Renata Kedzior
Renata Kedzior Time siden
toast kinda sounds like peetah bread ngl
Sadie Ceni
Sadie Ceni Time siden
poor james 💀
Itz cookiebear UvU
Itz cookiebear UvU Time siden
Ur voice tho- satisfying ・:*+.\(( °ω° ))/.:+
Narciso Bergante
Narciso Bergante Time siden
I love the part when Valkyrae said "the audacity" and i like all ur vids im a new fan of u my friend in tiktok said ur cool in among us and i could learn ur moves
CaRtOoNz Gaming
CaRtOoNz Gaming Time siden
i want to be like Corpse in among us
Jezus nadchodzi
Jezus nadchodzi Time siden
1. All have sinned 2. Penalty for sin is eternal damnation in hell 3. You cannot repay your sin 4. There is a Good News 5. 2000 years ago Jesus Christ, Son of the living God died for the sins of the world 6. God gives you a chance of receiving forgivness of your sins Acts 3:19 Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord. Proverbs 28:13 He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy. Acts 2:38 "Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost." Mark 16:16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.
GRIZZY GAMEZ_ Time siden
Hey corpse can you face reveal at 7Million subs pls
Chrissy Gang
Chrissy Gang Time siden
Me: listening to e girls ruining my life My mom: wtf is this music what do you listen to I have so many questions who sings this tell me now I need to know I thought you listen to Arian I was wrong corpse yo music hell a fire 🔥 😎
cutie avacodo
cutie avacodo Time siden
Am I the only one who doesnt simp over a guy with a deep voice idk if it's just me but like I dont feel that crap like I'm no simp so I'd never simp for anyone honestly stop raving over this dude hes only a regular person ;-;
Korben Falls
Korben Falls Time siden
yooooohoho i have seen your tiktoks
Mom Mom
Mom Mom Time siden
So your diying
Emmy Shadobie
Emmy Shadobie Time siden
how did i not realize this is corpse-?
F8JLL Time siden
Why are u gone
bigRproductions Time siden
The first story made me cry it was so nice Ik the end
Lauson Mohamed Musthafa
Lauson Mohamed Musthafa Time siden
Recommended after 4yr
XlazerknifeX 2 timer siden
this guy sounds like he could write a song about e girls
Megan McGuire
Megan McGuire 2 timer siden
Guys u didn’t know this but James Charles is Dj marsh
Daddy Kanye
Daddy Kanye 2 timer siden
How would corpse sound like on helium
Korok 2 timer siden
How does one have such a voice
Rez 2 timer siden
i fw the among us content. but bro please post more stories i fall asleep to them and i can't be stuck listenin to the same ones over and over again. pls sir
Nino Pkhakadze
Nino Pkhakadze 2 timer siden
that was really good BRAIN
Olivia Trifan
Olivia Trifan 2 timer siden
When you have to wait monthly for corpse to upload but it's worth it: 👁💦v💦👁
L B 2 timer siden
L B 2 timer siden
Notice to myself: if someone says don't call the police - agree but call them ASAP
BRUH IS MEME NOPE 2 timer siden
Corpse u gonna face reavel in 7m subs?
stano pražansky
stano pražansky 2 timer siden
*̶To̸xic̸ U̸wU̸*̶
*̶To̸xic̸ U̸wU̸*̶ 2 timer siden
Me: *thinking I should watch this cause it’s 4am and nobody’s awake and I get scared easily plus I am a really paranoid person* Me: *CLiCks oN ViDeO*
Dead Batteries
Dead Batteries 2 timer siden
This guy would be a great dm
S O B E E x
S O B E E x 2 timer siden
That monster deserved it I don't even consider him as a human ,it's discussing
Boo Hoo
Boo Hoo 3 timer siden
“Ready to pop my hit cherry”...WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THIS!!
Fluid _slimezz
Fluid _slimezz 3 timer siden
Wow I used to watch corpse at night around 3am
SilentGuyLoL 3 timer siden
A legend have been born
Under Player
Under Player 3 timer siden
Corpse you are the best person I have ever watched your starting to get popular also I tell my friends about you and to tell other people
Rae 3 timer siden
26:43 omg james 😭
Nightwolf107 3 timer siden
Hi corpse but I just wanted to say my bf kinda sounds like ur voice but a little bit more different
Christina Kottmeyer
Christina Kottmeyer 3 timer siden
No one: Jack: *I want death to happen to me this round*
《The Zoldyck Siblings ÕvÕ》
《The Zoldyck Siblings ÕvÕ》 3 timer siden
Corpse why are u not posting :(
muumuu 3 timer siden
Jamesss charles wooo
muumuu 3 timer siden
Bret man rockkk
Anime_ Rat
Anime_ Rat 3 timer siden
I have never heard James swear 😂✨
Robotic 3 timer siden
Everyone saying he sounds so weird and different, to me he sounds normal because from 2015 I was obsessed with creepy ass youtube videos and I found corpse when he had about 80K-150K and I wasn’t really into his narrations I was more into mr. nightmare but I still was there for him and I’m just happy that someone I watched years ago is now getting that fame he deserves, it sucks how all these kids keep saying they’re ok when they only know him from among us smh
Silver 3 timer siden
“Everybody I’ve been friends with has been super supportive............now watch me kill all my friends”
Johan Bryll Francisco
Johan Bryll Francisco 3 timer siden
Nice one pre
menkadem 4 timer siden
this was only 4 years ago...am i the only one who thinks he started faking his voice at some point?
009 009
009 009 4 timer siden
Most of the viewers here are girls (;-;(his voiceee what nofap day is he on
Average Plays
Average Plays 4 timer siden
The the 3 characters in the 2nd story looks all the same lmao
David Miyamoto
David Miyamoto 4 timer siden
Hmmm.salinger fan eh?
Ryan Key
Ryan Key 4 timer siden
Corpse if you see this I have a less bad version of GERD and I have to drink milk and eat tums constantly. I am getting where I can't eat spicy foods anyway because I wake up at night
Isabellz 2.0
Isabellz 2.0 4 timer siden
Why do i watch this before bed?
NovaProjects 4 timer siden
Choke me like you hate me but you love me
NovaProjects 4 timer siden
Baby I’m not the right one you should wait OOOON
Philly Tadgh
Philly Tadgh 4 timer siden
23:39 that looks like Mr. White from Breaking Bad 🤔
maniaco107 4 timer siden
but maybe they just wanted to hire him after no??
Ojas Purohit
Ojas Purohit 4 timer siden
what a fuckin coincidence! One day a dog named Leo saved me from another dog! I think doggos named Leo are saviour!
w y n n f i a シ
w y n n f i a シ 4 timer siden
What's that i love corpse husband in the bottom because i think i wrote it 🙃
SoftGirl Says
SoftGirl Says 4 timer siden
Always back to this stream on sleepless nights. Crazy how much has changed in a year.
Friendly Bendy
Friendly Bendy 4 timer siden
10:35 Poor michael is a noob he doesn't know reporting the body will stop the sabotage
Rainy_Dayz Go_Oof
Rainy_Dayz Go_Oof 4 timer siden
Question,Does Corpse Remember HeyImBee?...Corpse Cat...
Crospe 5 timer siden
You are my inspiration corpse
Sami 5 timer siden
i watched this video like when it came out never realized it was corpse
GKA Gaming
GKA Gaming 5 timer siden
I love his voice who else are like me
Blue Panda3
Blue Panda3 5 timer siden
Snow 5 timer siden
Mashiat Rodry
Mashiat Rodry 5 timer siden
O oda oda oo🤣🤣🤣
shelby mcgregor
shelby mcgregor 5 timer siden
his voice- JDJSIEJNFKA
Makkusu 5 timer siden
Wait I've been watching corpses husband damn
2045 5 timer siden
Now that u mentioned it..its... GHOSTBUR!!
Nick A
Nick A 5 timer siden
Wait... corpse isn't doing story time anymore? Damn. I liked story time.
BobogamingYT 5 timer siden
the thing that makes it more scary is your voice sound no offense if that hurt your feelings I dont mean it to
Amanda Tan
Amanda Tan 6 timer siden
The deadpan steven concomitantly wash because punishment fourthly pat regarding a evanescent pelican. dazzling, shallow bench
ʀᴀʟsᴇɪ ᴅʀᴇᴇᴍᴜʀʀ
ʀᴀʟsᴇɪ ᴅʀᴇᴇᴍᴜʀʀ 6 timer siden
You Got Yourself A New Subscriber
Cassidy Phantomhive
Cassidy Phantomhive 6 timer siden
Me waiting for Dream to talk. Also me: listing to Corpse to say something hot oh wait- everything he says is hot.