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Karol Kasprzyk
Karol Kasprzyk Time siden
Wondering about 1000km test for Leaf II e+ 62kWh with good weather... Because this is well priced car but in low temp bad performing 😕
Se Basch
Se Basch Time siden
Has anyone information about when the hardware swap to HW3.0 will start in EU Model 3?
vsboy 25
vsboy 25 2 timer siden
I hate batteries.
Genovacide 2 timer siden
Turning circles...must be a European thing
mart0225 2 timer siden
What’s the wheel size? I just downsized the wheels on my Camry hybrid and am very happy with the result - mine aren’t just for winter.
Tim Kim
Tim Kim 3 timer siden
Co mon~! Tesla. !!! You should let this guy test out new beta
Metam3 007
Metam3 007 3 timer siden
That is pretty Cool -- it seems like that is a Cross-Over of DNA if their was a creative Conceptual Blend between a Tesla Model X - Porsche Cayenne - Porsche - 911/Taycan - + Ferrari GT4 LUsso -- (what I call Ferrari's Station-wagon).
Meat Pasta Motive
Meat Pasta Motive 3 timer siden
That’s the Panamera Sport Turismo
Clearphish 6 timer siden
You have great skies! I love travelling with you. Really inexpensive vacation. Beautiful country.
Thomas H
Thomas H 8 timer siden
24:38 had me cranking my head to the side and squinting to read it. I don’t even own an EV yet 🤦
Shawn S
Shawn S 8 timer siden
Keep up the good work bjorn. Model 3 awd long range DC 1583 kWH AC 2487 kWH ODO 17538 KM 10 MONTHS Nominal full pack 72.2 kWH when new 77.8 kWH Energy buffer 3.30 kWH Scanmytesla states 7.20% I have less dc fast charged....and driven much less than you bjorn but my nominal full pack is lower than yours. I mostly charge to 90%...for a weekly roadtrip about 300km... i try to keep it between 40% and 80%.. i used to plug the car in a 11kw public charger but they placed a v3 supercharger 5minutes away which is cheaper €0,22 cents per kwh than the 11kw ac at €0,37 cents per kwh. So i think i Will be using the v3 more often now. But still strange that the nominal full pack is low with relative low km's and normal driving style. I wonder what will happen if i charge more DC now
Shawn S
Shawn S 8 timer siden
Scanmytesla states 7.20% degradation
david pearn
david pearn 9 timer siden
I’m in Australia and just got another drive then.
Canaries Explorer
Canaries Explorer 9 timer siden
On a different subject. Virtually all 2wd EVs are rwd, eg base Tesla model 3, vw id 3 etc. No EV car review has noted that most drivers are used to fwd cars and while the rwd EVs are ok in normal conditions , in slippery winter conditions they can lack traction and have unstable handling compared to a fwd car. Although winter or all season tyres help, they are generally not fitted in countries like the UK.
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 7 timer siden
That is not the case for EVs. You think of fossil cars where there's a heavy engine in the front (like Mercedes). EVs have very good weight balance and doesn't suffer the things you mention. Take a look at my spreadsheet (weight tab) in the description.
Shawn J
Shawn J 10 timer siden
Great video
JC M3 10 timer siden
yo Bjorn whats up. I have a 2020 M3 SR. My lifetime wh/mi is 216. Is this the lowest you've seen on a M3?
Jacek Ban
Jacek Ban 10 timer siden
Have fun, good luck with the northern lights! I have it on my bucket list, I will definitely take a road trip from Sandefjord where I live to Tromsø one day. By the way: "premium sound" - hilarious, haha!
Mark van Kasteren
Mark van Kasteren 11 timer siden
Bjørn! Any chance we are going to see you in the refreshed Model 3 2021 anytime soon?
jonn68 Tesla
jonn68 Tesla 11 timer siden
Nice video, Good luck for Aurora
Cyp74 11 timer siden
Road trip= charging trip. Unfortunate fate of an EV driver.
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 10 timer siden
Nope. Just watch the video and you will understand that charging is not an issue at all.
Short Circuit
Short Circuit 11 timer siden
Great video as always!
Haakon Storhaug
Haakon Storhaug 11 timer siden
Yes I enjoyed your video. By the way, aurora borealis is simply northern lights... Hope you had a great trip!
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 10 timer siden
Yes, we call it "nordlys" in Norwegian (nord = north, lys = light)
Luis Azuara Grande
Luis Azuara Grande 12 timer siden
A new Toyota driver! Hahahahahahaha
John vanDieken
John vanDieken 12 timer siden
Yayy road trips and wifey ❤️❤️
Gábor Borhegyi
Gábor Borhegyi 12 timer siden
Hi! Can anyone help me how to see the percentage of battery charge in this car?
Chris060889 12 timer siden
Yooo whatsup. Great video as always!
Slava K
Slava K 12 timer siden
I like when drivers respect each other on the road by turning off high beam lights after someone passes by! Here in NYC people don’t give a crap, they even drive in day time with high beam on and on the left lane doing 10 mph!
Zayn 1981
Zayn 1981 13 timer siden
140 nok - 11.57 GBP , cheap for parking all night 👌 i think it would be 1000 nok if it was Hilton or Marriott 😂
jon cd
jon cd 13 timer siden
Tromso nice place to go! I forgot to mention the Paris of the north.
Vamsi Chidipothu
Vamsi Chidipothu 13 timer siden
I know you may get this question a lot, can you reply where are you from, what kinda work do you do in Norway?
Vamsi Chidipothu
Vamsi Chidipothu 3 timer siden
Thank you.
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 10 timer siden
Cucu Daniel
Cucu Daniel 13 timer siden
Bulat Bayzigitov
Bulat Bayzigitov 13 timer siden
"I hope you guys enjoyed this video, thank you for watching and talk to you later" (C) Bjorn
Morten Strandbo
Morten Strandbo 13 timer siden
I was curious about this myself, and had a good opportunity to test it this week. I parked my Polestar 2 on saturday evening, with 87% left. Left sunday for work, got back home thursday and the car was still at 87%. No drain at all. I recently got my car back from the shop with new HCVC-unit and latest software.
Mark Evans
Mark Evans 14 timer siden
EVs range should not be in miles or Kms but in wife bladder minutes WBM. My wife would make about 120
Svenke Tv
Svenke Tv 14 timer siden
Bjørn, as an Tromsøværing, who has moved to spain. It is so lovely to see the Norwegian nature again! Love the videos man.
Matthew Gee
Matthew Gee 14 timer siden
Excellent, another road trip. Have just started watching Bjorns trips from 2013 with the red Model S, its a daily watch. One day I'm going to take our Model 3 from the UK to the North Cape. Road trips for the win!
GeneRalf 14 timer siden
ABC! Always Be Crashing in hotels with wife! Stayed at Helma with my family a way back. They’ve got supper included in the room charge as well as breakfast, coffee all day and waffles every afternoon ;)
Charles Holder
Charles Holder 14 timer siden
Hear I am watching another video of someone driving a car and then charging a car. My Psychiatrist wants to see me but not until they have finished watching all your videos.🚑
Dungeons Heroes
Dungeons Heroes 14 timer siden
next time just choose a different country from tesla's website Bjorn to show different prices. no need for translation or anything
Dungeons Heroes
Dungeons Heroes 12 timer siden
@Bjørn Nyland you mean the prices? i think you might be right because here to Greece for example model 3 costs 1500 euros more than it does to italy. "my" configuration long range + red + white interior + hook costs 60170 euros with taxes included
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 12 timer siden
It's not the same.
Nisarg Khunt
Nisarg Khunt 15 timer siden
Plz road trip with LFP bettery model 3
Canaries Explorer
Canaries Explorer 15 timer siden
Are you using winter tyres on this trip? My golf tdi hire car in tromso a few years ago in early march had studded nordic winter tyres. It was superb on snow and ice. By the way i dont think the shutting of the trunk sounded like quality. Tesla build quality cannot be compared to the premium european manufacturers.
Frodin Kommodin
Frodin Kommodin 9 timer siden
The trunk is light to save weight and battery, who cares what it sounds like.
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 10 timer siden
The trunk was obviously a joke. And I know some people are obsessed about things that doesn't matter (panel gaps lol). I have used my Model 3 for 1.5 years and put 75k km on it. And the trunk has always worked 100 %. The sound of it has really nothing to do with quality.
Rich Wade
Rich Wade 13 timer siden
Nice humour at Tesla expense, its the best way to live with flaws is to laugh at them.
Harald Nygård
Harald Nygård 14 timer siden
He has studles s wintertires on.
Jacob LF
Jacob LF 15 timer siden
Talk To You Later!
Dennis van Helden
Dennis van Helden 15 timer siden
"Thank you guys for watching and talk to you later!"
Lee Barrett
Lee Barrett 15 timer siden
The white box is there to park your car in, there’s always some drip head that has to park different.
Average Joe
Average Joe 15 timer siden
I have heard that maxus has issues charging on some DC chargers, is this true?
digitalfotonetz 15 timer siden
You don't get 400V at an AC chargers, since there is no Phase shift. The built in charger handles the Phases sepperatly at 230V each. If it Was a Motor it would. And the the car you saw is called Mia and is from France.
Jacob LF
Jacob LF 15 timer siden
does Wifey ever get to drive? [well, sit in the driver's seat]
Moranbong Band HD
Moranbong Band HD 15 timer siden
Because his wife is his right hand, she always sits to the right. Which means she has to do all the driving in Thailand... :)
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 15 timer siden
Her driver's license is not valid in Europe anymore.
SB 16 timer siden
Och i Sverige kostar TM3 Performance 700.000 kr...staten som påstår sig vilja ”rädda” miljön.
Martin Trane
Martin Trane 16 timer siden
Where did you get those rims?
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 16 timer siden
From Megahjul
Edmund Hayes
Edmund Hayes 16 timer siden
The little food reviews are fun. Have you referred to wifey as the live stream from force of habit on road trips?
jurgen e
jurgen e 16 timer siden
Even longer trip
BGB thabun
BGB thabun 16 timer siden
@2:31 there is a large chrome moose, please elaborate as to what this is, and where it is. Thanks for all your videos, love them all. :)
BGB thabun
BGB thabun 4 timer siden
@Harald Nygård Thanks for the link. It is indeed an awesome statue.
Harald Nygård
Harald Nygård 14 timer siden
It's at a resting area, and was a gift from a bank to the municipality. Here is its webpage in Norwegian:
JC Flippen
JC Flippen 16 timer siden
Have a goodtime - you deserve it.
Xavier Naveira
Xavier Naveira 16 timer siden
When are you testing this :)
TraditionalAnglican 14 timer siden
E-Hummer isn’t scheduled for production until October, 2021, & it might not get to Europe due to size & demand. Obviously, Bjørn will test it if & when he can get his hands on one.
Zheng Chen
Zheng Chen 16 timer siden
I charging better when the car is eating 😂
sparrrowhawk 16 timer siden
Which winter tires are you using ?
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 15 timer siden
Frigus from Megahjul
sparrrowhawk 16 timer siden
Which winter tyres are you using ?
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 15 timer siden
Frigus from Megahjul
Cloxxki 16 timer siden
We can tell your mood is really good traveling with Wifey again! Must be nice to not be in a rush all day. Those hotel prices are not exactly cheap. Since an electric car allows camping, especially in winter when it's nice and dark longer...when traveling alone I'd totally sleep in the car if I had space for myself to lay flat. Main reason to want a Model S actually. Ideally one with the classic big frunk, to keep the cabin mostly free of luggage. What a travel car!
tucsonor 16 timer siden
Some unusefull info: I grew up in Stjørdal. Illegalities become obsolete, so now it's safe to tell that where the Tesla chargers 7:44 now stand was the place to buy moonshine in the 80's! One liter, NOK 100 kr. Now, 30 years later, electric cars are filled with electricity for NOK 100 in the same place. Fantastic development! ;-)
H- Cim
H- Cim 17 timer siden
It sounded like you hit the red Tesla with your door when you sat down 🤫
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 15 timer siden
Marcus Johansson
Marcus Johansson 17 timer siden
Love the premium sound every time i close the barn door...
mseather1337 17 timer siden
my 2month old model 3 with mcu3 is just as slow on the route planning ;)
Pete L.
Pete L. 17 timer siden
I love all model 3 content. I think this is a featured car with reasonably price.
movax20h 17 timer siden
Why these destination chargers work only with Tesla? Does hotel get some cheaper installation price if they restrict it to Tesla only? Or Tesla does all the billing for the power of Tesla vehicles so running costs are essentially zero for the hotel?
Nordlands 15 timer siden
Tesla pays for the charger, and up to end of 2017 they also paid for installation, the hotel (or other destination location) pays for the electricity and decides who can charge. I think at least one charger has to be reserved for Tesla vehicles (red sign), but these boxes are not online so anyone can technically charge on them no matter what the sign says. The charging is then free, but general parking fees may apply in addition to the requirement of for example be a paying guest at a hotel. Tesla is about to introduce payment option for destination chargers though:
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 15 timer siden
Tesla donated the hardware to the hotel.
Markus Lamminmäki
Markus Lamminmäki 17 timer siden
It would be nice to get a breakdown of charging costs of these trips. Refering to the trip that Teknikens Värld wrote about (Sweden --> French Riviera).
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 15 timer siden
They made worse case. Not real world at all.
Captain Courageous
Captain Courageous 17 timer siden
"Listen to this premium sound..." *klonk* "Oh yeah!" Haha, Bjørn is one funny dude.
Thorsten Pohl
Thorsten Pohl 6 timer siden
You made my day :-)
sam maimas
sam maimas 11 timer siden
Is he trying to be sarcastic funny? Whenever I hear a Tesla door close on NOpost it sounds so tinny and UN-Premium.
Laztedd 17 timer siden
"Bring a squirt bottle incase you need to squirt something" - Bjørn Nyland 2020
Stig Lau
Stig Lau 16 timer siden
Remember kids, to not forget the shuko for EV driving and mandatory squirter for polar bears, up north
Martin Gorbush
Martin Gorbush 17 timer siden
@00:25. Oh I didn't know that yours wify name is Aurora ;).
Bobbyhax 18 timer siden
Do you work besides making NOpost videos? I ordered a Model 3P last week, and are waiting in excitement for it to arrive in Norway: in nov/des :D
Vamsi Chidipothu
Vamsi Chidipothu 13 timer siden
@RavenHR what do you mean I don't understand.
RavenHR 17 timer siden
He does NOpost only for work, afaik
Stian Lunner Bruland
Stian Lunner Bruland 18 timer siden
I assume u meant HW3 instead of mcu3. Does that only help with autopilot, or faster mcu?
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 15 timer siden
movax20h 17 timer siden
Only autopilot. These are separate computers and boards.
Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins 18 timer siden
Bjorn, your road trips are legendary! The scenery, the tunes, the EVs!!! I enjoyed this so much.
vnsolbk 18 timer siden
Listen to this premium sound! Still waiting
Lars Henrik Jensen
Lars Henrik Jensen 18 timer siden
Tesla sounds like a Opel Ascona....
SixtyFo 18 timer siden
Lazar Peric
Lazar Peric 18 timer siden
great video bjørn! as always
Richard Singleton
Richard Singleton 18 timer siden
Have a wonderful time!!! Happy for you to have a relaxing trip!
movax20h 18 timer siden
Cool trip. Enjoy. Is there an option in scan my tesla to record all telemetry it records to file. i.e. CSV file with timestamps, and gps location from phone, so you can later analyze it on computer, do graphs, maps, etc.
movax20h 17 timer siden
@Bjørn Nyland I see, it wasn't obvious :D. It stars blinking when it records, and I found the "ScanMyTesla" directory with the files. There are minor issues with logging (I will send concerns to the developer), but it seems to work. Thanks.
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 18 timer siden
Yes, just use the log button (red button on bottom right).
Nord Mann
Nord Mann 18 timer siden
Safe trip! Driving Bodø-Trondheim in my Taycan saturday👌🏻
NM2011CTSV 18 timer siden
Great video!
Niphat Leeanan
Niphat Leeanan 18 timer siden
fricatus 19 timer siden
LOL 09:42... “must be going somewhere important”
Glen Voss
Glen Voss 19 timer siden
"So many germans here - why?" - they are busy escaping the zombie apocalypse ;-)
David Kerr
David Kerr 20 timer siden
You have the Amps set at 6A. Increase to 32A for fastest charging.
David Kerr
David Kerr 19 timer siden
@Bjørn Nyland thanks for that, I’m new to all this stuff!
Bjørn Nyland
Bjørn Nyland 19 timer siden
That's for AC charging and has nothing to do with DC charging.