Mik 4444
Mik 4444 44 minutter siden
OK thank you bro
Kurlz Time siden
Gooderness came from a present early on and you just ran away
Paul George
Paul George Time siden
Crazy how long I been watching, you a great guy
David Henry
David Henry Time siden
I remember so clearly trying to replicate your sheep and spider farms and then you slime farm from the first few episodes. It’s bringing back so many memories. Even though I don’t actually know you, I appreciate you Etho! One Canadian to another!
David Henry
David Henry Time siden
Oh man and the tree farm! Every world I made thereafter had a tree farm like this one
fruit baskets
fruit baskets Time siden
This game looks really entertaining! Hoping for more Among Us content.
fruit baskets
fruit baskets Time siden
Love Ethos comment on the house lol. "We share!"
clickthecreeper Time siden
the preferred tool for the clay vessle is actually the axe, oddly enough
Heiwajima 2 timer siden
I never realized how much I watched him as a kid. Watching this everything between episodes 1-150 maybe 200. I remember him build it.
David Henry
David Henry 2 timer siden
Man! I remember the very first episode of this season two! This is crazy. I remember being sad that you started a new world but that’s insane it’s been so long!
Electric Bloxxer
Electric Bloxxer 2 timer siden
Sad DvZ died out. I remember watching a lot of PauseUnPause wishing I had Minecraft as a kid lol. He used to be getting 2-3 million views per DvZ vid and now he's down to a few thousand a video. I hope somebody can bring it back sometime, this game mode made my childhood.
Meboy1000 2 timer siden
I love this channel, I binged the entire letsplay back in, i think 2013? Im not sure now
Pedro Aron
Pedro Aron 3 timer siden
always good to hear etho talk about tax evasion
Wing Squirrel
Wing Squirrel 4 timer siden
I really like how you created a menu for your written book selection system at 0:57.
Omega Otaku
Omega Otaku 4 timer siden
I haven't watched this series in 4 years. I remember the world tours. I jumped into the series at just before episode 200 instead of from the beginning. Back then I didn't get one of the references to season 1 when I got blown up in a world download. But I would still watch this series before and after school. I remember when 1.8 came out and Etho explored the new biomes in unexplored terrain in the world. He found an area where guardians would spawn in old terrain because of the seed, so he made a massive grinder there. I remember how he was constantly troubleshooting Wilson. And from what I've heard, the Nexus is still incomplete? I'm not exactly surprised that he still does this series to this day, but it's just... It feels so weird to hear the word "Piglin" in the voice of a Minecraft NOpostr I haven't heard in 4 years. I remember back when I still followed the series, every time a new update came out, he would immediately experiment with all the new features and then see how he could incorporate them into builds new and old as well as making grinders for new mobs when possible. Sometimes updates would break old redstone machines and grinders. But fast forward a bit, and I recently realized Minecraft is just so different from what it was even a couple updates ago, so it made me wonder, "How's Etho doing? This last update must've broken his old gold farm that used iron golems. And I haven't visited the series in so long..."
clickthecreeper 5 timer siden
its better to refine grain before you store it away, makes it last longer
clickthecreeper 5 timer siden
simple solution to your nutrition problem: milk and cookies
Redsamme 6 timer siden
I remember watching you like what, 10 years ago? I can't believe you still have the same intro! And the grassy cave base!! That's been my favorite base ever since!
wizardom 6 timer siden
Those wacky intros and outros make me think that Etho and Minecraft were made for each other <3
Dylan Greener
Dylan Greener 6 timer siden
Does this still work in the current version of Minecraft?
Mackenzi Abbott
Mackenzi Abbott 6 timer siden
I loved the inside joke explanation !
AJ Playz Games
AJ Playz Games 6 timer siden
Terraria 1.4.1 playthrough? I really loved the last one and another would be cool
Mr_Demon_Hunter1 6 timer siden
At the beginning of the video you said get your snacks I wish I could get my snacks I just had my wisdom teeth polled
DeezMaster 7 timer siden
I feel like you gotta do the quint spawner farm just for the engineering challenge involved
goingunder13 7 timer siden
i love etho so much "speaking of LLAMAS" starts talking about something that has nothing to do with llama
Random Guy
Random Guy 7 timer siden
this minecraft world makes me scared
DeezMaster 7 timer siden
You're a boss, pros for putting in the work needed to keep the nexus a relevant and useful gem of your world
Nolan Pudoff
Nolan Pudoff 7 timer siden
Hey Etho, I love the video! There's so much progress in one episode that something must have gotten into you. I hope your day goes well :)
Lapis Loaf
Lapis Loaf 7 timer siden
Etho I absolutely love this series so much, it has been a highlight of my day everytime you upload. It's been a constant in my life for many years and I'm very thankful you're still uploading.
Ja1 the Duck
Ja1 the Duck 8 timer siden
random detail, but I got such a wave of nostalgia seeing Etho right-click with the sword
Catandogclone 13
Catandogclone 13 8 timer siden
My favourite villager to trade with is the mason too, digging out large areas of stone is just free emeralds.
clickthecreeper 8 timer siden
the path from openblocks looks nice
Ja1 the Duck
Ja1 the Duck 8 timer siden
the new editing style looking good!
Lucas Nystrom
Lucas Nystrom 8 timer siden
Hey Etho, have you ever considered ‘excavating’ one of the Rogue-Likes, and conquering it with letting the light in the top and lighting a floor before clearing? I think it could be fun at this stage to see you get a boost of resources and start playing around with less need for you to grind. Just a thought! As always, love the videos!
black darkness
black darkness 9 timer siden
Uh the music you used during the building montage is on the tip of my tung I know its from pokemon gold/silver Yep goldenrod
Alf Slat
Alf Slat 9 timer siden
Wow I used to watch you around the first 200 episodes, brings back memories especially the man cave
Kyle Scott
Kyle Scott 9 timer siden
I know I'm late, just wanted to share my appreciation as always! Thank you for everything Etho! Love every video :) Never miss a single one
clickthecreeper 9 timer siden
oh god... etho's pronunciation of quern is so terrible
Ianimations 9 timer siden
The good old days when pegos and ichthys weren't
Kjo no1
Kjo no1 10 timer siden
Been watching a lot of Hermitcraft recently so thought I'd have a look at your channel and this is the video that was recommended, really good for inspiration too.
Danny Mellor
Danny Mellor 10 timer siden
You should add background music to keep viewers focused
Terp the Bandit
Terp the Bandit 10 timer siden
Bought Minecraft back when minecraft was basically a kickstarter and Notch was offering it for 5 dollars. It had yet to come to consoles, and only my uncle had a PC that could run it AND I had access to, and I quickly let it go, despite getting sucked in every chance I got to play it. I played a bit here and there. Saw various things added to the game like Horses and Villagers, but at no point did the contrast between the Minecraft I bought and the Minecraft that was growing into what it is now become as clear as it is now that I'm playing Bedrock on the PS4 and watching this 10 year old let's play. It's genuinely mind-blowing what 5 dollar crowd funded game has grown into in what is a relatively short time, but still an incredibly long time for the life of video games.
Spencer Slovak
Spencer Slovak 10 timer siden
I wonder how your mancave would look like in 1.17? I'm guessing you would add some new cave blocks/items in keeping with the theme. I'm sure it would look great!
Andrew Behrend
Andrew Behrend 11 timer siden
"Why did you call it shade-E E's" Etho: "Well its in the shade. Thats the reason. No other reason"
Teleous 11 timer siden
Hi etho, wanted to ask you how long does it take for you to make an episode on average? Keep it up man!
Spencer Slovak
Spencer Slovak 11 timer siden
Etho your world is epic! You've gotten me so inspired to do this in creative! Thanks for sharing!
MClaudeW 11 timer siden
Consciousness perception and qualia take place when there is reached a threshold of prior knowledge, goal relevance, and current observable factors in the environment(allowing for memory and thus imagination to substitute for any of these) Thats how we may experience meaning
Flame 11 timer siden
I still watch these videos and I haven’t played a version of Minecraft past 1.8 lol
Rollerblading Panda
Rollerblading Panda 11 timer siden
Etho, you've inspired me to keep playing minecraft. I love the little details you mention about the mechanics. Ever since you talked about how the honey block is not a full block, I've been experimenting with them just from finding out this one mechanic. A lot of how I play video games now is based on how you do research on mechanics and implement them in a fun way that isn't really cheaty.
emiliano félix
emiliano félix 11 timer siden
newer comment
clickthecreeper 11 timer siden
well... a redsmith actually. blacksmiths work with iron, redsmiths work with copper and bronze.
ShroomCooker Gaming
ShroomCooker Gaming 11 timer siden
Just leaving a comment for YT algorithm
S4SS 12 timer siden
2nd time watching this now love the series
ChocolateAppleSplit 12 timer siden
I want akward Etho back
Tim Templeton
Tim Templeton 12 timer siden
Love the videos ethos
Jesse Hofsteenge
Jesse Hofsteenge 12 timer siden
Why did you use a honey block before the slime block. Could you not just push the blocks directly by the slime block when they land on the ender chest?
Orion Gamer
Orion Gamer 12 timer siden
Etho, would it be possible to replace the chain with a slab?
echoptic 12 timer siden
Still waiting for the next one...
Ryxz Slash
Ryxz Slash 12 timer siden
Keep up the good work
evilamy5 12 timer siden
Can you put a slab or trapdoor under the pillar where the end rod was to keep the babies out?
MrCadfish 13 timer siden
Etho, do you listen to music, podcasts, or other NOpost videos while playing Minecraft off camera? If so what do you listen to?
Cole The Hockey Thingy
Cole The Hockey Thingy 13 timer siden
Nolan Noble
Nolan Noble 13 timer siden
Annika Valverde
Annika Valverde 14 timer siden
Omg with that transition you've earned a big thumbs up and my very first applause in front of my notebook.
Ketric Kowallis
Ketric Kowallis 14 timer siden
You only need blast protection on one piece of armour to have max blast protection.
Cole The Hockey Thingy
Cole The Hockey Thingy 14 timer siden
Jason Knight
Jason Knight 14 timer siden
Hearing you comment about your world download reminded me that I died shortly after getting into the world and reading the instruction book. Needless to say, Zenith died shortly after that ... just kidding. I’m so glad you showed how you search for caves using the piston trick. I’ve been trying to light up caves to improve my spawn rates in one of my farms. It seems like I’ve lit up so many caves, but the rates still aren’t great. How long will you take to light up caves? Do you plan to do it for a certain amount of time?
Benjamin Palmer
Benjamin Palmer 14 timer siden
You should add cover platforms in hurtin hermits so people can hide better from the skeleton
Zachary Newkirk
Zachary Newkirk 14 timer siden
So peaceful, watching Etho is like therapy at this point.
Ja1 the Duck
Ja1 the Duck 14 timer siden
finally, enchantments have arrived!
Yakov 14 timer siden
Terraria in 2021??
Spencer Slovak
Spencer Slovak 15 timer siden
I love the concept of your base! Keep up your awesome ideas!
Eric Figueira
Eric Figueira 15 timer siden
pandemic gang u here?
T 15 timer siden
this is an amazing episode
Michael Koch
Michael Koch 15 timer siden
Who’s here in 2021
Tobias Autry
Tobias Autry 16 timer siden
What you could do with the skeleton in the "Killing Hermits" game you could give them shields to protect themselves with against the arrows, afterwards they have to drop their shields in lava/fire/cactus. Also I just started to watch your pov around a week ago and I love your videos and how you build your house! keep up the hard work!
Noah Wiederhold
Noah Wiederhold 16 timer siden
hello ergo :)
Mashu StarChild
Mashu StarChild 16 timer siden
Is there some way to break armor stands? Maybe you can break the armor stand on top of a hopper with the boots on it and then sort out the armor stands and put them back in its place and then the boots will get lava'd?
Cole The Hockey Thingy
Cole The Hockey Thingy 16 timer siden
ngoc 16 timer siden
Hey Etho, why don't you join the Vault Hunters? was the streaming not appealing, didn't you get asked, didn't you like the concept or was there a different reason? I can remember that you destroyed Decked Out and it was really fun. Both Vault Hunters and Decked out looked a bit similar
Brady Nicholas
Brady Nicholas 16 timer siden
haven't seen this guy since Guude left. Buddy stayed steady grinding