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Sven Erik
Sven Erik 4 minutter siden
McHammer 2013 Tesla Model 3 ?
ilari väisänen
ilari väisänen 8 minutter siden
Chill mode is when you want your 60k car to bet 10k car.
Scott G
Scott G 11 minutter siden
I have noticed this too... in my original day1 reservation M3 and now in my 2020 M3. It is noticeably warm, even though I keep the cabin at 68F. I was just grateful my feet weren't cold but now wondering about excess battery drain, which I have never tried to measure. It is nice not to worry about getting cold feet :)
Alexey Pivovarsky
Alexey Pivovarsky 18 minutter siden
Chill mode vs. Sport mode will make no difference if you drive at close to constant speed. It will make difference only in situation where you accelerate a lot. To achieve higher HP / torque in electric motor, you move away from best efficiency point / generate more parasitic heat. In chill mode you stay closer to the best efficiency for a given motor rpm hence generate less heat / consume less energy per km. Wrong test.
Rayner Bønå
Rayner Bønå 23 minutter siden
Actually D is more efficient than B. The reason is you drive a litte different, let off the throttle earlier in D, while in B you'll be more likely to "brake late". Steady speed gives the best efficiency.. But ECO makes no difference other than a sluggish throttle-respons.
Gazer75 28 minutter siden
Do chill mode affect how aggressive the cruise control is at changing speed? The ACC in my Golf is really sluggish in Eco mode.
EVPaddy 31 minutt siden
Physics says it has to to have an effect. Of course if you accelerate slowly in sport mode, it‘s the same.
JDN Rotterdam
JDN Rotterdam 42 minutter siden
I have Flitsmeister on my phone. That a navigation app with radar alarm. If i drive 105 KmH on my car meter. Than the navigation app gives 95 KmH. What is correct? Or is it in the middle?
JDN Rotterdam
JDN Rotterdam 48 minutter siden
I am never chill. I’m always stressed. Always worried. And thinking about.. will i ever own a tesla in my life?
Fredrik Eklund
Fredrik Eklund Time siden
I would like to see you Björn doing a explanational video of ECO-driving, go trough the theory of common settings on EVs and how they would effect the consumption in theory. for example explain to people how different ways of slowing down your car will effect your energy consumption. from best to worst. coasting to slow down by friction and drag ---> light regenerative braking ----> heavy generative breaking ----> frictional breaks. Fun fact: the equation for kinetic energy is E=(m*V^2)/2 m=mass, V=Velicity this means that if you slow down your car with frictional breaks to half your original speed, you have wasted 3/4 of your kinetic energy to heat in your breaks. Please give a thumbs up on this comment if you would like to see Björn making this video.
BlueTrepidation Time siden
What Bjorn fails to realize is roads in some countries aren't as well maintained as his. Chill mode can help feathering the throttle in these conditions. It also plays some psychological roll to get you to coast further to a stop which does save energy. Huge difference in tire wear too.
Giovanni Fincato
Giovanni Fincato Time siden
What a B and D mode is ?
Stars und Sternchen
Stars und Sternchen Time siden
In the VW ID.3 the D mode is the coasting mode, the B mode is the regen mode.
My Neverhood
My Neverhood Time siden
Electrocars are biggest bullshit
sithsiri Time siden
For some drivers (especially younger or much older drivers) the reduced throttle sensitivity might be safer
Jv2300 Time siden
Andrew Joe
Andrew Joe Time siden
Things I have never heard my wifey say: her feet are too warm. Maybe it's a "feature" for spouses with eternally cold feet.
Markus Paulini
Markus Paulini Time siden
so whats the difference between a motor and an engine? in german language there is only 1 word: motor
Stratos K
Stratos K 2 timer siden
Is there a coasting mode in M3?
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland Time siden
prerunnerwannabe 2 timer siden
I mostly drive using chill mode in my SR Model 3. To me the throttle is super touchy when in normal mode, and since the roads where I live are terrible, having a less responsive throttle helps to smooth out the bumps. Also, because I'm pulling away from stops more smoothly, my tires will last longer, which means fewer microplastics over the same period of time. On chill mode, I usually end up doing about 110wh/km on my 50km commute, and while I could probably get pretty close to that on normal mode, it would take a lot more concentration trying to carefully modulate a touchy throttle. Basically you can drive more efficiently around town with less effort, and that's worth it for me.
Monkey 2 timer siden
Theoretically seen it shouldn't make a difference. The mass of the object to be accelerated is the same as well as the final speed. In reality there might be a slightly difference due to external variables such as aerodynamics, friction and more.
Monkey 2 timer siden
You switch acceleration but you test steady driving. That's not a valid test from my perspective. Go 0-200 and see what it consumes for example.
Michael S
Michael S 2 timer siden
Hi Björn! Have you try to check the stationary heat consumtion if you only close the floor valve?
Aleek91 2 timer siden
The lane-assist function is not there so that you can fiddle with your bottles or mobile phone without holding the wheel.
Antonio Cirino
Antonio Cirino 3 timer siden
Acceleration doesn't matter in a constant speed trip, like in motorway. Maybe in city there is a difference. Another difference is the wear of the tires and the transmission shaft.
ianwatches 3 timer siden
Fully an issue for me as well.
Theofficialmalik 3 timer siden
Need heated tyres
bartwaggoner2000 3 timer siden
Nice giant mosque he drove by
Theofficialmalik 3 timer siden
Trim your nose hair then lol
Haroon Mohammed Rafique
Haroon Mohammed Rafique 3 timer siden
having to open the window in that weather to demist the windscreen/windsheild on £45000 car are VW serious. At least with an ICE car you would have warm air to demist the side windows and Windsreen/windsheild
Malte Boegershausen
Malte Boegershausen 3 timer siden
I have the same problem with my EU M3P- from 2020-09. Especially after supercharging the footwell is extremely hot.
therealtiamat 3 timer siden
I hope your wife wasn't too angry with you... or your sofa is quite comfortable!!
Harsimran Bansal
Harsimran Bansal 3 timer siden
Bjorn do you know this video was posted on Tesla motors Reddit?
therealtiamat 3 timer siden
ok - it doesn't understand.... ha ha ha....
therealtiamat 3 timer siden
You can use voice commands to navigate quicker, but i dont know if it really understand norwegian city names well....
Pekka Rinne
Pekka Rinne 3 timer siden
Charging stations should be much reliable and EV cars infotainment-systems simpler to use.
Pekka Rinne
Pekka Rinne Time siden
@Bjørn Nyland We dont have enought Tesla chargers.
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland Time siden
osama jassim
osama jassim 3 timer siden
Excellent review,I think Chinese el car will beat Tesla sooner or later because it achieves what customers demands .
Simon Läser
Simon Läser 3 timer siden
insideevs.com/news/348504/tesla-improves-motor-efficiency-increase-range/ These graphs even show, that in low speed acceleration, you should accelerate fast...
Thomas J
Thomas J 3 timer siden
Can you try this test again with city traffic? More acceleration and braking might get different results.
Robcomesana 4 timer siden
Could it be an issue with the cabin air filter?. Could it be clogged enough to decrease air flow?. If air flow is decreased, the outlet temperature to the cabin will be higher. Just a thought.
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland Time siden
Air filter is almost brand new.
HP2Watch 4 timer siden
40 degrees in my 12/2019 M3 LR 🥵
paul Byrne
paul Byrne 4 timer siden
I do a lot of motorway drives so e soul is now off the list for me. Because of consumption.
therealtiamat 4 timer siden
I always love your car review videos!!!
Stars und Sternchen
Stars und Sternchen 4 timer siden
I claim, that there is a difference between coasting (D mode) and recuperation (B mode) in the long run. I would like to encourage you to please test it thoroughly.
irfan ataulawal
irfan ataulawal 4 timer siden
Dang -25C, for someone who is living in equator that is freezer temperature lol
x1e r0r
x1e r0r 4 timer siden
is there any tool like "scan my tesla" to analyse some ID.3 CAN data ?
Aleksey Rjabuha
Aleksey Rjabuha 4 timer siden
Hey Bjorn! Nice test as usual! Did you test the recuperation difference on Dual and Single motor fresh generation teslas already? Wonder if there is any point on getting a Dual motor tesla just for a little better tracktion control..
Yani Tsvetanov
Yani Tsvetanov 5 timer siden
Very poor decision from Hyundai/Kia and some other manufacturers too, to put the charging port in front of the car. Looks like in order to show off to the rest of the word how fancy and original they are, they have forgotten that some of this cars will be driven in extreme weather conditions and didn't anticipate this happening. In my opinion the best place for the charging port is at the rear left or right of the car like in the petrol cars. It is far less likely that this problem will occur. Also I think all car manufacturers should standardise the charging port location - rear left or right, this way it will help with the charging as well - all the cars will be placed the same way at the stations, but who the hell am I to tell multi billion $£...where to place the charging port!
John Rambo
John Rambo 5 timer siden
Do you have data on the difference from say 19c to 25c with the heat pump at a constant speed on the motorway? Basically I'm trying to work out if the heat pump affects consumption as much as the resistance heater at higher temps
Riccardo Danesin
Riccardo Danesin 5 timer siden
hi, but chill mode is ok in city center! not at constant speed. when you are at constant speed it's impossibile that there will be difference. but if you make many acceleration it's normal that you wil have difference results! bye
Daniel Stoica
Daniel Stoica 5 timer siden
How about a consumption/range test with multiple people in the car?
Anonymous 5 timer siden
Filip Bjurling
Filip Bjurling 5 timer siden
"Nope, nicht laden for you" :D lol
inlinesix1187 5 timer siden
I like to hammer it, so chill mode is a plus.
Nils Verbeeck
Nils Verbeeck 5 timer siden
Maybe because of your flat tire 🤷🏻‍♂️
Nils Verbeeck
Nils Verbeeck Minutt siden
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland Time siden
Fearless Gaming
Fearless Gaming 6 timer siden
Well he’s probably gonna have a very-lengthy Tesla bill
theo 79
theo 79 6 timer siden
It would be interesting if you could do a real life trip test with 2 or 3 passengers and luggage, so that we see what the extra load does to consumption. Love your videos, eventhough I don't have an ev!!
Dom 6 timer siden
I read Chili Mode at first sight xd
Konstantinos Kostis
Konstantinos Kostis 6 timer siden
Why should there be a difference in consumption at a constant speed?
Stars und Sternchen
Stars und Sternchen Time siden
Because the roads may be uphill and downhill. And therefore, coasting can happen downhill while the car is running at constant speed.
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland Time siden
My point exactly.
8 6 timer siden
Great video Bjorn.
TM_12 6 timer siden
How much would taping body panel gaps save on energy. As would be more aerodynamic
Ruud Gerritsen
Ruud Gerritsen 6 timer siden
Mc Hammer a 2013 Model 3? Slip of the tongue at 0:22, Not having this issue on my 2020/3 M3 LR, it get's 30-35 °C max at 21 °C cabin temp.
Manuel Ribeiro
Manuel Ribeiro 6 timer siden
Same here with LR AWD 2020... Not just the footwell, also for the rear seats.
Elektro Zupf
Elektro Zupf 6 timer siden
How come everybody else who tested the ID3 said B-mode leads to more regenerative braking? Did they get false instructions from VW? Please make one short video to prove it to the world. Thanks so much for your valuable content! I love your channel!
Theofficialmalik 6 timer siden
You would think these car manufacturers would make their windows heated by now or good strong glass with better insulation around the doors and the rubber they use etc. Maybe double up on stuff and the carpet thicker. I know it maybe safety too that they need some circulation due to the fumes coming from the climate
Earthshine 7 timer siden
Wish model3 had the same suspension as MS
Kasmopaya 4 timer siden
Model Y will get air suspension some day. But I would not buy it, way to expensive. Not the initial price, it breaks too often. Way to high repair costs, again and again and again. No, thank you. (the same with other manufacturers)
Jason Khan
Jason Khan 7 timer siden
Would love you to do a video on consumption. Can you use track mode to simulate a rear wheel drive single motor on a performance. Do you get better consumption?
Peter Helm
Peter Helm 7 timer siden
I drive often in winter short trips of 2-8km with my 2020 M3, because I hardly use the bike than. I use a climate setting o only 16°C and fan speed 1 or 2 and seat heating. I have a jacket on anyway, so that is not problem and a ICE car also would not get warm on 3km. With that setting I use 170Wh/km instead of 230Wh/km. On Long trips of course I heat to 20°C to stay comfortable. During the week I only drive such short trips (also due to the pandemic), so it makes a huge difference in consumption.
Nuno Craveiro
Nuno Craveiro 7 timer siden
Same problem 3/2020 LR!
Jacek Ban
Jacek Ban 7 timer siden
Grans Julebrus X, good choice 👌👍😃
YTcolinT 7 timer siden
Whow I’m gonna buy a Tesla now, never had warm feet in a car with aircon don’t knock it.
michelcote 7 timer siden
Chill mode help me preserve my studded tires and apply torque really gently on slippery surfaces. But yes, right foot education can do the same.
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland Time siden
If your throttle foot only works in binary, meaning WoT and no throttle, yes.
Pontus Egnell
Pontus Egnell 7 timer siden
You probably save money on reduced wear on the tires. At least in city traffic.
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland Time siden
You know that the throttle is variable, right? It's not on-off only. lol
Jens-Henrik Hansen
Jens-Henrik Hansen 7 timer siden
Same issue with our TM3 SR+ from 2/2020. The hottest air is in drivers side and to the backseats. I made a service appointment, but Tesla called and told med that the sensors didn't have any faults and it will be fixed in a software update.
Ivan Čajka
Ivan Čajka 7 timer siden
It's more economical in start-stop traffic but main use is to reduce slipping in rain/ice. When I first got the car I easily over accelerated from a stop on intersections in a sense that the cars behind me are 10-15 car lengths behind. Using unnecessary more electricity in the process. After a while, you learn how to feather the pedal in standard mode so you don't need to enable chill mode anymore.
Rhydian Lewis
Rhydian Lewis 7 timer siden
When Tesla fix this, can they also please fix the exact opposite issue on older S and X, where the HVAC keeps the footwells freezing cold
Rory Reddog
Rory Reddog 7 timer siden
Ha ha I literally put the car into chill mode about 20 minutes ago and wondered the same thing. I guess I'll find out by the end of this video
docschmidt 7 timer siden
And „rubber consumption“ in sport mode might be higher, even if you take care with your right foot ?
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland Time siden
No problem at all to gently accelerate even in sport/ludi mode.
Chris T.
Chris T. 7 timer siden
Chill Mode can be good for unexperienced drivers, who dont know how to handle this amount of power. i would like to know if chill mode is standard in valet-mode?
DJRaffa1000 7 timer siden
i mainly use chill mode for getting a better feeling of the pedal while driving in cities/parking (which i mostly do aside from some highway where autopilot drives and i dont care about acceleration)
John Björlin
John Björlin 7 timer siden
To me 22,0 kWh/100km is not a high winter consumption in my eyes, but the future might change that, I don't know. But I usually end up around 30,0 kWh/100km during shorter trips in my Polestar 2. A heavier car and not as good aerodynamics as the Model 3 though so it should be higher. But still, I'm happy when I get around 26,0 kWh/100km now during winter (but then I have to drive longer trips to get that). :) Also done some tests without the heater in the Polestar 2, makes a big difference :P But not so pleaseant xD