and found the tea
Thank you
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Jordan D
Jordan D 13 timer siden
i love them all
Jordan D
Jordan D 13 timer siden
LMAOOOO when jen said “like a casino” 💀 they’re all so funny for no reason
Zoey Joseph
Zoey Joseph 13 timer siden
Found out I was allergic to 100% polyester fabric by sleeping in a quilt completely made of the dumb stuff, couldn't figure out what it was, my whole face swole up, had to get a steroid shot in my butt, yee haw!
Kacey Clough
Kacey Clough 13 timer siden
Will Missed-Shift be coming back in stock? I NEEEED IT 😭
Stella TheNeonGirl
Stella TheNeonGirl 13 timer siden
What’s your favorite tea
Sophie W
Sophie W 13 timer siden
Is this the same printing machine you tried ,this one looks like the same machine ?m.nopost.info/throw/1ti6eHfU0aB7fa8/video
Sophie W
Sophie W 14 timer siden
I' m in love with your beautiful ginger 🐱😊 What is he/ she called??
Tess N
Tess N 14 timer siden
On this episode of Cristine’s hoarding adventures
CatLink 14 timer siden
This was the first video I ever watched of Cristene, and thought it was hilarious when you flipped off the camera and cursed XD and I still watch you too!
Stephanie Solis
Stephanie Solis 14 timer siden
Talk in French to Ben while doing his nails and see if he can guess what you’re saying.
satturnny 14 timer siden
I literally had a car commercial about a chrome finish at the beginning and end of this video
Skylar_ Multiverse
Skylar_ Multiverse 14 timer siden
i know im late but mix all your tea! i wanna see this happen pls notice me!
DJ 14 timer siden
I honestly stanned the asmr nail filing lol. 😅
Mariam Siddiqui
Mariam Siddiqui 14 timer siden
Omg I have been to the SAME. EXACT. ONE. I’m telling you, you would like this place called Essence Nail Lounge also
Dougie26200 2
Dougie26200 2 14 timer siden
Ben looks amazing.
Maiara Kahn
Maiara Kahn 14 timer siden
this is what we do for life now watching peel porn😷💩
Amya, s Fun Area
Amya, s Fun Area 14 timer siden
i think it should be named as all holo taco
Lucy Everett
Lucy Everett 14 timer siden
Simply experimental... Maby
Kate Peters
Kate Peters 14 timer siden
stary night
Leviathan Lamothe
Leviathan Lamothe 14 timer siden
Vanessa Desgagné
Vanessa Desgagné 14 timer siden
I heard sad boi sandwich instead of subways
Dinara Wehrmeister
Dinara Wehrmeister 15 timer siden
I KNOW WHAT A NAIL BREAK IS LIKE AND IT HURTS LIKE HECK When it happened i was at my grandma's house and i was downstairs and i was playing with my siblings and then **BAM** I RAN INTO SOME METAL OBJECT And i wasn't lucky i started bleeding and my nail was torn and it hurt so baddddd.
adamaranda 15 timer siden
you should use your nailpolishes to make like a face or a picture on your shelves so when u could arrange the polishes to make a picture from a distance, does that make sense im kinda high on polish fumes
Adam Hubert
Adam Hubert 15 timer siden
To get the yellow off your nell bleach them
Avery Woodbridge
Avery Woodbridge 15 timer siden
Simply extra
Lilianna L
Lilianna L 15 timer siden
Who else has this in their recommended after almost 3 years
Stephanie P
Stephanie P 15 timer siden
Before I even watch this why
Jie Wu
Jie Wu 15 timer siden
Omg Cristines irises and pupils look so big for some reason with the eyeshadow on lol 😂
Sarah Griesemer
Sarah Griesemer 15 timer siden
it’s called stockholm syndrome ben. when the person kidnapped falls in love with their captor
Dinara Wehrmeister
Dinara Wehrmeister 15 timer siden
Overreacting much XD like its just a nail No offense
Cherry_bomb !!
Cherry_bomb !! 15 timer siden
Simply,video idea painting pumpkins with nail polish
Callaran Jones
Callaran Jones 15 timer siden
Okay so this is like the tenth time Ive watched this video and I only just noticed that the candle sitting on the desk barely in the frame has Menchie on it lmaoo did Cristine make her own candle and put menchie one it???? I adore her
LunaNovar 15 timer siden
Ah the side by side comparison of Sandy and a Sock. So eye opening. So majestic. Sandy cannot compare to the blue banana sock thing with bright pink eyeshadow. Facts.
Dinara Wehrmeister
Dinara Wehrmeister 15 timer siden
Ok this might sound gross but when i feel like biting my nails i instead bite my toe nails I KNOW its gross but it helps my nails get longer
Bianca Boletti
Bianca Boletti 15 timer siden
Omg soooo satisfying
Manny Luna
Manny Luna 15 timer siden
At 3:59 drag queens Rupaul, Willam, Trixie Mattel, and two others I can’t quite pin point on the bottom left of the video 🤣
Ellie Edmonds
Ellie Edmonds 16 timer siden
Me: sees thumbnail Also me: clicks anyway
Kirari’s Number One Simper
Kirari’s Number One Simper 16 timer siden
11:29 Is-is simply a Melanie Martinez fan?😱😭🥳🥳🥳🥳 simply mom approves of herrrr!!!!! yaaayyyyy
•[irrelavant]• 16 timer siden
This video is basically Christine telling me not to do the things u do just because I wanna have long nails 😂🤫
•Otaku Zara•
•Otaku Zara• 16 timer siden
This is so old now!!!😆
CarissaEllyn 16 timer siden
So in Canada your sugar comes in a pour out container and your milk comes in a bag
Lauren Antonelli
Lauren Antonelli 16 timer siden
"theres a menchie hair in the lab"
Amelia Rogers
Amelia Rogers 16 timer siden
You know NOpost’s dead when Cristine makes a period joke in a children’s toy review.
Kendal R.
Kendal R. 16 timer siden
If Cristine were to throw away all of the old polishes then she’ll just have more room on her shelves to put more polishes
Daniela Mancheen
Daniela Mancheen 16 timer siden
her cat sitting in the chair at 12:00 is so cute
carochan86 16 timer siden
Please tell me she threw out the food nail polish
X*marvel Wolf*x
X*marvel Wolf*x 16 timer siden
I dare you to cut your hair to your shoulders
Vicious Milk
Vicious Milk 16 timer siden
the three of them interacting is the best and it gives me such good vibes.
Suzannah Cargill
Suzannah Cargill 16 timer siden
yay but i was 3
Girl_Strong _10
Girl_Strong _10 16 timer siden
Simply All
Itz_sour_sushi_cosplayz YT
Itz_sour_sushi_cosplayz YT 16 timer siden
Meanwhile me with really long nails ( I did this because I wanted to have the same nail length as a 2d anime character wow I’m weird)
Mary Moreno
Mary Moreno 16 timer siden
Chloe Jackson
Chloe Jackson 16 timer siden
When you want to reset you sleep schedule and you pull an all nighter so you reorganize Your nail polish
Avery 16 timer siden
I start to wonder if my friends only hangout with me because I’m smart thank you Brent for making me think my friends only like me cause I’m smart :)
Soleil Carn
Soleil Carn 16 timer siden
Yo. Christine's Spray-On-Nails
Julia De Oliveira
Julia De Oliveira 16 timer siden
how fantastic that you did this for him before the pandemic. imagine how infuriating it would be for ben if you never gave him a vacation until 2020 and then boom quarantine
Mindi Kell
Mindi Kell 16 timer siden
I need this color!!!!!!
Aleah Diaz
Aleah Diaz 17 timer siden
b.r.3.n_08 17 timer siden
Well zeros are worth nothing
Kristian Salinas
Kristian Salinas 17 timer siden
Sending you well wishes and good vibes. You got this! We’re here for you!
Ivy is Dead
Ivy is Dead 17 timer siden
It's unlikely that the bottom is lighter because of dye, is most likely the natural variation of color cause by sun exposure, most people with long hair have a more pronounced shift in color, that's all.
Ari Kazm
Ari Kazm 17 timer siden
You offended my cat every time you tooted the horn. Lol. It was kinda hilarious.
Jack-Jack's Life
Jack-Jack's Life 17 timer siden
As a blonde she kinda looks like Heather Morris (Brittany from Glee)
Reiko 17 timer siden
She's so sweet but I could't help thinking of dog food when she started serving on the paper plate xD
Rachel Klarman
Rachel Klarman 17 timer siden
Anyone realize how short her nails r?
Brooke 17 timer siden
Sally Hansen had come out with a Scattered Top coat a few years ago
Random 17 timer siden
he looks like Bianca Del Rio dudeee
Nelle Salinas
Nelle Salinas 17 timer siden
she does nail art?
Athena underwood
Athena underwood 17 timer siden
"do not snort" me 😂
Natalie Hoffses
Natalie Hoffses 17 timer siden
Watching this in the pandemic be like “sick for two weeks? Kinda sounds like covid🤔”
Raven Blue
Raven Blue 17 timer siden
I have three names : Midnight Shimmer Galaxy Rave Night Frost
Scott DeVries
Scott DeVries 17 timer siden
surprise santa is actually lacktose intolorant and just gets more evil the next day as for the anoying girls.... ITS NOT A PROBLOM ANYMORE
School Is ok.
School Is ok. 17 timer siden
Halo taco Tuesday
Grace Jones
Grace Jones 17 timer siden
So he just wasn't wearing pants while Cris was painting them?
cara webster
cara webster 17 timer siden
why was i able to answer all of her questions abt how school is going?
Bee Medina
Bee Medina 17 timer siden
can we get a Gel holo taco ???? pleeeeeeeeeeease thanks
evelepic216 17 timer siden
Love you Cristine! Also, 100% this means more Beyynnnn nail videos. So many banana looks. So many. 🍌🍌
Karleigh 17 timer siden
Only Tim’s
Bleh Heh
Bleh Heh 17 timer siden
She called her Gibby 😭😭😭😭 Its pronounced G-B
Sebbi Lee
Sebbi Lee 17 timer siden
mixing all your overnight oats