Outcry Premiere TVMA
3 måneder siden
sinnceer era
sinnceer era 7 minutter siden
Ronald Perez
Ronald Perez 13 minutter siden
Yo'll protecting this davis like a baby
Ayub Abdi
Ayub Abdi 19 minutter siden
Kameron Conant
Kameron Conant 20 minutter siden
Same mf thing wit jermell for those who think he ain the 6est at 154 ❗️❗️❗️
Kameron Conant
Kameron Conant 21 minutt siden
If the win over sergy doesn’t solidify jermalls position in the 160 pound division than the naysayers are just hating at this point 🚫🧢
Michael Medina
Michael Medina 21 minutt siden
What’s that 1st corrido ?
Philip Cecil Reichenbach
Philip Cecil Reichenbach 29 minutter siden
Everything is possible 🙌🏽 work hard play hard !
Ronald Perez
Ronald Perez 32 minutter siden
This is assault
galileo Antonio
galileo Antonio 36 minutter siden
what happened to "the problem" he aint in the team no more?
roundedges2 38 minutter siden
Can this poor man Gamboa pleeeeze stop being everybodys punching bag? Retire and enjoy your family.
Doodies Duties
Doodies Duties 52 minutter siden
Man his shoe was really leaning and reading the comments bout his Achilles being torn and he kept fighting without one leg and feeling 💪
Shafie Latiff
Shafie Latiff Time siden
Looks and fights like Margarito. Lol. Let's hope he doesn't cheat like Margarito.
big b
big b Time siden
Tank has almost no chance against Santa Cruz. Tank can’t knock out Leo or can’t punch as much as Leo. Nor tank has gas tank to keep punching and defending till last round against Leo Santa Cruz. Only way he can win is mayweather bribe Leo Santa Cruz to lose against tank davis.
Ant Time siden
Both these cats come from the mud😤...gotta respect the work they put in. Should be a good 1!🥊
Well this did not sell me on buying the PPV Floyd Mayweather trying to sell Tank but what Mayweather forgot was when he was coming up Mayweather was fighting some of the best of them at 130 and 135 your boy Tank ain't fighting the best of them i pasa on this ppv
Kern_Reef Growers
Kern_Reef Growers Time siden
Sale out gamboa .. you can tell he never punched back
Jason orozco
Jason orozco Time siden
Better not gas out little tank
Marc Sepulveda
Marc Sepulveda Time siden
Yeah davis is gonna take a BIG L on this one
Quomae Time siden
Dang. Ref did’t even give the man a chance to get up at all. Great fight from two great fighters. Just hate to see someone come so far but yet, stopped by a ref. Crazy. Keep up the good fight both Davis & Gamboa.
Mr Community
Mr Community Time siden
Brothers getting money together! "May"- perview style! I'm with it! I want in!!!
Ancient Technique
Ancient Technique Time siden
Floyd is trippin allowing Showtime to put two men kissing in front of his video. Wtf Floyd? Don’t do that
Navigating El
Navigating El Time siden
This whole video is so awkward it's hilarious. Warren Sapp is acting like he's talking to the police and ready to snitch lmao
-[뎀프시롤]복싱TV Time siden
nopost.info/throw/l8mUlpe1nIuCdZY/video Are you boxer? You are not
Marc Reus
Marc Reus 2 timer siden
27:27 BOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMM 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sebastian Wyrwaszewski
Sebastian Wyrwaszewski 2 timer siden
To już klasyk
yoelvis entenza
yoelvis entenza 2 timer siden
Someone go drug test Phil now.
Andrew May
Andrew May 2 timer siden
AndrewKmay on Twitter. Winning with his members for years straight. Every single week
Jay P
Jay P 2 timer siden
Got mad respect for both...
Spiritual Being
Spiritual Being 2 timer siden
Gamboa a true warrior.
Luis Pina
Luis Pina 2 timer siden
Why does this guy look like a t-rex on the thumbnail ?
Alexander Landrum
Alexander Landrum 2 timer siden
Floyd Sr would say I love you back lol old school dudes came up rough
SomethingWitty1987 2 timer siden
Well, this just sold me on the PPV. Can't wait.
alfonso planell sanchez
alfonso planell sanchez 2 timer siden
Good video.good picks please picks all wek all ganes write since México 🇲🇽🏈😁🏈😁🏈🏈😁
Ausaf Khan
Ausaf Khan 2 timer siden
Khabib the real deal 🦅🦅🦅🦅
Chris Belanger
Chris Belanger 2 timer siden
Davis vs mcnuggets...... make it happen floyd.. I wanna watch Connor get lit up again!!!
Mr No Name
Mr No Name 2 timer siden
Floyd is a Legend.
Alexiz Reyes
Alexiz Reyes 2 timer siden
Im mexican and ama be really honest with you all i see tank davis winning this fight for real....😂
Rick Lewis
Rick Lewis 2 timer siden
The host couldn't make himself look worse as a man! I'd never play anything against Phil Ivey! Grab your set brother and man up
John John
John John 2 timer siden
I got my last 30$ on tank. It shall be a good one..
Mikell Vene
Mikell Vene 3 timer siden
Great Showmanship by both Conner and Floyd ..Two of the Greatest Warriors in this Era !! God bless the both of them !!
View From Venice
View From Venice 3 timer siden
undefeated but still has a lot to work on defense and going the distance - 12 rounds
Mr Blank
Mr Blank 3 timer siden
Coach Calvin dressed like an imposter lmao
Boxing Zay
Boxing Zay 3 timer siden
“U can’t have one foot in boxing and one foot in the streets,u gotta be fully focused ” ~gervonta Davis
Travisscottsheadtattoo ,
Travisscottsheadtattoo , 3 timer siden
JEPE WATERS 3 timer siden
Adrien Broner has a nice family
Elie Otayek
Elie Otayek 3 timer siden
7th round 17:12 “ what was that ! I ain’t even seen what he hit you with !” Lol mom “ take a knee !”
Tawn Joans
Tawn Joans 3 timer siden
Who won the Lemchenko fight . I'm not sure if that's how his name is spelled but it's close enough.🤷🏽‍♀️
Tawn Joans
Tawn Joans 2 timer siden
@dean almanza well that's who Tank needs too fight if he wants to call himself a CHAMPION. Fight the winners and stop dodging the taste of blood.
dean almanza
dean almanza 3 timer siden
Lopez won it
Bro498s 3 timer siden
You know he’s serious when Gervontas runnin in wired headphones
Jermaine Carrillo
Jermaine Carrillo 3 timer siden
If tank don't k.o him early long night for him Leo warrior
Nick Baldonado
Nick Baldonado 4 timer siden
I want Leo to win but I'm not sure how he can handle Tank's power and intensity. Hope he has better game plan thank his other fights for Tank, the whole swimming exchange punching won't work. Then again I'm not an expery, I'm only going on what I know about the 2 fighters. Let the best man win
The Dribbler
The Dribbler 4 timer siden
Leo 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
delvin hamilton
delvin hamilton 4 timer siden
O yea i was a street fighter coming up was beating alot of guys asses fight a light weight champion with 10 belts i was killing him in the beginning of the fight but he had the experience over me so he turn the fight around and i lost it was a great fight
Charlzy Casiban
Charlzy Casiban 4 timer siden
Floyd like a gay inside the ring hahah
delvin hamilton
delvin hamilton 4 timer siden
Floyd gone make u that champion dont lose force Davis u could be that next Mike Tyson dont for get Floyd a genius to the game of boxing he knows the in & outs of the game i watched him to long
Linden Wallace
Linden Wallace 4 timer siden
Gervonta.....good luck to you and may the best man win......but we all know who that is👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💪🏽💯✊🏾
deadbeat psycho
deadbeat psycho 4 timer siden
If you don’t want to hear floyd talking about the sport of boxing then skip bruh 😂 it’s not the hard you don’t have to complain in the comments.
matthew bly
matthew bly 4 timer siden
Who else is here pre gaming for Tank vs Santa Cruz?
CHUYS AventuraYpezca
CHUYS AventuraYpezca 4 timer siden
no la a armar con Gervonta Davis :(
Thomas Fowler
Thomas Fowler 4 timer siden
Floyd’s daughter got a little too much screen time
Brandt 4 timer siden
Baltimore LEGEND! Let’s Go TANK
Yul Young
Yul Young 4 timer siden
Well one thing no one can ever take from buster D is he was the first man to have literally kicked Tyson's azz, the baddest dude on the planet at that time!!!! Nothing else to prove
Charlzy Casiban
Charlzy Casiban 4 timer siden
Manny pacquiao vs judge😡
Charlzy Casiban
Charlzy Casiban 4 timer siden
Floyd is runing man inside the ring 😆😆lol
adon31997 4 timer siden
Diaz didn't stand a chance.... He should have kept Regis at the end of his jab, to have a better chance of winning
dakidjahsiah 4 timer siden
23 year old Teofimo just beat Loma. a guy Tank avoided for 5 years.. bad look
Joshua Eveline
Joshua Eveline 4 timer siden
I'm pretty sure if gamboa and his team was to throw in the towel, they wouldn't receive as much money as they would for fighting the entire fight. Sadly, money is quite the motivation.
creative craft
creative craft 4 timer siden
After the fight vs davis fans says: "it was all academic"🏊🏊
Ken Morgan
Ken Morgan 5 timer siden
Let's go Leo ♌ 👏
M.A.I.A !!
M.A.I.A !! 5 timer siden
The only reason I think leo has a chance is because tank did take out an older beat up injured gamboa..
Wilbert Cañeta
Wilbert Cañeta 5 timer siden
Legendary fight
R Lopez
R Lopez 5 timer siden
The Mexican is gonna get his ass beat.He's lucky he has that house and the money.Not even that good.
50 Macks
50 Macks 5 timer siden
Most people don't know mayweather is a sellout and most of his fights are bought
Likas Galing
Likas Galing 5 timer siden
He looks like a little margarito😁
matthew bly
matthew bly 5 timer siden
Those uppercuts in round 5 were a thing of beauty. I’m honestly shocked Gamboa was able to eat those punches with his track record.
J Spaz
J Spaz 5 timer siden
He’s Talented for sure but I just don’t see him standing a chance against Gervonta. He doesn’t have great footwork. If he gets caught standing still he’ll get knocked out early
matthew bly
matthew bly 5 timer siden
They did suuuuuuch a terrible job showing what happened to the shoe. I mean come on bro? You have 30 cameras in there, you mean to tell me not one of those camera me could get a nice tight shot on the shoe? Then his corner completely ignored it lol. Like wtf? They just pretended like it never happened.
Luis Mendoza
Luis Mendoza 5 timer siden
No les parece extraño, que los retadores salen es a ser golpeados? Esa escuela sucia de Maywheather,solo le arregla peleas hasta llegar a fabricar otro payaso como él!
iBeThatNinjaTone 5 timer siden
I dont know about u guys but im paying for this...i usually stream em but we gotta support these guys.
Bren Detta
Bren Detta 5 timer siden
I like to see mayweather get his ass beaten in the octagon but thatll not happen. To those people questioning why mayweather dont fight in octagon, heres the very simple answer: In MMA, fighters are trained how to box.. On the otherhand, mayweather dont even know how to throw a decent roundhouse kick.
Travis R
Travis R 5 timer siden
Both are good guys